Saturday, October 29, 2011

Beach X 2

The girls and I were so lucky to get to go to the beach TWICE this year. Adam's parents were going to the beach towards the end of September and invited us to come along. Unfortunately Adam had to work, but since I was on maternity leave I jumped at the chance to play at the beach. We stayed with Adam's parents, his grandmother and one of his sisters Amber.

We stayed at this hotel that was also a resort. They had their own water park. When Caroline saw that, it was over. She wanted to stay at the water park all day.

Showing Nana.

Lucy chilled on the beach.

We took all 11 of Caroline's library books. She had everyone read them to her many, many times. By the end of the week she had almost all of them memorized - and these were not short books either!

Lucy is happy to be wearing an ice cream cone. I took advantage of being at the beach and put all her cute summer clothes on her one last time!

Aunt Amber is so much fun!

We went to the Pavilion Nostalgia park where Caroline rode the cars, the boats, the whales and the carousel.

I was so happy to convince Aunt Amber to ride the whales with Caroline =)

Caroline loved laying on her belly to have a little chat with Aunt Amber. She would say " do you like the water?"

Lazy River.

Papa had some extra tickets for rides so we went back for more fun the next night.

As they were boarding the carousel, Caroline told Nana she wanted to ride the "truck". Apparently the benches on the carousel are the "truck".

We had a really great time. Lucy and Caroline really enjoyed all the extra loves. On a side note, this was my first time sharing a bed with Caroline (except for early morning snuggles). It's amazing how a 2 year old can take up the entire bed and push you off the edge =) But this just reminded me of how sweet and tenderhearted she is. One night she waited on me to come to bed. When I finally crawled into bed (after 10 pm), she put her hand on my cheek. I thought it might be a momentary touch, but she fell asleep like that - with her hand on my cheek. I tried to stay awake as long as a physically could soaking in that moment!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lucy Guffaws

You've seen Lucy laugh. Now she guffaws.

Flower Girl

This is really late. These pictures are from Adam's sister's wedding on June 3rd. But here are some pics of the cutest flower girl ever!

(pics above were taken by Blue Mountain Photo Works. All other pics were taken by my dad.)

Life of the party. Way, way, way past bed time =) At this point she was living on sweet tea and gummy bears!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fun at the Pumpkin Patch

Two weeks ago, we had a fun family outing at Sease Farms. They have a pretty good pumpkin patch and a lot of other fun things to do. Their claim to fame is their corn maze. I'm sure that will be fun for us when the kids are older. For now, we had fun playing in the miniature mazes, the fun slides, the playground, the hay ride and so many other fun things.

"It's too heavy!"

And then our camera ran out of room on the memory card......Lesson learned. Take a family photo first!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Beach photo shoot

My dad took these pictures of Caroline when we were at the beach in July. The pics turned out so good. I'm so proud of him. Here are several of the pictures. I think several of them are very artistic.

Caroline's inspiration for this photo shoot =)