Sunday, September 26, 2010


Caroline is becoming a little mini-me.

  • On Tuesday, she decided to help me polish the furniture in our family room.
  • On Thursday, when I opened the doors to our utility closet, Caroline grabbed the mop and swooshed it along the kitchen floors.
  • Today, we were heading out the door to church. I looked at Caroline and said "It's time to go." She picked up her play purse and a book and headed towards the door. (I had my purse and Bible)
Also, this week we started sharing our first article of clothing - a pony tail holder =) Her hair is now thick enough to have a pretty big pony tail holder that can also fit my thin hair. So we can share =)

I love my little girl =) When I get old, she's going to make sure I stay fashionable and cool!

(P.S. She also enjoys copying some things Adam does like yawning when he does and saying "vroom" for almost anything with a wheel.)

Friday, September 24, 2010


For my 27th birthday, Adam took me to see my all time favorite singer Reba McEntire.

I will spare you, but I could talk to you about Reba for hours. I think she's just awesome! She has an amazing instrument and she knows how to use it! AND she puts on a great show!

The concert was opened by Lee Ann Womack. And then the queen of country hit the stage.

Here was her set list:
Supposed to do
Fear of Being Alone
Turn Radio On
Letting go
Keep on Lovin' You
Nothing to Lose
Somebody should Leave
For my Broken Heart
Does He Love You? (with Lee Ann Womack)
Greatest Man I never Knew
Consider Me Gone
Because of You
Is There Life Out There?

And then she left the stage as quick as she entered, but folks of course we were missing her best song! The crowd's thunderous applause brought her back in a taxi cab and she sang Fancy wearing this number:

Reba was followed by the only person who can upstage her - George Strait - the king of country. If you were counting, then you know that Reba sang 19 songs!! Well George sang 29!!! We got our money's worth with this concert.

I had a blast - A BLAST! I hope that no one I know saw me there because I know I looked foolish singing as loud as a could to EVERY song =)

Sweet C is Sweet Sixteen (months)

Caroline was sixteen months on September 13th - the day before my birthday. This month has been full of some pretty cool milestones. Caroline is more and more of a little girl each day and less and less a baby =(

Physical milestones:
  • She loves to dance to music.
  • She can spin in a circle.
  • She attempts to jump (but her feet never leave the ground =))
  • She can crawl!!! - she's done this several times this month to get to something she wouldn't be able to reach standing up. Sometimes she'll even crawl around the coffee table for fun and laugh while she does it.
  • She walks up steps like a big girl with someone holding her hand. She could do this before, but she's really good at it now. I have a 6" plastic stool that I use around the house to reach things sometimes. This has become Caroline's stool. She loves to take it from room to room -wherever I go. She says "step?", which means "Mommy, will you help me step up on the stool?". I assist her by holding one hand and when she stands on top she claps her hands and says "Yay!"
  • She is an expert at our iPhones. She slides the bar to unlock and begins to browse the photos carefully sliding her finger on the screen to move to the next picture. She also made a phone call on my work phone this month to call the data center so that phone is off limits now.
Mental milestones:
  • She now tells us when she has a wet or dirty diaper and tells us what kind it is! What - what!! Was not expecting this, but I'll take it! She's pretty much 100% on the dirty, but only about 10% on the wet. But she does it more and more everyday!
  • She knows a ton of body parts - hair, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, head, shoulders, arms, belly, legs, feet, toes - and she can say all of these
  • She has sung in the car a couple of times - if the song has a repetitive syllable then she picks it out and sings it - "Nahnahnah" or "lalalala"
  • She seems to be more aware of Adam and I as her parents - in just a different way than before. Whenever we go somewhere, she immediately points to each of us and tells people "Mommy.....Daddy" as if to say "This is my Mommy and this is my Daddy." Next in line to be introduced is "Nommy" the stuffed dog so maybe I shouldn't get too excited.
  • Also worth noting is that Caroline is not coloring yet - she still prefers to eat the crayons =) I have a couple of theories - 1) I do sit her in the high chair when we try to color and that is where she normally eats, 2) She has been teething, or 3) She's just not interested/ready.
  • She's gotten really great at names. We have a little photo album from a couple of our wedding showers and our rehearsal dinner. Caroline discovered it and loves it. She always brings it to me and says "reee...reee?" (read?) I "read" her the photo album telling her the names of the people in the pictures. Because of that she recognizes several people in both of our families. 

  Other random things this month:
  • Caroline repeated her first negative phrase when I dropped a bunch of carrots and said "Oh Shoot!" She repeated "Oh Shoot!" for about 5 minutes.
  • Caroline busted her lip when she pulled a drawer open to fast and it hit her in the face.
  • Speaking of "face", Caroline thinks that wash cloths are called "face" because I use it when I wash her "face". 
  • After Caroline introduces Adam and I, she loves to show people her shoes and her bow. She does this all the time - in restaurants, the grocery store, etc.
  • She loves to "read" her children's Bible. She carries it around the house, sets it on the coffee table and carefully leafs through the pages =)
  • She also loves to stand in front of her little boom box and listen to "nu nu" (music). She loves to hit all the buttons and change the volume.
  • And she loves to play with anything that I think is gross - trash, toilet brushes, lent filter in the dryer, etc.

Caroline loves to be under a "booket" (blanket) with Nommy - it's their fort!

This is how she talks on her phone - with it behind her head!

Caroline holding her first real baby - good friend Benjamin.

Waiting on Daddy to come home =)

Helping Nommy with his diaper.

Playing piano.

I'm loving watching Caroline's little personality develop. I love how cautious and tender she is. I can pretty much set her next to me wherever we are and I never worry about her leaving my side. If I never saw other children her age play, I would probably call her adventurous, but every time we play with other children - I realize she is actually very very cautious and probably a rule follower like her mama =) "Sweet Caroline" is very fitting for her.

    Sunday, September 12, 2010

    15 month pictures

    Here are some pictures that my dad took a few weeks ago. He got a nice fancy new camera so we were his models. Caroline wasn't very cooperative, but he still got some good ones.

    Love her expression in this one.

    Of course it is super hard to get one where we are all smiling. Either Caroline's not smiling or Adam and I are making funny faces trying to get her to smile. I like this one cause her tongue is sticking out. She's doing that a lot lately - it's really cute.

    I love her face in this one too. It says "Stop taking pictures of me!" - haha.

    Little routines

    Really our days are loaded with routines right now, but I have some favorites...

    Setting: Our Family room next to one of the 2 couches.

    C: Uppease (up please)

    Mommy picks her up and puts her on the couch

    C: Nommy?

    Mommy hands her Nommy

    C: Bubby?

    Mommy hands her Bubby

    C: (licks lips) Lamb?

    Mommy hands her Lamb

    C sits content for about 2 seconds. C throws Nommy, Bubby, and Lamb off the couch.

    C: Uh oh. Uh oh. Dowww. (down)

    Mommy lifts C off the couch

    C runs to the other couch

    Repeat until Mommy can't take it anymore.

    Setting: First thing in the morning. Caroline is standing in her crib and Mommy comes in to get her up.

    C: Booket, booket

    C bends over and picks up her blanket and hands it to Mommy. 

    C: Bubby, Bubby

    C bends over and picks up Bubby (her bunny) and hands it to Mommy.

    C: Uppease! Uppease! (up please)

    C and Mommy then walk down the hall Mommy bringing booket and Bubby.

    Setting: Part of the bedtime routine - we have just finished brushing teeth.

    C: Horsey? horsey?

    Daddy lays flat on the floor. C giggles as she mounts Daddy's back. Mommy usually has to help because sometimes she sits on his calves and that won't work. Once C is centered on Daddy's back, Daddy slowly raises us like a horse and crawls on all fours to her bedroom neighing. C giggles the whole way.