Monday, May 17, 2010

Walking video

This video was taken more than a week ago.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


It's the BIG ONE! She used to be such a tiny thing. It's crazy how parts of me don't even remember her looking like this.

Here are some things you should know about Caroline:

- Caroline loves to give hugs and kisses and she loves to clap. She will spend 10-15 minutes repeating those 3 actions in your lap. It is precious, but watch out because she comes in for those hugs fast. Her head has bumped me a few times.

- She mimics us all the time. I can't tell if something is a new word or if she is just repeating what we are saying. I know she is now saying "Wow". She says it a lot and it is too cute! She also says quack, quack ("kack ack") for duck, clap "cap", and "hi".

- Of course she has her own little language, which this month is a lot of sounds in the back of her throat like "orter, orter, orter" with lots of deep sighs through out.

- When I sing the verse of "Wheels on the bus" that goes "The mommy's on the bus go Shhh Shhh Shhh", Caroline goes "ssssss".

- She is a very expressive eater saying "Yom, yom" or "Nom, nom" while she eats.

- Caroline is walking all over the place! Everyday it is more and more.

- Caroline can stand up on her own and can get to sitting from her belly. She won't do these things when she's tired.

- She has started signing "all done", which in our house looks very similar to clapping your hands (also a new thing). On occasion, she has been signing "all done" in the high chair and I thought she was clapping. I clapped right along with her and she got pretty frustrated.

- This month, Caroline has completely switched to whole milk. She loves it! And because she loves it she drinks a lot and her diapers get full really fast. We've had a couple of leaks so I think we may be on our last pack of size 3s.

- We discovered straw sippy cups this month, they are wonderful! Caroline is an expert =)

- Caroline has started crying when we drop her off at nursery or when we have a babysitter. She also cries some mornings when I leave for work. The crying is usually over very quickly.

- I'm starting to see hints of Caroline getting attached to an object for the first time. She's never had a lovey or anything that she clung to, but lately she likes to carry around the hard back version of "Elmer". She doesn't necessarily want us to read it to her, she just wants to carry it. A book doesn't seem near as soft or comforting as some of her stuffed animals, but it is educational so I'll go with it.

- Caroline is an easy going kid. Several times this month, Caroline had every right to be downright fussy and aggravated. A couple of days, we were out and about and she didn't get lunch or a nap until after 2pm.  Caroline didn't seem to mind at all. She was just chillin'.

- Caroline got promoted to a new nursery room at church.

- First taste of ice cream was earlier this month

- And first taste of cake was at her birthday party on Saturday. She didn't exactly plow into her cake. It took her a minute or two to understand it. Once she got going she did not want to be stopped. She cried when I took it away, but I wanted her to have room for dinner!

- Caroline loves to throw food off of her high chair. It has become a struggle at every meal except breakfast where we spoon feed her oatmeal. We are working on it =)

So here is a little of what we did on Caroline's actual birthday (Thursday, May 13th).

In the morning we put on her pretty tutu and headed to The Original House of Pancakes. Caroline got her own plate of chocolate chip pancakes.

From there, we headed over to Cottle Farms where we picked strawberries. Caroline liked to pick the tiny green ones. She even put some in her mouth.

After a long nap, we ran some errands for Caroline's cake. Everyone loved her tutu. And then, we played with Caroline's her birthday present.

And her swing from her Great-Grandmother Boyter.

We ended the day by Skyping with both sets of grandparents who sang Happy Birthday to Caroline!

It was a wonderful day and I think Caroline knew the day was special. Of course who wouldn't when you wear your big tutu all day!

We had her 12 month doctor visit on Friday. She got all "A"s: 24 pounds 1 ounce (90%), 31 inches tall (96%), and 48 cm head (greater than 97%). The doctor is referring us to an opthamologist for her eyes. I mentioned in her 11 month post that sometimes her eyes don't focus at the same time. After a couple of quick eye tests, Caroline's doctor decided to refer us to a specialist. I really have no idea what to expect so I'm a little nervous. I'll update when we know more.

We love you Caroline! You have brought us so much joy this year. I can't stop thanking God for you!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Big girl

I get comments a lot about Caroline's height and weight compared to Adam and I. Adam and I are not large people so people are surprised at what a big baby Caroline is. Well, let me show you some figures that may surprise you. I've been lucky enough to have both mine and Adam's baby books here at the house during Caroline's first year. I love to compare.

Adam Ashley Caroline
Birth 8 lbs 14.5 oz 8 lbs 15.5 oz 6 lbs 8.9 ozCaroline a little behind the curve since
22 inches 22 inches 18 inches she was born a few weeks early.
2 months 12 lbs 6 oz 11 lbs 2 oz 9 lbs 10 ozCaroline catching up.
25 inches 25 inches 22 inches
4 months 15 lbs 6 oz 13 lbs 5.5 oz 14 lbs 6 ozAnd this was her big growth spurt.
28 inches 27 inches 25.5 inches
6/7 months 19 lbs 4 oz 16 lbs 2 oz 18 lbs 1 oz
29.5 inches 27.25 inches 26.75 inches
9 months 23 lbs 19 lbs 7 oz 21 lbs 7 oz
30 inches 28.5 inches 28.5 inches
1 year don't have 20 lbs 11 oz ?Adam's next recorded weight is 27 pounds
don't have 29.5 inches ?9 ounces at 18 months.

So I guess you could say it runs in the family =)

Monday, May 10, 2010


Hahaha. That's cause it was my only Mother's Day so far. Of course I had an unofficial one last year =)

Let me just show you how hard my little girl worked on my Mother's Day present. Pictures courteous of her wonderful dad who assisted her.

I wish I had taken a picture of the finished product before I took it into work today. It's a coffee thermos with a photo of Caroline on one side and her red hand print on the other =) I also got a white ceramic heart with her other hand print on it. I took both to work so that I can remember my baby all day long.

(I may or may not have freaked out a little Tuesday night when I thought there was blood in the bathtub. Adam kept assured me it wasn't blood in the tub and that he had fed Caroline a lot of strawberries which stained her high chair.)

Friday, May 7, 2010

More and more thoughts...

I have more and more thoughts as my sweet girl is approaching the big One. So if random streams of scattered thoughts bother you, you might not enjoy this post.

Caroline has never crawled. And when I say she has "never crawled", I mean she never really scooted, never army crawled, never none of that. Lots of moms say their kid never crawled, but they did scoot. That's not what I mean at all. Because of that, she has really developed a lot of her skills so differently from most babies I know. She never got on her knees, so that meant never learning to pull up on objects, never learning to maneuver from a sitting position and never learning to get from belly to a sitting position. I've spent so much time wondering what I should have done differently...and then..."stop"..."that's ridiculous." Here I am "wondering what I should have done differently" and my kid isn't even One yet! What am I going to do when she starts hanging out with questionable friends or slams her door and says "Mom, I hate you!" or she lies to my face or she fails a test in school? How much more will I question myself?

How can I already be questioning my parenting decisions when my child is healthy and happy? I say this not to beat myself up, but to give myself some perspective.

I worry a lot because Caroline doesn't pull up on objects to standing, we have had to put her in the standing position for her to cruise and walk. She also didn't sit herself up from being on her belly. Side story: Caroline is a crazy content baby. She will lay in the middle of the floor or sit in one spot on the carpet for more than an hour happily. It is almost always true that we pick her up because we have to (literally it is time to go or time to eat dinner or whatever) rather than because she is upset and wants us to. I love that she is so content and I think that trait will serve her well in life, but it is frustrating for a mama who wants to see her baby do. No joke - one time I took all her toys away from her while she was sitting and put them out of reach after she had been sitting there for 45 minutes. She whimpered for a second and then proceeded to play with the shoe she was wearing! These things worried me. Adam and I pray with Caroline every night before we put her in her crib and the last 2 months I found that sometimes I would pray for her development and her strength and then..."stop!"..."why are you praying for these things which are so physical? She's walking for crying out loud, she'll figure the rest out. What you need to pray for is her spiritual development!"

Forgive me for being so worried and anxious. Forgive me for putting pressure on my child and myself. Help me to trust in You and Your timing. Do a mighty work in my heart so that I can be the mother You have called me to be - one who is always building up her children and who is focused on the eternal things of their hearts! Help me to focus on developing those spiritual aspects.


In the last 2 weeks, we have started finding Caroline sitting up in her crib. She has also begun standing up in the middle of the floor all by herself. She doesn't pull up on anything, but who needs that when you can just stand up? She is also walking around like crazy! She still gets nervous and likes to mostly go from object to object with 10 or so steps between, but she is initiating all of it.

I'm so proud of my baby girl. She's doing all the things I worried about. She didn't do them the way other babies do them, but I'm sure they all do it somewhat differently.

I feel vulnerable in this post. When I speak my thoughts to myself they sound so selfish and dumb - they sound even worse when I write them. But God is still working on me. He's giving me His perspective. That's what I desire. I wrote this post for one reason: to be a reminder to me when I once again try to control things with my children's lives on my timetable.

Monday, May 3, 2010

One Year in the house

I forgot to announce our one year anniversary of living in our house! We moved in on Saturday, April 25th last year and 2.5 weeks later our baby girl joined us. We've made so many memories here. We really love our house.

We haven't made many changes at all to the house mostly because we had a baby 2.5 weeks after we moved. I had a list a mile long of things that "must change!", but I can only think of 3 of them at are actually done - 1)Caroline's room was painted, 2)We uprooted a crazy Ivy bush that was strangling our mailbox and newspaper box, 3)We bought patio furniture. Adam and I have discussed a few projects we want to start so stay tuned.

One of our favorite things about this house is our yard. It's a very mature yard which means lot of maintenance, but it's shady and cozy. We have much enjoyed our foliage. This spring we discovered that we have 2 Dogwoods - one in the front yard and one in the back.

I replaced that crazy Ivy bush with some Irises. Irises were my mother's favorite flower. I had them at my wedding. Irises have been in the family for a long time. My great grandmother Tumblin had them in her yard in Clinton. Some bulbs were transported to her son who is my grandfather's house. My mom planted them in her first yard with my dad (here in Columbia). She planted them in the yard when we moved to Charlotte when I was 7 months old. And she planted them in Simpsonville in our yard when we moved there. That was the year she died.

So now I have my own house. My stepmom and dad brought down a big box of bulbs from the yard in Simpsonville shortly after we moved in for us to plant. So here they are just waiting to pop!

So happy anniversary to us as homeowners! Maybe next year I'll show you pics of the inside.