Friday, July 30, 2010

What we've been up to lately

Some really high pony tails (cause these are harder for Caroline to take out)

Hanging out with Nommy (was supposed to be "Tommy", but Caroline says "Nommy")



Loving "doggy" (Grandma's doggy - not ours)

Visiting friends where we "splahh" in the "poo". (Thanks for the pics Shelley!)

Lots of swinging

And playing with more friends.

We are loving our summer!

Classic bath time photos

Saturday, July 17, 2010

14 Months

Caroline turned 14 months on July 13th. She really seems to have grown up a lot this last month. Maybe that's because she can almost run or maybe it's because her vocabulary has exploded or maybe it's because we catch her imitating us. Whatever it is - I just want to squeeze her!

It is so difficult to get a good picture of her these days because she is getting so fast and just won't sit still. Every night (that Adam is not working), Adam waits at the end of the hall hiding, Caroline and I finish brushing her teeth and then I set her down. She rounds the corner to go to her bedroom and then Adam jumps out. Caroline giggles like crazy and takes off trotting as fast as she can to him. Sometimes she makes it, but most of the time she wipes out =)

Here she is at a Chic-Fila playground.

She has also gotten pretty good at maneuvering around things. She can dismount from her "horsey" really well, but mounting it is another story. She puts one hand on the horse's head and the other on the saddle. She then scoots really close to the horse and plops down. But never in there did she raise her leg so she ends up sitting on the floor BESIDE the horse. The best part is that she looks up with this face "Where did I go wrong?" 

Caroline is devouring books right now. When we go somewhere, all she needs for entertainment is books. She loves to bring you a book and plop in your lap. When we took Adam golfing, I read to her for more than 3 hours!!  My aunt has even entered Caroline in a Summer Reading program for the Lexington Library system. Caroline is a "Listener". For every 15 minutes we read, we color in a sail boats. If 8 sail boats are colored in every week, Caroline gets a prize! So far, she has won a tattoo, a Chic-Fila Ice Dream, and McDonald's apples.

Caroline loves to imitate Adam and me. She has started "brushing" her hair with the hair brush, "folding" laundry, and "washing" the dishes. If I'm taking laundry out of the basket to fold it, Caroline takes the folded laundry and puts it back in the basket. If I am loading dishes into the dishwasher, Caroline unloads them onto the floor and tries to close the dishwasher door. Sure it takes me twice as long with her "helping", but it always makes me smile.

Rocking Tommy in the chair

Caroline seems to really understand things so much this month. And I am convinced more and more that she is talking to me. All of her gibberish is her telling me something. I'm convinced this because sometimes amidst streams of gibberish will be English. When we play with her wooden Noah's ark and animals, Caroline imitates what Adam and I do with the animals - with the snake she says "ssss" and slithers him on the floor, with the kangaroo she makes it jump on the floor, and with the monkey she says "hoohoohoo-haha" like a pregnant woman breathing through labor. She can also follow directions that we give her a good bit of the time - "Put this over there", "Go see Daddy", etc. It's so neat being able to communicate with her even though it's not all words.

Caroline has what I call Everything Words. It's a word that she uses for anything she doesn't know the name of. For a while it was "bobby" but currently it is "doggy" or "yellow". In the morning, she wakes up all groggy, she points off into the distance, and whispers "doggy" and thus starts our day where she says it at least 400 times!

One other thing is that Caroline has really gotten into her toys this month. She goes straight to the toy box every morning. So my question to other moms of toddlers out there is - what is your clean up routine? Toys are all over the place and I don't feel like we can clean up every time she switches toys because then we would only be cleaning up all day. So do you clean up only before bedtime, or before naps, or before meals?

Other major things of note are:

Caroline got all 4 molars in one week this month bringing the grand total to 12 teeth.
Caroline is actually wearing some 24 month and 2T outfits (They were hand-me-downs that I went ahead and got down to see if they would fit - and they do!), but she mostly wears 18 and 18-24 month.
Caroline just jumped shoes sizes from 4 to a 5.5!
Caroline won't keep a bow or barrette in her hair to save her life!

Sometimes it just helps to get IN the toy box.

4th of July getting geared up for fireworks.

Watching the fireworks. See how she is sucking her thumb and still pointing? - she's THAT talented folks!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Lake

May I just say that this is turning out to be an awesome summer. We have been so lucky to be able to have such fun things to do. Last weekend we got to go to a lake house with Adam's family at Lake Hartwell. We had such a great time hanging out, playing cards, and playing hard on the lake. And since there was water involved - Caroline loved it too.

Adam is kind of a fabulous skier for an amateur. He's been doing it since he was seven and loves it. This is the best pic I have of him. I had a hard time keeping up with him. As you can see, he slaloms (one ski).

It's kind of a rule that you can't marry into the Beam family unless you can ski. It took me years to learn. So here is proof that I can do it.

Calling a friend on her phone.

Sucking the lake water out of the life jacket.

Chilling in the lake

Adam and I tubing.

Taking a snooze on the boat.

Looking out over the dock

Caroline had a corner of the boat that was hers. If she wasn't in this corner - which allowed the back of the life jacket to easily rest over the seats, the life jacket took over her face!

Showing Nana something - probably a "doggy" (which is her everything word right now).

Driving with Papa.

Jet skiing it.

Caroline with great-grandma!

Water baby!

This last month, we have spent some time almost every weekend at a pool or splash pad one. Caroline is definitely a water baby! It may take her a minute or two to warm up, but after that she is all in and I mean ALL IN! She loves to dunk her head under the water and really freak us out. She also loves to splash.

Here are some pics of our water fun.





P.S. The splash pad we went to was at Drew Park. It is free!

Congaree National Park

Did you know we have a national park right here in South Carolina.....right here in the midlands? Well, we do. It is Congaree National Park. Adam and I became more interested in checking it out after our trip to Yosemite National Park. Congaree NP is swamp lands - kind of the opposite of rocky mountains, but it was still beautiful.

They have a great 2.4 mile boardwalk that is perfect for strollers or wheel chairs. We decided to go at probably the worst time of year being that it is usually blazing hot and mosquitoes are everywhere, but it was wonderful. We went on the Monday after July 4th and the weather was wonderful - mid 80s and the "mosquito level" at the park was only Moderate (Yes - they have a Mosquito Meter).

Caroline loved walking on the boardwalk. I was very impressed with how far she would walk before getting tired. When she was tired she would say "All done" and walk towards her stroller. She would rest while we strolled her and a little while later say "All done" and get out to walk some more.

The park is beautiful and free. I highly recommend it, but bring bug spray and go when it is below 90 degrees!