Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Especially for Caroline

So many dear friends and family members hand made things for Caroline. I wanted to create a blog post about them so that I wouldn't forget them and so I can tell Caroline about them when she gets older.

This gorgeous quilt was hand made by a dear friend Bonnie. Bonnie's family all chipped in to make this quilt. You can't tell from the picture, but there are hundreds of fabric pieces sewn together to make it. I love that Caroline's name is on this quilt, because I think her name is so pretty scripted out. We have already used the quilt several times. It is on the floor in Caroline's room and I lay her on it sometimes. She enjoys rolling around on it. (She rolls from side to side - not front to back)

Everything in this next picture was made by Caroline's Great Grandma Rose or GG. GG has sewn her whole life and loves to make stuff for her grandkids who have now been upstaged by her great grands. In the picture are 2 blankets, a burp cloth and 2 frilly dresses.

In this picture are 3 blankets. The blue and yellow one to the far left was made by my Children's Ministry Director at church Leslee. Adam and I have worked in the Children's department at church for 3 years now. Leslee is our director. The pink one in the middle was made by our cousin Dawn. Dawn is a cousin on Adam's side and apparently has a talent I didn't know about! The third blanket was actually made for Adam when he was a baby. It was made by a lady named Debra. Now Caroline gets to enjoy it. I love these blankets. They are all so soft and warm. These will be great for keeping Caroline warm in our cold church and during the fall/winter.

This is the canvas that I have a previous blog post about. This was made by my friend Jessica. I know her from church. Her daughter is a few months older than Caroline.

This is Caroline's cradle. This cradle was a complete surprise for Adam and me. My inlaws found it and spruced it up. My dad-inlaw painted it and my mom-inlaw created bedding for it. Caroline's spends much of her time in the cradle right now. It sits in our family room and she enjoys many naps in the cradle! Attached to the cradle you see a mobile. Mom-inlaw also created this with her magic and extra fabric! The mobile is actually on Caroline's crib right now, which by the way is where Caroline has been sleeping since day 11 of her life - pat on the back to me for allowing Adam to talk me into this!

Mom made even more stuff. The list goes: bumper pads (with oh so cute flowers that attach them to the crib), bed skirt, throw pillow for glider, curtains, quilt to match crib bedding, diaper stacker, 4 canvases shown in pic below (these match the bedding), and a lamp shade. Caroline's nursery says "Nana loves you" all over it!

Mimi is our children's minister at church. She decorated this really cool wipe wallet for those on-the-go messes. This is really more for me than for Caroline because it is so snazzy!

Below is a Clemson-Carolina quilt and bag that Mom also made. Caroline is the product of the Orange and Garnet and this quilt honors that =) Adam is not so much a fan. He believes the two should never go together and to that I say "Well Babe, what about us?" (with major puppy dog eyes and lips).

Finally, here is a quilt that was made by Charleen, a sweet lady who goes to Mom's church. We have never even met Charleen, but she made this quilt for Caroline. One side of the quilt is cotton and the other is fleece, which will be great for those winter months. Caroline's name is also crocheted(?) on the cotton side. I have a question mark there because I don't know all of my sewing terms really well. I think it is crocheted.

Of course Caroline is loved by many more less talented people =), but Adam and I have been completely overwhelmed by all of the handmade items for her. We love them. It has made us feel really special and will be something dear for Caroline!

Caroline smiles...

Come one, come all and get 'em while their hot! Caroline's giving out smiles like cotton candy at Shandon's Funday Sunday event! Hurry, hurry. They may not last long. No regifting, please!

One for you:

And for you:

And for you:

And for you:

And for you:

And for you:

And for you:

And for you:

And for you:

And for you:

And for you:

And for you:

And for you:

And for you:

And for you:

And for you:

Yea Adam!

Have I bragged on my hubby lately? Well, then let me.

Adam has received this year's Gonzalez award at work. The Gonzalez award is given to one reporter for his/her excellent writing. Reporters at the newspaper send in letters to an independent judge. This year's judge is a professor in Nevada. Several of Adam's peers and superiors wrote letters praising his excellent writing and reporting skills. They called Adam a "bulldog" who covers "the most high-profile beat on the city desk". They said that he "writes with vigor" and has "an attention to details" looking "for the humanity in the story".

My favorite letter said that his "goal, always, is to give the reader what he or she needs to know to be a better citizen." This is totally true. Adam feels that his job is a service to the community. He is informing you and me of the news in the most honest way.

I'm so thankful for Adam's passion for his job. I've never known anyone who loved what they did more than Adam. I'm so proud of him. In a year of much turmoil at the newspaper, this is a big bright spot of which Adam is completely deserving. The prize money doesn't hurt either =)

Anna Grace Update

What an amazing God we serve. Many of you have been following the updates about my sister-in-law Emily and her precious baby Anna Grace. Anna Grace was born on June 10th and has been thriving like a normal newborn ever since. The pediatric surgeon says she is doing so well that surgery is not urgent - yea! They are going to let her get a little bigger and stronger and will reevaluate her when she is 3 months old. For more information and pictures of sweet Anna Grace, see Emily's blog. Please continue to pray for Anna Grace's healing and for Emily and Adam to get plenty of rest.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

6 weeks!

My baby is 6 weeks old today! I can't believe how the time is flying. I'm so glad I took 12 weeks from work. I knew that I would love being home with her, but I didn't know I would love it this much. I can already tell that going back to work is going to be tough.

So here are some things I have learned about Caroline over the last 6 weeks:

1 - She is so smiley. She started smiling 2 weeks ago to the day. They were few and far between at first, but now she grins throughout the day. I love that she is smiley. I know she may not always be so I am soaking that in.

2 - She loves music. Often I can get another 30 minutes of sleep by turning on the music on her baby monitor. She also loves the music and sound affects of her swing (thank you Massengales and Calloways!) And when she starts to get fussy in the car, we just turn up the radio and she quiets down.

3 - She still gets the hiccups several times a day - same as in utero =)

4 - She loves the outdoors. Her changing table is right below a window. When I am changing her diaper, she will often just stare out the window. Also, she loves looking around when I am jogging with her in the jogging stroller.

5 - She's quite the daredevil. She likes her swing set at level 6 (the highest level)!

6 - She overeats. There is a ton of spit up after every meal. Yesterday she wore 5 outfits - not including pajamas - and I let most of those get pretty soaked before I changed them. Today she is on outfit number 3, while I am on outfit number 2 =) I'm pretty sure this is not reflux because it doesn't seem to bother her one bit.

These are just a few things we have learned about Caroline. There are many more that aren't going on the blog as she will probably not appreciate that when she is older.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Late Dad's Day

Happy Dad's Day to all you dads out there and especially to the dads in my life.

First and foremost - my dad: Thank you for all you do for me and all you sacrificed for me over the years.

Next, to my second dad - Adam's dad: Thank you for loving me and praying over me like your own daughter!

Finally, to the newest dad in my life - my daughter's dad: Wow, can you believe we're parents? I love you and you're an amazing dad! Caroline's very blessed to have a dad like you who adores her!

To all 3 dads: Thank you for your faithfulness to God and the example that you set.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Newborn Pics

Feel free to tell me my daughter is beautiful!


Adam calls the first picture "the money shot". We will be getting a CD in the mail in a couple of days with all of the 120+ pics on it so prepare yourselves to be inundated!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Back at it

Caroline and I are jogging again. We started on Friday. I got the ok from my doctor on Wednesday (4 weeks after delivery), but we had a lot of rain Wednesday and Thursday - otherwise I would have been out there. Caroline and I were both anxious to get back at it.

We are up to jogging 1.5 miles! I hope to be back up to 3 miles before I go back to work. I'm not sure if it is harder to run 9 months pregnant or harder to push a jogging stroller up a hill =) And man it has gotten a lot hotter in the last 4 weeks!

Anyway, I just wanted to show you how great Caroline is at exercising. Her focus on the elephant dangling in front of her is unmatched!

I love this little girl. Holding her in my arms yesterday and today has made the news of my grandpa's death so much easier to handle. I know that God's will is perfect and He is a loving and good God!

Monday, June 15, 2009


My Grandaddy died this morning in a single car wreck. Grandaddy was doing his typical Monday morning thing - he was on his way to The Clock for breakfast. Grandaddy loved the Lord and I know he is enjoying his new body in Heaven. His earthly body was beginning to limit his activity and that frustrated this very active man.

Grandaddy was a man of few words, but when he spoke everyone listened. He had a lot of life experience. He was in the army, in the national guard, a beef cow farmer, a postal worker, a Sunday School teacher, and a southern gentleman. The best stories I heard were from his farming days - stories about Mrs. Bishop (a 1000 pound cow). Grandaddy lived on a 100 acre farm in Clinton that hasn't had cows on it for more than 20 years.

Some of my favorite memories of Grandaddy are of eating breakfast with him. From the time I was born I have been an early bird. Grandaddy was one too. I remember being as young as 5, getting out of bed at my grandparents house and walking to the kitchen. Grandaddy was the only other person awake in the house. He would fix me some breakfast - usually Corn Pops cereal, and we would talk. Most often we discussed my studies in school. We both liked math. I looked forward to these breakfasts. The last time we ate breakfast together was one morning when I was in college - we met at The Clock the summer after my Freshmen year.

Grandaddy was greeted into Heaven today by his grandparents, his aunt and uncle, his parents, his wife, his daughter, his great grandson, and his savior Jesus Christ. The obituary can be viewed at www.grayfuneralhome.com.

(Caroline's middle name is Adair - same as Grandaddy's. Adair was his mother's maiden name.)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Shaping a child

You may think by my title that I am going to post about shaping a child spiritually or mentally. Well, maybe I will do that later, but not today. I'm going to literally talk about shaping a child.

I did not realize that I am responsible for the shape of my child's head until our pediatrician mentioned it at Caroline's 2 week appointment. Ever since then I am constantly thinking "Is this side getting too flat?" Our pediatrician mentioned this as a precaution - it wasn't that she noticed a problem area, but now it is all I can think about. I am trying to always lay her down to sleep on a different side.

I want Caroline to have all the opportunities the world has to offer. If she wants to be a model or a beauty queen, I want her to have that opportunity. However, I am not so foolish as to believe that people don't discriminate based on looks. So it is not only these 2 professions I am worried about. If Caroline becomes a flat-head, it could affect her in many areas of life including first impressions in social gatherings, job interviews, and even selling girl scout cookies.

So Baby Caroline, don't you worry. Your mama won't let it happen to you!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Oh Mother Goose

A sweet friend of ours gave us a book of Mother Goose poems. I love reading these to Caroline during her wake time because they are short and they rhyme. However, I have discovered some very interesting poems as of late.

One is entitled "Robin and Richard" where Robin is a man. The poem describes Robin and Richard as two pretty men who lay in the bed till the clock struck ten...

Another entitled "I had a Little Husband" where her husband was "no bigger than my thumb". This one isn't racy, it's just funny. She lists all the little things she buys for her little husband.

Then there is "The Old Woman and The Pedlar" where the pedlar rips her petticoats all the way up to her knees as she lies on the side of the road. Later in the poem she questions her identity. I think she may have been raped by this man, but I may be reading too much into it.

This book is crazy! I will let you know if I find any other strange children's poems.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Welcome Anna Grace

Caroline is 4 weeks old today and Adam and I decided to give her a new cousin! That's not exactly what happened. I've blogged several times about how my sister-in-law and I were pregnant together. Adam and Emily welcomed their sweet Anna Grace into the world tonight (7lbs 11oz).

Adam and Emily, I believe you are in for a treat. It seemed that Anna Grace was doing everything she could to enter the world before the doctor allowed it. As soon as the doctor said it would be okay and took Emily off of bed rest, Anna Grace changed her mind and decided to stay inside until induction day (today). Hopefully this is Anna Grace's only rebellious streak. Maybe you will bypass teenage rebellion (yeah right!).

Praise the Lord for this little girl! Praise Him for her safe arrival! Praise Him for Emily's safety! Please continue to pray for Anna Grace, Adam and Emily as they learn more about Anna Grace and treatments she will need.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Garbage Disposals

If you remember, our old house did not have a garbage disposal or a dishwasher. So far we have almost broken our garbage disposal twice - once with a screw and once with a dish cloth. Seems like this new fangled technology is going to take us a while to learn =)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I actually like Daytime TV

Now that I'm home all day, I get to enjoy day time television like never before. I have found some new favorites. I don't watch all of these everyday. Sleeping is a priority over watching television no matter what show is on, but when you feed someone for an hour every 2-3 hours - you watch a lot of television. So here are the shows I can watch around the clock:

12 am Sex and the City
1 am George Lopez
2 am Fresh Prince
3 am Home Improvement
4 am The Nanny
5 am WIS
6 am WIS
7 am Today Show
8 am Today Show
9 am Today Show
10 am Live with Regis and Kelly
11 am The Price is Right
12 pm Family Feud
12:30 pm Trivial Pursuit: America Plays
1 pm Days of Our Lives
2 pm Rachel Ray
3 pm General Hospital
4 pm Oprah
5 pm Everybody Loves Raymond
6 pm Everybody Loves Raymond
6:30 pm Friends
7 pm Hannah Montana
8 pm changes everyday
9 pm changes everyday
10 pm typically whatever is on TBS
11 pm typically whatever is on TBS
11:30 pm The Tonight Show with Conan