Friday, February 27, 2009

Reusable Grocery Bags

Did you know that Bilo will credit you $0.05 for every reusable bag you bring to bag your groceries with? I just found out today. (I don't know how long this has been a policy so I may be behind the curve on this one.) Way cool Bilo! Does anyone know if other grocery stores do this?

Ugh winter!

I would much rather be hot than cold.

I am not happy with Punxsutawney.

It would be perfectly ok with me if it never snowed - ever. Rain too for that matter.

I'm ready for spring!

Work Phone

It's confession time:

So when I was cleaning out for Caroline's room, I found my work phone! I was so excited. It's been missing since sometime in October - not sure exactly when. I only use it for two weeks every 7 weeks when I'm on call.

My boss does not know that my work phone has been missing. However, I'm pretty sure he suspects it. So, Bruce, if you ever read this - I am very sorry.

It's kind of like when you don't know someone's name, but you've carried a conversation with them anyway several times so now it is too late to ask them what their name is because you would just look like an idiot. Well, when my boss first asked me about my phone in October, I was pretty sure I knew where it was, but then it wasn't there. And, since I'm on call so infrequently, I rarely even think about my work phone - until I'm on call that is.

Anyway, I feel as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders as I confess this to the blogging world!

The phone needs some serious charging - it is way dead.

Work in Progress

Adam and I have started preparing Caroline's room. We have decided to go ahead and prepare as if she is coming here. If we are able to buy a house beforehand, that will be great! House or no house, she will have her own bedroom so we are starting with that. Her bedroom is currently our office.

Today I had off from work. So I began the process. I worked in there for about 4 hours today. 3 trash bags and 5 Goodwill bags later, I still feel like there is a ton left to do! However, I do feel much better.

I also hung some of her clothes/bibs in the closet and laid out a blanket and stuffed lamb I bought for her last week. This gorgeous lamb is my inspiration for her nursery.

And Adam wanted Caroline to bond with her lamb....

Another prayer request

This prayer request is for my niece in the womb - Anna Grace. My sister-in-law Emily is pregnant like me. We are a little more than a week apart in due dates and she is also pregnant with a precious little girl - Anna Grace. Doctors have discovered some extra swelling on Anna Grace's left side. They aren't sure what the swelling is. Ultrasounds have been sent to Cincinnati. Hopefully the doctors there will be able to identify Anna Grace's condition and come up with a treatment plan.

Please pray for Anna Grace and Emily. Doctors are also concerned about preterm labor. So please pray that Anna Grace can bake as long as possible. You can get updates with more specifics on Emily's blog.

Monday, February 23, 2009

For the Losties out there....

For you Losties out there, I may be time shifting. I now get bloody noses a couple of times a week. They aren't severe or anything and so far I have no other time-shifting symptoms (dizziness, headaches, etc).

I've read that bloody noses are pretty common in pregnancy - so maybe I'm not time shifting - that's a disappointment.

For those of you who don't know, "Lost" is a TV show and "Losties" are people who watch that TV show.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The face

So on Wednesday I left my cell phone in the bathroom at work. One of my coworkers found it by the sink. She didn't know whose phone it was so she opened up the phone. The above picture is what you see when you open up my phone. I can't imagine what was going through her mind. She said that she wondered if I took pictures of myself when I was bored - haha!

Actually, Adam took this picture. He and I were playing a game called "What does Caroline's expression look like?" This was my depiction of what Caroline's expression probably is.

New things

Some new things that are happening with me and Caroline lately:

1 - I can see Caroline move from outside my stomach throughout the day. Sometimes her soccer punches hurt! This is due to her amazing legs! Caroline even performed for a coworker of mine this week. Caroline is temperamental, though, and performs on her own schedule.

2 - Sometimes Caroline makes big movements inside of me. I'm not sure how else to describe this other than when it happens I feel sick to my stomach. After it happens, my stomach looks completely distorted - I believe this is her rump sticking up.

3 - My ankles are sometimes swollen at night.

4 - People recognize I'm pregnant now. No more wondering if I'm just getting fat.

5 - Adam feels perfectly justified parking in the Expectant Mother's spot if I am in the car. I am mortified at this!

6 - Caroline is probably about a 1.5 pounds now. This is based on website predictions.

7 - Caroline is my excuse for everything. "Caroline is hungry!", "Oh Caroline ate too much!", "Caroline is sleepy."

8 - Caroline definitely likes my right side the best. I often wake up from sleeping and find her completely on the right side of my stomach. Does this mean she is a righty?

9 - Caroline likes to kick her daddy in the face.

10 - Caroline's heartbeat is always in the 140s at all my doctor appointments. Old wives tales say that little boys usually have heart rates in the 140s. Caroline, are you hiding something from us? Mommy doesn't like surprises!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Myrtle Beach 1/2 marathon and Valentines

Adam ran the Myrtle Beach Half Marathon on Valentine's Day. He did so awesome. He ran it in 1 hour and 39 minutes. That's pretty dog-gone fast! He placed 9th in his division. I'm so proud of him. Side note: the medals for this race are in the shape of hearts this year. How cool is that? Adam's parents also came down to see him run. Adam really appreciated their support.

After a massive brunch at the Plantation House of Pancakes, Adam and I both took a long nap. We then went to Komo's Asian Grill for dinner where Adam ate more raw fish in one sitting than he's eaten in his entire life. He slithered it all down delightfully. After that we saw Slumdog Millionaire - fabulous!

What a great day!

Of course we had to hit the House of Pancakes again the next day before heading out of MB.

Back on the horse

Friday was my first time back to running since the incident. I felt great and the outside was calling my name. Caroline loved it. I've gone out running twice since Friday. I'm taking a new path that is very flat so that my clumsy feet can't trip. As you can see from the picture, I'm about to graduate to Adam's shirts - mine are getting a little snug.

Fanta, Fanta, Don't You Wanta, Wanta Fanta

I have much enjoyed Orange Fanta during my pregnancy. Orange Fanta has no caffeine and tastes delicious!

Today I went for my Glucose Challenge Test. This test is normally given to pregnant women at 24 weeks to test your tolerance to sugar. The test proceeds as follows: first you don't eat for 8 hours, then you drink the sugary substance, then you wait an hour, finally you get your blood drawn.

Much to my surprise, the sugary substance was basically Orange Fanta. I had 5 minutes to chug about 10 ounces of the orange stuff. I didn't particular love the stuff, but I don't think I would like Orange Fanta if I had to drink it that fast.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thoughts on Bread

I've been thinking about this post for a while - mostly because I've been eating a lot of PB&J lately.

Growing up my mom only bought us brown bread. Only whole grained bread would do. I hated this. Brown bread is ok for deli sandwiches, but for grilled cheese and PB&J there is nothing like white bread. So when I went to college of course I made the switch to white bread. Oh how I loved those days.

I took Sociology my senior year and never imagined this would change my perspective on the color of my bread. In Sociology we learned that the color of bread shows your economic status. Most poor people eat white bread, while the rich people eat brown bread. Suddenly I felt condemned by my white bread. Was my grocer making assumptions about me when I bought it? Even though I was now self-conscious about buying white bread, I still bought it because I couldn't go back after eating white bread.

After Adam and I got married, we switched to brown bread. Adam likes brown bread because of its health benefits. So I stopped eating sandwiches - well not all together, but I just couldn't stomach that brown bread. A few weeks ago, I found the solution - Pepperidge Farm Whole Grain White Bread. Yup - it's good.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Over the weekend

Adam's mom and I went to Gastonia over the weekend. Mom is going to make all the fixins for Caroline's room. So we were on a mission to find the right fabrics and patterns. We went to Mary Joe's.

This place was Fabric Wonderland. Everything from sequence to lace to velour to wool. It was a huge warehouse. I have never seen so much fabric and people come from all over to get fabric there. There was a whole section for wedding dresses and another one for prom dresses. Each of these sections was larger than the fabric section at Walmart. Caroline's room is coming from the prom dress section - just kidding.

We found 3 great patterns - pink and yellow of course. I can't have a girl with no pink.

I also enjoyed seeing my niece and nephew while in the upstate. Both seem so much older even though I saw them I saw the a couple of weeks ago. It was nice getting to spend time with the fam.

Adam got to hang out with his friend Justin. Among other things, they went to a music store, played frisbee golf, ate BBQ and watched the USC basketball game.

Prayer Request

Last week we found a gorgeous house. We even began talking about what we would offer on this house. About 2 hours later, Adam got a memo at work that his company is doing another round of layoffs.

We felt very discouraged by this news. It took us a while to work up the courage to even look for a house with this economy and insecurity in his employment. We have decided to hold off on house hunting until we know more. Hopefully we will know more in a few weeks.

Please pray that Adam doesn't get laid off. Please also pray for our patience with God as He is revealing His plan for us to us. Pray that we will seek His face during this time - Adam and I both tend to look for things to do to occupy us rather than look to God when we our overwhelmed.

This verse has been on my desk at work for the last month or so. I have a little flip book of verses I keep on my desk. I am holding on to this promise.

"Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed." Proverbs 16:3.