Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cortisone side effects

Back in March, I blogged about my left wrist developing Dequervain's tendonitis. The doctor gave me a cortisone shot and I wore a splint for 3 weeks. One month later I had a follow up appointment where the doctor observed that I had some serious skin irritation and a little nerve damage from the splint I had been wearing. The splint was not the right size and the metal in it was putting pressure in some bad places. But the good news was that my tendinitis was healed. The cure for the skin irritation and nerves was just time and rest.

Sure enough within a week or so my thumb didn't feel numb and my skin began to look better, but as the inflammation went down, I discovered a hole in my wrist just below my thumb. Observe....

It is my left wrist, so look at the hand on the RIGHT in this picture.

Here's another view of my caved in wrist. And - yes - I know I'm very veiny. I have always been veiny - that is not the problem I am referring to (Michael).

When the hole became apparent, I called the doctor again thinking "I'm deformed! Something must really be wrong with me!" To my dismay, they wouldn't give me an appointment for 3 weeks! "But I literally have a hole in my hand," I exclaimed. The receptionist was not phased.

Anyway, my appointment was this past Monday. Turns out, the hole is a side effect of the cortisone shot I got at the original appointment. The cortisone killed all of my fat cells in the spot where he gave me the shot. The doctor said he had only seen it happen one other time. He also said that I may never get those fat cells back - meaning my wrist could look like that for the rest of my life.

I'm actually kind of enjoying my new wrist. It's kind of like a cool scar. I mean - I was never really planning on being a hand model or anything so I'm cool with it.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

One Year photo shoot

So did you enjoy the Caroline countdown? Well, the real count down has started. In 2.5 weeks she'll be one. About 3 weeks ago we took some pictures with Brooke Turner. These are some of my favorites.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fun milestones

1) Caroline is finally out of size 2 shoes - woohoo! She actually started wearing size 3s for about 5 weeks ago and as of this past weekend, she has outgrown most of them. She is moving on to size 4s! I applaud myself a little here. I predicted that her foot would breeze right through size 3s - I knew her foot needed to catch up with the rest of her body some time. Because of my prediction, I didn't spend much money at all on size 3 shoes. I focused on size 4s. Yay me! and Yay Caroline! Now hopefully her foot won't shrink =)

2) I put away all of Caroline's drool bibs this past weekend. She hasn't really drooled in a couple of months. Back in the day, Caroline would drench more than 8 bibs a day and her clothes underneath would be soaked! She hasn't cut any new teeth in 3.5 months. I'm thinking that since she's older, she may not drool as much when cutting the other teeth - what do you think?

Top 10 Videos #3

Top 10 Caroline being silly #3

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Easter fun - a little late

We just got a new computer - yay! And we finally were able to upload all of the pics off of our camera and then DELETE them off the camera. We had over 1000 pictures on our camera! Every time we uploaded pictures it would take hours and hours and we would never delete everything because.....blah, blah, blah...that's a long story. So here's the end - I uploaded Easter pictures =)

On Saturday morning we dyed eggs. Well... actually, I dyed eggs. Caroline and Adam watched. Well... actually, Adam watched and we tried to get Caroline to watch. 

Later that night, we read the Easter story. We read Caroline a Bible story from her children's Bible every night. Coincidentally or perhaps "providentially", the story Saturday night was the crucifixion of Jesus so we read that and read the next story "Jesus is Risen."

This is Caroline on Sunday with her Easter basket. She got a ball, wooden letter blocks and a purse with keys, lipstick, a compact, a cell phone and a credit card in it! (all fake of course)

These are the eggs we dyed. She picked that egg right up and put it to her mouth. We thought it was cute and took pictures. She had red dye on her lips the rest of the day - looked like lipstick from her new lipstick tube =)

Sunday afternoon, we hunted for eggs.

She was much more interested in the grass and sticks than the eggs.

So Adam hunted for eggs.

We ended the day with Strawberry shortcake. Caroline just kinda poked at it. I ate most of it.

So here's to her first Easter where I dyed the eggs, Adam hunted the eggs and I ate her dessert - haha! Maybe next year she'll do more of those things herself =)

Top 10 Videos #4

Top 10 Caroline being silly #4

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Patio Furniture

Adam and I got new patio furniture over the weekend. We went to a fancy patio furniture store to get it too. After spending a pretty penny on the furniture, I wanted to save money everywhere I could.

So upon looking at the $100 umbrella bases, I asked the saleswoman in a hushed voice "Is this something I could get at Target for a whole lot cheaper?".

"Oh yes," she whispered back, "and it would be just as good as these."

I was convinced so I flew off to Target while Adam went home to begin setting up our new furniture. I bought the cheapest umbrella base I found for $24! (That is a story by itself. It rang up for $30, but I proved it was really $24 with a picture I took on my iPhone. The cashier thought my skills were awesome!)

As soon as I got home with the base, Adam got to work putting it together. A few minutes later, he came in the house to announce that it wouldn't work. The base wouldn't fit through the bottom of the table, it was too tall. My thought was to just take back the base and get another one. Adam's thought was....

Saw it off! I'm glad it worked. I don't think they would have taken the base back if it had halfway worked.

Top 10 Videos #5

Top 10 Caroline being silly #5

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Top 10 Videos #6

Top 10 Caroline being silly #6

OK. Terrible quality on this one. This is the toy on her walker. She used to just sit there and bite and look at you like "What?".

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Top 10 Videos #7

Top 10 Caroline being silly #7

And this is how I know she is my child. This is my expression so much of the time. "Huh?"

Friday, April 16, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Top 10 Videos #10

Top 10 Caroline being silly #10

I used to completely cover Caroline in a burp cloth after eating so she could spit up wherever she wanted to.

Monday, April 12, 2010

11 months

Oh my goodness...11 months. These days are just fun, fun, fun. And I'm pretty sure Caroline thinks so too. I can't believe how much she knows. She seems to understand so much these days. And her understanding grows everyday.

She understands "get the mail", "drink", "eat", "bath", "brush teeth", "all done", "banana", "mama", "dada", and "hey". She actually says "mama", "dada", "muhnana" (banana), "ahhduh" (all done), and "hey". She hasn't yet instigated the last 2 - she just started repeating them after we say it last week. I've got my ears pealed now. In some ways, it's like our little family has its own language. Adam and I understand her (most of the time), but a lot of times, she babbles something and I know she is trying to tell me something I just can't figure it out.

 As far as walking goes, well it doesn't - not yet. We have had many steps. Caroline has even left furniture on her own accord many times to walk 3-4 steps. She's been doing it all month, but no out right walking. I actually think she may be too good at cruising - how weird is that? She's practically SpiderBaby. She scales walls, bends over to cruise on short things like laundry baskets, and twice this month she has cruised on other toddlers! One was a friend and the other her cousin. I tried to tell her that you can't use your friends like that.

Here she is cruising around a laundry basket while carrying my steel-toe work shoe. Did I mention she is really strong?

And here she is cruising even lower on a very small basket. Walking has got to be easier than getting around like that.

Caroline is also very nervous about walking. When we "play the game" of sending her back and forth, she totally knows. She won't let us stand her up. She will throw herself backward or lean one way or the other so that we can't let go. If we finally get her stood by herself, she will stand for a long time and then finally, slowly sit down.

Who can blame her for being nervous? She's had some good spills. A few weeks ago, she let go and walked several steps to me - yay! I then proceeded to try and get her to do it again except this time she fell face first on the hardwood leaving a nice bruise on the forehead. She also toppled over in the yard yesterday while pushing her car around. Her face is all scratched up. Other injuries this month include: pinky getting smashed in piano bench and Mommy pinching her inner thigh in the carseat buckle =(

There have been quite a few bad milestones this month too - all food related. Adam and I confess:
  • First fast food. Wendy's happy meal - chicken nuggets with orange slices as the side item. (Adam couldn't believe that I handed her first happy meal toy back to the employee. My thinking was that Caroline didn't need that and wouldn't know the difference.)
  • first pizza
  • first burger
  • first M&M (This was on accident. I accidently spilled a bunch. I scrambled to pick them up, but must have missed one. Next thing I know, chocolate syrup is running down Caroline's face. She loved it!) 
Caroline also tried a lemon at a restaurant this month. Even though her face looks like this, she loved it and would not put it down.

Caroline has also started sucking her thumb again this month. Why? I do not know. She had gotten to where she didn't use her paci or thumb for anything including bedtime and naps - not because we took it away - she just stopped using them. All of the sudden, out of nowhere, she started sucking her thumb.

One other thing has happened this month. My aunt actually noticed it first. Every once in a while, one of Caroline's eyes is slower to focus on something. It happens fast - really fast - so fast that you wonder if you are the one seeing things. I really have no idea how often it actually happens. So far 4 times that we know of. But since she is not at eye level, I don't get to see how she is focusing her eyes most of the time. I've talked to the doctor about it and we are keeping a log. They said to wait until her one year appointment to come in unless it starts happening several times a week. I'm praying that it just goes away.

Classic Caroline with graham cracker on her face. Graham cracker is "cookie". I forgot that she knows this one too!

Modeling a new hat. She loves hats!

I guess this is her last month as a "baby", but I'm pretty sure I will always call her that =)

So I've got a couple of Top 10s coming for you. So far one is of silly pictures and the other is of silly videos. I hope it doesn't bore you too much. I know at least the grandmas will love it ;) They should start posting in the next couple of days! They are my top 10 favorites for the year.