Monday, March 31, 2008

stood up

Well, I got stood up tonight! I was the only wife at Adam's softball game. It was cold and wet - I am so awesome for going!

They lost 14-4, but y'all will get them next time guys!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hasta Pronto!

This weekend has been full of activities. Today is my nephew's birthday. He is two and I think he is the most precious thing. Shout out to Anthony - Happy Birthday! Yesterday there was a birthday party for him at my sister's place. We sang to him, ate cake, and he received a lot of toys. Here is a picture of him feeding me some of his sandwich. He is so kind to share!

Anthony is learning Spanish - at the age of 2! He watches Diego a lot. So you will often hear him say "Gracias!" or "Uno, Dos, Tres". He also calls the moon "la luna". Isn't that awesome? Adam and I are at about the same stage as Anthony with our Spanish. We are trying to revamp on what we learned in high school and college. This summer we have plans to go to Colombia, South America. It's crazy - Columbia to Colombia.

Adam and I are listening to this podcast which teaches you Spanish only the lady speaks Castilian Spanish. This just means she pronounces her c's as f's. For example: Instead of saying "uno, dos, tres, quatro, cinco, ...", she says "uno, dos, tres, quatro, finco". This is fine for now since Adam and I know how to count. However, I am concerned about her teaching us words we don't know already. We may end up pronouncing words incorrectly!

Well, that is it for now. Hasta Pronto!

Thursday, March 27, 2008


So this is unrelated, but I forgot that my expert blogging husband told me I should be including pics with each blog. Sorry about that. I will try to do that now. I know some people are visual. Note exhibit A to the right.

Okay so now to training. The past 2 days I have been in a training class for work. I like training. You get to go to a new place. You get lots of free food - including my favorite - breakfast! You get to meet new people. And lots of times, you get out early. Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.

My training this week was in a facility on the side of a dam. The lake was on the other side. I like to live on the wild side.

I did learn stuff while I was in training. It was a valuable class, but more than anything I have decided that training is good for my morale. I like getting away, getting free food and getting some time off in the afternoon. It nice to be able to do these kinds of things every once in a while.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Favorite Story

Sit down and enjoy my favorite story of newlyweds:

Once upon a time, Adam and Ashley had just gotten married. They lived in a 2 bedroom apartment on the second floor of an apartment building. They had a lovely screened in porch that overlooked a lovely courtyard.

One day, Ashley decided to stain the entertainment center (a vibrant cherry red). Adam put the entertainment center out on the screened in porch for her so that the fumes would not consume their small apartment. Together they would work on this project.

The following Monday night at about 9 pm, the couple was working on the entertainment center, when Ashley asked Adam to go in and get a cup of water for a dying plant which was also on the porch. When Adam returned the screen door to the apartment slammed shut.

There they were Ashley and Adam - shoeless, phoneless, keyless - stuck on the screened in porch one story above the ground.

Ashley began to panic: "Punch in the window!", "What is wrong with you?", "No one will find us!". Frustration began to rise within the two. Then it occurred to them the outdoor closet on the porch may have some tool they could use. Adam and Ashley began to search the closet for something that could rescue them. Adam had a plan to cut the screen on the screened in porch, jump down the one story, go to a neighbor's apartment, and call the landlord for a key. It seemed to be the only viable plan that wouldn't have glass in Adam's arm.

The newlywed couple didn't have much - not even the necessary tools to cut a screen, but they did have Christmas ornaments given to Ashley at a Christmas Wedding Shower. Ashley saw it shining in the box of ornaments - a silver wire Christmas Tree about 10 inches tall. It had a sharp pointy and wiry star on top. Adam was able to cut the screen with it.

On the count of three he lept off the porch cutting open his barefoot on stones in the courtyard below. The brave husband limped around the building out of sight. He went to the nearest neighbor to call the landlord. With every step, he bled on the neighbor's carpet. Apparently, after 6 pm, the police were on duty for our apartment - not the landlord. It would be an hour or so before they could arrive.

Every few minutes, Adam would come around the corner to visit Ashley - still on the porch. He would wave at her and smile, but she could see the pain behind the smile. His foot was cut pretty badly.

A policeman finally arrived to free Ashley. After questioning Adam about how he had locked his wife on the porch, the policeman realized this was a case of pure stupidity - not domestic violence. Ashley was freed and the couple reunited ready to laugh at their adventure.

With much Neosporin and care, Adam's foot healed. Every Christmas Adam and Ashley are reminded of their adventure as they put the silver, wiry tree out for decoration.

The coupled lived happily ever after.

The Credit Card Booboo

After a long - and I mean long - time on the phone with CapitalOne (more on this in another post later), Adam and I got our first credit card. I actually had one in college and I think I put 3 purchases on it paying them off within a week of buying them. Adam and I have quite a fear of credit cards and debt. We don't want to get ourselves into a mess.

We decided to get a credit card after realizing the rewards we could be getting with money we spend everyday. We will never purchase anything on the card that we don't already have the money for, but we could be racking up on stuff just by paying our bills! We have so many friends who have been able to go to Europe or South America with just reward points. That is cool.

Well we made a booboo. We decided to use the credit card for every purchase, every bill, everything - we were going to get those points! So, when we had to get money out of the ATM - use the credit card (WRONG!). We didn't know this is a $10 fine! The worst part is that we only got $5 out.

I called CapitalOne to ask what the deal was. They explained to me in a polite tone that advancing cash was not a purchase. My question was "Well, do I at least get the reward points for the $5 we took out?". I don't think they like my humor.

We'll never do that again!

Kelly Kapowski

I dreamed the other night that I was Kelly Kapowski! Oh a tween dream come true! Her beauty, poise and grace - they were all mine! Eat your heart out. The only bad part was when I jumped in Slater's car instead of Zack's. What was I thinking?!?

(Saved by the Bell - for those of you who don't know)

I know the Easter Bunny

Yes, it is true. I know the Easter Bunny.

Last night I was hunting baskets looking for some we could use today in our Easter Egg Hunt. Yes, we had an Easter Egg Hunt with some of our pals from church after the services today. Anyway, I opened the closet where I usually store baskets - we have a lot of these - I don't know how. This also happens to be the closet where Adam and I hide gifts for each other, but since this is not near my birthday or Christmas I was not cautious about the closet. In the closet I found that Adam had prepared an Easter basket for me (ohhh - heart melting sigh). Adam was so upset with me. He's been calling me a snoop ever since.

P.S. I was in last place for the Easter Egg Hunt. Dad, all those years of hiding and seeking eggs amounted to nothing this year. Will you still accept me?

Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday!

Good Friday everyone! This is my first work recognized holiday since New Years Day. Sometimes it take forever to get here. Last year, it was mid April before we got the holiday - ugh I was moody and needed a break.

Today I slept in an hour more than usual, I cleaned the whole house and I watched my soaps almost real time! I don't watch anything real time unless I just have the TV on for noise. We love our DVR, but that is just a bunny trail that I won't trail down right now.

So why was I cleaning on my day off? Well, number one - Spring Cleaning! I love how clean feels. Number two - my in-laws are coming tonight! I'm very excited about spending the weekend with my in-laws. My sister in-law is a track star for her high school and there is a meet this weekend here! So maybe there will be shopping with the girls as well.

Well, that is all - it is a Good Friday!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cheesy Taco

I take my lunch to work. My criterion is that I don't want to have to put my lunch in the community refrigerator. So I eat Easy Mac!

Easy Mac is great. There are 4 flavors that I know of: Original, Three Cheese, Alfredo, and Cheesy Taco. Being that I love cheese, you would think that my favorite flavor is Three Cheese or Cheesy Taco, but actually my favorite is Original.

Cheesy Taco is too spicy and Three Cheese really isn't cheesier.

The best thing about this lunch? - $.67! To top off the Easy Mac I often eat a cup of applesauce and some Ritz Crackers. Can grown ups eat lunches like this?

The Truth about Soap Operas

I love my soap operas. I happen to be watching Days of Our Lives right now. I love the drama and bad acting, but most of all I love the twisted family trees. I love figuring out how they are all related and believe me - they are related.

Watching soaps also brings back a lot of tender memories for me. I used to watch Days with my mom when I was a young teen. We would watch it on hot summer afternoons or on days when school was out. It made me feel like a grown up. This is one of the few ways I got to know her as a friend instead of a mother.

I never got to really shop with her as a friend. Sure we would go buy back-to-school clothes, but then she was more my mom. We didn't have much in common then - not like we would now that I'm older. I'm just glad that I have these memories of her and of us - 2 ladies chilling out watching their favorite TV show.

All solemness aside, Days is a great show. Every weekday 1PM - 2PM on NBC. My other fave is General Hospital - also every weekday 3PM - 4PM on ABC.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Oysters in March

Oysters are in season during the months that end in an "r" (September, October, November, December). What does this "in season" really mean? Does it mean you shouldn't eat oysters any other time of year? How do oysters have a season anyway? It's a fish, an animal - not a plant.

We had Oyster Stew for lunch today after church. It was very good even though it is out of season.

Come to the Cross is tonight. I got a new shirt at Target for the performance. So come see the show.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


OK. So my last entry was really lame, but I really was tired.

We just had a bunch of friends over tonight to watch Lost. Adam and I love this show. We got into it a couple of years ago because Adam wanted to put something on his new video Ipod. He really liked the show so he got me to watch it to. Now it is a weekly event with about 12 or so people.

Every weekend someone records the show and hosts everyone at their house to watch the latest episode. We all ponder the episode afterwards.

Tonight was extra special. First of all, we decided to do a taco bar for sustenance. And second, there were tornados in the area surrounding our house - the sky was very ominous foreshadowing an ominous episode. The night was completed with fun games - including Richard Karn hosting the Family Feud (not a board game!).

Other notable events today include:

Saint Patrick's Day 5K in Five Points. Adam's game was back on with a finishing time of 22:44 - you rock, Babe!

Final practice for Come to the Cross. I'm singing back up vocals in a few songs for this fabulous performance. You should definitely come and see it at 7:00 PM tomorrow night at Shandon Baptist Church!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ashley Beth Says

Aahhh Sunday! I love Sundays. Adam and I go to church and woship. Then we come home and eat a lovely meal. Then I put on a movie I'm not going to watch, and I take a long nap while the movie plays. Naps are great. I'm getting tired as a write this. It's about that time.