Thursday, December 11, 2008

Adam's blog

Adam has started a blog for work. The blog is funny and informative. Check it out:

Girly Girl - even toothbrushes

About 2 months ago I bought new toothbrushes for Adam and I. We definitely needed some and I couldn't hold off to my next dental appointment. I usually by a pink and blue toothbrush. I am a huge fan of pink! I think it is a great color so of course I would use the pink and Adam would use the blue. This is the order of life and I am ok with it. Not only am I ok with it, but I embrace it. I am a girly girl.

(Slight diversion) When I was little, I remember having girl friends who said their favorite color was blue. Even then I thought this couldn't possibly be true. These girls just wanted to be different. Pink is the best color.

Ok. Back to my story. Target didn't have a pink toothbrush so I had to get green and blue. "No biggy," I thought to myself. I even let Adam choose which toothbrush he wanted to use. Adam said he wanted to be environmental so he took the green. This left me with the blue toothbrush.

I will have you know that my childhood aversion to blue is ingrained. Countless times I have lathered up Adam's green toothbrush and begun brushing only to realize a few seconds later that I am using the wrong toothbrush!! Why is that?

Adam doesn't know about my mishaps - surprise Babe!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Betty Crocker Warm Delights

Have you ever tried one of these things? I tried one tonight. It's cake in 30 seconds - in the microwave - and it was really good.

My Family

I have a niece. She was born Friday, December 5th at 9 pounds 9 oz. Whew! I can't wait to meet her in 2 weeks.

Kayden is the second of the grands on my side of the family. My nephew Anthony is the first and he will soon be a big brother. In June, me and my sister-in-law will be adding more grands. Now you may be asking, how many siblings do you have?

Well, I have 4. I have an older step-sister and step-brother, and I have a younger sister and brother. The older 2 are both married and so are my sister and I. My brother is still in college so he is not married. Here is where it gets fun. My step-sister and sister have the same name - spelled different (Kayte and Katie). My step-brother and brother also both have the same name, and whoa it is the same as my husband! - Adam. So out of the siblings, I am the only one who has a unique name.

Anyway, in order here is how it goes:
Kayte and Kevin have a new daughter Kayden.
Adam and Emily have one on the way in June.
Me and Adam have Twig on the way in June. (Twig is what we have decided to call the baby while still inside me. Adam even made a Wii character for Twig and we sometimes bowl together as a family.)
Katie and Michael have Anthony and Audry who will arrive soon.
Adam has Clemson and his guitar - you rock, Bud!

My kids are going to have 2 Uncle Adams and 2 Aunt Katie/Kaytes. They will probably think that names like "John" and "Sarah" are really out there.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

O Christmas Tree!

Adam and I get a real tree every Christmas. Adam says heathens get artificial trees - this even implicates his parents. The last 3 Christmases we have done really well at picking out an appropriately sized tree. However this year.....

Oops! I don't know how it happened. I guess our eyes are bigger than our house. We had to do a little trimming.

Finally, we got the tree together. The only thing is we aren't going to be able to put a star or angel on top. Our tree goes all the way to the ceiling.

Funny Stories

The dentist made me watch a video about dental hygiene during pregnancy. So I sat in the dental chair with a paper towel tied around my neck and the dentist swung the computer monitor in front of my face to watch the video. Not only was the volume all the way turned up, but the video went on and on about how bad dental hygiene could cause miscarriages and still-born births. I could have left crying, but I sat there and chuckled as I watched the charts and graphs. I guess I was in shock. I couldn't believe they were showing me this awful video loud enough for the whole office to hear.

The day I announced I was pregnant at work a male coworker proclaimed, "I thought you were. Your clothes are starting to get tight." (long pause) ummmm...thank you?

Same male coworker later recounted his wife's delivery to me. He said "I was the one who had to recover afterward. I saw it come out."

Same male coworker backed up about 5 feet when he saw me today and said "It got bigger!"

This coworker has only known for a week so I think I'll get a lot of good ones from him.

Monday, December 1, 2008

New Recruit for the Beam Team!

What?!?! It's true I'm pregnant, but I'm not that pregnant. That is a fake baby bump at a maternity store. Adam and I announced to our families that we are having a baby during the Thanksgiving dinners (one with my family and one with his). We are due June 6th, which means I'm 13 weeks along. I had a blast trying on maternity clothes with a big belly on. Thanks to both our families for being so wonderful to us this weekend. This year's Thanksgiving was definitely memorable. We love you all.