Thursday, August 19, 2010

Slew of posts

I've got a slew of videos and a 15 month post. If you're not into babies, you're not going to like it!

A video for Nana

Caroline talking to Nana on her phone. Notice how she holds her phone behind her head when she's talking on it. This video was taken today.

Caroline says "Bible"

Adam took this video one morning a few weeks ago and sent it to me at work. We read Caroline's Bible every night. It's not a real Bible. It's a story book Bible. Today Caroline brought it to me and said "Bible" Praise God for her tender heart!

She loves pillows

Noah's ark

This is Caroline naming some of the animals on Noah's ark. She's 13 months in the video. She can now name all but 2 of the animals. 

15 Months

Fifteen months sure seems like another big milestone, but we continue to call Caroline our "baby girl". We are having so much fun with her. She lights up our lives.

This month we've had more splashing fun at splash parks. We've visited cousins and had play dates. Also, my aunt was out of town for 3 weeks last month so Caroline has gotten to be taken care of by both grandmas and our friend Shelley. She's gone to the zoo once, to the museum twice, and to Monkey Joe's.

Loving on Bobby (Aunt Amber's boyfriend)

Sliding at a water park with Papa

Here are some fun things about her this month:

Caroline calls herself "Baby" every time she looks in the mirror. I love it!

She LOVES to read books. She will bring you book after book after book, sit herself in your lap and ask you to read it. She has started to memorize many of her books. She brings them to us by name - a name she has given it ("ducky", "bumble", "melmer", "ABCs", etc). She points to things on each page and names them. I am so amazed by her. I hope her passion for reading continues.

This month she says two 3-word phrases: "I see you" and "I love you". Adam actually worked with Caroline for about a week on "I love you". It sometimes comes out "I love Lou", but it always involves a big hug and it melts our hearts! I actually found Caroline saying "I see you" one day. She was sitting in her room reading a book that had those flaps that hide pictures through out it. She would flip up a flap and say "I see you!" It was precious! She does this all the time now.

Caroline loves to tell herself "good girl". She gets a "good girl" (from herself) when she: puts animals in her boat, puts blocks in a bucket, puts toys in her toy box, does anything with the dishwasher (including taking dirty dishes out), and does anything with the laundry.

Another fun thing is that we got a miniature Graco pack 'n play, infant carrier and stroller handed down to us. Caroline LOVES them! She loves to take all her stuffed animals for a "ride" and to put them "nigh nigh" in the pack 'n play. She will spend hours playing with the stroller alone. I love it when she sees that the doll is slipping in the stroller and she rushes around to put the doll upright. Sure she lifts them by their head, but it is so sweet.

Caroline is currently between 1 and 2 naps a day. My friend Shelley kept Caroline for us one week when my aunt was out of town and her little one (who is a little older than Caroline) only naps once a day. Caroline adapted to their schedule really well and was napping solidly for more than 2.5 hours - woohoo! But then (of course) she got a cold. So she's gone back and forth for the last week and a half. If she starts walking down the hall to her crib mid-morning saying "nigh nigh" we let her take a nap (how could you turn down a child asking for a nap?). You see, Caroline doesn't fool around with sleep. I've even been told by her Sunday School teachers that she will say "nigh nigh", lay on the floor and suck her thumb in the middle of the classroom.

Caroline has developed a major attachment to "Nommy" her doggy and to "Unny" her bunny. We don't let her sleep with Nommy because he is quite talkative with the slightest little squeeze. She sleeps with Unny. One of the first things she says in the morning is "Nommy?"

Caroline and Nommy

Caroline shows Nommy how to do all the things she does.

Other random things include that 1) Caroline has eaten some peanut butter this month - no allergy, 2) I'm playing with diaper sizes - 3s for day and 5s for night? - we will see, 3) Caroline is really disliking diaper changes and bath time right now - there are more important things to do.

This month Caroline is 26 pounds and 10 ounces (92%) and she is 32.25 inches tall (94%) with a head circumference of 48.5 cm (> 97%). The first thing Dr. G said when she entered our examine room at our well visit was that people must think Caroline is older than she actually is because she is so tall. She then showed me the growth chart and explained that Caroline is the average height and weight of a 22 month old. I said that it sure explains why she is wearing all 18 and 24 month clothes! Dr. G fully expects her growth to taper off in the next 6 months especially seeing as how Adam is 5'10" and I am 5'3".

Dr. G was also very impressed with Caroline's vocabulary but advised us not to apply for Harvard just yet =) It was a great visit and as always she told us Caroline is "perfect", but we already know that.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How did I ever learn my animals....

when all of these are a "doggy"?

and all of these are a "bear"?

and all of these are an "elephant"? (please note that it is sometimes blue and other times gray)

and both of these are "cow"?

and all of these are "duck"?

and all of these are "horsey"? (please note that it is sometimes pink, but other times it wears a sailor hat)

(15 month post coming soon. Doctor's appointment tomorrow so I'm waiting on stats.)