Thursday, January 31, 2013


This is the year Adam and I enter a new decade. The 3-0 decade. Adam's big day was last week. Mine is still a long, long, long ways away ;)

Our birthday present to each other is a ski trip out west. So Adam's actual birthday was pretty low key. The girls and I had worked on a snowman cake because Caroline said Adam needed a "Snowman Theme Party". We had a crockpot enchiladas and quesadillas for dinner. The cake is Julia Child's German Chocolate cake. It was AMAZING! I'm definitely making it again.

The 2 videos below show how excited the girls were about Adam's birthday. Lucy really understood it was a special day for her daddy.

Most everyday I under-appreciate this man. He is a dream come true for a husband and father. Caroline, Lucy and I are so blessed.

Sick funnies and sweeties

So I want to remember all the fun/good stuff for the last few weeks and none of the bad/gross stuff. Could be hard to do with the kind of month we have had, but let's try.
  • Caroline currently has walking pneumonia and a sinus infection, but she insists that she is NOT sick because she is worried we will put her back on the BRAT diet (from when we all had the norovirus). Her main concerns are being able to eat cheese and peanut butter and to drink milk. 

  • On Norovirus Day 3, I was pretty sick. Caroline crawled in bed with me and said "Mommy, please don't throw up on me." She then got out of the bed and brought a small trash can over to me - so that I wouldn't throw up on her.

  • Caroline has had several nights of coughing where she really just couldn't get it to stop. At those times, I would crawl in bed next to her and rub her back till the coughing got better. Every time, she would reach her arm backward up to caress my cheek. She will rub my cheek till she falls asleep and frequently whisper "I love you Mommy. I love you to pizza." (I love you to pieces.)

  • A couple of Sundays ago, Caroline had a coughing fit that lasted a full hour. Like a choking, can't-catch-your-breath, scary coughing fit for an hour. I took her in the bathroom and steamed up the shower, I brought her a lollipop to suck to see if that would help. It didn't really help but she was highly entertained. She said, "Take a picture of me sucking my lollipop." I took a picture. "Take a picture of me sucking it backward." She then showed me several positions she could suck her lollipop in - upside down, sideways. She's a goofball.

  • That same day, Caroline sat on the couch and had me cover her with a Clemson blanket. She looked over at Adam and said "Daddy, look at my blanket!" Little Miss Sass enjoyed watching her Daddy cringe. 

  • Also on the same day, we held a tea party to see if a spot of tea might help Caroline's cough. I made some Calamine Tea for myself and Caroline, however, Lucy wanted to join in. So I put a little water in a plastic tea cup for Lucy. We were having a very nice tea party and decided to toast a few things or really just clink tea cups and say "Cheers!" Lucy seemed to think it meant turn your cup over and watch all the contents go on the floor. I'm no fool - I gave her 2 chances and then her tea party was over =)

  • Miss Lucy loves to play Hide and Seek at the doctor's office. She thinks she has the greatest hiding spots. 

  • Caroline had to have her finger pricked and then had to have a chest Xray on the same day. She was so brave during her finger prick. She gritted her teeth and refused to cry. But afterwards, the finger seemed to hurt a lot. She refused to hold anything and asked me to carry her everywhere. She even refused to hold her prize bear that she received after her chest Xray. She just looked at it while I held it.

  • In general these weeks have included a lot of movies, a lot of puzzles, a lot games and a lot of snuggles.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Where we've been

The Beam Team has been super sick over here for what seems like forever. I feel like we've had it all - flu, norovirus, sprained ankle, sinus infection, ear infection, double ear infection, and walking pneumonia. All in the month of January.

Last Friday, I took the girls to Edventure for a rare escape out of our sick pity party. They were both having a pretty healthy day. We had a great time and enjoyed ourselves. On our way out, Caroline held the door open for me and Lucy. I peeked back over my shoulder to help her get through the heavy door herself and watched in horror as Caroline carefully licked the door handle.

Let me say it again - She licked...the door Edventure!

And that, my friends, is why we keep getting sick. My 3.5 year old is probably licking door handles all over Columbia.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

How Lucy watches TV

You know that person in the movie theater who doesn't understand that you are supposed to be quiet?

Well, that's Lucy. She's what we call an "active watcher".

Daddy coming home

Typical when Daddy comes home from work.

Lucy "Where is?"

Lucy saying "Please"

This is how Lucy says "Please". Seriously, how could you not give in to that?

Lucy is 1.5

Lucy is 1.5! Although, if you ask her, she will tell you she is 3 while holding up 1 finger. I don't understand how so much personality can fit into one little girl.

Lucy is a dancing and talking machine. The other day we had this conversation:

(Lucy was being my permanent hip attachment)

Me: Lucy do you want to sit down my dresser while I put on my makeup?
Lucy: No.
Me: Why not?
Lucy: Cause.

Seriously? "Cause"?? She also says "Why?". Sure, she has no idea what these things mean, but it's so funny hearing her say them. I'm sure she gets it from hearing Caroline say them.

This month Lucy has really started saying Caroline's name. It sounds more like "Dare-line". It's so sweet to hear her call for Caroline. She's saying a lot of people's names now and she's holding pretty good conversations. If I ask her what she did during the day, she will name a few of her activities.

Lucy gives great hugs with tight squeezes and she is a great snuggler.

Lucy loves pretending to sleep. It's her new game and Caroline loves to play along. How did I get this lucky?? I love the pretending-to-go-to-sleep game. Perfect game after a long day at work.

Caroline and Lucy are playing so good together right now and just enjoying each other's company. I love it! Of course they fight like sisters, but they are definitely best buds.

Holding hands in the car =)

Lucy is all over the place and into everything. She wants to be a part of any action. She's one busy girl. 

Lucy cut 2 teeth this past month and she's got 2 more close behind.

Lucy loves to draw. She got a lot of artsy stuff for Christmas and she is really enjoying playing with them.

Just like Caroline, Lucy loves to wear a dress. She gets super excited and loves to spin.

It's been a wonderful 18 months with Lucy. We can't wait for more.

Happy New Year

On New Year's Eve, we took the girls to Edventure to ring in the new year at Noon. It was a fun way to involve the girls in the count down. Edventure had confetti, a ball drop, noise makers and bubble wrap to pop. What else do you need?

After playing at the exhibits for a while, everyone gathered in the main atrium to count down to NOON.

And there is the ball that dropped.

This is her "That's it?" face. Haha.

We got out of there fast after the ball drop as it was really hot in there. Happy New Year!

Other Christmas Happenings

Here are some other Christmasy pictures:

Caroline and I went to see a children's musical at my aunt's church. Caroline had listened to it a lot in the fall - she knew everything about it.

Pajamas to match her baby from Grandma.

Angel peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Most days she asked for a Christmas Tree, but sometimes asked for the angel.

The Christmas treats we made for her friends at school.

Pajama Day at preschool!

Lucy and I went to Target together for some last minute shopping while Caroline was at preschool. We shared a pretzel.

Piggy back ride on Grandpa.

The Christmas aftermath - figuring out where it was all going to go. Adam and I pulled each girl's toy box into the family room so I could organize.

Adam and my dad went hiking up Table Rock.