Thursday, December 11, 2008

Adam's blog

Adam has started a blog for work. The blog is funny and informative. Check it out:

Girly Girl - even toothbrushes

About 2 months ago I bought new toothbrushes for Adam and I. We definitely needed some and I couldn't hold off to my next dental appointment. I usually by a pink and blue toothbrush. I am a huge fan of pink! I think it is a great color so of course I would use the pink and Adam would use the blue. This is the order of life and I am ok with it. Not only am I ok with it, but I embrace it. I am a girly girl.

(Slight diversion) When I was little, I remember having girl friends who said their favorite color was blue. Even then I thought this couldn't possibly be true. These girls just wanted to be different. Pink is the best color.

Ok. Back to my story. Target didn't have a pink toothbrush so I had to get green and blue. "No biggy," I thought to myself. I even let Adam choose which toothbrush he wanted to use. Adam said he wanted to be environmental so he took the green. This left me with the blue toothbrush.

I will have you know that my childhood aversion to blue is ingrained. Countless times I have lathered up Adam's green toothbrush and begun brushing only to realize a few seconds later that I am using the wrong toothbrush!! Why is that?

Adam doesn't know about my mishaps - surprise Babe!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Betty Crocker Warm Delights

Have you ever tried one of these things? I tried one tonight. It's cake in 30 seconds - in the microwave - and it was really good.

My Family

I have a niece. She was born Friday, December 5th at 9 pounds 9 oz. Whew! I can't wait to meet her in 2 weeks.

Kayden is the second of the grands on my side of the family. My nephew Anthony is the first and he will soon be a big brother. In June, me and my sister-in-law will be adding more grands. Now you may be asking, how many siblings do you have?

Well, I have 4. I have an older step-sister and step-brother, and I have a younger sister and brother. The older 2 are both married and so are my sister and I. My brother is still in college so he is not married. Here is where it gets fun. My step-sister and sister have the same name - spelled different (Kayte and Katie). My step-brother and brother also both have the same name, and whoa it is the same as my husband! - Adam. So out of the siblings, I am the only one who has a unique name.

Anyway, in order here is how it goes:
Kayte and Kevin have a new daughter Kayden.
Adam and Emily have one on the way in June.
Me and Adam have Twig on the way in June. (Twig is what we have decided to call the baby while still inside me. Adam even made a Wii character for Twig and we sometimes bowl together as a family.)
Katie and Michael have Anthony and Audry who will arrive soon.
Adam has Clemson and his guitar - you rock, Bud!

My kids are going to have 2 Uncle Adams and 2 Aunt Katie/Kaytes. They will probably think that names like "John" and "Sarah" are really out there.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

O Christmas Tree!

Adam and I get a real tree every Christmas. Adam says heathens get artificial trees - this even implicates his parents. The last 3 Christmases we have done really well at picking out an appropriately sized tree. However this year.....

Oops! I don't know how it happened. I guess our eyes are bigger than our house. We had to do a little trimming.

Finally, we got the tree together. The only thing is we aren't going to be able to put a star or angel on top. Our tree goes all the way to the ceiling.

Funny Stories

The dentist made me watch a video about dental hygiene during pregnancy. So I sat in the dental chair with a paper towel tied around my neck and the dentist swung the computer monitor in front of my face to watch the video. Not only was the volume all the way turned up, but the video went on and on about how bad dental hygiene could cause miscarriages and still-born births. I could have left crying, but I sat there and chuckled as I watched the charts and graphs. I guess I was in shock. I couldn't believe they were showing me this awful video loud enough for the whole office to hear.

The day I announced I was pregnant at work a male coworker proclaimed, "I thought you were. Your clothes are starting to get tight." (long pause) ummmm...thank you?

Same male coworker later recounted his wife's delivery to me. He said "I was the one who had to recover afterward. I saw it come out."

Same male coworker backed up about 5 feet when he saw me today and said "It got bigger!"

This coworker has only known for a week so I think I'll get a lot of good ones from him.

Monday, December 1, 2008

New Recruit for the Beam Team!

What?!?! It's true I'm pregnant, but I'm not that pregnant. That is a fake baby bump at a maternity store. Adam and I announced to our families that we are having a baby during the Thanksgiving dinners (one with my family and one with his). We are due June 6th, which means I'm 13 weeks along. I had a blast trying on maternity clothes with a big belly on. Thanks to both our families for being so wonderful to us this weekend. This year's Thanksgiving was definitely memorable. We love you all.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Wow. It has been a whirlwind since my last post. We went to The Big Apple and Adam ran the Big Race!

Adam did great! He ran his legs out and crushed his previous marathon time. He also got to see some amazing things along the way. Adam had to be at the start line at 6 am, but he didn't run until 10:20 am. That is almost 4 and a half hours of just sitting at the start line. Only runners could be there so Adam didn't know anyone there and he was freezing with temperatures in the mid 30s. While shivering and waiting, a sweet Italian woman wrapped her blanket around Adam. This gesture is one of the many cool experiences that we had in NY.

Other cool things include:

1) "The Bedroom Farce" on Off Broadway Halloween night.
2) Times Square all lit up at night.

3) Jammin' with strangers to "My girl" as we wait for a subway.
4) Ellis Island - audio tour is amazing - I even teared up some.

Adam took this picture of us listening to our audio tapes.

Don't worry, he got a picture of himself too.

Amber pretending to deport Juan.

5) Statue of Liberty. Does it make me un-American if I say she looks rather manly?

Amber and I holding our torches.

Adam is passionate about US History.

6) Empire State Building. I only called it the Eiffel Tower once.

7) Dinner and Dessert in Little Italy. I'm still dreaming about how great this was.
8) Watching a stranger sleep on Juan on the subway.

9) Having friends help me find Adam on race day and cheer him on. We were successful 3 out of 3 times! Last time I went 0 for 5 - very upsetting.

Almost the whole Beam Team - Juan is taking the pic.

10) Bagels and coffee at mile 3. It was really good - sorry Babe!

Here he is at mile 3. Lookin' strong babe!

11) Listening to high school bands along the race course. One played the "Rocky" theme over and over. - from Adam

And here he is at mile 13. We barely made it off the subway in time to see him pass.

Even some characters run the race. Buzz Lightyear was my favorite.

12) Running through the Orthodox Jewish neighborhood. Rabbis watched silently with arms folded in their all black Rabbi robes. - from Adam
13) Having racers throw their outer layer at us at mile 3 - shirts, scarves, hats, gloves, pants. I could have a new wardrobe!
14) Matt, Ann, Al, Meredith, and Amy at The Today Show. They look smaller in person.

Can you find Amber and I in this pic?

15) NBC Studio tour - yeah it was given by real Pages. We couldn't find Kenneth though.
16) Popcorn at NBC Studios. Amber's lips turned orange from the cheese. I had regular buttered popcorn.
17) The Late Show with David Letterman. Every thing was HILARIOUS even if it would have only gotten a snicker on my own couch. Also, Paris Hilton - I'm pretty sure she wears wigs.
18) Real NY Pizza
19) Madison Avenue - Amber and I drooled as we looked in stores. Are we allowed in there?
20) FAO Schwarz - We played the big keyboard.

21) Adam got a Wii for his training - did you know they are plentiful in NY? Crazy!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Crazy Fast

Somebody lit a fire under Adam. He is running so fast now. His last 3 runs, he has been hard to keep up with. He is going to smash his goal.

Two weeks ago we ran in the rain. 20 miles in the rain. I wore a poncho on my bike. At times it was only drizzling, but other times it was pouring. It was the last big run before the marathon so not running was not an option. Even through the elements - wind and rain - Adam powered through averaging well under his goal.

So...we are now here. This Sunday is the race. Pray that Adam doesn't get sick or injured. He has worked so hard for this. Everyday for the last 16 weeks he has been getting up extra early to run. We are both drinking lots of OJ and popping vitamins. NY here we come!

We plan to assist Al with the weather on the Today Show Monday morning and chat with David Letterman later that night - Tivo us!

That was Him!

To my utter mortification, Adam ran through the Ladies' Walk for Life run last weekend during his 18-mile run. I love Adam, but he's not very good at improvising, which shouldn't be a problem since he has a GPS on his arm.

So when Adam saw the barricades up ahead and the hundreds of people walking perpendicular to us, he did not stop. Adam literally crossed in front of these women and cancer survivors. I stood back in shock holding my bike.

I waited for a long time trying to decide what to do. I couldn't just ride through these ladies. I didn't want to disrespect their journey, but I didn't know how I would meet up with Adam again. So finally, I pointed my head downwards so as not to be recognized and I walked my bike through the women.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Candy Corn mishap

I was laughing at work today whilst eating some candy corn and a piece of it went up the wrong pipe and got stuck in my nose. It burned really bad, but it was funny!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just call me Pam

Listen to this anecdote and just try to tell me it is not like a scene from The Office...

The other day I was at my desk chatting online with a coworker about our project. We have an instant messaging tool that we can use to chat with coworkers. This particular coworker happens to be foreign and therefore English is his second language.

About half way through our conversation, my coworker begins typing in his native language. A language that I don't know or understand. I am completely caught off guard. Apparently he doesn't realize he is doing this because more and more is coming in this other language.

I try typing "What?", "Ummm... I think you may have the wrong window." None of this seems to work. I guess he looks at his hands as he types instead of his screen. This is another time I am thankful for my keyboarding classes where they cover the keyboard with cardboard forcing you to look up as you type.

Finally, my coworker types "Oh. sorry. wrong window." But it is too late. My curiosity has already gotten the best of me. I am copying phrases into Google Translator. I'm embarrassed to say that I even got a coworker to come over and help me decipher. This, of course, is the scene from The Office. Two employees diverting their working hours to the investigation of an online chat session.

Of course I was looking for translations like "Ashley is the best. I really like working with her." , but alas it was about gas prices. And apparently, my coworker is not a very good deal finder because he paid $3.95/gallon. I've been getting it for $3.75.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Adam ran 22 miles on Saturday and it was great. His average speed per mile was faster than what his goal is for the marathon - yea!

The morning was beautiful - roughly 60 degrees. I even wore a long sleeved shirt. Our friend Barret inspired us for the first 10 miles, but had a craving at the McDonald's so he split off. Barret just loves fast food =)

I'm so proud of Adam. We have 5 more weekends of long runs before the big race. Adam's goal is well within reach and it is because of his hard work. Here's how the long run schedule looks:

9/27: 16 miles
10/4: 18 miles
10/11: 20 miles
10/18: 14 miles
10/25: 10 miles
11/2: Race - 26.2 miles

Happy Birthday to me

My Bday was a little over a week ago. Adam got me the oh so cool Ipod Nano. He had loaded all my songs and stuff on there. Just days before the Bday, Apple announced the new Nano. The new Nano had twice the space for the same price. So Wonderful Adam immediately called Apple and exchanged the Nano for the new Nano. The day the new Nano arrived, he used his lunch break to load my songs and bring the new Nano to me at work. Awww! See my pretty new Nano!!

The only sad thing is that in the exchange we lost the inscription which Adam had put on the old nano: Ashley + Ipod = Reba

Throw Pillows

The throw pillows on my couch are the same ones on Carly's couch. Carly from the TV show iCarly. I noticed this yesterday when I was watching the show and I got really excited. I used our DVR to rewind and fast forward and pause so Adam could see. Yup - definitely the same ones!

P.S. Yes, I watch iCarly sometimes. And, yes she is a teenager, but she has a great sense of style so I am not at all embarrassed that we picked out the same throw pillows for our couches.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Closed Case

Remember my post about my secret admirer? Well the mystery has been solved. My secret admirer is a sweet older man across the street who is obviously a Clemson fan. He and his wife have a gorgeous rose garden in their backyard.

Yesterday he walked over to our house and handed me a beautiful vase of orange roses. I feel so special!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bible Study and Softball

Bible Study and Softball started Monday night. I'm in the Bible Study and Adam's in the church softball league.

While at Bible Study, I will be praying for no injuries. An injury could be devastating to Adam's training.

Adam's team lost Monday night. The teams he has played on over the last several years sure do have a lot of heart and that's all I will say about that.

My Bible Study is reading through the book "Lord, I want to know you" by Kay Arthur. It's a study about God's character and it was suggested to me by my mom-in-law. I'm really excited about it.

Clemson WISE

Last night I gave a presentation to the Clemson WISE club - that's Women In Science and Engineering. I was so excited about going because I would get to see my brother who is a freshman there.

The presentation was a recruiting presentation for my company's IST department. After the presentation, Bud and I grabbed dinner together. It was so nice to be back there and to see my bro. Go Tigers!!!

101 years (not dalmations)

Today Mama turned 101! Mama is my great grandmother. Please note the pronunciation is not momma, but it is maw-maw with an emphasis on the second "maw".

Mama lived by herself until she was 98. She is very with it. She will even remember the things you want her to forget. Mama doesn't see or hear too well anymore and as you can see in the pictures, she broke her wrist a couple of weeks ago. Other than that, she's doing alright.

When I was little, my cousins and I used to run from Mama hiding from her endless hugs and kisses. Somewhere around middle school, I stopped running and I began enjoying her company. I still don't know near enough about her. I haven't asked her enough questions about her amazing life. Hopefully I will have many more years to do that.

My nephew Anthony was a little scared of Mama. As we were leaving, my sister told Anthony to give Mama a hug and tell her "Happy Birthday". He cautiously walked over to her, gave her a hug and whispered "Happy Birthday Mama". Mama excitedly said "I heard him!" It was a tender moment.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hanna, Ike, Josephine

For those of you living under a rock, Hanna, Ike and Josephine are storms and/or potential hurricanes heading our direction. Since I work for a power company, these things are pretty big news. We could possibly have power outages in our service area. I am a Storm Team Responder Level 2 for my company. This means that I could be called to leave my regular post at work to serve the good people of this area by manning a call center or delivering meals. I feel a theme song coming on. Maybe the Ghostbusters theme song. Citizens, I am at your service!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Aunts and Uncles a Second Time

Adam and I met our second nephew on Sunday. Adam's sister Amber has a new puppy Tucker Marvin Beam. On Sunday, Adam's whole family went to the lake to ski and ride in the boat. Adam and I loved playing with our nephew pup, but were glad he was only our nephew when he started puking in the car on the way home from the lake. I guess he didn't like the boat ride. The pics below are before the puking incident occurred.

Tucker is playing with a string on Adam's shorts.

My Best Friend's Wedding

So after running (riding) 20 miles, Adam and I had approximately 1 hour to get ready for a wedding. We rushed to get ready and ate a scrumptious breakfast made for us by my parents. Here is a picture of us leaving for the wedding. I made my dad take this because he had taken so many pictures of us all sweaty during Adam's run. I wanted one of us looking good.

The wedding was in Newton, NC - a 2 hour drive from my parents house. A 2 hour car ride is difficult after you have just run 20 miles. Adam's legs were STIFF, but he was a great sport. He talked it up with the bride's cousin who is a race car builder for a NASCAR team.

My sister and I reminisced with the bride. The bride and I were best friends at age 6. We were inseparable until my family moved when I was in high school. We also started to let my little sister hang with us somewhere around middle school and the 3 of us would have a great time.

I'm really glad we got to go to the wedding. I enjoyed seeing old friends and I especially enjoyed hanging out with my sis on the way up and back.

Paparazzi follow us to 20

Adam and I are famous! A camera man followed us as Adam ran his 20 miler this weekend. Ok, so it was my dad, but we joked the whole time that he was our paparazzi. We were visiting our families this weekend, but Adam stayed on the training schedule. We created a route in my parent's hometown. My dad would drive to a location, take pictures of us as we passed, and then jump in his car to drive to the next spot. Enjoy some of them below.

Here is one of us coming up beside the town sign. Fountain Inn is actually the town Adam grew up in. I grew up in Simpsonville. The towns are right next to each other.

This is a good one of us in action.

Look at the determination in this face. This is Adam's Game Face.

I love this one. You can just barely see us coming over the hill.

And this is after we are done. Can you tell that I am actually pulling back a little from Adam's hug? He was really sweaty!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

18 miler number 2

Sorry this is late! Adam ran 18 miles last weekend. Some sweet construction workers cleared an entire lane for us on Forest Drive for about 2 miles - orange cones and everything. We waved graciously to thank them.

Adam felt good during the whole run. His GPS watch lost satellite signal for a few seconds which helped his statistics. His fastest mile was 2 minutes and 54 seconds! And all of this was done despite being whacked in the face by a tree branch. Yes, my hubby had a little scrape on his forehead - aww!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Flexing Fridays!

So I started to work a new schedule a couple of weeks ago. It is a "Flexible" schedule. My employer decided to implement this recently to keep up with industry trends. I work 9 hour days and I have every other Friday off. Today is one of my off Fridays and I am really enjoying the relaxation!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

These Days

These days Adam and I come home from work, run, eat dinner, and watch the Olympics. We stay up way too late to see as much as we can. We really like swimming, gymnastics, track and field, the marathons, oh and diving, and you can't forget about beach volleyball, and indoor bicycling, and ....ok we like it all!

After watching the gymnasts Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin the other night, I felt really inspired. I decided to compete myself using Adam as a judge. My first event was the Cartwheel. It was quite difficult because I had to stay within the boundaries (couch, coffee table, and TV). Perfect 10! Very impressive being that my last cartwheel was probably more than 10 years ago.

My second event was the handstand. As the diving commentator would say I "couldn't quite find vertical". So the judge gave that one a 6. My final event was to turn my knees like the girl in the Target commercial only the judge stopped me before I started. Something about not wanting to take me to the hospital if something happened.

Oh well!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Promotion Sunday

Today was Promotion Sunday at church. This is the day when school age children advance to the next grade of Sunday School. Adam and I each teach a Sunday School class during our church's 3rd service hour. I teach kindergartners and Adam teaches 1st graders.

I love teaching the kindergartners. It is amazing to see their transformation through the school year. I don't know what those school teachers do, but it is amazing. They come in and can't read, can't tie shoes, can't stop wiggling, and can't stop squealing. By the end of the year, they read books, sit quietly, and pay attention for 20 minutes straight. So today was crazy and some what chaotic, but fun.

Adam's run this weekend

Adam's mileage was back down this weekend. He was only supposed to run about 14 miles. Yeah I know, "only" sounds crazy.

He did good, but he did about 13 instead of 14. It was really sticky this weekend and he was missing his partner. I had some ear problems and didn't want to injure it more so Adam was by himself.

I did meet him at the end of his run for our weekly Starbucks. I still don't understand how he is in the mood for SBux after a long run, but I love it so I don't complain. We usually sit at SBux for about 45 minutes. We buy a NY Times and read some of it while we chill. It's a great way to start our Saturday.

Best Band Ever

Wednesday night I saw the best band ever in concert! I raced to Gville after work as fast as I could to see the band and they were great. Ok. I might be a little biased. My little bro is the leader of the band. Sorry the pics are blurry. I should have gotten closer to take them.

He is so talented. He sang, played bass guitar, and played keyboard. He also plays other guitars, but he didn't Wednesday night. He picks out the music for the band and helps them arrange it.

My brother played in front of about 80 of his peers (all high school and college age) at his church. My favorite song they played was a rocked out version of "Jesus Paid it all". It sounded exactly like Kristian Stanfill's version. It takes a great ear to be able to replicate a song and they did it.

Oh and my bro moved into Clemson this weekend. If you can't tell, he is wearing an orange polo in the pics. Go Tigers!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Eco Bag FYI

Lately I've been picking up an eco bag at the grocery store on almost each trip. I figure that I should do my part. I have 3 now. I am usually a Bilo girl. I love my Bilo up the street. It is brand new and always has fresh produce! However, my first 2 eco bags were Publix bags - thanks to the Penny Sunday mystery item! My 3rd bag was a Bilo bag. Bilo bags are no good. So I have developed the following list of musts so that you will know what to look for when picking up an eco bag.

1) Must be have long handles so you can carry it on your shoulder like a purse. (Publix bags have these, but Bilo bags don't. Bilo bag handles are short and have to be carried in your hands. You can't carry as much weight in your hands as you can on your shoulders.)

2) Must be large enough to substitute 4 plastic grocery bags. (Publix bags are larger than Bilo bags.)

3) Must fold up nicely so it can be tucked away somewhere.

4) Must not be ugly.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

And 20!

Adam ran 20 miles on Saturday. He did awesome and made it look so easy! The weather was gorgeous and that helped too. Next week we go back down to 14 miles. Even I'm relieved!

Wilco - 3rd time's a charm

Thursday was our 3rd attempt to see Wilco in concert. Wilco is a band who has been categorized as alternative rock, alternative country and folk rock. Adam and I really like them. Adam more so than me. We tried to go see them in Charlotte over a year ago, but the day of the concert was the day of the Charleston fire so of course Adam went to go cover the scene.

The next attempt was this year in February, but a couple of days before the concert we were informed that the band had gotten a gig at Saturday Night Live and our concert had been postponed.

So this Thursday was the make up for that concert. Wilco did not disappoint. Jeff Tweedy (the leader of the band) even noted a fan wearing an SNL shirt on the front row. Jeff told the fan "We are so sorry. We did not forget." Jeff told us that SNL was a once in a life time opportunity, but he would come back to Charleston every year. The drunk audience easily forgave Jeff.

Here is a picture of the only sober people at the concert.

Before the concert, we enjoyed shopping on King's Street and dinner at Jestine's Kitchen. We didn't get home from Charleston until 1 am and I went to work the next day, but it was worth it!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The 18 miler

Saturday Adam ran his 18 miler. This is week 3 of marathon training. Again, I rode my bicycle beside him to carry his supplies. This week was tough. Adam was exhausted and struggled through much of the run, but he persevered and ran all 18 miles. Adding to the frustration, we missed a turn on our route and Adam had to run about a quarter of a mile out of the way. Saturday was also the hottest day since he started his training. Heat is a huge factor when you are running for hours!

Adam knows that there will be good weeks and there will be bad. You just have to keep going when it is a bad one so that you get better and have fewer bad days.

Here are some pics of Adam during the run.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

August 3rd

August 3rd was my mom's birthday. She would be 49 today, but she died almost 10 years ago now. Ten years ago today, we had no idea it was her last birthday. We had just sold our home in Charlotte, NC. My parents were looking at houses in the Greenville area of South Carolina. Nothing sticks out to me about that day. I don't remember what present I got her or where we went to eat, but that is probably because my mom hated being the center of attention. She didn't like big fusses over her.

She was a gentle lady with deep convictions. Her friends respected her and loved her. They told her their deepest hurts and failures. She never judged them. No one has ever told me these things. I knew them and I could see them even though I was 14.

Though she was shy and quiet, she was funny and could be a pistol. I can remember her high pitched voice telling telemarketers on the phone "I AM the lady of the house!" This was in response to them asking her "May I speak to your mom?" I can also remember her telling door to door salesman "I said No and No means No" as she slammed the door in his face.

My mom played piano at our church. I loved hearing her play. Saturday nights I would fall asleep to her practicing hymns and special music for the next day's worship. Her fingers were very short for a pianist. An octave was extent of her reach, but when it was an upbeat song, you would see her sway and bob her head to the music.

My mom was passionate about everything she did, but mostly she was passionate about her family. She took care of us. She always had an ear to listen to whatever I wanted to say and I'm quite positive that the topics I had for her were very self involved.

I called my mom "Mommy" even in my teen years. I remember trying to change it once when I was seven years old. I wanted to call her "Mom" because "Mommy" just wasn't cool. She was not pleased that her oldest child was beginning to called her "Mom" and she told me it was unacceptable. At the time I was mad, but as I grew older I didn't want to change it and I continued to call her "Mommy".

Here are some cool pictures. I miss you Mommy!

This one is from our summer vacation in 1997. (She died in '98)

This is my mom and me. My feet were finally big enough to share shoes with my mom. This picture was taken after we bought matching twin boots.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


So.....Reefer is marijuana in case you didn't know. I did not until Friday...

Friday, Adam and I decided to be cultural. We went to see the musical "Reefer Madness" at the Trustus Theater. We had never been to Trustus before. The chairs were nice and comfy and there was free popcorn.

Reefer Madness is based on a 1936 propaganda film that was shown to high school students. The film told of all of the horrid things that would happen to you if you smoked marijuana. You would even become a murderer. The musical was hilarious as it sarcastically portrayed a clean cut couple becoming mad murderers from one drag of the reefer.

We really liked Trustus and want to go back once we save up the money to go again.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


After running 16 miles Saturday, Adam went to get his hair cut. I happened to be with him. Adam usually goes to Great Clips to for his haircuts, but not anymore because this Saturday was a Cut-astorphe!

I had been up the street shopping so I first saw the hair as I came back to pick up Adam. I waited to hear his reaction. As we walked out the door, he looked and me and said "I think I got butchered."

It was bad. No two hairs were the same length. Adam said the lady cutting his hair acted as if she didn't know what she was doing. We immediately got on the phone to call my hair dresser, but she was booked and so was another recommendation. Both said they could do the haircut on Monday, but this was an emergency - a Cut-astrophe!

We finally got in touch with a place that Adam went to while in college Rogue Family Hair in West Columbia. They were so sweet to take us at the last minute. The lady did a great job and fixed Adam up good. What a relief!

We have learned our lesson - no more "fly by night haircuts" (that's what the hair dresser at Rogue called them).

16 miles

Adam survived a 16 mile run Saturday morning. I rode with him again. This time Adam didn't wear head phones so I was his entertainment. Don't worry I had plenty to say - I would never fail him on this front. He did great and got faster and faster as he ran.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Please Feed Me

If you see me on the streets holding a sign saying "Please Feed Me", you will know that my husband has eaten every morsel of our Grocery budget and he has left nothing for me.

When marathon training is in full swing, Adam eats almost twice what he would normally eat. I was expecting this since we have gone through it before, but I wasn't expecting it to start so soon! So for your enjoyment, here are the ways I know marathon training is in full swing:

You know Adam is training when....

1) After dinner he says to me "That was good babe" as he makes himself a sandwich.

2) My new box of cereal is gone in 2 days.

3) 18 granola bars are devoured in 3 days (intended as a snack for Adam at work and supposed to last 2 weeks).

4) A large box of crackers is devoured in 1 day (also intended as a snack at work and supposed to last 2 weeks).

5) Numbers 1-4 are all accomplished in 3 days.

Love you Babe.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Everyday items

I went to Target today to pick up ice cube trays. I drove there fully confident and walked in on a mission. About halfway through the store I realized I had no idea where ice cube trays would be. Ice cube trays - a common item that people use everyday and I don't know where I can buy some. Does Target even sell these? That seems like a dumb question, but this was not my first trip to by ice cube trays. A couple of months ago I was at Bilo and discovered they don't sell ice cube trays. I was surprised by this.

Let me see, ice cube trays - they could be with Tupperware, or maybe kitchen accessories (rubber spatulas and such), small plastic storage containers, or maybe the aisle with Ziplocs and garbage bags. And I finally found them with Ziplocs and garbage bags.

It's funny that something we all use everyday could be a challenge to find.

Water Girl

Today was Adam's 14 miler. We got up at 5:15 this morning to catch the coolest (temperature wise - not awesome wise) part of the day. If you don't run, it can be difficult to wrap your head around running 14 miles. So let me tell you a little bit about what goes into this.

Typically a person burns about 100 calories per mile of running so in 14 miles, you burn about 1400 calories. This is about the equivalent of 2 meals. Of course all of that depends on the person's size, how hard they are running, and how big their typical meal is. Burning this many calories can be dangerous so you have to replenish as you burn. The classic replenisher is what runners call Gu! It is a slimy substance that you slurp down to get some calories. Adam also drinks a Powerbar mix, which also gives him some calories.

Carrying all of this is difficult when you are training and really unnecessary since you don't need to carry it during the actual race (there are a ton of refreshment/Gu/fruit stations along the way). So today I rode my bike alongside Adam as he ran carrying his necessities in a backpack.

It was our first time trying this strategy and it worked well. We will probably do this every Saturday on his long runs. It was also cool for me to watch him. I've run 6-7 miles with him before, but I don't run further than that so I've never seen him endure through that many miles. It was really awesome to see his dedication and determination - definitely one of the reasons I married him! I love this guy!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Crash and Burn

After church on Sunday, the Adams (my brother and husband have the same name) and I went mountain biking. I was being somewhat timid on the ride - braking when I approached a large root and such. So my brother told me that what I really needed was a good crash. His theory was if I had a good crash, then I would realize it wasn't so bad and I would be brave.

Well, I decided to try it out. No, not really. I accidentally fell and my brother was wrong. After that fall, I was even more timid. We still had a great time. My bro even let me try out his bike (much nicer than mine) and we enjoyed Sonic smoothies on the way home.

Enjoy these biking pics:

Tiger Beam

My brother was down here this weekend so we decided to pack it full of action. After the free dinner at Chick-Fil-a, we enjoyed a day of golf on Saturday. My brother and husband play golf, but I had never played before.

The game is a lot of fun. I got par on one hole and a bogie on the other, but all the rest I hit at least double par. I am also beginning to wonder why golf players' bodies are not disproportionate. After playing 18 holes, I am disproportionately sore. You swing with one side of your body. How does Tiger Woods look so even?

Enjoy these pics of our outing:

Cow Appreciation Day

Friday, July 11th was Cow Appreciation Day thus declared by Chick-Fil-a. On this day, anyone who resembles a cow can get a free combo. Chick-Fil-a even has printable outfits online. Well, they aren't exactly outfits. They had cow spots, cow ears, a cow nose, and a cow tail. Once you tape all of these accessories to yourself, you are good for a free combo.

So of course I did this for lunch and dinner. It was a big to-do at work. It doesn't take much to get office workers excited. We all printed out the costumes and trotted down the street for 2 blocks to Chick-Fil-a for lunch.

Then, I convinced a group of friends to go there for dinner. On top of the free combo, you got a coupon for another free sandwich, a chance to spin the wheel of more coupons, and your picture taken with the Chick-Fil-a cow. This is definitely going to be an annual even for me (can't say the same for Adam - he wasn't as thrilled).

All of this goes to prove that a lot of people will do a lot of things for a free meal - even dress like a cow.