Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 4th

On July 4th, we celebrated our country's independence at the Gilbert Peach Festival. Adam had attended the Peach Festival back in 2008 and wrote an article about the festival. He's been wanting us to check it out together ever since.

We arrived in time to watch the parade, which was wonderful except there was no shade and it was blazing hot.

Look at Miss Lucy standing all by herself!

The girls took turns in the stroller and enjoyed waving the American flags someone had passed out.

After the parade, the festival moved mostly to nearby community park that was very shaded and quite comfortable. There we enjoyed all things peach: peach tea, peach slush, peach cobbler, and peach ice cream.

Then we headed over to the rides. We only did the swings and the moon bounce - that was plenty.

After naps, we headed to the Village at Sandhills to watch the fireworks with friends. Please notice Caroline's silver and hot pink bracelet in the picture below. Adam let her buy it at one of the vendor stands at the Peach Festival ($2). She picked it out because she thought it was so pretty and she wore it for the next several days. I can't stand it - I think it is hideous.

Ring around the rosy - sweet girls.

Daddy and his princesses

A happy moment watching the fireworks. Caroline didn't hate the fireworks, but she told us several times that she didn't like them. No tears, though. And Lucy pointed for the first time that night - pointing at the fireworks. I wish I had a picture of that.

And the girls were tuckered out when we got home that night! Man, it was hard staying out that late and going to work the next day.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Lucy's Party

I had decided a few months before Lucy's birthday that I wanted to do an animal themed party. It turned out to be a perfect theme for our little monkey!

The cake

The jungle

Caroline and I made some monkey faces the day before the party during Lucy's nap. I wanted to find a way for Caroline to get involved. I thought we would just make one for her and Lucy, but she started naming everyone she wanted to make one for. She got bored after 8 and that was enough for me too =)

I thought it would be fun to have our party guests pose with monkey faces with the guest of honor.

Crystal and McKayla with Lucy

Aunt Amber, Nana and Papa with Lucy

Aunt Emily and Uncle Adam with Lucy

Uncle Tim and Aunt Alice with Lucy

Grandpa and Grandma with Lucy

Caroline and Anna Grace with Lucy

And Daddy and Mommy with Lucy

Eating the cake

Lucy enjoyed the cake, but I think she's more of an ice cream girl.

Opening her presents

Getting help

Party pictures

Rocking in her new rocking chair from Nana and Papa.

 Sisters rocking in their chairs.

One pooped little girl!

Happy Birthday Lucy

My Lucy-lou turned 1 on July 10th. It's so hard to believe a year has passed. Lately Lucy is getting into a lot more things.

You have to watch her like a hawk! She can climb on top of the toilet, onto a couch, across Caroline's play table and onto Caroline's bed, into the kitchen cabinets (after she has emptied them), onto the fireplace, into her bookshelf, onto couches and I'm probably forgetting others. She can also stand in her high chair or in grocery carts when the buckle is pulled all the way tight. Whilst at a Chickfila on our way home from the beach, Adam let Lucy climb into the playground. He wasn't thinking she would go very far, but she was off to the races and he had to go in after her.

Lucy has taken one step twice. The first time was on July 5th. She has also stood up in the middle of the floor. She can stand on her own for 30 seconds or so, but she usually goes down to her knees to crawl.

Lucy is saying a lot of "B" words - bath, bottle, baby - for baby dolls, book, and ball. Almost all of these words sound the same to me except "baby" and "bath", but you can use context clues and she points. She also says "aaaaa" for applesauce and "nigh nigh" when going to bed. She is quite the talker and says lots of words at this age like Caroline did, but she does it so different. She babbles sooo much!

I have a feeling this little girl is going to be the one with tens of stuffed animals in her bed every night. She LOVES stuffed animals and loveys. Of course, Dolly and blanket giraffe are her favorites right now, but she can snuggle up with just about any stuffed animal. One evening, I was picking Lucy up from church nursery and she screamed at me as I tried to take the church teddy bear out of her arms. We about had to take it home with us, but 15 minutes later, after MUCH distraction I slipped the teddy bear away from her.

Lucy now kisses on demand (at least she does for family). It's so precious when I ask her to give me a kiss and she slobbers a big one right on my cheek!

Lucy is eating a fair amount of table foods, but I can't seem to get her to eat the veggies. I'm not sure what it is because she loves them pureed. She is excellent at grilled cheese, PB&J (on her bday), bananas, cheese, and snacks.

Lucy hasn't completely switched to the sippy cup. She's a little bit picky. Hopefully, once she starts whole milk, she will take that in a cup.

We went for Lucy's well visit the Friday after her birthday, but it turned into a sick visit so I don't have her stats. We will go back in another week when she is well. They did weigh her and she was 21 pounds 1 ounce. A dramatic slow down from her 9 month visit. I guess that's what happens when you have a crawler!

Lucy is a busy girl! We can't wait to see what this next year brings!

Here are some pics of her actual Bday.

We got her a little indoor playhouse. She is in LOVE with it!

Caroline got her a little train. She loves that too. (Almost as much as Caroline does)

Sissy love!

Chocolate chip pancakes!

Adam and I both took the day off. We took the girls to Pine Island. First we played at the playground.

Then we swam in the lake and played on the beach.

We had a little more birthday cake after dinner.