Sunday, January 31, 2010


Does anyone else unbutton their baby's pants before feeding them?

Teething Fish

Last night I noticed Caroline was chewing something in her mouth. This is the first time I have ever seen her chewing something that I had not put in there so I was worried. I pinned her down and put my finger in there to get whatever it was out. As I did, she continued to chew and I realized she was chewing on her own tongue! Poor baby is still teething.

We never did much with teething rings because she started really teething at about 4 months old and everything we could find was just too awkward for her. She either couldn't hold it or it was too big for her mouth. Last night I decided to try out the teething fish again.  And she loved it...


Caroline currently has 6 teeth - 4 on top and 2 on bottom. I think I felt her canines coming in last night. Is that weird? I read on a website that those usually don't come in until babies are 16-20 months.

Monday, January 25, 2010

First ever sick visit

I took Caroline to the doctor today. And it was the first time I have taken her for a sick visit (if you don't count the billi-checks she got the week she was born). Pretty good for an 8 month old and a first time mom.

Caroline's been dealing with the goop and the yuck since last Monday. She can't breathe well and is coughing a good bit tonight, but the doc says she is "perfect". No ear infection. Clear lungs and throat. Just a virus. I feel a little silly for taking off work, but it did put my mind at ease.

I also had a really great day with Caroline. It's amazing how fast she learns. In one day - today - she was suddenly all over our furniture and pushing her play table all over the room. And then, tonight, she pushed her push toy across the room twice! Babies are amazing! God is an awesome creator.

Other news is Caroline got a 5th tooth today and she weighed 20 pounds 13 ounces at the visit. This pic was taken at the doctor's office.

And this is why I think we may skip crawling...

She has decided her table is a push toy. She has a push toy, but it moves a little too fast for her. Early signs of a control freak? She is also all over the furniture. As I type this, she is rounding the coffee table - haha!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy BirthDAY Husband

Happy BirthDAY Husband!! I would like to honor you by including a few of your "funny face" pictures on my blog.

But seriously, "I thank my God every time I remember you." Philippians 1:3

We celebrated your 17th birthday together and now we are celebrating your 27th. God has been so good to us and so good to me by making such a perfect man for me.

The last (almost) 5 years of marriage have been incredible at times and hard at other times. We've gone through a lot of changes and done a lot of new things. I'm so thankful to God that He gave you to me to experience life. I love you.

("Day" is capitalized in "Birthday" because Adam is convinced he gets to celebrate his Birth-week. To that point, I exclaim that I want to celebrate my Birth-year. Happy Birth-year to me and to all of you for that matter.)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Caroline is 6 months again!

Did that work? I know some people are 29 for several years. Can Caroline be 6 months a few more months????

Photo taken at 6 months old by my dad. 

Adam and I are having so much fun with Caroline. There are moments that I want to last forever. It's so hard to believe she's 8 months old. Two friends of mine have had babies recently. Both babies had jaundice and were prescribed the billi-blanket. Wow - that brought back memories. So many emotional and scary moments. I can't believe how far Caroline has come.

Moving and Grooving
Caroline sits like a pro and turns to grab things or look at things. We often put things just out of reach so that she will attempt to crawl to it. Instead Caroline will grab the blanket that the object is on and pull it towards her. She's a smart cookie. So I've started sitting her down on plain carpet instead of a blanket hoping she will figure out how to get on those knees.

Even though she's not crawling, she loves to stand holding onto furniture, toys or your fingers. If you try to sit her down, she will stiffen up so that you can't. She will walk across a room or down the hall holding onto your fingers. She is also cruising a little bit on her Fisher Price play table. She will play at her table standing and cruising around it for 15 - 20 minutes all by herself. We've had a couple of falls around the play table, but she gets right back up and tries again. Is it possible my child could skip crawling and go straight to walking? 

Caroline rolls all over the place!  This is her main form of mobility since she can only cruise if Adam or I put her in a standing position. She doesn't pull up on anything except our fingers. I think this is because she doesn't get up on her knees or crawl. How do babies pull up on something? Isn't it from their knees? She sits with her legs straight out in front of her. I'm not sure how she would pull up from that position.

Caroline got a pony Christmas morning. So here she is - moving and grooving!

Talking the Talk
She has started saying Bah-Bah-Bah, Dah-Dah-Dah and lots of "g" sounds. There have been a few "Mah.." sounds when she is hurt or really upset. My new favorite is one that sounds like "Giggle-giggle-giggle". Adam swears that one morning he walked in and she said "Hi dada!"


If Adam isn't here when she says "dah-dah", then I show her a video of him on my phone. She absolutely LOVES our phones. She loves it when we talk on speaker phone and when we show her the videos we take of her.

Caroline can make some good Indian noises by tapping her hand over her mouth over and over while saying "Ahhh". My dad taught her how to do that trick. She is also a big laugher and squealer - so much fun! But she can be quiet too. I often find her caressing a toy or doll and whispering to it. I SO wonder what she is saying!!

Caroline is one sweet girl with a lot of affection to give. She loves to rub your face or your arm while playing with a toy. She will play with the toy and then reach out her hand to rub or pat your arm as if to say "Come on. Let's play." Caroline is especially affectionate when she is sleepy. She will rub your face when rocking her for a nap. She still loves to sing herself to sleep and if you're singing she will join you.

We are still going through the separation/stranger anxiety thing. I was actually called back to nursery the first time ever during a special church event one Friday night in December. Caroline was pretty hysterical. She had fallen asleep and then woken up not knowing where she was or where we were. Sometimes she cries when we leave the room - most often when she is already sleepy.

She can be a bit of a Daddy's girl.

or a Mommy's girl...

She is also very gentle. I got some new dangly earrings in December and I was worried about her pulling on them or grabbing them, but most of the time she caresses them. She has only pulled them once and I have worn them A LOT. When she caresses my earrings or any of her toys she whispers "bahbahbah" or will just mouth it without any sounds coming out at all. I think its precious!

While she is mostly gentle, Caroline is also tenacious. She finally chewed her little bears off of her walker this month. Well, I actually pulled one of them off because he was hanging by a thread, but she got the other one off. I don't think she knew what she was doing because when she realized the bear had come off, she cried.

Here she is holding her dear bears.

Caroline also startles very easily. She often jerks when I'm holding her and I start to talk to someone. She loves playing at her Fisher Price table, but several times she has fallen backwards because she was startled when a button that she pushed started singing a song - so funny!

She is also very observant. Caroline usually naps in Sunday School, but this week she didn't. The nursery workers said there were 2 new babies in the room and she couldn't keep her eyes off them. "Who are these new kids?", "What are they doing in my class?"

Caroline has tried a lot of new food this month. We have decided that she will try a new Veggie every Sunday and a new fruit every Thursday. The only week we skipped was the week of Christmas. She has tried pears, bananas, mangos, plums, peaches, prunes, peas, sweet potatos, acorn squash, butternut squash, zuchini, and carrots in the last 2 months. And she has loved it all.

"What? Is there something on my face?"

We've even started some finger foods and snacks. Caroline got banana puffs and peach yogurt melts in her stocking at Christmas. The banana puffs were a hit, but I don't even like those yogurt melts - yuck! I got so concerned walking down the grocery aisle and looking at those puffs. Did you know the strawberry-banana puffs are made with real strawberry puree? I thought babies couldn't eat strawberries until they were a year old?!? So I stuck with what I knew was safe and went with banana. Other snacks she has tried are toast, graham crackers and Cheerios. Caroline is really working hard on her pincer grasp. Just the other day she actually got a puff in her mouth using her pincer. Most of the time it ends up stuck to her chin against all the drool that is inevitably there. She then looks up at me as if to say "Where did it go?"

We've gotten into a rhythm with food and into a rhythm with naps. It took us a while because about when I thought I had it all figured out, Caroline decided it was time to drop her 3rd nap so we had to start all over. Our new schedule looks something like this:

6:00 nurse
8:00 Breakfast (4 ounces of a fruit with some yogurt)
9:45 bottle
10:15 nap (1.5 - 2 hours)
12:30 lunch (3 ounces of a veggie, 3 ounces of a fruit with multigrain cereal mixed in)
2:15 nap (1 - 1.5 hours)
3:30 bottle
5:30 dinner (3 ounces of a fruit, 4 ounces of a veggie)
7:00 bath, Bible story, Bedtime story
7:30 nurse and bed

Sleeping for Caroline has been a whole different animal. The worst was right after Thanksgiving. For almost 3 weeks, Caroline would wake up every 1.5 - 2 hours at night. Adam or I would go in and rock her back to sleep. We decided we needed to do something about it, but first we would chart it to see if we could figure out what was going on. Caroline must have heard us because that next week she fixed it and went back to sleeping from 7:30 to about 5 am. Of course the week after that was Christmas week and we were out of town so she had some waking in the night. However, that may be attributed to the 2 new teeth she got that week. That's right - 2 new teeth - her front top teeth - one Christmas morning and one 2 days later. Once we got back home, Caroline took a couple of days to adjust, but now she is back to sleeping from 7:30 to 6 am. I don't know if we will ever know what was going on with her those 3 weeks. Maybe it was the 2 teeth working there way down. Maybe she just missed all of her grandparents after Thanksgiving. Maybe she was anxious about Christmas. Who knows!

"Can you believe it's Christmas morning!!"

Mommy and Daddy's big girl is breaking their backs =) On Christmas Eve, we let Caroline ride to the upstate (where our families live) in her big girl car seat.  I knew she weighed more than 20 pounds at the time and she just looked ridiculous and uncomfortable in that infant carrier. On our scale at home, she currently weighs 21 pounds. We will get a more accurate reading at her 9 month appt, but that reading is enough to tell me I need a weekly back massage. Adam, keeper of the budget, disagrees =(

"Maybe you could carry me around in this?"

About half of Caroline's clothes are 6-9 months and the other half are 12 month. The 12 month pants are way too long because her height is in her torso - not her legs. Some of her size 2 shoes are starting to not fit, but size 3 is still too big. I guess we will be in between for a little while. She's still in a size 3 diaper and hopefully we are there to stay for a long time - 28 pounds is a long way away. Then again, that is what I was thinking when she was 6.0 pounds with jaundice 8 months ago.


Wow. You made it this far. You are a dedicated Caroline fan! ME TOO!!!! Here are some more pics from the last 2 months:

Looking wistful.

My coworker is from Morrocco and on her recent trip home, she bought this dress for Caroline.

Caroline is a great shopper. She does this the whole time.

Ok. The pic quality is bad, but Caroline loved Daddy's reindeer on her head during the Christmas season.

Caroline ran a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day!

Another cute bundled picture.