Friday, June 24, 2011


My aunt has been giving us a lot of hand-me-down books from my cousin since Caroline was born. Many of them are books that my mom gave to her as hand-me-downs from me, my sister and brother. I'm not sure where this particular book originated from, but it was perfect timing. We got this batch of hand-me-down books around Christmas when we announced that we were expecting a second little munchkin. 

The book is a Little Golden Book called "The New Baby". It is from the perspective of the little girl whose mommy has another baby girl. I held onto the book, not sure what little bit's gender was. When we found out little bit was a girl, I couldn't believe how perfect and somewhat creepy this book was. You see, the older sister actually looks a lot like Caroline - Ok - maybe just similar. They both have strawberry blonde hair and have the most beautiful plump cheeks. What do you think?


So several weeks ago the girls in my Sunday School class threw a sprinkle for me and Lucy. For those unfamiliar with the term "sprinkle" - it's like a baby shower but a little more low key since it's not for the first baby. I had a great time and got a lot of really cute stuff for Lucy.

One of the cute items was a bunny lovey. I was so excited about this lovey because I know how much Caroline loves Bubby. The new lovey went in the cradle in Lucy's room and has been there ever since. Thank you so much Tracey!

About 2 weeks ago, Caroline was at the dinner table pitching a fit screaming "Where's Lambie?" Adam and I were dumbfounded. Who was Lambie?  We brought in several of her stuffed animals, but Caroline let us know that they were not Lambie.

Finally, Adam took her down out of her booster and said "Show us Lambie." Caroline ran straight into Lucy's room and picked up Lucy's new lovey out of the cradle. Uh oh. How did she even know that was in there?! She hugged and kissed "Lambie".

I didn't have the heart to take it away from her and tell her it was Lucy's. It's also the first stuffed animal/baby doll she has really named. Adam and I have named all of the other ones. Bubby started out as Bunny, but Caroline mispronounced it and that is how we ended up with "Bubby". Nommy started out as Tommy, but was also mispronounced.

So lately Lambie, Bubby and Caroline are best pals. We'll see what happens when Lucy arrives, but we may have to get a new lovey for Lucy.

What a beautiful wedding

Adam's little sister got married on June 3rd. It was a perfect day and a perfect week. Adam, Caroline and I all got to participate in the wedding - Adam was an officiant, I was a bridesmaid and Caroline was a flower girl. It was such a privilege and joy to be a part of Amber and Bobby's big day.

I was very nervous about Caroline being a flower girl. I could just picture her standing at the top of the aisle, seeing all of those people and falling on the floor crying. But she was awesome! I even started to cry when she came running down the aisle because I was so proud. She didn't drop a single petal, but her smile stretched from ear to ear and her basket (or "flower bucket" as she called it) was just a-swingin as she came down that aisle =) She ran straight to her daddy who was waiting up front with the groom. And then went to go sit with Grandma.

Amber was a gorgeous bride - glowing with excitement and gracious to all of her guests. We had a wonderful time at the reception. Caroline danced her heart out even though it was WAY past bed time! That girl just loves dancing to music. Even 8.5 month pregnant girl danced to a couple of songs =)

We love Amber and Bobby and we wish them blessings on blessings along with so many opportunities to serve the Lord together.

Probably one of our last pics of a family of 3.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Something to shoot for

I've made "full term"! Yay! I still totally think that it is best for babies to bake as long as possible in their mommy's tummies, but now that I'm "full term" I'm getting so excited to meet this little girl and I'm getting more and more anxious about how and when she will make her appearance. There are a ton of milestone dates I can shoot for over the next couple of weeks:

6/21 (Today) - The day Adam asked me to go on our very first date
6/22 - coworker's birthday
6/23 - another coworker's bday
6/26 - The actual very first date
6/27 - My parent's anniversary
6/30 - Friend's birthday
7/4 - Independence day
7/7 - Just sounds cool
7/8 - B & L's birthday
7/11 - Also just sounds cool "seven - eleven" and my due date
7/14 - Friend's bday

So do you have any other dates I should "shoot for"? (like I have control over this) Please no dates beyond 7/21 - 10 days past the due date is just cruel. And while we are at it, any guesses on how big Miss Lucy will be? For comparison, Caroline was 6 pounds 8.9 ounces and 18 inches long at 36 weeks and 3 days. I was 37 weeks with Lucy yesterday.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

What Caroline's up to

Here are some things Caroline has been doing lately:
  • Things that we cannot find, Caroline tells us are "hiding"
  • She is constantly asking "What's that noise?"
  • She had her first dentist appointment last week. Our pediatrician has been pretty insistent that she have one since her 12 month well appointment. I wasn't sure she was old enough and after going, I kind of wish we had waited another year. We talked about the appointment a lot and Caroline got to go to the dentist with Adam and I for our appointments about a week before her appointment. She kept telling me "They're gonna brush your teeth." But when it came time for the dentist and hygentist to actually look in her mouth she cried and wouldn't let them look. The dentist finally got a peek - enough to see no cavities and all 4 two year molars have broken through. Caroline got an awesome goody bag at the visit - including games and even a t-shirt!
  • Caroline had her second eye doctor appointment last week. I haven't seen her lazy eye tendencies in a long time, but our ped thought we should keep our annual follow up appointment just in case. Caroline's eyes are great. Any lazy eye has corrected itself. The doctor still saw a good bit of allergic conjunctivitis in both eyes, but nothing some eye drops can't fix.
  • Have I mentioned how much Caroline LOVES dogs and cats? So weird because Adam and I aren't really pet people and we don't have a pet. She's very gentle with them. She even loves the ones that are twice her size - no fear!
  • Caroline loves airplanes in the sky. She talks about them often and loves when she hears them!
  • She has memorized the Bible verse on the canvas that hangs above her bed. We recite it every night while we pray that she commits herself to the Lord. "Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed." Proverbs 16:3
  • She has also memorized the story of the wise men coming to visit little Jesus. It's a story we read in her children's Bible and it is her favorite one - mostly because she loves pointing at the star on every page. We read one other story followed by the wise men story every night as part of bed time.
  • She has started adding stuff to the meal time prayer we taught her. She sometimes thanks God for Dora and for the blueberries she and Dora got on their trip together =)
  • "Did you drop your face?" - I've mentioned before that Caroline calls wash cloths "face" because we wash her face with them. I've also mentioned that she is oddly attracted to wash cloths and dish towels. She frequently sleeps with them. AND I've also mentioned that she says everything backwards often asking us questions that she really thinks WE should ask HER. On this occasion she had woken up from a nap and was softly crying. I went into the room and she had dropped the "face" on the floor and couldn't reach it =)

And some pictures just because:

36 weeks!

This marks the week that Caroline was born! I am so excited to be here. There were times when I wasn't sure I would make it this far, but now I feel like I'm going to make it even further. I feel really awesome - better than I have felt my entire pregnancy. Lucy is crazy busy and measuring right on track.

My braxton hicks have really slowed down. I slowed down a lot at work after my 30 week appointment and it really seems like the BH slowed down with that. I was having 5-6 per hour several hours a day and now I'm down to 2-3 per hour. This is far fewer than I was having with Caroline at this point. My ankles have just now started to swell a little bit. I'm not really worried about it. I think it's just a factor of being 36 weeks pregnant.

Everyone always asks me if Caroline understands what's going on. I always respond that she understands a lot more than I thought she would. She has become very affectionate with my belly. This is not something I encouraged. I kind of thought it might be weird, but Caroline loves to give Lucy hugs and to rub her. Man, I thought, she is really understanding this! But then one day last week she asked about "Daddy's Lucy" and I realized - nope, she really does not get it =)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Birthday Cards

I'm terrible about remembering to get cards for occasions. At times I feel like they are just a waste of money. But Caroline has changed my tune. The cards that people gave her for her birthday entertained her for about 2 weeks! She would bring them to me one after the other and ask me to read them to her. She memorized several of them. They made her smile so big.

2 of her favorite cards were the one my parents and the one Adam's parents got for her. They were almost the same card - a Dora the Explorer birthday card that sang AND they sang the exact same song. Caroline LOVED playing them both together. Of course she could never quite get them started at the same exact time so the cards would be singing in tandem. She played them over and over!

I finally took a video. Of course I waited too late and the video doesn't quite show the elation that these cards provided the first several days, but you get the idea =)

No surgery!

About a week and a half ago Caroline had a follow up appointment with the ENT. This is the appointment Adam and I have been so anxious about. The plan was for her to have a hearing test and for the doctor to check to see if she had any fluid in her ears. If he saw any fluid, he was going to do surgery to put tubes in her ears and to shave down her adenoid regardless of the results of the hearing test.

Adam and I were mostly prepared to hear that Caroline needed surgery especially since our pediatrician confirmed stagnant fluid in both of her ears just 2.5 weeks before this appointment - fluid that she and our ENT believe had been there for over 6 months. If this hadn't changed in 6 months, how could it change in 2.5 weeks?

The hearing test was first. The technician who administered the test said that Caroline had negative pressure in both ears which had caused her ear drums to recede. She said this is probably from the fluid just being in there for so long. Amazingly, none of that affected her hearing and she scored normally on the hearing test. They did the same test that they use on newborns in the hospital - stuck probes in Caroline's ears and measured the echo of various frequencies as it came out of her ear - very cool! What a relief. I'm so glad her hearing has not been affected by all of this.

Then it was time to see the doctor. Dr. V came in and was amazed that there was NO fluid in either of Caroline's ears. He even double checked when I told him our pediatrician had found some 2.5 weeks before. I feel very confident about Dr. V's assessment because he is usually even more aware of fluid than our ped Dr. G.

Dr. V went on to say that while Caroline's weight loss is concerning, he would not want to do surgery for that reason alone unless we were absolutely sure her adenoids and ears were the cause of it. He wants to wait until we have our follow up with Dr. G. Caroline has been eating much better and feeling really good in general so I feel pretty good about weight check at the end of June. Hopefully we can stay well and healthy until then! Dr. V is hopeful that next winter season and allergy season won't be so tough on Caroline. He was very clear that he does not want to see her take as many prescriptions next year as she took this year.

I was on cloud nine after Caroline's appointment. Adam and I are so thankful to God that the fluid in Caroline's ears is gone! We attribute this to God and give Him the glory. I don't want to miss this opportunity to praise Him and acknowledge His work in healing Caroline.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

6 years

Adam and I got married 6 years ago May 28th. We had a very low key celebration especially compared to our big trip last year. After getting my final fitting for a bridesmaid dress, we took advantage of free grandparent babysitting and went out for dinner in downtown Greenville. We had reservations at Soby's and the food was just divine! After dinner we walked around a little downtown. We had plans to also go to the mall, but my eight month pregnant self was exhausted so we called it a night and headed back to my parent's house. We were in our PJs and watching TV with my parents by 8:30 pm - that is what you call living large and celebrating =)

My great-grandmother's funeral was the next morning. As we were driving to the service, I was thinking about how our 6 years of married life had included many funerals but also many births. We have experienced many family graduations and weddings. But these events in total are probably no more than the average couple's events who have also been married for 6 years. This is just life - life with my best friend. He is the one I get to laugh with and cry with and these thoughts brought a smile to my face. I love Adam Beam very much =)

After we got home from the funeral Adam cleaned our kitchen including mopping the floor, he ran ahead to get the car for Caroline and I so that we didn't have to walk in the rain, he loaded and unloaded the car numerous times, and he took care of Caroline while I napped. Who'd have known that 16-year old guy I started dating would become such a wonderful husband and father? I must be pretty smart because I picked out one great guy =)