Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Peek at our Week

  • CAROLINE WROTE HER NAME TODAY! Her whole name - all 8 letters! I'm so stinkin' proud. Two months ago she could barely draw a circle. Preschool has been so good for her fine motor skills. They have used techniques and challenged her in ways I had never thought of. After she wrote her name, she wanted to write Ruth Ann's name - imaginary Ruth Ann's name. And she did.
  • On Monday, I stayed home with the girls because Lucy was sick and had a fever. I took them to the doctor and asked the doctor to take a look at Caroline too since she had been coughing. Both girls were diagnosed with walking pneumonia and Lucy had an ear infection too! I was stunned! Caroline seemed to just have a small cold. I couldn't believe it was pneumonia. They both got put on a 5 day antibiotic and were much much better by Wednesday.
  • I ended up staying home from work on Monday and Tuesday. I hate it when my girls are sick, but was actually thankful to be home. I had a ton to do around the house before our Chili Cook-off on Friday night. I got so much done and by Tuesday I was looking for things to clean - I even washed base boards, the fridge, the counters and the window seals. You know, those things that should probably be done once a year (but have never been done).
  • Adam worked more than 90 hours last week (and he had a vacation day in there) on this story. And I think it's pretty fantastic. 
  • We are on our second bag of candy corn this season.
  • Wednesday night was our church's children's choir concert. This is the first year we have added the preschool choir. I lead the 3 year olds and Caroline is in my choir. The kids were fantastic. They sang: God Made Me, This Little Light of Mine, He's Got the Whole World in His Hands and God is So Good from the Wee Sing Bible Songs album. Leading this choir lights up my week every Wednesday!
  • Lucy calls pumpkins "pump".
  • My stepmom and I hosted a 2nd prayer shower for my precious sister on Saturday. I'm excited to share a little more about this in another post. God is so good!
  • And Caroline had 2 new words tonight to add to the Caroline dictionary:
    • Crabe - what you put a phone in - "Mommy, would you please go put this in the crabe?" (hands me a toy phone)
    • Fletsheet - the game where you lay down on a blanket and someone traces the outline of your body - "Mommy, call us out of centers to come do our fletsheet." (We were playing school where I was the teacher and Lucy, Caroline, Bailey, Ruth Ann and Rynor were all in centers. Lucy and Caroline were the only physical children there. Rynor is Bailey's sister. I had to ask a couple of questions to figure out what I was calling the children over to do. I called the imaginary people over first so I could finish the laundry.)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lucy 15 month stats

We had Lucy's 15 month well visit today. Here are her stats.

Weight: 21 pounds 8 ounces (27%)
Height: 30.5 inches (48%)
Head Circum: 46.5 cm (67%)

She has definitely tapered and is probably settling into being a petite thing. I told the doctor that my plan of having 2 girls born in the same season is not working out! (That's a sarcastic "plan") Lucy's mostly in 12-18 month clothing right now where Caroline was in all 2T at this point.

I also wanted to add in here some things I left off her regular 15 month post.
1) Lucy can name and point to almost all her body parts. (face, eyes, ears, nose, hair, teeth, belly, fingers, hands, arms, legs, toes)
2) She can do several animal sounds by seeing the animal or by you asking her: What sound does a ???? make? (cow, horse, duck, sheep, cat, dog, fish, bear, monkey). She recognizes other animals and tells you their names (tiger, giraffe, elephant)
3) Lucy does all the motions to "The Wheels on the Bus"

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

NGU Homecoming

This past weekend, we went up to North Greenville University for the homecoming. Neither one of us went to school there, but Adam's dad is a Vice President at the school and we are so very proud of him. Homecoming always happens to fall around the same time as his birthday so it's a great way to celebrate. To add to the excitement, Adam's little sister Allison was in the Homecoming Court! 

Before the football game started, we enjoyed playing on the blow up slide and in the bouncy house.

Caroline was all about the slide.

Lucy and I were sort of "ehhh" about it.

Two thumbs up!

Lucy was all about the bouncy house

The parade was next. Caroline got to ride with Aunt Allison and pass out candy. Lucy took a quick snooze.

Allison before the race. Doesn't she look gorgeous?!

And Allison with Caroline.

The Beam crew waiting on Allison and Caroline.

There she comes!

Can you see Caroline poking through?

After the parade, it was time for the game to start. We got to enjoy the game in the President's Box. Let me tell you, that is the way to go - especially with kids.

Lucy thought so too and settled in for her long nap.

Sitting in the outside part of the box with Aunt Amber, cheering on the Crusaders.


At halftime, Dad escorted Allison on the field.

Adam and Lucy watching from the President's box.

And then of course, at the end of a long day, we tried to get a picture of two very tired girls. Silly adults =) Aren't there outfits so cute?!

The Fair

Well, the fair is in town and we had to be a part of it. We took the girls the first Friday night. Adam loves to take them at night so they can see all the lights. (The kids are his excuse - he really likes the lights himself) I was shocked at how uncrowded it was. We got on most rides without even waiting.

Caroline supported herself on the carousel. I didn't hold onto her at all so I looked a little silly just randomly standing on the carousel. 

Lucy was not a fan.

 Caroline loved the roller coaster - a mini-roller coaster.

Lucy loved the lights

And she loved finding this character on all the signs. "Babum!"

More rides!

Silly Daddy

Such a big girl riding all by herself!

Sweet baby - you can ride next year!

Holding her ticket while waiting in line.

And we ended the night with Funnel Cake.

Yup - pretty perfect!