Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

9 months old

"Busy, busy, busy, busy. There's so much to do." This is what Caroline's play table sings over and over again and it completely describes Caroline right now. She is so busy! She's heard a lot more "No, no" this month and she's had a good many falls. But we've also had a lot of fun.

(My dad took all of the pictures in this blog post. He did a great job!)

Moving and Grooving

So what is she busy doing? Well, she loves to run laps around her play table. She used to stop and play with the keyboard or the book for a minute, but most of the time she doesn't stop at all now. She is continually moving always looking at the next toy on the table. She also does this with our coffee table.

Caroline can confidently cruise on just about anything. She can also push her push toys around the room. Although, she often tries to walk around them - she thinks they are getting in her way. Caroline can also stand without holding on to anything for a several of seconds! I counted 10 seconds today and it seems to get longer every day. I can't believe how she has taken off. I was not prepared for this at all. I kept waiting for her to crawl - not walk!

She still can't pull herself up from off the floor. She can do it if she is sitting on my leg so I think we are getting close. But for the most part, she is pretty immobile if she is sitting. Sure she can flop on to her belly and then roll around, but cruising is so much more effective for her.

Talking the Talk

Caroline is also busy talking to us about everything. She loves to gurgle. She doesn't have any new consonant sounds this month. I have heard her whisper "mama", but the sound hasn't come out. She still whispers all the time. I just love it.


Our sweet Caroline gives us lots of love and affection. She loves to pat our arms and often tells us to come play with her at her play table by reaching out to us while she is playing and pulling us in closer. She loves raspberries on her belly and giggles a lot if you give her one. And Caroline loves to wave. She waves at the right time a lot but not all the time. She also gives high fives to her Daddy because this is something they practice. She's become much more independent this month. She will play at the table for 30 minutes completely content to do laps around it.

She absolutely loves it when Adam and I do this.....(really, she does!)


We've had some exciting developments with food this month. I decided to "spice" things up a little bit (well, I didn't "decide" - the book told me I could - I'm a big rule follower). So we've let Caroline eat some of the things we are eating at the table - things with spices. Also, we have had several dinners with all finger foods. If we are at home then, I let her try out new finger foods. It's been so much fun and it's great because our hands are free to eat our own dinner! Here are some new flavors she has tried: Eggplant, White Potatoes, Cheddar Cheese, Quaker Oatmeal, Yobaby Yogurt, Potato Soup, Yellow squash, and random bites of whatever we are eating at dinner.

Side note: Anybody ever try the Gerber baby yogurt? That stuff is nasty!


Caroline is sleeping the best she has ever slept. I am really loving our schedule right now. Knock on some major wood for me right now please!! Caroline sleeps from 7:45 pm to about 6:45 am - perfect for me for work. She then takes 2 good naps - one in the morning and one in the afternoon. She's been so consistent about her sleeping this month - it has been really great.


We are just arriving back from our doctor's appt where they think Caroline shrunk! Haha. They had Caroline's height recorded at 28 and 3/4 inches at 6 months - WOW! She was only 28.5 inches today. When the tech came back into our room to recheck her height, I explained that her height was only 26.75 last time - they must have recorded it wrong. I even have the piece of paper from our last well visit to prove it. This explains a lot about the percentage they quoted me last time. I was wondering why my niece was taller than Caroline at her 6 month appt, but quoted a lower percentile.

Anyway, Caroline is still a big girl! Here are her actual stats:
28.5 inches tall - 83%
21 pounds 7 ounces  - 90% (same as on Thursday)
47 cm around the head - upwards of 97% (now this really IS off the charts!)

Caroline is mostly wearing 12 month clothes. Her feet still fit in most size 2 shoes.

We are loving every minute with our baby girl. She lights up lives.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Almost a marathon

Well, did you know that Adam has been training for a marathon? Did you know that he was supposed to run it this past weekend? Yeah, umm, my blog posts seem to have switched topics in the last year because about a year and a half ago I was giving you weekly updates about Adam's training for the New York Marathon.

I still love my marathoner. He trains and works so hard and he is very dedicated.

Adam was supposed to run the Myrtle Beach Marathon this weekend. Last year he ran the half. This year he was going to run the full - his first full since New York. On Friday we packed up our things and drove down the Myrtle Beach. Around 7:30 pm it began to snow pretty hard and around 10:30 pm it was official that the marathon was cancelled.

I'll get on my soap box for just a minute:
A marathon is not the same as a 5K. People train for months for these things. They travel across the country (we met several out-of-towners). They put money into shoes, clothes, training programs, all the right foods. They make hotel reservations. And they pay a not-so-cheap race entry fee. Canceling a marathon is ridiculous! At most, the could have delayed the race - but canceling - no!

So how do you cheer up a would-be-marathoner?


Make a snow/sandman - sea shells for eyes and nose - sea weed for mouth and beach grass for arms!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Another trip to the doc

I think I jinxed us when I posted about Caroline's only sick doctor visit because we just had our second in 3 weeks! Caroline had gotten completely over her cold when I began to notice some skin issues on Sunday night.

Sunday night I found some eczema patches on her torso. She has been battling a couple on her legs for a few months, but I had never seen them on her torso and they seemed to suddenly appear. On Monday night, her skin looked worse. And what was really strange was I knew we hadn't bathed her in a few nights. Usually dry skin gets better if you don't bathe and your natural body oils can help moisturize.

I talked to a nurse in the office on Wednesday and knowing that we have a well visit on Monday, she recommended that I put Aquaphor on the spots. That evening there were 3 red dots on her stomach. These also looked like dry skin rash things so I applied the cream to them as well.

On Thursday, my aunt called me at work. A rash was beginning to spread all over Caroline's body. It was like a heat rash - but this is February. I left work and took Caroline to the doctor.

And what do you know, she has a sore throat. What?!? Yup - a sore throat - huge tonsils and swollen lymph nodes - a viral infection. And all of the skin issues are just signs of the viral infection - even the eczema. Apparently eczema will flare up for babies who are predisposed to it. Crazy! The heat rash is almost completely gone today (little more than 24 hours later). The eczema spots are still there.

My poor baby. We had no idea her throat was hurting. The doc was so surprised at Caroline's good mood that she wanted to run a blood test to make sure the white count was consistent with her theory. I guess some babies get high fevers and some get rashes. She's got that red-head sensitive skin so I guess she will get rashes.


My blog was hijacked. I hope you all enjoyed it because that is the last time you will see the "boogie dance".

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Caught on tape!

UPDATE: I (Adam) posted this video in the hopes that it would become the next internet dance craze. (just like "pants on the ground") I've already trademarked the phrase "boogie dance," so don't use it unless you are willing to pay.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Changing Table

It was ingenious! And I wasn't even a mom yet!!! I decided the changing table should be under the small window in her bedroom. Mostly I thought it would look nice. What other piece of furniture would fit well there? Also, I thought it would be nice to look out the window while changing Caroline's diapers. Little did I know she would love looking out the window when I changed her diapers.

Even as a newborn, she loved to look at the light coming from the window. It always calmed her down. I would let her lie there and kick her legs as she gazed out the window for 20-30 minutes. It was great! AND, I could change her diapers/clothes without her screaming to get down - yay!

However, now it is becoming a little bit of an issue. Caroline is still distracted while I change her diapers and clothes, but she is distracted because she is doing this

She loves playing with the blinds. I have tied up the cord so she can't reach it, but she loves flapping them and pulling on them.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Let's take a walk down memory lane...

This is Caroline's hair when she was born. Thick and luscious.

Shortly after birth, she went through a spikey phase. It was especially spikey after a bath.

This picture looks like she was on day 2 after a bath. See how the front is greased down, but there was no hope for the back?

Then...the weirdest thing began to happen. Caroline began to lose her hair on the sides of her head...

View of the back

Another front view

We were shocked and didn't quite know what to do. So for a little while we tried to the comb-over approach.
But after a week of futile attempts, we gave in and just enjoyed this weird hair phase.

Now, a couple of months later, the hair is back and regaining it's lusciousness. Suddenly we are facing this problem.

And this decision

or Left?