Monday, January 26, 2009

Sunday School teaching

I finally got the computer back for some much needed blogging. Adam had it all last week working on the Sunday School lesson. Adam taught our adult Sunday School class yesterday for the second time. He has subbed before, but now he is listed as a real teacher. We are really excited about this opportunity.

It's not just about ministering, but we are learning ourselves. We were able to think about and discuss the lesson all week. Of course Adam is the one who did all the research and read through the lesson, but it was fun having him talk through his thoughts with me.

It's refreshing to have deep spiritual discussions with him. Please pray for him as he tries to figure out this role and humbly strives to learn.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

More houses

Adam and I looked at even more houses yesterday. Our pastor said something really helpful in his sermon today. He said that if you put yourself in a position where you don't want or need very much, then good deals will come to you. (He is preaching a series about managing your money.) I think this is true.

The most important thing for us is to get a deal on the house we buy. We probably won't be in it long as we are looking for a starter home. Since we won't be in it long - getting a good deal is essential!

It's so easy for me to get wrapped up in a time table - baby coming in June - want to paint a nursery well before that. However, the truth is no one is pushing us out of our current abode. It isn't perfect - no dishwasher, but the life of a renter isn't all that bad. We also don't have to worry about selling this place or maintenance.

I really hope that I can keep perspective on this and wait on God's timing. It is going to be very tempting for me to push my own time table.

Adam's Birthday

Adam turned 26 this weekend - yesterday in fact. His parents came into town Friday night to take us to dinner. We enjoyed a fabulous dinner at Terra. Dinner with Adam's parents is always fun. Of course we showed off baby pics, but we also discussed Kirsten Gillibrand (Hillary Clinton's replacement in the senate), Dick Cheney, the inauguration, and other political topics. Adam and his dad are very passionate about politics as it relates to the Christian perspective. I am always entertained and challenged by our discussions.

Our friend Justin came down to spend the weekend with us. We enjoyed his antics. Mostly Adam did as they played a lot of Wii.

The big day was topped off by a Lost Premiere party. Adam and I are huge fans of the show and it was all the more glamorous to watch it on a 67 inch TV at our friends' - Doug and Rachel's - house. What a perfect birthday for my man!

I'm going to polish off this post with 5 things you may not know about Adam:

1 - Adam is a pack rat. He hates to get rid of anything - clothes, newspaper clippings, ANYTHING! Adam collected every story he wrote in high school, college and early career. He kept them all in a closet in our apartment. The closet was overflowing because Adam would have several articles a day. About one year into our marriage I heard a coworker of his complaining about all the clippings he kept at work! Come to find out, he kept a copy at both our apartment and at work! That was the end of that. I told him no more at home.

2 - Adam is rarely annoyed. Very little in life bothers him. This is a great quality because Adam can be friends with anyone. I've rarely seen him get angry with or frustrated with a friend.

3 - Adam is loyal. He has been supporting the Braves and the Gamecocks since he could talk - through all the bad years. And, don't even try to say anything bad about these teams - Adam has their back. Adam's loyalty is very deep - not just for the Gamecocks, but also to his friends and family. This gives me great security and joy.

4 - Adam is great at skiing - water and snow. Adam also has no inhibitions about trying new stuff. This makes me very nervous.

5 - Adam can be very romantic. Of course sometimes I have to ask for a little romance, but Adam's creativity and thoughtfulness always blow me away!

Happy Birthday babe! I love you!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sweet Caroline!

We found out today that we are having a sweet baby girl and she looks perfect. Everything is measuring right and is healthy. Including her awesome legs. Look at this pic of her leg. She is definitely a runner!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My sister can burp the alphabet

I was reminded of this story last week when a kid in my Sunday School class continually fake burped....

Anyway, when my sister and I were young - not sure exactly when - we adored and looked up to our older cousins. They were mostly boys. I remember this one time, they were showing off their mad burping skills. Burping words, the alphabet, and just about everything. My sister and I felt inadequate. Katie was more upset than I.

After our visit, Katie tried and tried. She was going to master this skill. As long as my mom wasn't around, Katie was trying to burp. Well, she figured it out. She had to breathe in a certain way and trap the air. It would then come out as a belch. Of course, she wasn't ready for the alphabet yet. So she kept practicing. She did it continuously - showing off to my brother and I for hours. She didn't want to forget this skill she had learned.

After a few hours of practice it became apparent to Katie that she wasn't sure how to stop. She was so used to trapping the air that she couldn't remember how to just let it flow in and out. At first, this was a little funny. "I can't stop (burp), hahaha" she would giggle. Then my parents started to hear her. They would scold her. She would repeat to them that she couldn't stop. It was only funny for about 30 minutes. Then Katie got very scared. Would she be burping her whole life? She began to cry - still burping at least once a minute.

Katie cried for hours about this. I'm still not sure how she stopped burping. I think maybe she went to bed that night burping and woke up breathing normally. Anyway, I love this story. It's hilarious when I look back on it.

Busted Knees

One of my fears was realized yesterday. I was trying to keep my New Year's goal of running at least twice a week. I was on mile 2 and I tripped and fell. I landed on my hands and knees. More than anything I was scared. I didn't know if I had hurt Twig or not. I knew I hadn't landed near my stomach and everything felt fine. My fears were calmed when Twig threw the nightly party in my stomach.

Tomorrow we will go in and see Twig. I will feel even more calm then. My scars from the fall were 2 busted knees. One even bled through my pants this morning in church - gross!

20 weeks - 5 pregnancy months

I can't believe I'm halfway there. So much to do and that doesn't even include buying a house and moving in, which we would like to do before Twig arrives.

Enough about that. At 20 weeks, Twig moves a lot. I have no idea what is happening in there, but I know it must be good times. Twig's favorite spot this week is my bladder. I can think it is completely empty, but with a couple of good kicks I am running back to the bathroom. I wonder if Twig thinks it is an inflatable moon bounce...hmmm...

Some people still haven't noticed I'm pregnant. Others are starting to wonder. They just kind of look and wonder - is she putting on a few pounds or is she pregnant? They proceed to ask " are you?" I enjoy this very much. I respond in the most nonchalant way possible "Good. I'm very good, and you?" I like to leave the suspense. I probably enjoy that too much!

So here is one of my favorite pics. This is a pic of me and my sister - pregnant at the same time. Of course in this pic, she was 39.5 weeks and I was 17 weeks. So I tried to poke out my belly as far as I could and she sucked in so that I would look more pregnant. It was a precious moment and hopefully we can experience it again together.

Tomorrow is the big day. Twig will no longer be a shim. We will know Twig's gender. Stay tuned!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

On the Hunt

Adam and I are on the hunt for a house. We started this process back in November, but between my work schedule and the holidays we didn't get very far. We are starting this year heads down and focused.

Over the weekend we went with our realtor and visited several homes. We liked about 3 of them, but there is still so much to think about. Do we prefer 1) a larger, new home with no backdoor; 2) a smaller, new home with a nice back porch; or 3) an older home with a nice back porch.

Of course there were many other qualifications that narrowed our search to these three.
1) Location, Location, Location. We like living in town. We feel close to everything and a short commute means more time at home.
2) 3 beds, 2 baths.
3) Needs minimal or no work. Adam and I are not fix it people.
4) And of course - feels like home.

So, here is where your advice comes in. Adam and I have never bought a home before. We are definitely nervous about this huge purchase. So what did you look for in your home and what do you like about it. Probably more important - what do you not like in your home.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Even though we are a week in, I feel like my year has just started. Now that things are almost back to normal at work, I can relax at night. So I have started goal setting. Here is what I have so far:

1 - Read my Bible regularly.

2 - Pray for my family daily (Me, Adam and Twig). Pray for our extended family daily. Pray for my friends daily. I know there is much more to pray for and I will work on that as well, but I want to focus on these three daily.

3 - Run at least twice a week as long as doctor's permit.

4 - Make dinner at least 3 times a week. OK. This one is more like a confession. It is hard for me to make dinner 3 times a week. Between choir, Bible study, Softball and working till 5:30, Adam and I end up eating pancakes more than I would like to. I want this to change. I like to cook and I want to do it more.

5 - Buy a house. Hopefully before Twig arrives, but if not before the end of the year.

That's all I can think of right now. I may add some later.

Running Woes

I have 2 running trophies from less than one year ago. Both of them are trophies for my division - not overall, but still they are trophies. And tonight I ran 1.3 miles and walked .5 miles - pathetic. I'm so frustrated with my running right now.

Before I was pregnant, I pulled a muscle in my leg running. It was a nagging injury. I ran through it most of the time and it didn't slow me down. It just hurt. I kept running with the injury when I found out I was pregnant. On Thanksgiving Day, Adam and I ran a Turkey Trot in Anderson. Apparently Twig does not like running in the mornings because I vomited a good bit during and after the race. With all the vomiting, I didn't stretch my pulled muscle. This made for a very sore muscle for several days.

I decided to take a break from running for a couple of weeks to allow my muscle to relax. After my resting period, I ran a few times before my project at work really picked up, but I only ran 2 miles at a slow pace.

Now, here I am. I decided to go for a run tonight. It's been about 2 weeks since my last run. I made it about 1.3 miles before I started to cramp up. So I walked the rest of the way to the house. This is very frustrating to me.

I know I'm pregnant, but I don't want this to be an excuse for me not to exercise. Doctors encourage women to exercise through pregnancy and to continue your routine. I guess I am going to have to slowly work my way back. At least I'm not vomiting anymore.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Adam and I loved all 9 parties that we went to.

Sunday - Party #1: our Christmas - just Adam and me
We started this tradition the first year we were married. It's hard to believe this is our 4th Christmas together. We make a fancy dinner, eat it on our Christmas china, and exchange gifts. This year's menu included: Asparagus Soup, Rib Eye steaks, Sweet Potatoes, and Chocolate Pie.

My new apron. Adam got me fancy cooking stuff and a Garmin, which we have named Gisele!

Monday - Party #2: Boyter Christmas - Adam's mom's side
Adam's mom has one sibling - a sister who lives in Kentucky. So her whole family comes down from Kentucky and we enjoy mish mash while we exchange presents. Of course the star of the show is the only Grandbaby Jillian. What a doll!

Tuesday - Party #3: High School and College Friends Party
Thank you to Becky for hosting a great party. It was so much fun to see everyone and catch up.

This is almost everybody. Some left early and some came late.

Wednesday - Party #4: Belue Christmas - Adam's mom's mom's side (his grandma's side)
Adam's Grandma has many siblings who get together every Christmas Eve with their kids and their kids' kids and their kids' kid's kids. It's a great time with more food and presents.

Thursday - Party #5: Christmas morning with Adam's side
Party #6: Christmas afternoon with my side
We were good this year so Santa was very nice!

Friday - Party #7: Tumblin Christmas - my mom's side
This is my mom's side, which is very small. My mom had one sibling so at this event we get to see his family, my Grandaddy and Mama (my mom's mom's mom - 101 years old). This gathering is very special to me since my mom is not alive anymore and she died on Christmas Eve.
Saturday - Party #8: Barnett Christmas including family photos - my family

Here is one of our pictures. Every year we wear matching outfits to the mall and get our picture taken. If you notice, my sister and her hubby are missing. This is because they thought Audry might be coming and they had to stop by the hospital.

Sunday - Party #9: Barnett Christmas - my dad's side
My dad is one of 6 so this is another large party.

And just like I am tired of writing this post, we were tired and ready to come home. Now we are back in the swing of things.

She works hard for the money!

A project that I have spent over a year working on went into Production today. The project is software which my company's accountants will use. It had to be ready in January so they could have a whole Fiscal Year in the system. The software is vendor software, which means we didn't write it. For the last year, we have been customizing it, writing programs which will interface the data to other software programs, and converting the last 3 years of data for those accountants who will be using the program.

Basically, all this means is that I have been working like crazy this month! This week especially. I do have to say that God's timing is perfect. I could not have done this a month ago. A month ago, my pregnancy dictated exactly what and when I ate in order not to barf. It also dictated that I go to bed at 7pm. My badge of honor is listed below:

Mon - 12 hours
Tues - 12 hours
Wed - 11.5 hours - Drive to Gville to welcome Audrey.
Thurs (Company Holiday) - 3 hours
Friday - 14.5 hours
Saturday - 5.5 hours

I think I'll go to bed now!

Welcome Audry Dyann

Welcome to the world Audry Dyann! She just barely made it into 2008, arriving in the evening on December 31st. My new niece tipped the scales at 9 lbs 3 oz towering the other nursery attendees.

Audry is dearly loved by her big brother Anthony who pointed at her through the nursery window and said "That's my little sister."

My sister Katie and brother-in-law Michael were such troopers. Katie because - well - she gave birth to a 9 lb baby! Michael because he had an infected tooth through the entire delivery. I wheeled him to the ER later that evening when he didn't respond to us calling his name. He was running a fever of 104! So he spent the next several hours being pumped with antibiotics, fluids and tylenol through an IV in the ER.

What a story!