Monday, January 30, 2012

Lucy's ordeal

Lucy had quite an ordeal last week. My sweet girl has recently discovered the walker and it's her absolute favorite spot right now (besides Mommy's arms). Last Monday, Adam had dropped a glass at lunch that broke on our kitchen floor. He and I both swept and thought we had gotten it all. Later that evening, I popped Lucy in the walker while Caroline and I colored in the kitchen. She cried out a little bit later and I quickly noticed her little heel was bleeding.

Sure enough, she had a tee-iny piece of glass in her heel. I went after it with tweezers and had no luck. When Adam got home from work we tried again - only making it worse. The doctor's office suggested soaking the foot, which we also did.

Long story short - the glass had to come out and Lucy was going to have to be put to sleep in order to get it out. Talk about emotional. We had less than 24 hours to process that information and to make plans for it. I guess we should be thankful for that much time.

What I AM thankful for is a great surgeon, a great hospital, and a wonderful anesthesiologist who did the very minimum anesthesia possible to get the job done. Lucy didn't even have an IV - which everyone told us she would have one, but the anesthesiologist recognized this would be a very fast, simple surgery and there were no complications.

Starving!! So hungry she is eating Daddy's tie.

So cute in the hospital waiting room.

Trying to pass the time. She is so hungry and tired at this point.

Hospital gown.

Finally fell asleep.

The piece of glass that caused this whole thing is in this cup.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

6 month stats

At 6 months, Miss Lucy is:

18 pounds 5.5 ounces (86%)
26 inches long (55%)
and her head is 43 cm (64%)

She's a growing girl =) The 6 month appointment went very well. Lucy was funny about her shots. She cried hard after the second shot and gave the nurse quite a look. I thought maybe I was just seeing things, but the nurse even said "Ok, ok. I'm leaving now," to Lucy so apparently she noticed it too.

First Haircut

Caroline got her first haircut on Friday, January 13th. She did great. As part of the package, they also styled her hair (curling iron) and painted her finger nails. What a special treat for a first haircut! Although, I think I'm going to try my hand at cutting it. At least now I have a baseline to go by.

This was after the cut and blow dry but before the styling. That curl at the bottom is all natural =)

Rice Cereal and other solids

Lucy got her first taste of real food on New Year's Eve Eve - not a typo - Friday, December 30th. I actually made it myself. It was brown rice cereal. Despite her awful faces, she ate really well that night.

Solid food eating has been a bit of a struggle since then. Lucy is a bit picky. She likes the food warm and smooth. She's not a fan of my rice cereal - it's very gritty. She likes store-bought oatmeal better. Also, if she doesn't want to eat - she doesn't want to eat - and she will spit the food in your face until you get the point.

We also had a bit of an episode with bananas. On day 3 of bananas, Lucy up-chucked - and I mean up-chucked. My fear was an allergic reaction. We waited a few more days and tried bananas again. The next time we tried bananas all was well. I'm pretty sure she just didn't want to eat so she gagged on what I was trying to feed her.

So far, she has had brown rice cereal, oat cereal, sweet potatoes, bananas, green beans, and barley cereal (introduced in that order).

Lucy is a laid back, sweet, easy baby, but she has always taken her food very seriously =) I should not have expected any differently with solids.

And a video:

Sunday, January 15, 2012


So I know that we are more than 2 weeks into this new year already. Some people have probably already faltered on their new year's resolutions. Well, that's ok - I am just now making them.

Here are some things I want to do in 2012:

  • Finish my YouVersion Bible plan. It's a plan to read the Bible through in a year. Assuming I finish in 2012, I will have read it in a year and 3 months because I started the plan back in October. (YouVersion is just an app on my phone that I use for the plan) 
  • Pray daily - other than meal and bedtime prayers. 
  • Talk to family more often. I love our families - mine and Adam's. Seeing all of them over Thanksgiving and Christmas reminds me of how much I like them =) They are great people.
  • Focus less on teaching "A, B, C...1, 2, 3" and more on teaching "Jesus Loves Me". This is a struggle for me. Our world is constantly telling us all of the things our children need to know to succeed in kindergarten and therefore life. But the truth is, God doesn't care if my children learn to read before kindergarten or even if they go to college. I want to focus on teaching my children about the things God cares about.
  • Memorize verses as a family. The children's ministry at church has a verse a month that they work with children to memorize so we are going to take this challenge on as a family.
  • Read books. W-What?? Did I really just write that? Yes, I did. Contrary to popular belief, I do like to read some. I like to read non-fiction books about my current interests. Of course, right now that is usually child-rearing. I have a couple of books that I've been wanting to read for a while so I'll start with those. I won't read them cover to cover. I'll probably pick out the chapters and sections that apply to me and I'll read those. That probably angers a lot of readers - Adam doesn't like it, but it's still reading!
  • Take pictures. I'm loving our new camera. Of course, now I take WAY too many pictures. So along with this goal, I want to organize the pictures as I go.
  • Finally, a lot cause life is happening - it's not slowing down - and I don't want to forget. It's too precious to forget.

Notably missing from this list is running or any exercising for that matter. That will come. Maybe next year when I'm not nursing and getting up at all hours of the night. This is not my season for running.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Christmas Part 2

After church on Christmas Day we drove to the upstate to visit our families.

There was lots of sugar, lots of staying up past bedtime, lots of laughing really hard, lots of loving on grandparents and lots of loving on cousins.

Lucy Photoshoot

Photos with our new camera. Unedited...