Sunday, January 30, 2011

Random thoughts about a new addition

I have so many random thoughts and worries about adding our new addition. I thought I would just write them down. Maybe other mommies can give me some advice.
  • I'm pretty emotional about putting Miss C in a big girl bed. I feel like this is the one thing that SHE is going to have to change for the new baby. I never felt this way about potty training because we decided to do that before I even knew I was pregnant and it had nothing to do with an impending addition - she was just ready to do it. But she's not crawling out of her crib. She's not too big for it. The only reason she needs to move out is because there is a new baby coming and I feel really guilty about that. I know it is the most sensible thing to do. We would probably move her to a big girl bed shortly after she turned 2 anyway. This will just be a few months earlier. And we already have an extra bed for her so this will mean we don't have to buy any new furniture. We plan to move her the first week in March. She will probably do so much better than I will =)
  • We had a 16 week appointment last week. Little Bit's heart rate was down to the 140s. At our last two appointments it was in the 170s and 180s. Caroline's was always in the 140s. The highest was 154. (I can't believe I remember that.)
  • I can already feel "Little Bit" moving around so much. I know you will think I'm crazy, but I started to feel a little movement at 12 weeks. At 16 weeks, I can feel the kicks OUTside my stomach sometimes. The first time I felt Caroline move, it was just the flutters at 16 weeks. I was about 19 weeks when I first felt her kick OUTside my tummy. I totally attribute this to how active this kid is. This kid was swimming and flipping like crazy at our ultrasound at 12 weeks =) If this baby's in-utero personality is anything like the real personality, I'm going to be running around like crazy instead of sitting on the couch reading books all day.
  • If you ask Caroline where the baby is, she will point at my stomach. We often ask her if it is a brother or a sister and she just stares at us blankly.
  • After Caroline was born, I thought that when I was pregnant again, I would bond even more with that baby because I would understand the end result better. But I was almost 9 weeks pregnant, when I was in the car one day and realized I hadn't yet sung songs to Little Bit yet. I used to sing songs to Caroline all the time in-utero. I guess what they say is true - it's easier to focus on the things that are right in front of you. And so far that has been how this is going to affect Caroline and what I need to do for her that day. This is definitely something that disappoints me. I guess this is my first lesson in guilt that comes with having more than one child. The guilt of meeting one child's needs and ignoring another's. 
  • I'm still sick way more than I was at this point in my pregnancy with Caroline, but it seems to be getting better. I hate not being myself. I hate that I'm grumpy a lot. Adam gets the brunt of it. 
  • I'm definitely nervous about carrying Little Bit full term. I didn't carry Caroline full term and there is no real reason why. She was just one baby and only 6.5 pounds. I really want Little Bit to bake as long as possible.
  • Adam has been so wonderful through this pregnancy. He makes dinner when I can't look at food. He has swept and mopped our kitchen at least 7 times in the last 16 weeks (probably more often then I would have mopped it if I wasn't pregnant). He cleans up the kitchen before I even have a chance to ask for help. I am so thankful for him.

Bad habits that just won't quit

Over the last several months, Caroline has developed some bad habits that I was hoping would just go away. However, they are still here.

1 - calling me "Ashley" and when I still don't answer "Ashley Beam" and when I still don't answer "Babe" (because that's what Adam calls me)

2 - saying "shoot", which totally came from me. I was completely unaware that my 14 month old would start copying what I was saying until that day.

3 - saying "too fat" - that's right, my 20 month old says "too fat." I did not teach her this one. This is another one where she was just repeating what the other person said. So when something doesn't fit, she says "too fat". When she asks me to sit in her cozy coupe and I reply "Mommy can't fit in there", Caroline says "too fat." When she takes out all the condiments from the refrigerator side door and can't quite get them to fit back in the door when she is done, she says "too fat." (This one has also been going on since she was about 15 months old.) I'm just dreading the day when she offends someone with this one by telling them they are "too fat."

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Serenaded by Caroline

This is Caroline's medley of "Twinkle, Twinkle", "Rock-a-bye baby", "Old McDonald" and "The Itsy Bitsy Spider". This is the order these songs are in one of her books so they often follow one another.

You'll have to turn your volume up really loud. She's sings pretty quietly. Also, I wasn't sure if she would keep singing if she knew I was videoing - that is why you are looking at the back of her head for most of it.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

PT - all the fun and none of the TMI

I had this really long blog post prepared about potty training. It included a long defense of why we decided to train our 19 month old. I held onto it and worked on it for the last 2 weeks and I have finally decided that  I don't want to post it. I shouldn't have to defend my parenting decisions especially when Adam and I know it was the right decision for Caroline. What I will say is this: if you had asked me about potty training 6 months ago, I would have thought you were crazy. I didn't plan to PT until Caroline was close to 2.5 or at least 2. I thought people who PT their children before 2 years old were pushing their children. But Caroline has taught me differently. She continues to teach me that every child is different. She may have never crawled. She may have been almost 13 months old before she could pull herself up, but she was ready to PT at least 3 months ago.

That being said, I have really enjoyed PT Caroline. Sure it has had it's moments, but overall it has been a great experience. Here are some fun things said or done over the last 2.5 weeks:

  • Caroline loved to tell me to "listen" and then ask "hear it?" in hopes that she could be done and get off the pot. Of course, there was nothing to be heard.
  • Day 2 of training: Good news - no accidents. Bad news - she literally didn't go to the potty all day. She waited until nap and bedtime when we put a diaper on her. Her bladder is unreal.
  • Caroline loves to distract us from the task at hand by talking about, singing about anything she thinks of. She cracks me up! She talks about the shapes and objects on the shower curtain. She pretends to sneeze and says "God bless you!"
  • Caroline was banned from her high chair on the morning of official Day 2. After 3 accidents in that one spot, I got concerned that it was becoming a "safe spot". From then on she ate meals in the floor of the kitchen. This made her very sad. She absolutely loves her high chair. It also made meal time a lot more difficult. She has become more of a grazer - a habit we will have to break once this is all over. **Update: Caroline was restored to her high chair after a really successful day on Day 4. She often reminds us "No teetee in high chair."
  • Potty training - much like pregnancy - brings out the stretchy pants with elastic waste bands. Jeans and corduroys are much more difficult to manage. Most pants like this are not exactly in style so Caroline's wardrobe for next few months is probably going to be lacking - poor girl and poor Mommy. I sure do love to dress her cute.
  • Day 3 of training - Caroline is coming up with even more distractions. All while sitting on the pot Caroline says, "Blessing? Blessing? Thank you God for food. Amen!" And I reply, "That's sweet Caroline, but we are not eating and you need to use the potty."
  • Whenever Caroline has successes she said "Yay Mommy!" as if I was the one who accomplished something and I reply "Yay CAROLINE!"
  • I often remind Caroline "Tell Mommy if you have to go potty" and she ALWAYS replies "Tell Daddy!" - just fine with me - we will let your Daddy take care of it ;)
  • We have this great song for potty training that came with this 1990s movie "Once Upon a Potty". The chorus goes something like this: "Weewee goes there. Poopoo goes there. Daddy wipes behind me and that is that!" Caroline loves to sing this part in all public places =)
  • Whilst on the pot one day, Daddy said to Caroline "Go potty." And Caroline replied "Go Gamecocks!" - haha she knows the way to her Daddy's heart.
  • One of the many pot sessions, I sat ... frustrated ... with my head in my palms. Caroline whispered, "Where's Mommy?" I smiled and looked up. Caroline answered "There she is!"
  • Sometimes Caroline tells me the teetee is "stuck".
  • Whenever we wash our hands, Caroline asks if the water is "too hot?" because one time Adam was helping her wash her hands and the water got way too hot for her. 
  • Caroline recently started saying "Oh Care-line!" when she needs to go. It is beyond precious.
  • Another one of Caroline favorite lines from the potty song is "Gonna figure it out!" She repeats this line at the top of her lungs =)
She's a hoot =)

Snow days

The snow has been unprecedented this winter and since we were in Greenville over Christmas we actually had a "White Christmas". The snow began coming down around 5pm on Christmas Day and didn't stop until the next day. And then we had another great snow less than 2 weeks later.

This face about sums up how Caroline felt about the snow both times.

As she attempted to walk through the thick snow, you could hear her whine/cry "Oh feet....oh feet."

We tried to play a little, but it just wasn't that fun. Oh well. Maybe next year.
 Adam enjoyed it though.
 And built this awesome snow man during the Greenville Christmas snow.

20 months

Caroline turned 20 months old on the 13th of this month. I'm just loving watching her personality develop everyday. One of the fun things we got to do this month was play with cousins. I never really get to see Caroline interact with other children. Pretty much the only time she is around other children her age is at church on Sundays and Wednesdays. I drop her off so I don't get to see how she plays with others. Even when we do get to see cousins, it is usually for a limited time and Caroline usually needs a day or two to warm up to others. Since we were in Greenville for a whole week, Caroline got pretty warmed up =)

I really wasn't expecting much. I wasn't even sure she would acknowledge other children, but boy was I in for a surprise. Caroline had a ball talking to all of them - and telling them what to do. She is quite bossy. All the family enjoyed hearing Caroline tell the others to "Sha-are!", in what my dad called a Benny Hinn voice. She understands "sharing" when it comes to others sharing with her. However, she didn't seem to understand that she also must share. My niece Kayden and Caroline enjoyed many meals together in high chairs near each other. They would exchange encouragements for one another. Caroline would say "Good job Kayden" and then clap. Kayden would reply "Good job Care-line" also clapping. This exchange would go back and forth many times leaving us parents wondering what the children had done to deserve a "good job". And one of my favorites was that Kayden and Caroline got confused as to who "Daddy" was. Kayden would point to her daddy and say "Daddy". Caroline would say "No. Daddy sleeping." because her daddy was upstairs. It was just so cool to see them play together like that.

Here are some other fun things about Caroline this month:
  • Caroline really gets her pronouns mixed up, but it is so adorable. She says all of the following:
    • "Help you" - meaning you need to come help me
    • "Hold you" - meaning pick me up and hold me
    • "I'll get it" - meaning you should get it
    • "Get you out" - meaning you need to get me out of the high chair, car seat, etc.
    • One of the funniest is "Hold her". She says this because of how many times I have asked Adam to "hold her". The first time she said it, I felt like a bad mom, but she is really heavy and my back can't hold her for hours.
  • Have I mentioned that Caroline knows her right and left? Yeah...probably not because it makes me feel pretty dumb. I still don't know my right from left well - I have to think about it. So are you smarter than a 20 month old? - I'm not. She knows these because Adam has worked with her on it. She doesn't know the concepts. She knows which of her arms and legs is the right and left.
  • She also sings the ABC's all the way through now. You will often find her singing it while she is  playing with her blocks or ABC books. She has a few letters she always skips like "E" and of course "LMNOP" is all kind of mushed together.
  • Caroline is potty trained(ing). I'm still not sure when you can declare you are done, but she's pretty awesome at it if I do say so myself. This new accomplishment really makes her seem so much older to me.
  • Caroline is singing like crazy! I need to video this more. She is almost always singing a song and she gets more and more of the words to the songs everyday.
  • Caroline's pretending is so sweet and so fun to watch. She's been pretending for a while, but I now get to see her hold conversations with her babies and toys. A week ago she held up her 2 giraffes that go with her Noah's ark and one said "Hey. How are you doing?", the other replied quietly and trailing off to a whisper, "Just fine. Just fine. Just fine." She for real said all those words. I want to sit down sometime soon and just write everything she says for 30 minutes. She talks nonstop and I'm pretty sure she is saying exactly what she is thinking. It's awesome to think that I'm getting a glimpse into the thoughts of a 20 month old. 
  • Caroline is all about finding stuff this month. From "find Mommy" to "find drink" to find a particular toy. We go and "find" things all day.
  • She has also picked up the phrase "goodness gracious!" (from me) and will say it anytime someone coughs or burps - how thoughtful!
  • She loves putting her milk in the refrigerator after every little sip. I showed her this concept at Nana's over Christmas and she loves it. Of course, Adam or I one have to open the refrigerator for her, but then she puts it on the shelf that is just her height. She says "fridgerator" very well. I'm pretty sure that's exactly how I say it too so I can't fault her for not saying the "re".
  • We bought her the Cinderella golden book for Christmas. The book looked really long - definitely longer than any of the books we have attempted to read her, but she loves "Cinlella". So we thought we would give it a try. She sits contentedly while we read it and asks us to read it over and over. I'm so impressed with her love for books - she is definitely Adam's child. 
  • We have watched a little TV this month. It kinda got introduced with the potty training - sort of as a reward - but not on purpose. We don't really own any kid movies so we have been limited to the potty movie and The Little Mermaid. It has been really fun watching Caroline interact with the TV and say things like "Oh no!!" and "Ariel!!" and "Yay!" But it also makes me appreciate the "no TV" environment we usually have when she's awake. The house is just quieter and more peaceful with the TV off.
  • Caroline's 2 favorite things right now are Hello Kitty and the Disney Princesses. And she calls Hello Kitty "Hey Kitty". It is precious. 
  • Caroline hasn't started saying "my" or "mine" yet, but we are certainly close. Everything has her name in front of it like "Care-line high chair", "Care-line bowl", "Care-line fork", etc.
  • She went through a quick phase a couple of weeks ago where she would call me "Ashley Beam." She only did it a few times in a couple of days. I just ignored her.
  • We went and visited my great-grandmother over Christmas. She is 103. It's probably been close to 2 months since our last visit, but Caroline seemed to really remember. At one point she leaned in close to Mama and said loudly "Ashley.....Ashley.....Ashley." I'm pretty sure she was remembering me saying my name to my great-grandmother really loudly to let her know who was visiting since she can't see anymore and has a lot of trouble hearing. She was very gentle and sweet to Mama giving her a hug and a kiss before we left.  
  • Caroline is enthralled with animals. Both Adam's parents and my parents have a dog. Caroline loved to chase the dogs and "pet her" and "kiss her". She was very sweet and gentle and the dogs seemed to really like her too. My parents have a shidzu and Adam's parents have a beagle. So neither of the dogs is very big. We went over to my sister's house one day and she has a large black and white mutt. Caroline immediately called it "cow." I guess compared to the other small dogs it looked like a cow.
And some pictures:

Caroline enjoying a good book on cousin Audry's bed. Not a very good picture, but I love that she has her legs crossed.

Caroline and cousin Audry eating lunch.

Christmas Day - Caroline was one sick little girl so she got lots of extra loving.

Enjoying a wagon ride with cousin Audry.

Playing with Aunt Amber in the tent.

Nana has a cool reindeer rocking horse.

Caroline got 4 Disney princess Barbie dolls for Christmas from Grandma. She loves to take them places and do their hair. She also loves to have many "bows" in her own hair. (Notice that the Barbie has a barrette in her hair.)

Notice that Barbie is buckled!

Caroline in the process of buckling Barbie.

Caroline and I playing piano.

Caroline grocery shopping with her new shopping cart.


Caroline moved all of her peanut butter and jelly sandwich into the far corner of the plate so she could see "Hey Kitty".

Caroline colored on the kitchen cabinets last week (ignore the peeling paint). It's a long story, but basically Adam and I dragged out her "punishment" too long and she lost site of what she had done wrong. She now points to this cabinet and says "No teetee on walls." Which is good. We don't want her to teetee on the walls either, but that's not what she did.

Caroline was attacking me with hugs from the back the other day so Adam snapped a picture of one of them.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our dramatic trip to the ER

Really long post with very few pictures so skip if you aren't interested.

Sometime on Wednesday, December 22nd Caroline started running a fever. It was low grade and very consistent with her buckets of drool that were pouring out of her mouth and her soaked clothes. I completely attributed it to teething and didn't medicate it at all.

On Thursday morning it was much the same. Sometime in the afternoon the fever rose to 101.5 and I realized this was not teething. Her teething fevers never get that high. So we went out and bought infant ibuprofen, infant acetaminophen. We only gave her the ibuprofen but we went ahead and got both just in case. Thursday night was awful. Caroline was up every other hour and was inconsolable. Her fever stayed at about 101.5 so we began alternating the ibuprofen and the acetaminophen. What bothered me the most was that it didn't seem to matter what we gave her - her fever stayed the same. Another thing that bothered me was all the yellow and green that began pouring out her nose and was matted all in her hair (TMI - I know).

I knew I was under dosing her on both of the medicines. I was dosing her for her age and not her weight. I wanted to be careful because we have never alternated medicines with her before.

On Friday nothing seemed to get better. We alternated the medicines and her fever remained between 100.5 and 101.5. Around 2:00 pm we decided to call our pediatrician back in Cola. Of course they were closed. It was Christmas Eve. So I left a message on the Nurse Hot line not exactly optimistic that my phone call would be returned. Within 5 minutes, she called back. She told me Caroline needed to be seen by a physician and our best bet would be an urgent care or an emergency room. Of course the thought of an emergency room brought the pregnant emotional momma to tears, but I knew it was really an "emergency". We drove by the 2 urgent cares in Greer, SC and both were closed so then it was off to the Greer Memorial Hospital emergency room.

There was no one in the waiting room when we arrived - a huge answer to prayer! We got to go right on back. Caroline initial temperature was 102.5 and at that time she was on both of the medicines. I wasn't surprised though - I could tell it was rising. Adam and I took turns laying on the hospital bed with Caroline trying to comfort her.

After about 45 minutes the doctor finally came in to do his assessment. Without even examining her, the doctor mentioned he did not like the way she was breathing. She was panting pretty heavily. He said that RSV was going around. I responded that Caroline was not a sickly child. She had her very first antibiotic 4 weeks ago with her very first ear infection. That seemed to satisfy his RSV concerns. He did say that I was under dosing Caroline and he gave me the precise doses for her exact weight. He then ordered the nurse to immediately give her acetaminophen (still about an hour early) and decided he wanted a chest X-ray for her breathing.

Caroline was awesome during the chest X-ray. Not so awesome when they gave her the medicine, which is strange because she loves "messine". I think all the nurses forcing it down her throat was what bothered her. She got to sit up for her X-ray and they put a protector in her lap. The X-ray technician gave her a little stuffed doggy and a big 'ol sticker that said "Princess". At the time, she didn't really care about either of them.

After about 30 minutes on the acetaminophen, I could tell her temp was not going down. When the nurse stuck her head in, I told her so and she said we would just wait for the doctor.

The doctor came back another 30 minutes later. Chest X-ray was clear, so were her lungs, so were her ears (little irritated but not infected), and so was her throat (also irritated but not infected). He still wasn't pleased with her breathing and when the nurse retook her temp it was 103. He ordered some ibuprofen and also decided to put her on an antibiotic (zithromax). Even though there were no signs that she needed an antibiotic he said there were some types of bacteria that didn't show up on X-rays and he wanted to be safe.

The extra dose of ibuprofen did the trick. Caroline's temp started to go down and she began to notice her big princess sticker. We left at around 7:30.

Caroline had a slightly better night - mostly because she was so drugged on medicines. And we were able to keep her temperature under control for the next few days. However she was still oozing green and yellow, she began to develop a really chesty cough and she just didn't play. To say she was clinging to mommy is an understatement!

So I scheduled an appointment with our pediatrician as soon as we got back in town. We got back Monday at midnight so the appointment was Tuesday morning. Since we were controlling Caroline's fever, the doc didn't really have a good basis for if this was viral or bacterial. So she decided to do a blood test - Caroline's very first finger prick. I have to say - it pretty much ruined the doctor trip. From the finger prick on Caroline cried in my arms - not so much because it hurt but because she just plain felt bad and wanted to go home. The blood test came back as bacterial. The doctor surmised this was a sinus infection. I asked why the zithromax antibiotic had not worked. She said that zithromax is great for lung bacteria, which is probably why the other doc had prescribed it. She said she would have done the same thing if she had seen Caroline panting. Now Caroline is on day 3 of Cefdinir. Apparently this antibiotic and penicillin are great at ears, nose and throat stuff. And it must really be because even after one dose, Caroline was a new child. Praise God!

She is now sleeping great and eating much better.

I really loved our doctor in the ER. He even called us on Christmas Day to follow up and see how Caroline was. Of course at that time she had shown some minor improvement so I thought we were on our way out of it and I didn't ask him any questions. Oh well.

And that was a dramatic ER trip.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Another Recruit for the Beam Team

And wouldn't that be awesome?? But actually, I'm the one whose pregnant. Adam was trying on my fake belly from when I played Mary in the church Christmas program.

Baby #2 is on the way and we are really excited about it. I'm due July 11th, which means if I make it to term Caroline will be almost 26 months older than her sibling. I'm currently 13 weeks along.

This pregnancy has been very different from my first. The first trimester has been a bear (vomited 2 nights ago so it's still not over!). I'm sure other people have worse ones, but it was a surprise to me. I think the worse symptom I've had is the night nausea. Many nights it is so bad that I can't sleep. Hopefully all of that will be over soon and I can move on to the honeymoon trimester. At least that's how it was with Caroline. If this trimester is any indication, this child will be a rebel for sure.

Other interesting things:
  • I thought I might be pregnant more than a week before I could take a test.  I was insanely emotional over stupid stuff. It was not like me at all. It has continued to be a very emotional pregnancy - I cry a lot - country songs are the worst. 
  • Also one week before I could take a pregnancy test, I ate an entire bag of popcorn and drank a glass of milk with it 3 nights in a row. Kinda gross when I think about it. With Caroline I experienced no symptoms until I was 6 weeks along. This would have been about 3 weeks. 
  • Two days before Thanksgiving I vomited more than a dozen times in the span of 4 hours.
  • Another weird preggo symptom this time is car sickness. I quickly discovered it didn't even matter if I was driving. I still got so incredibly car sick. Adam got very good at layering himself so he could drive with the windows rolled down.
  • We got to have 2 early ultrasounds - one at 9 weeks which is typical at my OB's practice and one at 12 weeks because it was the week after Christmas and they were low on staff so instead of a Doppler reading I got a full ultrasound! It is truly amazing how much the baby changed in just 3 weeks!
  • Caroline announced to both sets of our parents while we were home for Christmas by wearing a shirt that said "Big Sister". The first time I asked her what her shirt said she pointed at the "B" and said "4", then at the "i" and said "1" and then at the "g" and said "6". I thought it was awesome! I told her it said "Big Sister" and now she says "Big sister" in the sweetest voice. But yeah.....she has no clue =)

Here we are...the three of us with Caroline showing off her "Big sister" shirt.

We sure had a great time surprising our families over the Christmas holidays and I have to say that I have a wonderful hubby. Since I've been sick, most days he takes over all things Caroline, all things dishes, all things laundry, all things grocery shopping and all things cooking. What a blessing!!

And finally, I must add that I wouldn't trade all the sickness in the world. Adam and I feel so blessed to be having another one and we are excited to meet him/her.

    Saturday, January 1, 2011

    A pic for Grandpa

    Caroline thinks of you often...

    (Caroline is practicing one of Grandpa's tricks. He can make his cheek make a big popping sound with just one finger.)

    Our Christmas

    This is our 6th Christmas together as a married couple and I'm beginning to love our little traditions.

    Every year we go and chop down a real tree at Bear Creek Farms in Chapin - Adam wouldn't have it any other way. We also always pick up some beautiful poinsettias that they grow. They never disappoint However, this year I was feeling really ambitious. I wanted to get the ones in the hanging baskets. We have 2 hooks perfect for hanging baskets on our front porch. A couple of days after being outside on our porch they began to wilt and fall apart. I soon learned from my aunt that poinsettias are extremely delicate and meant to be indoor flowers. And I declared the fact that they are selling these in hanging baskets false advertisement! Do not be fooled into buying them for outdoor use!

    Anyway, back to fun stuff, we went to Bear Creek Farms the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Caroline was so much more fun this year. She really enjoyed looking at all the trees.

    I found one!

    Back at the house. Oops! We got a tree too big AGAIN!

    After a little trimming we were on our way to decorating.

    Checking out the ornament Nana bought her this year.

    Hanging up the ornament Nana bought her this year.

    And tada! This year's tree was our best yet. It practically stood up on it's own. Usually it is a long hassle to get the tree exactly right in the tree stand. It also lasted until New Years Day when we finally took it down.

    Some of my other favorite decorations...

    And a fully dressed dining table.

    Another one of our little Christmas traditions is to have our own Christmas "eve" dinner. We have always gone out of town for Christmas in our 6 years of marriage and we have always wanted to open gifts from each other on our own. So we designate a day sometime before we go out of town to be OUR Christmas day. The night before we enjoy a home-cooked dinner on our fancy china and then the next morning is "Christmas morning". This year we had our dinner on Friday, December 17th.

    I dialed down our dining table for a more intimate setting for our little family of 3.

    The menu changes every year. Most often it's Italian, but I wanted steak this year so we went that route. On the menu: Ribeye steak, cauliflower mashed potatoes, freshly snapped green beans, banana pudding, and sparkling grape juice. It was awesome!

    See! Smiles to prove it!

    The next morning was Christmas morning. I wasn't expecting a big reaction from Caroline. She wasn't really interested in her presents at her birthday party back in May. I had to open all of them so I just thought she probably wasn't old enough yet. I was soo wrong! She was delighted with her presents and loved opening them.

    At first she was unsure. I told her at least twice that it was "for Caroline!" before she ran over.

    Love at first sight!

    It was difficult to pry her from the car and get her to open other presents, but once we got her out, she loved opening.

    A box of mega- leggos.

    An Olivia book. Caroline loves Olivia.

    And a real baby doll! She had to sit down and rock her =)

    It was a really fun morning. And Adam and I were so blessed by her enthusiasm! What fun to see her actually go nuts over something. Our mild mannered Caroline never does that. I have a video of her running to her car. I'll post that soon too.

    Of course now that Caroline is here, I apparently took no pictures of what Adam and I gave to each other. It was nothing like a new car, but Adam printed 2 years of my blog in hard back form and I got him a fancy pair of loafers. It was a great Christmas morning!

    And the next day we were off to be with our families for a wonderful and eventful week away.