Monday, November 10, 2008


Wow. It has been a whirlwind since my last post. We went to The Big Apple and Adam ran the Big Race!

Adam did great! He ran his legs out and crushed his previous marathon time. He also got to see some amazing things along the way. Adam had to be at the start line at 6 am, but he didn't run until 10:20 am. That is almost 4 and a half hours of just sitting at the start line. Only runners could be there so Adam didn't know anyone there and he was freezing with temperatures in the mid 30s. While shivering and waiting, a sweet Italian woman wrapped her blanket around Adam. This gesture is one of the many cool experiences that we had in NY.

Other cool things include:

1) "The Bedroom Farce" on Off Broadway Halloween night.
2) Times Square all lit up at night.

3) Jammin' with strangers to "My girl" as we wait for a subway.
4) Ellis Island - audio tour is amazing - I even teared up some.

Adam took this picture of us listening to our audio tapes.

Don't worry, he got a picture of himself too.

Amber pretending to deport Juan.

5) Statue of Liberty. Does it make me un-American if I say she looks rather manly?

Amber and I holding our torches.

Adam is passionate about US History.

6) Empire State Building. I only called it the Eiffel Tower once.

7) Dinner and Dessert in Little Italy. I'm still dreaming about how great this was.
8) Watching a stranger sleep on Juan on the subway.

9) Having friends help me find Adam on race day and cheer him on. We were successful 3 out of 3 times! Last time I went 0 for 5 - very upsetting.

Almost the whole Beam Team - Juan is taking the pic.

10) Bagels and coffee at mile 3. It was really good - sorry Babe!

Here he is at mile 3. Lookin' strong babe!

11) Listening to high school bands along the race course. One played the "Rocky" theme over and over. - from Adam

And here he is at mile 13. We barely made it off the subway in time to see him pass.

Even some characters run the race. Buzz Lightyear was my favorite.

12) Running through the Orthodox Jewish neighborhood. Rabbis watched silently with arms folded in their all black Rabbi robes. - from Adam
13) Having racers throw their outer layer at us at mile 3 - shirts, scarves, hats, gloves, pants. I could have a new wardrobe!
14) Matt, Ann, Al, Meredith, and Amy at The Today Show. They look smaller in person.

Can you find Amber and I in this pic?

15) NBC Studio tour - yeah it was given by real Pages. We couldn't find Kenneth though.
16) Popcorn at NBC Studios. Amber's lips turned orange from the cheese. I had regular buttered popcorn.
17) The Late Show with David Letterman. Every thing was HILARIOUS even if it would have only gotten a snicker on my own couch. Also, Paris Hilton - I'm pretty sure she wears wigs.
18) Real NY Pizza
19) Madison Avenue - Amber and I drooled as we looked in stores. Are we allowed in there?
20) FAO Schwarz - We played the big keyboard.

21) Adam got a Wii for his training - did you know they are plentiful in NY? Crazy!