Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Be our guest...

On Saturday, May 12th - the day before Caroline's birthday, we celebrated her. We celebrated Beauty and the Beast style. 

Caroline loves "Beauty". In March, I asked Caroline what kind of birthday cake she wanted. I showed her the Cinderella cake from last year and started listing lots of options - butterflies, Dora, etc. At first, she wanted Snow White, but less than a week later she told me she wanted a "Beauty cake". So that defined our theme for the day.

Here we have Lumiere and Cogsworth. Adam's mom put a lot of love into these guys. Aren't they cute?

And Mrs. Potts with Chip. And we also have the Beauty piggy bank from last year.

Caroline and I researched Beauty cakes. I wanted to do something different than a doll cake. I found one like this and Caroline loved it. So that's what I did.

We laid out the Slip 'n Slide, a baby pool and a fun sprinkler. Caroline enjoyed testing them before our guests arrived.

Lucy was not too sure about the pools. She was a trooper through the party. She decided she didn't want to take a nap that morning, which is a difficult decision for a 10 month old. Thankfully, there were lots of aunts and grandparents to entertain her.

Even Beauty herself showed up for Caroline's party (cousin Crystal).

Beauty delivered dollar store magic mirrors for the children to decorate. (Handheld mirrors that I spray painted gold)

Caroline loved hugging her friends and family this year.

We could not have asked for more perfect weather. It was such a great day celebrating our princess.

A 3 year old

My how you've grown up this year, Caroline. This year you pretended, you befriended imaginary people and real people, you told us stories, you sang songs and danced, you had surgery, you celebrated holidays with such excitement and interest, you went to preschool, and you became a big sister. What a big year you have had!

This year you conquered many new challenges. You learned how to climb into your car seat by yourself and as of a couple of weeks ago - you now climb up the Chick-fil-a playground by yourself. You climb up the ladder to your tree house in our backyard and you ride fair rides all by yourself.

Your imagination blows my mind everyday. I never know what worlds we are entering. You are constantly singing a song and you make up the words as you go. Many times we have whole conversations in song: "Mommy, what are you dooooooooinnnnnng???" .... "I'm doing the laaauuuunnnndryyyyyy." Your friend Blanka is now a constant in our lives. It's amazing that she drives her own car, but also sometimes needs a diaper change like Lucy. She is your scapegoat sometimes, but mostly she is your companion. Sometimes Blanka has other friends who visit, but not consistently.

Everyday, you make us laugh. You are figuring out the world around you and you take everything so literally. It makes for some very funny conversations.

I had heard others say it, but when it happened I was still surprised. The day Lucy was born, you suddenly seemed so much older. Some of it was because I had a side by side comparison with an infant, but some of it was because you took on this new role of a big sister. What joy it brings to my heart to see your little heart loving and caring for someone else the way you do for Lucy. Your affection and care show us you truly are Sweet Caroline.

I've been so struck by your compassion for Lucy. You are truly empathetic with her. At times, this can be taxing on me. When Lucy is sick and you constantly want to be reassured that she is going to be ok and you can't stop worrying about her or touching her. But I know this is a personality trait God will use. This was the same empathy you gave me when I was pregnant with Lucy and not feeling very well.

This year you have memorized many Bible verses and the names of all of the books of the Bible. You love to memorize things. We are currently working on phone numbers and address right now. (You do have Mommy and Daddy's cell phone numbers memorized - not sure you know what to do with them though.)

Somehow you are picking up on the sounds that letters make. It's not really something we have worked on, but you love to sound out what letter a word starts with. You are really good and can almost do any word. You usually only falter on things that start with complex sounds like "sh", "ch", "tr" and so on. The other day, you were playing with your friend Joshua. I overheard you say to him, "Joshua, you start with a G. Guh-guh-guh-Joshua!"

You are getting really good at games. Your Daddy and I love to play games with you. You play Memory match (20 matches in the set), Go Fish, Hide 'n Seek, and I spy. You got some games for your birthday too and so far we've enjoyed playing those (Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders).

 What an amazing little girl you are. We love you so much and cannot imagine life without you.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Peekaboo Lucy

An old video that I forgot to post. Video taken on March 27th.

Dressing alike

Found these pictures. I think they are from back in March. We already had Lucy dressed for the day. Then, I picked out Caroline's outfit - a green polo with pink Gingham pants. As I was helping Caroline get dressed, I remembered that I had a similar outfit Lucy could wear. I got so excited and changed her - green pants with pink ladybugs and a pink top. Then......I got out matching bows!! Big day! And Caroline loves it when they match.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

10 months

Miss Lucy is 10 months old. It's hard to believe it's been almost a year since she was born. I'm starting to reminisce as we approach her one year milestone. I think about how miserable I felt this time last year - haha! I'm so thankful for the blessing she is to our family.

Lucy is coming in to her own more and more. She is EVERYWHERE! She is a master crawler and cruiser. She can pull up anywhere, anytime and anyhow. She can stand on her own for about half a second, but maybe that's because she doesn't want to be still for any longer than half a second. Adam and I joke that holding her is like being in a wrestling match. She is constantly trying to get down or reach for something. She wedges herself in places Caroline never dreamed of going - like between the couches - it's her shortcut. 

She's already teaching Caroline new tricks. Lucy loves to crawl up the incline in the bathtub and slide down on her belly. Caroline watched it and now she does it every time she takes a bath. It's our indoor slip 'n slide. 

One of the biggest changes this month is her dynamic with Caroline. They have always interacted a lot, but it has become so much more physical this month. They horseplay all day long. I so badly want to cultivate their relationship and encourage them so I only stop it if it looks like someone is about to get hurt. It usually starts with one of the girls tickling the other and before I know it, they are rolling on the floor squealing and giggling. Melts my heart!

Lucy got that 6th tooth this month. She fiercely chews things. I had to throw away one of her sippy cups because the plastic was actually coming off in her mouth. (Picture below has the sippy cup I had to throw away. Side note: her hair has a slight red tint in the pic. First time I had seen a red tint in a long time.)

Lucy is starting to eat some table food. This month she even got to try some chicken. She also eats cheerios and veggie sticks. 

Lucy is mostly wearing 18 month clothes and she's in between sizes 2 and 3 for shoes.

We've had to take a break with the cloth diapers. My cloth diapers seem to have some sort of built up chemical residue that is causing her to get burns. I've stripped them twice, but that still hasn't helped. "Stripping" is a cloth diapering technical term.  I think my next step is to deep soak them with a residue remover, but I have not had the time to do that - it's like a 48 hour process. 

A few weeks ago, Lucy started having hives everyday. This happened for about a week. She would break out all over her body in red patches with big welts. We think she just had an allergic reaction to a virus she had. She was on a daily dose of Zyrtec for that week. So far, they have not return. 

Lucy continues to light up our days with her sweet laughter. We love her so much!

Monday, May 7, 2012


You read that right - "graduation". Caroline graduated from the 2 year old class at Hebron Day School. I kept thinking it should be called "end of the year ceremony" or anything other than "graduation". Anyway, for their graduation ceremony, the children sang 2 songs and then walked across the stage to receive their diplomas. We then had a little celebration in the classroom and the children got to show us some of their art work. 

This was Caroline's first performance. Well....her first performance in front of non-family members. (She performs a "dance show" most every night in our family room)

The children coming in. Caroline was eagerly looking for us. The 3 and 4 year old classes attended the ceremony as well so they got front row seating. Caroline never did see us. I heard her say from the stage at one point "Where's Mommy?" It took everything in me not to yell out, "I'm right here, Baby!"

Singing their songs. She said her favorite was the "digging" song and sure enough, she started the motions to that song as soon as the music started.

Walking to get her diploma.

Back in the classroom, Lucy admired Caroline's artwork.


Hugging teachers. Mrs Beth.

Mrs. Catherine

Loving on Lucy

We took a couple of pictures outside. We were lucky that Adam's mom and grandmother came. Also, my dad, Aunt Alice, and my grandmother came.

We forgot to get a picture with my dad. We did get a picture with Alice and my grandmother, but it's on another camera.

Caroline's had a great year at Hebron. We are looking forward to her going there next year. The program they put on for the children was really cute.