Sunday, December 30, 2012

Caroline 3.5

Well here is Caroline's 3.5 year post - almost 2 months late! I wanted to wait until we got her school pictures in the mail because they were taken right around her half birthday. Of course they didn't arrive until Christmas festivities were well underway. 


Three and a half years have been too sweet for words. You are teaching your Mommy and Daddy more than you will ever know.

You have numerous imaginary friends. Many of them seem to be from a different country because there are sounds in their names that are not in the English alphabet:

Muntha - I think there are 2 dots above the "u", but I don't know how else to spell it. I think she is French.
Feltza - very light "z" almost a "c". I think this one is German.
(There are several others too that seem to be visitors)

Some Americans:
pretend Jill (You always say "pretend" in front of this one to differentiate between cousin Jill)
pretend Ruth Ann (You usually say "pretend" to differentiate between classmate Ruth Ann)
Bailey's sister
your 3 grandsons
your stepmother
your grandmother

Where do you get this stuff? Occasionally your friends ask you to do something Mommy or Daddy has asked you not to do, but this is rare. Most of the time you just have a good time with your friends.

You are always talking and I mean ALWAYS talking. From the moment you wake up, you are explaining to us about how Muntha woke you up and told you that she was hungry so you had to come into the kitchen - To the moment you go to bed, when you use every stalling technique in the book.

You make me laugh everyday.

One of our common exchanges is where I say, "I love you to pieces!" and you reply, "I love you to PIZZA!!"

You eat Raisin Bran Crunch cereal almost every morning.

You are starting to get picky about vegetables and you don't eat a good dinner anymore, but you can be bribed. So I use that strategy when necessary.

You are such a wonderful big sister. You are so attentive to Lucy and you love to play with her. If she is upset, you often sing to her or hold her hand.

You are one of the tallest in your class at school while also being on the younger end.

You almost broke your thumb sucking habit, but then Thanksgiving and Christmas happened. Hopefully, we will kick that habit in the new year.

Your biggest struggle is whining, but I guess it goes along with your dramatic imagination. Speaking of drama, you love to put on shows for us. I love listening to you sing a  song and make up the words as you go.

You love to read. We usually read through a chapter book with you at night. We have several Ramona books. We usually read about 20 pages a night. You could listen to it for hours, but we cut it off at 20 pages. I'm amazed that you really understand the events that are happening and you laugh at appropriate times.

You love to say prayers at night and at meals. You want to say your own prayers - not recite them anymore. When we think about prayer requests, you love to pray for the children and babies we name and you ask me to pray for the adults.

You are so inquisitive. All of your questions can make me feel dumber than dumb. But they also remind me of God - our majestic creator - and they humble me as they remind me that adults can make things so much more complicated than they need to be. What a blessing you are to this family!

We love you so very much!

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Caroline had her very first dance recital last week. And earlier this week, she performed at a retirement home. She takes dance at the South Caroline Christian Dance Theater. I really like it. It's a such a God centered theater and is still very professional. Caroline is in the 3-5 year old group called "His Steps".

Waving at us before starting

Praying before they start - they pray before every practice

The program lasted about 30 minutes. They walked through many of the things they typically do in class. They do several excersises in a story form. They had to find a key and then unlock a door and in the process did several ballet moves (forgive me - I was not a dancer so I don't know the terms - Caroline could tell you).

They do plies around a heart so that their feet stay in the correct position. "Make your heels kiss!"


They performed a song about baby Jesus sleeping. The girl on the left is doing it correctly. Anytime they were supposed to "sleep", Caroline laid down on the floor =)

She absolutely loves dance and loves dancing at home. I'm so pleased with this program she is in. I was so worried about getting swept into a Honey BooBoo type of program. That is not the case at SCCDT.

17 months

Lucy is 17 months old. Wow 17 months - where has the time gone?

She is saying a lot of phrases, but they are all smushed together. It's like playing Mad Gab. Example: "mahshumayoff" = My shoe came off. (says this one a LOT)

She makes her own 2 word phrases and has an infinite number of those - usually a subject and a verb.  Examples: "Hold me", "I drive". A couple of months ago, she picked up the word "my/mine" and she now uses it very frequently. Caroline didn't use that word until she was older than 2! I remember because I was on maternity leave when it happened. Amazing how certain words are more important when you are not the only child =)

Lucy is using "Yes" and "No" now - accurately. She can also nod and shake her head. It is sooo cute when she nods "yes". It seems to take a bit of effort.

Lucy has also learned the word "again" this month. Another key word in a toddler's vocabulary. We now read books over and over and over again. She has a few favorite books - "Moo, Baa, La, La, La" and "But Not the Hippopotamus". She has those books memorized and says parts of it as you are reading it to her.

In the last couple of weeks, Lucy has started telling us when she wants her diaper changed. She is always right. I am so impressed, but man we are going through a lot of diapers.

Lucy's canines are coming in. One is all the way through (on bottom right) and the top 2 are very very close. The 4th is not as close. Some days she has been pretty miserable and she has clawed at her mouth.

Lucy is starting to feed herself with utensils. Usually I scoop and she takes the utensil to her mouth, but once in a while she does both.

Lucy is still wearing a fair amount of 12 Month clothes, but for the most part 12-18 fits best. Some 18 Month fit as well. She is now in size 5 shoes. She is still in size 3 diaper.

Lucy loves her big sister. She loves to do everything Caroline is doing. If Caroline is done eating, Lucy immediately starts saying "all done!" If Caroline wants to take her jacket off, Lucy start pulling at her zipper "off, off!" Although, the same is true vice versa. Caroline follows Lucy to play with her and if Lucy has a toy, that is the one Caroline wants.


Lucy loves the nativity scene. She is quick to point out "Deezus!" She also says something that sounds like Joseph and she has another sound for Mary.

I'm pretty sure Lucy knows the colors green, red, blue and yellow.

We get so many comments on Lucy's hair. It's all business in the front and party in the back. People ask about the blonde - Adam and I both have a lot of blonde in our families. Adam was very blonde with a hint of red when he was a toddler and I was blonde as a toddler - not toe-head blonde though. They also ask about the curls. We both have pretty curly hair too. If Adam's hair gets too long, it gets very curly. And I used to pull off a curly-do on a rainy day, but I think it's been straightened too many times now to try that. All that to say, she's definitely ours =)

Business in the front

Party in the back

 And below are some other pictures from this month:

Got into Mommy's shoes. 

I love these overalls.

Ice Skating with Daddy on a Daddy-date.

Grocery shopping at Edventure

Being sassy =)

my doll baby =)

 Giving the pre-show entertainment at Caroline's dance recital.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Singing Christmas Tree

It started back in August - preparation for Shandon's Singing Christmas Tree. We have been listening to the music pretty much 24x7 since then. Caroline actually had it memorized by September. (And now that it's over - she STILL wants to listen to it - ugh.)

In mid-November, Adam helped build the tree. It was so exciting to see it go up. 

And then the first week of December came. The big week. We were at the church every night that week with rehearsals. Adam was honored to be in a "dancing" ensemble during the first 2 songs. He did a synchronized box number that was really cool and then did some dancing during the second song.  I was honored to play the part of Mary. I got to sing the same 2 songs I sang 2 years ago. I love those songs.

Our girls did really well that week. Poor things were tossed around a lot, but they are so flexible. 

Adam took this pic from inside the tree during the pre-dress rehearsal.

 Caroline got to come to 2 shows. She came the afternoon that Nana and Papa came and she came the afternoon that Grandma and Grandpa came.

The Tree:

Adam's box number.

Adam's dance number.

People in the tree.

Me as Mary.

Pooped good looking couple =)

Lucy in the arms of the nursery worker Sunday night. So thankful for loving people who helped watch and love on our girls.

We just love participating in the Tree. It is our 3rd year doing it - our 8th year doing a Christmas program at Shandon. More than anything we our thankful for an opportunity to bring glory to God and to worship Him.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Santa Pics and Christmas Dresses

We found out about a free opportunity to see Santa AND take your own pictures - Woot Woot!

It was on a Sunday after church so the girls were already in Christmas dresses. And it was outside at a park - which is just the best.

We did some swinging while waiting on the jolly guy to arrive.

I was hoping that if Lucy saw Caroline smiling she would be happy to sit in a strange man's lap, but no such luck. Yes - Santa cried too.

Caroline told Santa she wanted Barbies.

Lucy does like to say "Ho ho ho", but she prefers Santa from a distance. Maybe next year =)

And these are just some pics from a Sunday morning a couple of weeks ago. We had about 3 minutes of extra time - imagine that - so I snapped a couple of pictures.