Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Caroline Update

We had our last ultrasound yesterday. Our little girl is definitely a girl! And she is very healthy with a perfect little heart. At 30 weeks, she weighs 3 pounds 5 ounces. It's crazy when I think that 10 weeks ago she only weighed 12 ounces. It's also crazy to me when I think that she will more than double in size in the next 10 weeks.

Caroline already spans my entire torso. In fact, I had to arch my back so that the ultrasound technician could scan Caroline's whole body. The fact that she is in my ribs all day means that comfort is beginning to become difficult.

Adam and I loved seeing her precious face yesterday and we are getting anxious to meet her.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

House under Contract

Drum roll please......

Adam and I put a contract on a house. Closing date is April 24th! Woohoo!

Emily and Anna Grace Update

My sister-in-law Emily is also pregnant like me with a little girl Anna Grace see previous post here. She was put on bed rest last week at 27 weeks. Feel free to check out her blog for more details.

Some specific things I am praying for:
  • Anna Grace to continue to grow and thrive.
  • Anna Grace to remain in the womb for at least 6 more weeks. (This will put Emily at 34 weeks pregnant which is the initial goal.)
  • Anna Grace to be completely healed.
  • Emily's body to relax and be stress free to fend off any contractions.
  • Emily's body to tolerate the medications she is having to take.
  • Emily to be able to enjoy this time of rest and relaxation and to not get bored.
Please lift them up in prayer with me!

Monday, March 23, 2009

3rd Trimester

Lightening crashes. Thunder claps. God voice booms from Heaven, "Ashley, welcome to your 3rd trimester."

Well, it wasn't quite like that, but it was pretty close. The third trimester began with a wonderful stomach virus. I was down and out for a few days, but thankfully all is better now.

This picture was actually taken while I was at home with the virus. It's amazing how we put on a smile for a camera, isn't it?

A couple of things are different now.
  • My feet and ankles swell if I have a very active day.
  • Caroline doesn't kick as much anymore unless I invade on her territory (this seems totally backward since it is really my territory, but she doesn't seem to know that.)
  • Caroline mostly squirms and wiggles now. The doc says this is because she is growing and running out of room. Of course, this makes me wonder because there is still a little more than 10 weeks left and she will more than double in size between now and then.
  • Caroline's hiccups are much more frequent - almost daily.
  • Sitting up straight becomes uncomfortable after about an hour. When I sit up straight, Caroline moves into my ribs.
  • Jogging still feels great, but it is definitely more challenging. If you were to see me out there, you would probably think it is happening in slow motion.
At my next appointment we get to see Caroline again. My mom was born with a Ventricular Septal Defect (basically a hole in her heart the size of a quarter - thanks Daddy for the info). So the doctors want to do an in-depth ultrasound on Caroline's heart. There is probably nothing to be concerned about especially since everything looked good at our anatomy scan. Adam and I are really excited about getting to see our little girl again and about getting more confirmation that she is a little girl.

(In case you are wondering, it sounds like my mom's condition at birth would have a lot to do with how she died, but many doctors have said the two weren't related.)

Weekend Guest

More than a week ago we enjoyed entertaining our friend Mona. This is the third time we have entertained her. Each time is an adventure.

The first time we almost chopped her tail off. You think I'm exaggerating, but her tail was actually in our front door for approximately 30 seconds while Adam fumbled for the keys to unlock it and I screamed bloody murder.

The second time we lost her for more than 12 hours. I was telling Adam there must be a hole in our house that we didn't know about. After that she came waltzing out of the kitchen cabinet.

This time, the events were not that exciting. However, Adam did tell me every hour or so the cool thing Mona was now doing. "Ashley!," he would call from the other room. "You wouldn't believe what Mona just did." And the amazing feat was basically a normal cat thing.

Adam and his friend.

Prayer Request Update

Adam's employer announced the lay offs 2 weeks ago. Praise God that he was not laid off. Please pray for those who were. There is certainly a tough road ahead for them. See this article if you want the details.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sweet Caroline's Sweet Daddy

Look at what I came home to tonight!

I was so tickled! All of this was a complete surprise. I didn't even know Adam was picking up the crib. We picked it out last weekend, but it was on order so we couldn't take it home that day.

Also, just so you know, this is a Cocoon 4000. Kind of sounds like a spaceship.

Is it weird that I kind of want to get in it and try it out? Right now, Caroline's lamb is occupying her space.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Why are her feet backwards?

I accidentally walked into a men's bathroom at the mall on Saturday. I got about as far as the sinks and then I noticed someone's feet were backwards in the stall. That's when I realized. Oops!

My personal strengths (at 10 years old)

This is what I had listed as my personal strengths in 5th grade. Funny stuff.

1. singing
2. dancing (according to who? I only danced in the privacy of my home.)
3. playing instruments
4. talking to kindergartners and under
5. soccer (according to who? The first time I played soccer was in 9th grade for a church league.)
6. basketball (also according to who? I never played this.)
7. kickball (what is with the sports?)
8. eating fast (I love this one. It really was true.)
9. eating big bites (I was good at eating.)
10. running (??)
11. walking fast
12. talking
13. jump rope
14. hoola hoop (I was actually really terrible at this.)
15. making people laugh (Seriously. I found a joke book that I wrote in elementary school. Pretty funny stuff.)

Finish the sentence

While cleaning out more for Caroline's room, I found this homework assignment I completed in 5th grade. It looks like something our teacher gave us the first week of school to get to know us. Anyway, I think my 10 year-old responses are pretty funny.

1. I am best when I think.
2. My schoolwork is fun.
3. Someday I will be famous.
4. Studying is hard.
5. Many times I think I am fantastic. (I guess I had a pretty stable self esteem.)
6. I learn best when I understand fully.
7. If someone makes fun of me, I get upset.
8. Teachers should learn that school is usually boring.
9. When I look at other boys and girls and then look at myself, I feel good.
10. A nice thing about my family is they are helpful.
11. Homework is fun.
12. When I grow up, I want to be a singer, dancer, and musician.
13. Some of the best things about school are recess.
14. I get in trouble when I don't understand and ask someone for help.
15. Learning out of books is helpful.
16. If I could be someone else, I would be my mom.
17. If only teachers let school be shorter I would be happier. (I actually really liked school. See Number 11. Maybe I was trying to be cool in this response.)
18. When I am by myself I get a lot done. (something that hasn't changed)
19. When I talk about school, my mother wants to know more.
20. To keep from getting into a fight you must compromise.
21. I am happiest when I get what I want.
22. To get along with a group well, you must communicate.
23. I can't learn when I can't concentrate.
24. Making friends is hard if I'm not nice.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Watch where you walk!

My employer posted these safety tips on the internal website this week. I just think it is hilarious!

Do you practice defensive walking?

Slips, trips and falls while walking are a major cause of injuries, both at work and away from work. Why? One reason is because there are numerous factors that contribute to slips, trips and falls:

* Loose, irregular surfaces such as gravel, shifting floor tiles, torn carpet and uneven sidewalks can make it difficult to maintain your footing.
* Oil, grease and other liquids can make walking surfaces extremely slick.
* Stairs present a special challenge, especially those that are taller, shorter, have a smaller tread depth, or are otherwise irregular.
* Obstructed aisles or walkways present tripping hazards or require frequent changes of direction, throwing you off balance.
* Insufficient light can make it difficult to see obstacles and notice changes in the walking surface.
* Footwear with slick soles provides insufficient traction, while platform shoes and high heels increase your vulnerability to uneven surfaces.
* Moving too fast increases the likelihood you will misjudge a step or encounter a hazard before you have a chance to notice it.
* Carrying items can both obstruct your vision and impair your balance.
* Inattention and distraction interfere with your awareness of all of these hazards and increase your risk of injury.

You can adapt many of the principals of defensive driving and apply them to walking. Being a "defensive walker" can help you avoid injuries:

* Scan your "road" for existing and potential hazards. Just as you do when you are driving, be aware of others, expect them to get in your way, and have an out when they do.
* Make sure you have adequate "tread." Some experts believe up to half of all slips and falls could be prevented through proper footwear alone.
* Use a detour whenever possible to avoid wet or icy surfaces.
* Realize that there are hazards involved in going "off road." A shortcut through the grass or across the rocks may not be the best choice.
* Turn on the lights. Make sure you can see where you’re going.
* Distractions are dangerous - keep your mind focused on what you are doing.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sundaes with Dad

My dad was in town today on business. I took a break from work around 2:30 and we went for a Sundae at Chick-fil-a. I just looked in the mirror (now it is 8:30) and I discovered some chocolate sauce on my face.

How do I thank all the people who let me go 6 hours with this on my face? This includes my dad and husband. Thanks everyone! XOXOXO