Sunday, October 31, 2010

Poll: The memory of a 17 month old

So last night Adam and I had the Sunday School class over at our house for the Chili Cook-off. Saturday morning we started off with some yard work and Caroline participated.

She went down for a nap about 12:30 or so. As soon as she was down, Adam and I began setting up the tables in the backyard. We put on the tablecloths and the decorations. So when Caroline woke up, the backyard looked like this:

As soon as she saw the setup, she exclaimed "birthday!, birthday!, birthday!"

So here's where the poll comes in. Here is what our yard looked like on Caroline's birthday:

That was almost SIX months ago. Here are the other facts:
  • I'm not really sure how Caroline picked up the word "birthday". She started saying it about a month ago for her Berenstein Bear book "Too Much Birthday".
  • We don't read the book "Too Much Birthday" very often - I'd say maybe once every 2 months. And the book does not have any pictures that look like the 2 above.
  • We haven't been to many birthday parties since Caroline's. I can think of 2: one for cousin Anna Grace which was mostly indoors and one for our friend Rachel which was at a park. However, Anna Grace's party was only 4 weeks after Caroline's so that's still almost FIVE months ago. And we didn't really talk up the word "birthday" for either of these.
 So the BIG question on my mind it possible that she was remembering her own birthday party in our backyard??

No way, right? What do you think?

P.S. After Caroline asked me if the chili cook-off was a birthday party, I told her it was a party and there would be children and babies. From then on, she said "chilchen" and "babies" until the people started pouring in. =)

P.P.S. If children have long lasting memories starting at this age, I got to quit doing some things that I may be blackmailed for later!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Since I have this fun camera...

You can follow us through our typical day. I'll start with the afternoon and evening of Monday and then flow into the morning on Tuesday.


Caroline follows me everywhere around the house with her stroller and babies.

She is usually pretty clinging this time of day. So she often holds my legs and says "Up please!"
 "Why is Mommy taking so many pictures of me?"

Caroline wore these tights on Monday with her jumper. Everything she wore that day was a hand-me-down from Adam's coworker. We are much appreciative!!

There are some tantrums.

Fast forward to bath time. A very happy time.

"Splash, splash, splash!"

Even when I drain the tub completely, she is content to sit there and continue playing.

And now Tuesday morning

Her hair is REALLY in her face in the mornings! But she doesn't care =)

On this particular morning she was still a little sleepy. She kept saying "Night, night" and sticking her head in her stroller.

She loves to try and put on her socks and shoes.

Read a book with Daddy.

And then we are out the door!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Fun at the Fair

Which would you choose - 1) Free entry to the fair at lunch where you pay $5/person to enter, but you get your money back as long as you leave before 2pm or 2) Pay the premium price of $10/person so that your 1 year old can see the fair lights??

Most sane people would choose #1, but the Beams are not like most sane people. Adam really wanted Caroline to see the fair lights so we took her on Thursday night. She was definitely excited to see them as she would spontaneously clap and say "Yay!" throughout the evening =)

Once we entered the gates we had to ride the carousel. I got to take Caroline first. Of course we all know this tradition is more for the parents =) We were first in line so we rushed to a horse near Adam for a photo op.

However, once the ride got going, Caroline realized there were other horses with no one riding them. She felt sorry for those poor horses. She began pointing at the other horses and saying "horse, horse!" I told her "No, we have to stay on this horse." But the grass is always greener on the other side and Caroline dove off her horse into my arms.

This was not a slow carousel so I had to regain my balance when she did that. Once I got my bearings, I plopped her on that gray horse thinking she will be satisfied. But of course that only lasted about 5 seconds and she wanted on yet a different one again! After she dove into my arms a second time, we just stood still the rest of the ride.

We decided to go eat some dinner. Caroline enjoyed mostly food from home, but she did try some of my corn dog and some Fiske fries. Adam had one of those Itailan sausage things. She really could not stop clapping and "Yay"ing through dinner.

We went through all of the barns of animals and through the miniature petting zoo. Caroline loved the animals.
Adam and I completed our fair tradition of eating the deep fried Snickers bar. We always share one. It is SO GOOD!

And then Adam thought he would give the carousel a try with Caroline. He thought that maybe she would do better if he rode with her.

But before the ride actually started, an usher came and told him only one person could be on the horse. So Adam got off the horse and stood beside it holding on to Caroline. About 5 seconds into the ride, Caroline felt bad for the other horses again and repeated her act of diving off and begging to switch =)

After seeing this, Adam and I were not about to let her try any of the other rides. Even though she meets the height requirement, she definitely doesn't meet the sit still requirement! That is something we will have to work on for next year =)


Caroline gets very excited when she see "punkins". She loves seeing them at the grocery store and at people's houses. She says "punkins" over and over again to make sure you see them too. Adam and I thought it would be fun to take her to a pumpkin patch this year. We decided to check out Clinton Sease's Farm in Lexington. It is mostly known for it's corn maze and other crazy mazes. We did not attempt any of the mazes as it would not be worth the money to take 1 year old through that especially with nap time on the horizon. Maybe when she's older. We went to the patch with my aunt, uncle, cousin and my grandmother. Some of them really enjoyed the mazes.

We first decided to pick out our pumpkin and a couple of gourds from the patch.

Caroline took off with this tiny pumpkin.

That is one weird gourd.

Me, Caroline and Grandma Barnett. We are waiting on the hay ride to start.

Eating a snack while waiting for the hay ride.

Enjoying the hay ride.

Then we enjoyed sticking our heads through the board cut outs. Caroline was enthralled and kept looking down. I did not get a single picture of her looking up!

See....still looking down.

Now she is trying to dive through the hole.

Luckily, my cousin got one picture of her sticking her head through =)

And the Beam family approves of the pumpkin patch tradition. Maybe we will do it again next year.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

playing around

I'm playing with a camera for a couple of weeks....

We went to meet the fam for lunch. This beautiful little girl is my niece born 5 months before Caroline. Her name is Kayden.

 I LOVE this picture! I just wished I had moved the glass of tea and it would be perfect (for my standards). This is Kayden playing with Grandma.
Caroline is studying something with Grandma.
 And this handsome little man is my nephew Anthony. He's 4.5 years old. Doesn't he look like he could be mine and Adam's? My sister married a red head like me so we can easily claim each other's children.
 Caroline is giving Kayden a hug. It's one of those tired hugs where she just continued to lay down afterward.
 Caroline, Kayden and Grandma. There was no hope of getting all 3 to look at the camera, but they were having fun.
 And this pretty princess is my other niece Audry. Isn't she a doll? She is a little more than 4 months older than Caroline. And she is Anthony's little sister.

Go Crusaders!

We went up to North Greenville on Saturday to watch the NGU football game with Papa. Papa's birthday was on Friday and so was my Grandma's (Happy Birthday, Grandma!). And the NGU Homecoming game was this weekend so it worked out perfect. Adam's dad is a vice president for NGU so we got to sit in the President's box.

Nana bought Caroline a Crusaders Cheerleading outfit last year. The smallest size they come in is a 2T, which was sad for last year, but it's perfect this year. Caroline was an excellent cheerleader clapping often and saying "Yay!"

Enjoying the wonderful weather with Aunt Amber, who just got engaged!!!

With Nana and Papa

Smiling with Aunt Alli, who is a Freshman at NGU.
 Alli is going to dare the bouncy houses that they put out for homecoming - some pregame festivities.
 She enjoyed the slide and talked about it the rest of the night =)
 It's going to be a long football game because I only took a 30 min nap!

 Begging Aunt Amber for some boiled peanuts. She ate more than her fair share!
 And then she tuckered out in Daddy's arms.

Happy Birthday Papa and Grandma Barnett - we love you!