Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Another morning

Just another morning in the Beam house:


Lucy crying in her crib (because she wakes up that way - Miss Cranky Pants). She overhears Caroline cough in another room and immediately perks up, "Sissy? Sissy?"


Caroline yelling from the bathroom, "Don't need help! Don't need help! Don't need help! Don't need help! Don't need help!"

I've got the sink running cleaning breakfast dishes and I'm thinking, "I think she's saying Don't, but why would she keep repeating it......Maybe she DOES need help." I start off at a trot and I'm full out running by the time I get to the bathroom and open the door.

Caroline - "NO, Mommy! I said DON'T need help!"

Me - "Ok sorry." I go back to the kitchen to finish dishes.

About 30 seconds passes

Caroline - "MOMMY!!! I need heee-eelp!"

While helping Caroline, she leans way over and accidentally dunks the very tip of her pony tail in the commode.

I GASPED as if I had seen a snake. I am a bit overdramatic, but I was disgusted.

Caroline pops her head back upright, "What Mommy? What?"

I quickly feel that her pony tail is all dry, "Nothing, baby. Nothing. Mommy was just breathing hard."


Lucy refuses to get in her car seat until Caroline was in hers.


Lucy softly waves at Caroline from her car seat with just 4 fingers waving and the thumb relaxed.

Caroline - "Mommy, she thinks I'm 4!"


I love my life =)

The Downhill and some tangents

I feel like I'm on the downhill of a year long adrenaline rush. I just completed a 10 month project at work. The project began on my first day back from maternity leave with Lucy (I was the project manager so of course it did). In addition to that, our little Lucy just turned one and finally started sleeping through the night ONE WEEK before her birthday. Cue tangent.

We did Baby-Wise with Caroline and honestly it stressed me out. I'm glad that we followed a scheduled approach for her because, as a jaundice premie, she did not demand her feedings until she was about 5 weeks old. Keeping her scheduled made sure she was nourished and helped me establish nursing. But when it was time for her to reach those "milestones", I would stress about them and try to make them happen. Caroline would take 30 minute cat naps many times a day until she was almost 6 months old. It wasn't until then that she started putting daytime sleep together. And I so stressed over trying to get her to take those 2-3 naps a day.

With Lucy, Baby-Wise was completely unnecessary. Lucy came out of the box doing everything better than the book. At 3 days old she was doing a 5 hour stretch at night. She wanted to go longer, but I wouldn't let her. At 6 weeks old, she would sleep more than 10 hours every night!! She even napped perfectly. But then, I went back to work. Lucy had a rough time adjusting to the bottle. Dr. G said it was no problem as long as she was nursing more frequently when I was home - and she was. She quit sleeping through the night and would woke up multiple times a night. I was actually fine with that. Being a second time mom I knew this wouldn't last forever. And it didn't.

And though it was exhausting, I had the energy for each day - to work with 110% of my brain on a long work day, come home to two small demanding children, put them to bed and log back into work for a few more hours - only to get about 5 hours of broken sleep at night. Almost like adrenaline, but I know it was God giving me the strength and energy each day. Adrenaline doesn't last for 10 months. He supplies everything we need - even when it's just strength to make it through the day.

I have to write that down so that the next time I wonder why God has left me, I will remember that He was with me in the day to day - He physically got me out of bed many mornings to get ready for work before my children awoke. He cares about my daily life. If He did that for me, of course He won't ever leave me. I know many of you have more extreme stories (so do I). But I have to write it down when it happens. I have to focus on giving God credit where credit is due, otherwise, I will forget. And even worse, if I don't write it down now, one day I may attribute my success to myself.

Matthew 6:30 "And if God cares so wonderfully for wildflowers that are here today and thrown into the fire tomorrow, he will certainly care for you. Why do you have so little faith?"

All that to say, I've physically felt the slow down in the last couple of weeks. It's been wonderful. I've napped a couple of times. I've been up to speed on laundry and dishes. I've sat in front of the TV, mouth agape and vegged - ahhh. But that's all about to change soon.

This week Caroline started preschool. Next week she starts dance lessons. Then, we will start up preschool choir and AWANAs. Oh yeah - I have to work too ;) It's going to be an exciting Fall, but slow will not be part of it. It won't be as challenging as last year, but it will have it's own challenges. And in those challenges, I will trust God.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Milk/Sippy Cup = Win

Precious Lucy - her personality is perfectly described in the pics below.

13 months

Another month and it just gets sweeter! I just love watching Lucy's personality come out. This little girl is becoming very social. She chuckles at jokes or just silly faces and she's been known to tap strangers on the shoulder to say hello. She thinks animal noises are the funniest. 

Lucy has really taken off walking this month. On July 21st, right after nap time, she started walking 3-4 steps between Adam and I. After that, there was no stopping her. That evening she was standing up and taking off 3-4 steps at a time over and over again. And I still can't believe what a climber she is. 

She's going through a rough time communication-wise. She wants so badly to say more than she knows how. So we get a lot of whining and pointing and screaming and crying and head shaking. But she really can say a lot of words. New words this month are:

rock (rah)
Bubby (bubbub)
Sissy (sssisssy or didi - this is what she calls Caroline)
milk (mil)
hiss sound for a snake
shoes (shhhsss)
banana (nana)
up (uhhh)
bow (like the one in your hair)
nose (no)
diaper (di - and she also can sign for change diaper)

She tries to imitate almost everything we say, but she doesn't say any words correctly and a lot of her words sound the same so you have to use context clues. Another thing she does a lot is ask you to pick her up (uhhh) and then lean in the direction she wants you to take her. She will lean very far so you have to hold her tight. 

Lucy has never really woken up happy. We have a pretty grumpy household in the mornings. Lucy always wants milk first thing in the morning, but she's in no mood to talk so she cries for someone to come and get her. As soon as you pick her up, she leans with all her might towards the kitchen and keeps leaning until you get to the refrigerator to get her milk. 

Speaking of milk, Lucy transitioned to whole milk and the sippy cup this month. What a big girl! The transition was one in the same because I never gave her whole milk in a bottle so that really helped out - two birds with one stone. The transition to table food has not been such a good one. She's been eating mostly table food for couple of months now, but she's never really taken to vegetables. She loves vegetable purees, but won't touch them otherwise. I'm trying some new things this month like raw veggies, sweet potato fries and dehydrated green beans. Hopefully these will work. Otherwise, I may be spreading pureed peas on a peanut butter sandwich. She'll eat anything on a sandwich - I'm sure. 

Lucy can be so tender and affectionate. She likes to give kisses, hugs, pats on the back, high fives, and just hold hands for a minute, but she doesn't like to cuddle up for long times. She likes to get down and make some action. Even at night, she usually wants a quick hug after the bedtime story and then she wants to be put in her crib. And one of her favorite things to do is to read books, but she will only sit still for the first page. Then she wants to get down and get you a new book. 

She's our little monkey - that's for sure. I love this precious little girl and as her personality comes out, I'm remembering how much I love this age. 

Sweet pics from this month:

Eating at the OHOP

being silly

At the zoo with Daddy on his day off. Lucy rode the horse - Caroline sat on the bench =)

Lifting weights

Sunscreen mustache

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Backyard fun

I don't think these pictures need too much commentary. Just one of my Fridays off with the girls - we filled up the baby pool and decided to up the ante by attaching the plastic slide. It was a big hit.