Thursday, April 30, 2009

Testing, Testing 1-2-3

Tuesday night my sister and brother-in-law came to town to go to the zoo. Afterward we grilled out burgers at our new house. My precious niece and nephew graciously tested out some of Caroline's new stuff. Thankfully, they approve!

Anthony was a little big for most of the stuff, but he tested out the bumbo seat and one of the activity mats.

Here is a pic of Audry testing out the crib! I think she approves.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


And today.....we ran the dishwasher. (sigh) So great to have a dishwasher.

Monday, April 27, 2009


So I don't think Caroline is very good at swallowing yet. She gets the hiccups several times a day. I imagine what this must be like for her. No one has suggested to her the tricks to get rid of the hiccups (hold your breath for one minute, scare yourself, etc). So the hiccups just have to go away on their own.

Here's is what I imagine Caroline would say if she could. It's also what I think almost every time it happens.

"hup, hup, hup, hup...."

pause....pause.. "Maybe their gone"...pause

"hup...dang it"

Adam's new trick

One of the new features in our new house is that the light switch to the master bathroom is outside the bathroom. Adam loves this feature and took full advantage Sunday morning and again Sunday night when I was in the bathroom.

Sunday morning I was putting on makeup when the lights in the bathroom began to flicker on and off. Then God began to speak to me. He said, "Ashley, this is God. Don't make your husband pick up his clothes off the floor!"


Well, we did it. We are now homeowners and here is the proof:

We moved in over the weekend and had a ton of help. They wouldn't let me do anything, which I know is good for me. Adam and his mom worked so hard Friday night to get the baby room ready. They painted and put the furniture together. The nursery looks awesome! I'm so excited about it.

Thanks to all our friends who helped out!

(I had planned on taking pictures of the move and all of our helpers, but I was a little preoccupied.)

Friends Shower

Last Thursday night my friends threw me a baby shower in what I think is the perfect setting. We sat in the outdoor room at Wild Wings for dinner. I enjoyed good company, beautiful weather, and great wings!

I got lots of great gifts including a really satisfied lamb! This lamb is sooo cute. Enjoy some pics:

Opening gifts

My mother-in-law was in town to help Adam and I move so she got to come to the shower. She made these gorgeous canvases to match the bedding in Caroline's room.

Eating the cake! Irish Creme - yum.

This is the best pic I have of the satisfied lamb. Sooo cute!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Waddle Much?

I told myself that I wouldn't be one of those pregnant women who waddled. On Wednesday last week, I was walking to lunch and I felt a major urge to waddle. I had to tell myself over and over "Don't waddle!" I've been told it is my hips getting ready. So here I go for the next 6.5 weeks. "Quack, quack!" Please refrain from pointing and laughing.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

8 months

Holy Cow! I'm 8 months pregnant - and then some. Actually, cow is not too far from how I feel. Though it can be uncomfortable at times, I'm really enjoying being pregnant. People look at me with this sweet smile. After they pass me, I can hear them whisper to their friends how sweet babies are. Caroline does the craziest things inside me. It is so cool and weird to feel her move.

New things include:
  • I'm gearing up for what I believe will be The Big Stretch! Lately, my skin hurts. I know - lotion, lotion, lotion!
  • Cannot ride in or drive Adam's truck for more than 5 minutes - very uncomfortable!
  • Caroline gets the hiccups at least once a day. You can see my stomach jump to a rhythm.
  • My inny is almost a full outty - yikes!
  • Caroline's feet are in my ribs all day.
  • Caroline moves when I'm moving. She used to only move when I was still. It's weird to feel her move when I'm walking down the hall.

The big move

The big move is just 10 days away. Whew! We are living amongst packed boxes right now. Adam won't let me do anything. This is the most frustrating feeling. At night, he will have me sit in a chair and direct him as he packs things.

Adam has never taken orders from me. This is actually something I love about him. He is strong-willed and has great leadership. He listens to what I have to say and can be swayed with reasonable arguments, but he won't put up with me ordering him around and he doesn't ever order me around.

However, with this whole moving thing, he is asking me to give him orders on how to pack things. It is very strange.

Daddy is 50

Happy Birthday Daddy! We had a surprise party for him over the weekend. My siblings and I shared a couple of stories about my dad. We all have our various versions of the stories. Here are my versions of them for your enjoyment along with some photos from the party.

Watch TV while sleeping. Daddy is very talented. One of his great talents is watching TV while he is sleeping. He will be snoring like a train is coming through, but don't try to change the channel. "Turn that back. I’m watching that.” And he will fall right back into snoring.

Play the "I'm scared game" at Carowinds. We had season passes to Carowinds growing up. We would go many times over the summer. Sometimes on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Sometimes during the week with our mom, but Daddy was the best because he would ride the roller coasters with us and play the "I'm scared game". Now you may be wondering what the "I'm scared game" is. This is where we get in line to ride a roller coaster - probably ScoobyDoo - and when we are about 2 trains away from getting on our train, Daddy pretends to chicken out. He talks about how he doesn't want to ride anymore because the ride is scarry. Katie and I would try reassuring him, but Daddy would insist he is terrified and doesn't want to ride. Finally, Katie and I would give in. We would tell him that we will walk right through the train when it stops and go out the exit without riding the ride. Daddy would calm down. However, when our turn came, Katie or I one would step onto the cart and firmly sit down instead of walking across “Hehehe…now you have to ride!” “Oh no!,“ Daddy would cry. What’s funny is that we would play this game for just about every ride. I know my dad got so sick of it.

The man himself!

Song for everything. Another one of Daddy’s great talents is that he has a song for every situation and for every person’s name. Unfortunately this talent does not come with the talent to sing. Growing up my dad would always sing “California Dreaming” whenever we ran out of something in the house…. “All the milk is gone, and the sky is gray…” I’ve done this a few times since being married to Adam. The first time I did it, Adam was like “What in the world are you singing?” “California Dreaming,” I replied. “That is not how that song goes!” Adam stated. You see my dad sings off key and with a different melody. So many of the songs I grew up singing don’t actually go the way I think they go.

Breakfast Chef. Daddy is a talented chef – for breakfast. His favorite game to play is “What’s in the waffles?” Usually, this is a hint of vanilla extract, strawberry extract, or some other flavoring. He will line up the various flavors on the table as we are eating and ask people to guess what’s in the waffles. Don’t be fooled. Sometimes there is nothing special in the waffles at all. Daddy quite enjoys himself when everyone is guessing.

And since he is so old. He needed his helper to blow out the candles.

Sound with Daddy. On Saturday mornings growing up, Daddy would go to the church and set up the sound system at Covenant. He would take one of us kids to be his helper. The great thing about being his helper is that we would stop at the convenient store beside the church and Daddy would let us choose a grape or orange soda to take with us – what a thrill! The helper would get a chance to be a diva saying “Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3…” into all the microphones used for the next day.

Camping with Daddy. After my mom died, we went camping a lot. I’m pretty sure this is because my mom had been camping with my dad before and had vowed not to do it again. I can’t imagine how hard it probably was camping with 2 teenage daughters and a son. We would all cramp into a small 2 room tent. We would hike during the day and relax at night. Once again, my dad was a breakfast chef and would have us eat the mystery meat he had grilled for us - most of the time it was Spam from the can. The worst trip was when we camped at Myrtle Beach the week of 4th of July. Our tent was on “RV row”. At night we could hear their air conditioners running as it was in the 100s the whole time we were there. Our tent was covered in sand as we brought in more each day – most from my 10 year old brother. We were hot, sticky, and sandy. We only lasted 2 days.

I have to include this picture. Look at how my niece is sleeping!

Belue, but still Pink Baby Shower

My first baby shower was on Good Friday. Adam's grandmother is a Belue and her family threw us a shower. I felt so completely loved as we were overwhelmed with gifts! Of course I have been anxiously awaiting this shower since I knew my mother-in-law would be presenting the bedding for Caroline's crib. I even had trouble sleeping the night before thinking about it.

The bedding is absolutely beautiful! And a bonus surprise is that Mom and Dad (Adam's rents) bought us a cradle! Dad painted it himself to match our furniture and Mom made bedding for the cradle! Ok. I will stop with the exclamation points now. It's just so exciting! Last one I promise.

So here are some pics from the festivities.

The cradle in all its glory!

Mom and I holding up the bedding.

Me and one of my helpers (my nephew Anthony) at the shower. I had several helpers!