Monday, March 28, 2011

The big Girl Bed

Caroline moved into the Big Girl Bed on March 6th. I had a lot of anxiety about this move. I was pretty sure she would be fine, but I was not fine. I knew we would be moving her to a full bed and that just seemed enormous for my little girl. She did fabulous and it still doing so great in her bed.
She and I picked out Disney Princess sheets the weekend Adam was really sick. It was one of our many outings that weekend to stay away from his germs. The plan was to move her the next weekend - March 4-6. We ended up not moving her until that Sunday night, March 6th. We wanted to spend a lot of time with her taking down the crib, moving the big bed into her room and putting the sheets on it. We knew we wouldn't have a lot of time to do all of that on Friday night with Adam working and Saturday night Adam and I went to an awards ceremony so we had a babysitter. So that left Sunday night. The afternoon went just like I wanted. We really took the time to talk about the transition with her. She "helped" Adam take apart the crib and helped me put Princess sheets on the bed. She was THRILLED the whole time. I only cried a little bit =)

Caroline was very distracted while Adam took down the crib. She rocked Bubby in the cradle. Again, I learned that the whole ritual of taking down the crib was really for me and not for her.

After seeing her princess sheets on the bed.

Practicing before bedtime.

Reading a story with Daddy in the new bed.
 What the bed looks like with the new quilt I ordered. We also painted a headboard white to go behind it. It is on there now, but not in this picture.

She slept great the whole night and at about 5:00 AM I heard a big thud. I flew to her room as fast as my pregnant legs could carry me. Sure enough she had fallen out of the bed. "Did you not give her a bedrail?, " you ask. Of course we did, but we did not think to put one on the END of the full size bed! She had rolled all the way to the end of the bed and landed on our hardwood floors =( She cried a good bit, but got back in bed and went to sleep. She didn't talk about it at all the next day so I'm pretty sure she forgot that it happened. Because if she remembered - believe me - she would have talked about it all day! The next night I made a pallet of pillows and blankets at the foot of her bed so that if the event repeated itself, she would at least land on something softer than our hardwood floors. Caroline saw it and called it the "other bed" =) She has not fallen out since that first night so the "other bed" has since been removed.

The "other bed"

Caroline is just like her mom in that she is not very coordinated. So she still hasn't quite figured out how to get OUT of the bed by herself. She also still hasn't figured out our door knobs. So this has made the bed feel just like the crib in some ways. This whole theory was even tested a few days ago when Caroline decided for the first time ever that she did NOT want to nap. I put her in the bed, walked out of the room and shut the door. She cried for about 20 minutes before falling asleep but never once got out of the bed. Nice!


Caroline names the princesses in this one. Sleeping Beauty is "Barbie", Beauty is "Booty" and then there is Cinderella.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

22 months (and a half)

This post is super late. I've been swamped at work. So that's my excuse for now, although denial may have something to do with it too =)

Caroline was 22 months old on March 13th. She is becoming so grown up lately. Our biggest change this last month was moving to the big girl bed. And she did awesome! I'll do a separate post about that. We'll just say that the tears were minimal and they were all mine - none for Caroline. Caroline also moved out of the high chair and into a booster seat. I really wanted to make this transition before baby Lucy gets here. Caroline LOVES her high chair. She often points to the words "Eddie Bauer" and says "Caroline!" - meaning she thinks it says her name on it. I don't want her to think in anyway that Lucy is taking that away from her so we moved her to the booster.

Preview of Big Girl Bed

Twice in one week, I saw Caroline approach a child her age and say "Hey Caroline! Hey Caroline!" I knew she was trying to say "Hey. My name is Caroline." It was just precious, but I had to help her out. So we have started to work on that and some other full sentences. About a week ago I started asking her "What's your name?" and teaching her to respond, "My name is Caroline." I also taught her "How old are you?" and she responds, "I'm 2!" (I went ahead and taught her 2 because I figured that's how old she would be when she finally got it.) Except sometimes she says "I'm 6!" I have no idea where the 6 came from, but it is pretty hilarious. She also holds up her hand to show you how old she is but she can't quite get her fingers to make a 2 so she asks for help.

Caroline is definitely going through separation anxiety. We don't have a problem at my aunt's house, but we have a lot of issues at church nursery. It just breaks my heart and makes it so hard for me to leave her. I used to drop her off by myself while Adam parked the car, but now he comes with me to help me peel her off and hand her over. I know she is having a great time. When we come home she talks about her Sunday School teacher and several of her friends in class. She always mentions "Eat crackers. Sit at table. Sit in green chair." The other week she told me that the buggy was broken and it needed a battery. I asked our children's minister and sure enough, one of the Bye-Bye Buggies was broken. Every few Sundays she also has something to say about God or Jesus. I can't always figure out what she is talking about but it puts so much joy in my heart when I hear that. I also just love that she can tell me about her day.

Caroline loves to wear dresses. On Sundays she doesn't want to take off her dress after church. We often let her keep it on if we aren't doing anything that could damage the dress. I caught her telling a little girl at church "Look at my dress!" as she swished it from side to side. It's so fun to see her become more interactive with other children.

Caroline's current favorite food is rice cakes. I think she would turn into a rice cake if I let her eat them as often as she wants them.

Caroline is for the most part a very chill 22 month old. The weekend that Adam was so sick, there was a workshop for the children's choir I direct. It was 2 hours. I had no concerns about waking Caroline up from her Sunday nap 20 minutes early and letting her watch the rehearsal from the stroller with a book, a snack and some water all within reach. She sat still and barely made a peep while watching the children sing for 1 hour and 20 minutes. Then the children began to learn the choreography. At that point, Caroline started to squirm a little in the stroller. I got her out and she danced right along with the kids. She is just such an easy going kid. I love that about her. People can't believe that I take her with me to get my haircut. She just sits in the stroller and watches for 45 minutes.

Don't get me wrong. We have our moments. My aunt has been keeping an 8 month old temporarily for 3 weeks this month. Caroline just loved her new friend, but also picked up some bad habits that are normal for an 8 month old. Squealing is one of them. She was never a squealer - even when it was age appropriate. She has also had to learn how to share toys and be nice. She regularly visits time out and it shows because you will often see her put Bubby or other baby dolls in time out. She did this last Wednesday at church. One of my favorite lectures was when I told her she needed to "obey Mommy". I asked her to say "obey". She replied "Oh babe!" Now she tells Bubby "Oh babe!"

Caroline sings more and more everyday. She also loves to hear Adam and I sing songs to her and for her. Her current top requests are:
"Sha-la-la-la" - "Kiss the Girl" from The Little Mermaid starting at the chorus
"There you see her" - also "Kiss the Girl from The Little Mermaid but you start at the beginning
"Under the Sea" - from The Little Mermaid
"Children" - "Jesus Loves the Little Children"
"Jesus Loves Me"
"Bah bah Black Sheep"
"Old McDonald"

Other pics from this month:

Family afternoon at the Riverwalk:

Bubby needed to sit in the stroller and have a snack.
Caroline chilling in the stroller while Adam ran March for Meals 5K.

Loving on Bubby and Lamb in her car.

Caroline loves to do everyone's hair. Bubby and I each had 4 "bows" and Lamb had 2.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Super husband got super sick

A few weekends ago Adam got super sick. Super sick for Adam means temps that are constantly upwards of 102 and everything that comes with that - body aches, chills, the works. He was pretty much laid up on the couch for 3 days straight. He even slept there for 2 nights refusing to come anywhere near me, Lucy and Caroline.

This happened to be Caroline's first weekend of actually feeling good so every moment that she was awake, I scooped her up and we left the house. I didn't want her to get what Adam had. And thank goodness I was successful. For the first time in this pregnancy, I was doing everything for Caroline - including lifting all 30 pounds of her over and over and over. Boy - did it make me thankful for my super husband.

I so appreciate him and all the help he has been to me over the last 24 weeks. What a blessing! I just don't know how single moms do it.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Name Requirements

Adam and I (well mostly me actually) have name requirements for our children. I actually had more requirements this time around than I did with Caroline. I think it's really fun to try to think of names that meet the requirements and to hear other people's requirements. So here are ours:

  • Has to have more than one syllable. Our last name is so short..."Beam"..just say it. Sometimes when I'm telling people my last name, I have finished saying it before they even ready to listen. So my requirement is more than one syllable for a first name. 
  • Cannot start with an "A". This requirement is true for Child #1 and Child #2, but probably not for Child #3 (if we are so blessed). With Child #1, we felt like we would be establishing a pattern for all names in our family to start with "A" since mine and Adam's names start with "A". With Child #2, we didn't want Caroline to be left out if we only ended up having 2 children. 
  • Cannot start with a "C". This requirement was new for Child #2 and will probably only be a requirement for Child #2. We just don't want to establish a pattern that all of our children's names will start with "C".
  • Must have at least one long vowel sound. This requirement is mine - if you can call it a requirement. I just really like names with long vowel sounds.  
  • Middle name is a family name. Caroline's middle name is "Adair", it comes from my mother's family. Lucy's middle name is undecided, but it will come from Adam's mom's family.
  • Not in the top 20 names for the last year if boy. Not in the top 50 names for last year for girl. We want to try and pick a name that is somewhat unique. Boy names are just harder - so we give ourselves more wiggle room. Caroline was #87 in 2009 and Lucy was #101 in 2009. 2009 is the latest year that BabyCenter publishes data for and that is where I got these figures.
  • A name everyone recognizes. Even though we want a unique name, we don't want it to be so unique that people don't know how to say it.
So what are your "requirements" for names?

Well, hello Lucy =)

Adam and I have pretty much settled on the name "Lucy" for our second little girl. We have yet to determine a middle name.

Lucy is definitely making herself known the last few weeks. And I am finally having some great bonding moments with her like I had envisioned I would have. I can't wait to meet her. Of course I want her to bake, bake, bake and to be as developed and healthy as possible, but I can't wait to meet our 4th family member and to see the dynamic she brings to our lives. I never felt this way with Caroline - I just had no idea what to expect. I wondered what kind of mother and father Adam and I would be. And I worried a lot about being prepared. I loved being pregnant and I was scared for her to actually be born even though I knew how ridiculous that sounded.

My emotions and thoughts are just really different this time. I don't think either is wrong. I'm just enjoying soaking all of it up and enjoying this process God made for us. I got to thinking the other day that He designed this whole process of pregnancy. He decided it would take 9 months. He could have decided babies would be delivered by storks and they would not resemble their biological parents, but He wanted us to be involved and for us to look at our children and see ourselves. How awesome!

Even with the placenta in the front of my tummy, Lucy kicks plenty hard enough to actually see all her moves. She's definitely a mover and a shaker. I was looking back at some of my blog entires from when I was pregnant with Caroline and I could see her kicks at roughly 24-25 weeks, but I first saw Lucy's at about 20-21 weeks. I have speculations as to what this means for her personality, but I don't want to put her in a box. So we'll just wait another 3-4 months to see.

That silly girl

I love it when my girlie feels good. She's been so silly the last few days. She loves playing with dish towels right now. She pulls them off anywhere I have them hung and they are her blankets. She wraps herself or baby dolls in them. They barely go around one of her legs, but she still calls them blankets.

She has started singing the songs from The Little Mermaid and she often requests me to sing them. When playing by herself, you will often hear " shy....woah woah" from the song Kiss the Girl.

Adam and I are encouraging Caroline to ask for things politely. When she asks for something, we tell her to say "May I please have...(a certain object)" or when she wants to do something we tell her to say "May I please...(do some action)". We are also working on "Yes sir/ma'am" and "Please" and "Thank you." She often gets confused about what we are asking her to say, which can be pretty funny. Some scenarios include:

- Caroline wants to get down from her chair after dinner. We say "What do you say?" and she replies "Thank you." (instead of "May I please get down.")
- Caroline wants to get down off the pot. We say "Are you finished?" and she replies "May I please finish?" (instead of "Yes sir/ma'am.")
- Parent hands Caroline the object she has been asking for. We say "What do you say?" and she replies "Please." (instead of "Thank you.")

Friday, March 4, 2011

Caroline and her numbers

Caroline can identify her numbers pretty well. She gets confused with 8 - sometimes she calls it 3 or 6, but I'm just so impressed with her. She also does much better if you only put 2 or 3 numbers in front of her to identify. This book is great because there are only 3 numbers on each page. She also loves to count objects on the page and objects when we are out and about, but no matter how many there are - she always counts ten of them =)