Thursday, August 28, 2008

18 miler number 2

Sorry this is late! Adam ran 18 miles last weekend. Some sweet construction workers cleared an entire lane for us on Forest Drive for about 2 miles - orange cones and everything. We waved graciously to thank them.

Adam felt good during the whole run. His GPS watch lost satellite signal for a few seconds which helped his statistics. His fastest mile was 2 minutes and 54 seconds! And all of this was done despite being whacked in the face by a tree branch. Yes, my hubby had a little scrape on his forehead - aww!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Flexing Fridays!

So I started to work a new schedule a couple of weeks ago. It is a "Flexible" schedule. My employer decided to implement this recently to keep up with industry trends. I work 9 hour days and I have every other Friday off. Today is one of my off Fridays and I am really enjoying the relaxation!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

These Days

These days Adam and I come home from work, run, eat dinner, and watch the Olympics. We stay up way too late to see as much as we can. We really like swimming, gymnastics, track and field, the marathons, oh and diving, and you can't forget about beach volleyball, and indoor bicycling, and ....ok we like it all!

After watching the gymnasts Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin the other night, I felt really inspired. I decided to compete myself using Adam as a judge. My first event was the Cartwheel. It was quite difficult because I had to stay within the boundaries (couch, coffee table, and TV). Perfect 10! Very impressive being that my last cartwheel was probably more than 10 years ago.

My second event was the handstand. As the diving commentator would say I "couldn't quite find vertical". So the judge gave that one a 6. My final event was to turn my knees like the girl in the Target commercial only the judge stopped me before I started. Something about not wanting to take me to the hospital if something happened.

Oh well!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Promotion Sunday

Today was Promotion Sunday at church. This is the day when school age children advance to the next grade of Sunday School. Adam and I each teach a Sunday School class during our church's 3rd service hour. I teach kindergartners and Adam teaches 1st graders.

I love teaching the kindergartners. It is amazing to see their transformation through the school year. I don't know what those school teachers do, but it is amazing. They come in and can't read, can't tie shoes, can't stop wiggling, and can't stop squealing. By the end of the year, they read books, sit quietly, and pay attention for 20 minutes straight. So today was crazy and some what chaotic, but fun.

Adam's run this weekend

Adam's mileage was back down this weekend. He was only supposed to run about 14 miles. Yeah I know, "only" sounds crazy.

He did good, but he did about 13 instead of 14. It was really sticky this weekend and he was missing his partner. I had some ear problems and didn't want to injure it more so Adam was by himself.

I did meet him at the end of his run for our weekly Starbucks. I still don't understand how he is in the mood for SBux after a long run, but I love it so I don't complain. We usually sit at SBux for about 45 minutes. We buy a NY Times and read some of it while we chill. It's a great way to start our Saturday.

Best Band Ever

Wednesday night I saw the best band ever in concert! I raced to Gville after work as fast as I could to see the band and they were great. Ok. I might be a little biased. My little bro is the leader of the band. Sorry the pics are blurry. I should have gotten closer to take them.

He is so talented. He sang, played bass guitar, and played keyboard. He also plays other guitars, but he didn't Wednesday night. He picks out the music for the band and helps them arrange it.

My brother played in front of about 80 of his peers (all high school and college age) at his church. My favorite song they played was a rocked out version of "Jesus Paid it all". It sounded exactly like Kristian Stanfill's version. It takes a great ear to be able to replicate a song and they did it.

Oh and my bro moved into Clemson this weekend. If you can't tell, he is wearing an orange polo in the pics. Go Tigers!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Eco Bag FYI

Lately I've been picking up an eco bag at the grocery store on almost each trip. I figure that I should do my part. I have 3 now. I am usually a Bilo girl. I love my Bilo up the street. It is brand new and always has fresh produce! However, my first 2 eco bags were Publix bags - thanks to the Penny Sunday mystery item! My 3rd bag was a Bilo bag. Bilo bags are no good. So I have developed the following list of musts so that you will know what to look for when picking up an eco bag.

1) Must be have long handles so you can carry it on your shoulder like a purse. (Publix bags have these, but Bilo bags don't. Bilo bag handles are short and have to be carried in your hands. You can't carry as much weight in your hands as you can on your shoulders.)

2) Must be large enough to substitute 4 plastic grocery bags. (Publix bags are larger than Bilo bags.)

3) Must fold up nicely so it can be tucked away somewhere.

4) Must not be ugly.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

And 20!

Adam ran 20 miles on Saturday. He did awesome and made it look so easy! The weather was gorgeous and that helped too. Next week we go back down to 14 miles. Even I'm relieved!

Wilco - 3rd time's a charm

Thursday was our 3rd attempt to see Wilco in concert. Wilco is a band who has been categorized as alternative rock, alternative country and folk rock. Adam and I really like them. Adam more so than me. We tried to go see them in Charlotte over a year ago, but the day of the concert was the day of the Charleston fire so of course Adam went to go cover the scene.

The next attempt was this year in February, but a couple of days before the concert we were informed that the band had gotten a gig at Saturday Night Live and our concert had been postponed.

So this Thursday was the make up for that concert. Wilco did not disappoint. Jeff Tweedy (the leader of the band) even noted a fan wearing an SNL shirt on the front row. Jeff told the fan "We are so sorry. We did not forget." Jeff told us that SNL was a once in a life time opportunity, but he would come back to Charleston every year. The drunk audience easily forgave Jeff.

Here is a picture of the only sober people at the concert.

Before the concert, we enjoyed shopping on King's Street and dinner at Jestine's Kitchen. We didn't get home from Charleston until 1 am and I went to work the next day, but it was worth it!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The 18 miler

Saturday Adam ran his 18 miler. This is week 3 of marathon training. Again, I rode my bicycle beside him to carry his supplies. This week was tough. Adam was exhausted and struggled through much of the run, but he persevered and ran all 18 miles. Adding to the frustration, we missed a turn on our route and Adam had to run about a quarter of a mile out of the way. Saturday was also the hottest day since he started his training. Heat is a huge factor when you are running for hours!

Adam knows that there will be good weeks and there will be bad. You just have to keep going when it is a bad one so that you get better and have fewer bad days.

Here are some pics of Adam during the run.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

August 3rd

August 3rd was my mom's birthday. She would be 49 today, but she died almost 10 years ago now. Ten years ago today, we had no idea it was her last birthday. We had just sold our home in Charlotte, NC. My parents were looking at houses in the Greenville area of South Carolina. Nothing sticks out to me about that day. I don't remember what present I got her or where we went to eat, but that is probably because my mom hated being the center of attention. She didn't like big fusses over her.

She was a gentle lady with deep convictions. Her friends respected her and loved her. They told her their deepest hurts and failures. She never judged them. No one has ever told me these things. I knew them and I could see them even though I was 14.

Though she was shy and quiet, she was funny and could be a pistol. I can remember her high pitched voice telling telemarketers on the phone "I AM the lady of the house!" This was in response to them asking her "May I speak to your mom?" I can also remember her telling door to door salesman "I said No and No means No" as she slammed the door in his face.

My mom played piano at our church. I loved hearing her play. Saturday nights I would fall asleep to her practicing hymns and special music for the next day's worship. Her fingers were very short for a pianist. An octave was extent of her reach, but when it was an upbeat song, you would see her sway and bob her head to the music.

My mom was passionate about everything she did, but mostly she was passionate about her family. She took care of us. She always had an ear to listen to whatever I wanted to say and I'm quite positive that the topics I had for her were very self involved.

I called my mom "Mommy" even in my teen years. I remember trying to change it once when I was seven years old. I wanted to call her "Mom" because "Mommy" just wasn't cool. She was not pleased that her oldest child was beginning to called her "Mom" and she told me it was unacceptable. At the time I was mad, but as I grew older I didn't want to change it and I continued to call her "Mommy".

Here are some cool pictures. I miss you Mommy!

This one is from our summer vacation in 1997. (She died in '98)

This is my mom and me. My feet were finally big enough to share shoes with my mom. This picture was taken after we bought matching twin boots.