Monday, September 24, 2012

Night Night Daddy

Adam was out of town for a week covering the Democratic National Convention. The girls and I made this video to send to Adam one night.


Over Labor Day weekend, the girls and I took a trip to western Kentucky with Adam's mom and his sisters. Adam's cousin had twin baby boys in May so we were excited to finally meet and hold them. Adam was very disappointed that he couldn't go, but he was working at the Democratic National Convention that weekend and the following week.

The weekend was full of cousins playing together, rocking babies, and wonderful fellowship. We had the best time at their church and at the luncheon after services. I just loved being a part of a congregation where even the people NOT in choir sang at the top of their lungs - that's worship!

Our Kentucky cousins live on a farm. Caroline loved all the animals. Lucy was ok with them. Caroline was so excited about hearing the rooster crow. In the mornings, she waited and waited and waited to hear him crow. And when she did, she got so tickled. She had to run around and tell everyone.

The best picture I could get of the older 4 cousins. They were all busy.

Pretty sure Lucy is almost as big as her. Cousin Jill just adored Lucy.


The only pic I have of me holding a baby =( That's ok because I did plenty of holding and I'll do some more at Christmas. This is me and Layton.

I got this cool picture where it looks like Caroline is actually riding that scooter.

She actually "rode" it like this...

I should have taken a picture of the view off the back porch, but I forgot. It would probably make you jealous anyway. The view is a glorious hilly mountainside.

Thank you Kentucky cousins for having us! I can't wait to see how big those boys are at Christmas and to meet baby McQueen!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Back to School

Caroline started preschool the last week in August. I can't believe how big she looks. She absolutely LOVES it this year. And I've been so impressed with the 3 year old program. She goes 3 days a week and in 4 weeks she has learned The Pledge of Allegiance and My Country Tis of Thee (video coming soon), she's tracing letters, and identifying what letter words start with. She's also coloring so much more than she used to. She's already completed 2 homework assignments. Of course, I took a picture of her first assignment - had to document that.

Caroline's first homework assignment

The hills are alive...

with The Sound of Music.

Becky and Justin are long-time friends of ours. They had recently moved and Adam and I were starting to talk about when we would go visit and see their new place. Justin had a fantastic idea that Becky and I could go to see The Sound of Music Sing-a-long as a joint birthday gift. The show was less than 2 hours away from their new home. Her birthday is in July and mine in September and the sing-a-long was in August -perfect.

Becky and I were roommates for 2 years in college. We share a love of musicals. And after 2am, we have been known to break into a little "I am 16 going on 17..." We also were so excited to get our girls together again.

So I'll start out with an old picture of me and Becky. Yes - my hair is highlighted in this pic. No - I won't be doing that again - not for a while - maybe when the grays come in. Pretty sure this is Freshman year in college.

And here we are at the concert - older, wiser, but probably sillier. Both of us were a little high on Sudafed and Mucinex during the concert. But we were two moms out of the house and childless so there was no holding us back. OH and Becky made these cute emblems for us to wear. Yes - we were Tea with Bread and Jam =) She had moved into her house 1 week before, was still living out of boxes and took time to make these gems for us to wear - love her. We got lots of giggles.

So have you noticed that we were also on the front row! The show was in a huge ampitheater. I'm not so good at estimating, but it was definitely in the thousands - maybe not quite 10,000. 

So the idea of a Sing-a-long, is that the whole audience participates. There were some fantastic costumes. And it was so cool to hear everyone behind me singing all the songs. We also cheered when Maria came on the screen and booed at the Nazis and awwwed at little Gretel. 

The show was great fun, but the fellowship on the trip was the best part. Becky and I drove up a few hours before the show started and enjoyed a leisurely walk through the mall and a quiet dinner. 

Here are some pics we took of our families. Becky and Justin are holding their sweet Lydia.

And I had to include this one because I have no idea why are both of my girls covering the faces? I think it's funny.

Lydia was so sweet to share with Lucy. These two girls really enjoyed checking each other out and squealing at each other.

And Caroline adored Lydia. She couldn't wait for Lydia to wake up in the mornings. One morning Lydia slept in later and Caroline woke up extra early. After almost 2 hours, Caroline said that she was going to pretend Lucy was Lydia so that could play with Lydia - haha! Thank goodness Lydia woke up shortly after that.

We stopped at several rest areas on our trip. We would eat snacks and lunch and stretch our legs. It was only about a 6.5 hour trip (not including stops). These are just cute random pics from the drive.

Becky, Justin and Lydia, We loved every minute and are so excited for you guys in your new house and your new place! Thank you for being such great hosts and for the great idea!