Wednesday, July 30, 2008


So.....Reefer is marijuana in case you didn't know. I did not until Friday...

Friday, Adam and I decided to be cultural. We went to see the musical "Reefer Madness" at the Trustus Theater. We had never been to Trustus before. The chairs were nice and comfy and there was free popcorn.

Reefer Madness is based on a 1936 propaganda film that was shown to high school students. The film told of all of the horrid things that would happen to you if you smoked marijuana. You would even become a murderer. The musical was hilarious as it sarcastically portrayed a clean cut couple becoming mad murderers from one drag of the reefer.

We really liked Trustus and want to go back once we save up the money to go again.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


After running 16 miles Saturday, Adam went to get his hair cut. I happened to be with him. Adam usually goes to Great Clips to for his haircuts, but not anymore because this Saturday was a Cut-astorphe!

I had been up the street shopping so I first saw the hair as I came back to pick up Adam. I waited to hear his reaction. As we walked out the door, he looked and me and said "I think I got butchered."

It was bad. No two hairs were the same length. Adam said the lady cutting his hair acted as if she didn't know what she was doing. We immediately got on the phone to call my hair dresser, but she was booked and so was another recommendation. Both said they could do the haircut on Monday, but this was an emergency - a Cut-astrophe!

We finally got in touch with a place that Adam went to while in college Rogue Family Hair in West Columbia. They were so sweet to take us at the last minute. The lady did a great job and fixed Adam up good. What a relief!

We have learned our lesson - no more "fly by night haircuts" (that's what the hair dresser at Rogue called them).

16 miles

Adam survived a 16 mile run Saturday morning. I rode with him again. This time Adam didn't wear head phones so I was his entertainment. Don't worry I had plenty to say - I would never fail him on this front. He did great and got faster and faster as he ran.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Please Feed Me

If you see me on the streets holding a sign saying "Please Feed Me", you will know that my husband has eaten every morsel of our Grocery budget and he has left nothing for me.

When marathon training is in full swing, Adam eats almost twice what he would normally eat. I was expecting this since we have gone through it before, but I wasn't expecting it to start so soon! So for your enjoyment, here are the ways I know marathon training is in full swing:

You know Adam is training when....

1) After dinner he says to me "That was good babe" as he makes himself a sandwich.

2) My new box of cereal is gone in 2 days.

3) 18 granola bars are devoured in 3 days (intended as a snack for Adam at work and supposed to last 2 weeks).

4) A large box of crackers is devoured in 1 day (also intended as a snack at work and supposed to last 2 weeks).

5) Numbers 1-4 are all accomplished in 3 days.

Love you Babe.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Everyday items

I went to Target today to pick up ice cube trays. I drove there fully confident and walked in on a mission. About halfway through the store I realized I had no idea where ice cube trays would be. Ice cube trays - a common item that people use everyday and I don't know where I can buy some. Does Target even sell these? That seems like a dumb question, but this was not my first trip to by ice cube trays. A couple of months ago I was at Bilo and discovered they don't sell ice cube trays. I was surprised by this.

Let me see, ice cube trays - they could be with Tupperware, or maybe kitchen accessories (rubber spatulas and such), small plastic storage containers, or maybe the aisle with Ziplocs and garbage bags. And I finally found them with Ziplocs and garbage bags.

It's funny that something we all use everyday could be a challenge to find.

Water Girl

Today was Adam's 14 miler. We got up at 5:15 this morning to catch the coolest (temperature wise - not awesome wise) part of the day. If you don't run, it can be difficult to wrap your head around running 14 miles. So let me tell you a little bit about what goes into this.

Typically a person burns about 100 calories per mile of running so in 14 miles, you burn about 1400 calories. This is about the equivalent of 2 meals. Of course all of that depends on the person's size, how hard they are running, and how big their typical meal is. Burning this many calories can be dangerous so you have to replenish as you burn. The classic replenisher is what runners call Gu! It is a slimy substance that you slurp down to get some calories. Adam also drinks a Powerbar mix, which also gives him some calories.

Carrying all of this is difficult when you are training and really unnecessary since you don't need to carry it during the actual race (there are a ton of refreshment/Gu/fruit stations along the way). So today I rode my bike alongside Adam as he ran carrying his necessities in a backpack.

It was our first time trying this strategy and it worked well. We will probably do this every Saturday on his long runs. It was also cool for me to watch him. I've run 6-7 miles with him before, but I don't run further than that so I've never seen him endure through that many miles. It was really awesome to see his dedication and determination - definitely one of the reasons I married him! I love this guy!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Crash and Burn

After church on Sunday, the Adams (my brother and husband have the same name) and I went mountain biking. I was being somewhat timid on the ride - braking when I approached a large root and such. So my brother told me that what I really needed was a good crash. His theory was if I had a good crash, then I would realize it wasn't so bad and I would be brave.

Well, I decided to try it out. No, not really. I accidentally fell and my brother was wrong. After that fall, I was even more timid. We still had a great time. My bro even let me try out his bike (much nicer than mine) and we enjoyed Sonic smoothies on the way home.

Enjoy these biking pics:

Tiger Beam

My brother was down here this weekend so we decided to pack it full of action. After the free dinner at Chick-Fil-a, we enjoyed a day of golf on Saturday. My brother and husband play golf, but I had never played before.

The game is a lot of fun. I got par on one hole and a bogie on the other, but all the rest I hit at least double par. I am also beginning to wonder why golf players' bodies are not disproportionate. After playing 18 holes, I am disproportionately sore. You swing with one side of your body. How does Tiger Woods look so even?

Enjoy these pics of our outing:

Cow Appreciation Day

Friday, July 11th was Cow Appreciation Day thus declared by Chick-Fil-a. On this day, anyone who resembles a cow can get a free combo. Chick-Fil-a even has printable outfits online. Well, they aren't exactly outfits. They had cow spots, cow ears, a cow nose, and a cow tail. Once you tape all of these accessories to yourself, you are good for a free combo.

So of course I did this for lunch and dinner. It was a big to-do at work. It doesn't take much to get office workers excited. We all printed out the costumes and trotted down the street for 2 blocks to Chick-Fil-a for lunch.

Then, I convinced a group of friends to go there for dinner. On top of the free combo, you got a coupon for another free sandwich, a chance to spin the wheel of more coupons, and your picture taken with the Chick-Fil-a cow. This is definitely going to be an annual even for me (can't say the same for Adam - he wasn't as thrilled).

All of this goes to prove that a lot of people will do a lot of things for a free meal - even dress like a cow.

Marathon Training has begun

Adam's marathon training officially started today. Of course he has been running daily anyway, but today marks 16 more weeks until the marathon. Monday is a cross training day and Adam is choosing to swim. He swam for 45 minutes straight this morning and to that says "Swimming is hard." He also called me at work to inform me that even after a shower he reeked of Chlorine.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Saving money on the weekend

This weekend was a 3 day weekend. I love 3 day weekends. It actually feels like you get a break. Last weekend we went to a lot of movies so we wanted to save money this weekend.

Friday, July 4th was easy because Adam was working. He had a great time at the Gilbert Peach Festival and even interviewed a guy with a patriotic mullet (red, white and blue). I took my friend Amber to Paris Mountain with my extended family. We hiked, played cards and ate - good times.

Saturday was another story. At 6 am, we got up to go do our running. Adam is now up to 11 miles. I stuck to my 5 mile run. After that we did the chores around the house and were twiddling our thumbs by noon. We decided we needed some entertainment. We wanted to do something free so we decided to go to a park where Adam would read and I would do Sudoku.

Adam wanted to sit in a chair - not on a blanket. The only chair we have is a low to the ground beach chair - that would not do. At Target we bought chairs for a total of $20 (we had to get the comfy ones). After all of that, we only stayed at the park for 1 hour. Someone was too hot. I won't say who. Because of the heat we had to get ice cream at the nearest Marble Slab. In short, we could have gone to the movies for about $15 that afternoon. Instead we spent about $30 including the high end ice cream. This is just how the Beams roll.

Even though we are avid Netflix users, we had to rent a movie on Sunday because Macintosh will not come to an agreement with Netflix about downloading its movies. So something that should be free became $4.

See how awesome we are at saving our money.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Fact: I cannot whistle.

Yes, it is true. I've never been able to. When I was a kid I tried like crazy. I gave up somewhere around middle school. One of the most annoying things is when someone finds out I can't whistle and they are like "Really? Just do like this and blow...come like this" (they are puckering their lips and whistling). Do they think I haven't tried that type of pucker before?

Anyway, a few months after I met Adam in high school I found out that he couldn't whistle either! Instant bond!

So here we are 9 years later and Adam learns to whistle. This development is only a few months old. Something about finding he could whistle if he sucks in air instead of blowing out. I really don't know. What I do know, is that he whistles all the time now and it is driving me crazy! Even worse, he tried to teach me to do it once. He has definitely crossed over!