Saturday, March 17, 2012

Oh my Caroline!

She is just so fun these days. I need to write down some of the stuff she is doing cause it's just too fun not to record.

This is her new favorite hair style. And it is "braids" not "pig tails"! haha

Caroline now has a repertoire of "Knock knock" jokes. She loves to entertain by telling them.

We have had some more imaginary people come around, but no one seems to be permanent.

Caroline's names for stuffed animals and imaginary people are from a foreign language or something: Gushuv, Ardoo, Blanka???? I don't even know if I'm spelling those right. So far the only name I have understood was Marigold.

She can ride her tricycle all by herself. Although, mostly downhill.

Caroline LOVES the American flag. She loves to look for it while we are driving down the road. She also knows the South Carolina and the McDonald's flags. Pointing out flags has been a great distraction to keep her from sucking her thumb.

Caroline is doing an awesome job at not sucking her thumb while in the car. We are using a reward system of pennies. I thought it would be way to overwhelming to ask her to cut out the habit completely since she's just 2. It's like a game to her right now. And I want to keep it that way. We are in no rush.

Since Caroline is not sucking her thumb in the car, we are now having fascinating conversations. Everyday it is something different. Here is a snippet from today:

C: Mommy, why did you put your hand up there?
Me: To wave at the car behind us. He let Mommy over.
C: (thinking for a while) Is he coming over to Mommy's house?
Me: No. He let Mommy's car move over into his lane.
C: Where is his line?
Me: Lane, honey. It's a "lane". See the white lines on the road? Hear Mommy's clicker clicking? I'm moving into a new lane?
(She then spent the rest of the ride home, asking me to turn on my clicker and switch lanes.)

And the other day she asked me "Is Papa bigger than God?" Just love these convos with her.

Caroline hates the wind. It makes her cry because her hair gets in her face. The other day it was soo windy and there was a huge American Flag blowing and between tears Caroline said, "Mommy the American flag is blowing my hair!"

Caroline is so excited about her sister joining her as a big girl. She is fascinated that Lucy can't do somethings but can do others. She is constantly asking, "Is Lucy a big girl to take a bath with me?", "Is Lucy a big girl to eat peas?", "Is Lucy a big girl to walk?", etc.

Caroline is becoming a helper with household chores. She helps me load and unload the dishwasher. I put her in charge of the silverware and anything plastic. She does a good job and knows where everything goes.

She is fascinated with the sounds the letters make. She wants to know what letter words start with and is excited when words start with the same letter.

She loves to ask me what signs say. "That one says Exit 72.....That one says Exit 73....That one says Exit 74...." - haha.

This little girl has become quite a phone talker. She wants to know who I am on the phone talking to and then she wants to talk to them! She does this a lot and sometimes I can tell the person on the other end is starting to get a little uncomfortable because really, how many things are there to say to a 2 year old. So I start to take the phone away and she gets quite upset, "I'm not finished yet! Wait let me talk to them!"

Friday, March 16, 2012

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lucy 8 months old

Our little Lucy is 8 months old and she is a busy little thing. She wants to crawl so bad. She is a little mobile even without crawling. She sometimes scoots on her bottom or scoots on her tummy. She can also roll over a few times to get to a toy. Lucy can get up on her knees and she can also get in a bridge position with her knees off the floor.

I'm pretty sure as soon as she figures out the crawling thing, she will be pulling up on everything. Earlier this month she pulled up to standing in the infant bathtub. That meant no more baths in that bathtub! She hasn't pulled up on anything else. I think that tub was the perfect height and the little divider in the middle was her launching pad =)

It always seems that Lucy has places to be. She's rarely sits in my arms contentedly. She's always reaching or diving for something.

She's such a fun sweet baby. She laughs so easily and freely. She gets excited when Adam or I enter a room and she cries when we leave. She buries her head in my shoulder to give me loves. I'm loving watching her personality come out.

Lucy is louder than ever. Her squeals are just precious. She's definitely an early talker. She is consistently saying "ahh-duh" (all done) when she is finished eating at meals and she is also signing the word "more". Caroline loves to sign with her and ask Lucy if she is all done. I'm just loving their interactions.

Lucy is a great eater. Sometimes she is a bottomless pit. However, the only fruits she will eat are apples and bananas. If you try to feed her peaches, mangoes, or blueberries she will spit them back at you.

Lucy got 2 more teeth this month (3/4-3/5) - the top two. She had a fussy few days, but her sleep habits didn't change much. Speaking of sleep habits - mama is tired. This girl is back to waking up twice a night. She seems to be sincerely hungry. Caroline's sleeping magically got better when she was 9 months old. I guess I'm hoping that's going to happen for Lucy.

One last thing about Miss Lucy. She can fall asleep in some crazy situations. A few weeks ago, she was nodding off in the high chair while eating =)

Firsts for Lucy this month:

  • Peas, Avocado, Plums, Carrots, Yellow Squash, Zuchini, Mangoes, and Blueberries
  • Pulling up to standing (in the infant bathtub)
  • First word "ahh-duh"
  • Signs for "more"
  • Cries when Mommy leaves for work

Sweet Lucy - I'm so torn. I'm loving getting to see more of your personality, but I'm hating how fast you are growing up. We love you so much and are so thankful to have you in our lives!