Wednesday, December 22, 2010

19 months

Well, we are past the half way mark again. My little baby is on her way to the big 2 and I don't think there is anything I can do to stop it. Caroline turned 19 months on December 13th. I'm posting this super late, but we've been super busy.

Caroline never ceases to amaze me. We've had a very busy month with Adam and I both being so involved in our church's Christmas program and getting ready for Christmas. The week of the Christmas program, Caroline was passed around like a sack of potatoes and she was such a champ. On Sunday, she sat through the 4pm show with my parents and she was completely mesmerized. I am so proud of her.

And she's learned so much this month. She has started saying sentences. I'm not sure how this one happened. The first time I heard her do it was when we were getting out of the car to get her flu shot. She slurred together a 7+ word sentence. I just kind of looked at her like "who said that?" Later that night, my cousin came over to babysit and Caroline did it again. My cousin and her mom watch Caroline everyday while I'm at work so she was in shock like me. Anyway, since then Caroline has been doing it a lot, but usually 3-5 word sentences. Every once in a while she'll say a really long one, but the words are all slurred together. When she says a 3-5 word sentence the words are pretty clear. Things like:
  • "Bye, bye Mommy. See you later."
  • "Read the book."
  • "There he is."
  • "Where is Caroline? There she is."
  • "Go get it Mommy."
  • "Mommy, come here!"
  • "Get it in there!"
  • "ready for the show" (partial sentence, but 4 words)
The fact that she is using parts of speech that I can't even identify is what baffles me. I just know noun, verb and adjective. She's starting to use all those other ones.

She also has learned several shapes this month. We have a good shape book and it has become one of her new favorites meaning we read it at least 15 times a day. Keep in mind that I work so 15 times a day means in the time that I was home before bed! She now knows: Square, Circle, Triangle, Rectangle, Diamond, Heart, Star, Oval. She can identify all of these outside of the book as long as they are perfectly that shape.

I'm pretty sure she knows the colors Blue, Pink, Orange and Green. I don't think she knows the others. She isn't very consistent with them.

Caroline has been singing a ton this month! I love hearing it. It is mostly speak-singing. Here is how she sings a couple of songs:

Happy Birthday: "Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you." and on and on.
Bahbah Black Sheep: "Yes sir. Yes sir. Yes sir. Yes sir. Baaahhh sheep."
Mary Had a Little Lamb: "Maaarrrr little lamb. Maaarrrr little lamb. Maaarrr little lamb. snow white."
Itsy Bitsy Spider: "Sy fighter up spout. (humming). Washed fighter out! (humming). Sy fighter again!"
Patty Cake: "pat cake, pat cake.....roll it...pat it...C" (We say "Mark it with a C for Caroline and me." so that's why she says C.)

All of these except for Happy Birthday are new this month. You can often find her singing them by herself as she is "reading" her nursery rhymes book. She also has several names for songs that she will request us sing. "Jesus" is Jesus loves me. "Round and round" is The Wheels on the Bus. And there are a bunch more.

She's still not very interested in feeding herself. She only feeds herself yogurt. I've decided I'm not going to push this at all. If the doc says it's an issue at our 2 year appt then we will revisit it, but until then I'm just going to let her do what she wants.

Some of our funnies from this month are:
  • Every morning, Caroline walks into the family room, stands in front of the lit Christmas tree and claps and says "pretty tree!"
  • A few weeks ago she was playing with her plastic nativity set. She told me "go potty?" So we wandered down the hall to take a look at the potty. I want to encourage her curiosity. Little did I know she was telling me the wise man needed to go to the potty and he about took a swim. I saved him just as she was tossing him in. We decided to change his diaper instead.
  • We've been reading the book "Jingle Bugs" since July. Caroline loves it because it is a pop-up book. So when all the stockings, Christmas tree, ornaments, and such actually came out Caroline new exactly what to say "Ho-ho-ho Santa chimmey!"
  • Caroline has to say the blessing many many times at each meal. If new food is added to her plate, or if someone joins the table late, or if she switches between using a utensil and using her hand, or for just no reason at all. Of course we feel obligated to do so. How do you say "no" to that?
  • My sis-in-law and I were getting fitted for our bridesmaids' dresses today at a bridal store in Greenville. Caroline walked up to a very gaudy, large, tiered silver and gold dress and said "pretty tree!" I think she thought the dress was a Christmas tree - lol!
  • Caroline loves to talk about the potty in very public places. She sings the potty song at the most awkward times.
  • Caroline loves "shopping" and if you ever ask her "Where are you going?" she will reply "shopping".
  • When shopping with Caroline she will point to anything and everything and squeal "How cute!!" She even does this at the grocery store.

Not a lot of pictures this month. I still need to upload from my camera. We have some Christmas ones that I will be posting soon.

Friday, December 17, 2010

What a blessing...

What a blessing it was to play the part of Mary in our church's Christmas pageant this year. And I mean it was a blessing.
  • To have no less than 7 choir ladies praying over me during every performance - individually.
  • To know that the prayer group at our church had been praying over me and the performances since October.
  • To be adored by so many children in the program (the Mary costume is a kid magnet!!) and to be constantly told by them how pretty I am and how much they love my singing. 
  • To have my parents and in-laws drive into town to watch.
I love my church family and I know they love me, but it was such a sweet reminder....just to be blessed like that. 

The best part of this particular role was the monologue I got to deliver. It tells the true meaning of Christmas. So many times we think of Christmas as Jesus' birthday (if we remember to do that), but the reason His birthday is so special is because of what He came to do....

"Fifteen hundred years. Fifteen hundred years of trying to obey the law of Moses. Not one law, but five hundred laws. My parents and grandparents and more than fifteen generations before them have tried in vain to be perfect.

"More than fifteen generations of souls have suffered in the wretched prison of the law.

"Every time we sin, we must sacrifice a lamb. Again and again. Endless sacrifice. Endless blood.

"And now it's my turn. Now it's my soul that's in prison. Now it's my turn to sacrifice.

"The prophet Isaiah said that one day a savior would come and set us free. I need that savior. Please God, I need my savior to come now."

After the monologue, the story picks up with Gabriel coming to tell Mary she will have a son - the Son of God. I really enjoyed playing this role in our program this year. Learning the lines and the songs has blessed me since we got the music and script in August.

So what I didn't mention was that the program was a Singing Christmas tree. Shandon Baptist Church is pretty famous for it's Singing Christmas tree. However, it had been 7 years since our church had done it and since Adam and I have only been member for 5.5 years, we have never been in a Singing Christmas tree. It was definitely a fun way to deliver the message and celebrate.

So here are some photos...

Adam in the tree.

Adam took this one himself with his phone. I love the view.

Me playing Mary.

And an overall picture to give you the idea.