Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fall Musical

Loved watching Caroline sing Thanksgiving songs with her preschool buddies. She wore a shirt she had made. Every year at Thanksgiving the 3 year olds are the Native Americans and the 4 year olds are the Pilgrims. I can't wait to eat Thanksgiving Snack with her this week and see what they do there.

She found us! At the spring performance last year, she never saw us in the audience and was really bummed about it. We have to sit several rows back so that all the other students can sit in the front pews and watch. 

The kids posing for parents after the show.

I'm so thankful for this preschool and the programs they do.


Caroline's fine motor skills have made a huge improvement since she started school - and I mean HUGE! It's amazing what someone else can draw out of your child. (No pun intended)

She had started writing a few letters a little over a month ago, but I didn't venture to try her name since it's 8 letters and several of the letters are hard - A, R, N.

But a couple of weeks ago, I thought she might be ready. So we sat down together to try it. I was so impressed!

Of course she wanted to use her Pink marker on Pink paper (looks like red on red) so it's hard to make it out.

I'm most excited about how much more she is enjoying coloring and writing. Just a few short months ago, she did not like to sit and color. Her teachers have helped this so much and I am so thankful she is enjoying it now!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Chef Caroline

Caroline has been wanting to create new snacks. 

One successful venture has been the Peanut Butter Cheerio Graham Crackers.

One not so successful venture was the Peanut Butter Pita Chips - that is what Caroline called them. I didn't have the heart to correct her. They were really Peanut Butter Chili Cheese Fritos. And she made them for her Mommy! How sweet! I was gagging them down.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Peek at our Week

  • Caroline turned 3.5 this week. When I told her she said "But I'm still 3 years old!"
  • Lucy has got a weird thing going on. I've cut out most of her milk and I'm giving her soy. I'm trying to see if she's lactose intolerant. 
    • Did you know that it's uncommon for a Caucasian to be lactose intolerant before the age of 5? 
    • Also, did you know that sometimes a child can be lactose intolerant for a couple of weeks due to a virus or medications or some other interruption to the child's system?
    • I have no idea if this is Lucy's problem. Her symptoms do match so we will see. I thought those tidbits were very interesting.
  • We took a trip as a family to the new Whole Foods Market in town. I was a little shell shocked looking at all the stuff. While there we got Lucy some nice Soy milk, which she loves. We also got some fun new snacks to try - black bean chips and dried green beans.
  • Lucy started shouting in the checkout line at Whole Foods "Raff! Raff! Raff!" I kept looking at the magazines to try and figure out what she was talking about. It was a giant stuffed giraffe behind me. 
  • We also got oysters at Whole Foods to make Oyster Stew. Raw oysters come in a jar. The cashier said, "What in the world is this?", Adam told her it was raw oysters, She said, "Well good cause I thought it was hog chitlins!" I'm thankful Adam told me this story after we had eaten the Oyster Stew. I was busy letting Lucy pet the giant giraffe and hadn't heard the conversation.
  • Caroline had a Fall musical at school last week. It was such a treat to get to see them sing - "Gobble, gobble, trot, trot!" Caroline would try to be sneaky and blow us kisses. Sweet girl =)
  • On Thursday, I "Tweeted my day" from work. It was a virtual job shadowing thing for Greer Middle School, which coincidentally is the school where my stepmom works. I used Twitter to communicate with middle schoolers what I did all day. There were roughly 10 IT professionals in the state who participated. I was kind of nervous about it because while I find my job interesting, it's difficult to explain to people especially in 140 characters or less. 
  • Today I cut Caroline's hair. It's my 2nd time cutting it - her 3rd haircut. I cut a good bit off. I wanted to even it up again before the holidays. My stomach was in knots the whole time, but it's done and I think it looks pretty good. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Halloween 2012

We had a fun Halloween. We continued our 4-year running tradition of carving the pumpkin and roasting the seeds. We carved and roasted a couple of nights before Halloween night. Caroline actually enjoyed some seeds this year. She is really starting to get into the carving part. Or so I thought...

They lasted for maybe 10 minutes and then I was on my own. Lucy kept giving me backwards hugs and Caroline just did her own thing.

She came back when it was time to separate the seeds and draw the face.

On Halloween night, we went Trick-or-Treating. This was our first year really trick-or-treating. In previous years, Caroline has just enjoyed handing candy to kids who came to our door. We never really knew where to take them or if our neighbors really participated. But Adam spoke with some neighbors at our neighborhood block party the weekend before so we decided to check it out. We took the girls out in the wagon and found some awesome neighbors.

Caroline was a Ballerina and Lucy was a Bunny. Caroline's costume is her dance outfit that she wears to dance class every week except we paired it with a black tutu that we had. Lucy's costume was given to us. Caroline told several people that Daddy was a Cat and Mommy was a Dog - we had no costumes. I really have no idea why she said that. She's a trip.

Just a side note I want to remember: The girls are carrying buckets from McDonald's Happy Meals. Caroline's is from McDonald's Halloween Happy Meal last year and Lucy's is from this year. We NEVER go to McDonald's. Don't get me wrong - I am not a McDonald's hater. I love McDonald's, but Adam is not a fan - and if we are going to get fast food he would much rather have Hardee's or Chickfila or Burger King or anywhere that is NOT McDonald's. It just so happens that we went to McDonald's close to Halloween Day both last year and this year. The odds of that happening are pretty incredible. 

Lucy got a Hershey chocolate bar at the first house we went to. She carried it the rest of the night. You can see she has a tight grip on it along with her sippy cup.

Many of the neighbors would see us walking up their driveway and they would come out of their house  and sit on the porch to wait for us. (It took Lucy a while to get down the driveway and up the sidewalk)

We probably went to about 15 houses and Caroline told us she was done. I was hoping to just go to 10 so I was glad to call it a night. We still had to finish walking around the block. We felt bad passing houses with porch lights on, but I was not about to push these girls to the limit. They had really enjoyed the evening.

We arrived back at our house at about 6:45pm. Plenty of time to turn on our porch light and pass out candy. Caroline and Lucy still loved that part. 

Caroline was a perfect age for Trick-or-Treating. She ran up to the doors, exclaimed "Trick or Treat!",  was so excited for any candy the neighbor offered her, and then said "Thank you!" before skipping off their porch. I want to hold that in my memory forever.

Lucy was a little bit in awe the whole night. She stood next to Caroline on the porches and would do everything Caroline did. Right after Caroline said "Trick or Treat!", Lucy would hum "Rruh rruhh!" in the same inflection. She would then hold out her bucket just like Sissy. It was precious!

Monday, November 12, 2012

The heart doubled, but the brain did not...

Whilst pregnant with the second baby, you worry and stress over how your heart will accommodate another little person. Of course the sensible part of you knows that it won't be a problem, but it's that emotional side that wonders - My whole world is wrapped up in this little person so how can I also wrap my whole world around another little person?

If you are currently in that boat, I am here to tell you that you are wasting all your time worrying about that. There is something FAR GREATER for you to worry about.

The moment my second was born (and it will surely happen for you too - maybe not at the same moment), my heart doubled. It's that simple. It doubled. Suddenly my whole world is wrapped up in 2 little people.

But...and this is a big BUT...my brain stayed the exact same size.

There is something seriously wrong with this. Now I'm expected to remember and plan and go to twice as many things. As my kids get older, this is getting harder and harder because they are getting involved in things and having their own "commitments". Sure the physical side of parenting is getting easier - Praise the Lord! But the mental side, whew!

Caroline's library books are due back on Friday.
Tell my aunt that Lucy didn't eat a good breakfast this morning.
Need to wash Caroline's leotard before dance class.
Caroline has to complete Cubbie's workbook by Wednesday.
Preschool wants us to send oatmeal for the food drive.
Caroline is supposed to memorize a verse for Cubbies.
Pack a new backup set of clothes for Lucy in the diaper bag - she's outgrown the current set.
Oh yeah and you're supposed to make breakfast for Sunday School (ooops)

And to think, part of me wants more children. How will I ever survive this part of parenting and not end up in the looney bin? Many days I wonder this.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Peek at our Week

  • With Halloween over, Christmas season is in full gear, but what about Thanksgiving? I'm trying to suppress the urge to go into Christmas stuff until Thanksgiving is over. But it's hard because we are already scheduling Christmas events and making Christmas lists. And our church's Singing Christmas Tree program is in HIGH gear as we prepare. Anybody else feel that way? Want to just reach out and make it all slow down so we can enjoy each holiday?
  • Last weekend we went to the Pecan festival in Florence with Aunt Amber and Uncle Bobby. Uncle Bobby asked Caroline if she wanted to try a turkey leg. She said "No cause it's not Thanksgiving yet." - That's my girl!
  • Caroline helps me make my coffee almost every morning. She loves putting the paper filter in and dumping the grounds in the filter and then hitting the Start button. Their are illustrated instructions on the lid of the coffee maker and every morning she tells me, "Mommy, when you get your coffee you better be on step number 5!" (Step number 5 is a picture of a person getting the cup of coffee - it is the last step)
  • On Tuesday morning, I woke up at 5am, skipped my work out (Ok so I skipped it everyday last week), got ready for work and set out stuff for the girls. I then headed out the door before anyone was awake to stand in line at my precinct to vote. I was expecting to be one of the first people there since I was there more than 30 minutes before the polls even opened. To my surprise, there were already 30 people in line. Proud to be an American. Proud to vote. Proud of Tuesday's turnout across the country.
  • I'm so very proud of my husband who worked extremely hard this election season to inform everyone of their choices for the State's House and Senate races. He covered other topics too, but these are his specialties. 
  • Caroline got her flu shot yesterday and did AMAZING! We talked all the way there about how it was going to hurt, but it was only going to be for a minute and she would get a prize afterward. She kept telling me she was not going to cry and I would tell her that it is ok to cry. Believe it or not, she bit her lip as hard as she could and didn't let out a cry until the last second. She let out a little yelp and after that was good to go. I couldn't believe how brave she was especially while we stood in line and could hear other kids screaming. I would have been terrified.
  • Adam has been helping erect our tree for our Singing Christmas Tree program all weekend. Tickets are selling quick so get yours now! http://www.christmasatshandon.com.
  • My Lucy turned 16 months old yesterday. I can't believe how fast the time is flying. 

Sweet Sixteen for Lucy

Lucy is sixteen months. What a precious, spunky girl she is. She quickly goes from screaming (and I mean SCREAMING) that you took away her toy to squeezing your neck with all her might giving you sweet loves. One minute she is my fearless toddler scaling all over a playground and the next she is terrified of the horse on the carousel. I just love learning about her and watching her personality come alive.

Lucy's vocabulary is steadily growing with a couple of 2 word phrases:

More milk (cannot type how she says it)
Up pease
eeehh dadnn? (Where's Daddy?) - She says this phrase constantly asking where different people are.

She is loving coloring and other artsy things. She does really well with a crayon and can make some very distinctive marks.

She loves to pretend to cook and stir and then feed whatever she made to a doll or herself or anyone. She cackles and gets all giddy if you say "yum yum".

She also loves to play with baby dolls. She loves to feed them a bottle and rock them.

She says Caroline's name. I've been waiting to see what she would call Caroline. She usually says it quietly as if she is unsure of herself. It's kind of like "Dareline"- just 2 syllables.

These days, she can go to sleep with many, many loveys. Dolly and Melmo (blue elephant) are staples along with her Minnie Mouse blanket. Every morning, we have to carry all of the loveys and the blanket to the high chair.

Lucy usually takes 2 naps, but can take 1. Here is what happened one day when she did not take a morning nap. She fell asleep while eating lunch.

We love this sweet little girl and we are so thankful for her. What a joy she is to our family!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Preschool Praises Fall Concert

One week before Halloween, our Preschool Praises choir at church performed. Caroline is in the choir and I lead the 3 year olds. One of the highlights of my week, is singing with these kids on Wednesday nights. The children sang 4 songs all from the Wee Sing Bible Songs album:

God Made Me
This Little Light of Mine
He's Got the Whole World in His Hands
God is so Good

"He's got the whole world in His hands"

"He's got everybody here in His hands"

"God answers prayers" (Caroline closed her eyes as tight as she could)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy Voting Day

(Please ignore how messy her room was. Also, I don't know why she would not stop moving - oh yeah - cause she's 3!)