Saturday, October 11, 2008

Crazy Fast

Somebody lit a fire under Adam. He is running so fast now. His last 3 runs, he has been hard to keep up with. He is going to smash his goal.

Two weeks ago we ran in the rain. 20 miles in the rain. I wore a poncho on my bike. At times it was only drizzling, but other times it was pouring. It was the last big run before the marathon so not running was not an option. Even through the elements - wind and rain - Adam powered through averaging well under his goal.

So...we are now here. This Sunday is the race. Pray that Adam doesn't get sick or injured. He has worked so hard for this. Everyday for the last 16 weeks he has been getting up extra early to run. We are both drinking lots of OJ and popping vitamins. NY here we come!

We plan to assist Al with the weather on the Today Show Monday morning and chat with David Letterman later that night - Tivo us!

That was Him!

To my utter mortification, Adam ran through the Ladies' Walk for Life run last weekend during his 18-mile run. I love Adam, but he's not very good at improvising, which shouldn't be a problem since he has a GPS on his arm.

So when Adam saw the barricades up ahead and the hundreds of people walking perpendicular to us, he did not stop. Adam literally crossed in front of these women and cancer survivors. I stood back in shock holding my bike.

I waited for a long time trying to decide what to do. I couldn't just ride through these ladies. I didn't want to disrespect their journey, but I didn't know how I would meet up with Adam again. So finally, I pointed my head downwards so as not to be recognized and I walked my bike through the women.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Candy Corn mishap

I was laughing at work today whilst eating some candy corn and a piece of it went up the wrong pipe and got stuck in my nose. It burned really bad, but it was funny!