Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Little Prince

On Sunday afternoon, our library had a sneak preview of the City of Columbia Ballet's The Little Prince. The City of Columbia Ballet company is of one of Columbia's professional ballet companies and is supposedly the best in the state. The sneak preview was completely free and included 4 of the dances from the show.

The dancers were in full costume and were flawless (as far as I could tell). The company even brought characters whose dance was not being previewed just to sit with the children and entertain them. AND we got to take pictures with the dancers after the show! This library event far surpassed my expectations!

Caroline has shown a real interest in taking pictures with my camera or my phone. I let her use my phone during the show. She took over a 100 pictures! She was so excited and enthralled. It was so fun watching her take those pictures. Probably about half the pictures are of either the floor or the ceiling - ha! But some are pretty good.

Next few pictures are ones Caroline took:

And then I took back over the picture taking

Caroline asked to get her picture taken with the Bird and the Rose. This first picture is of the Bird. The Bird was one of the characters that didn't dance. She was just there to introduce the character to the children and to entertain them - Love that!

The rose. Caroline was loved her dance the best.

After the show, we continued our date at the grocery store where I got Caroline an Icee. I just love this picture I took of her. 

Lucy reading Peek-a

This is a video of Lucy reading her favorite book Peek-a

Lucy sings Jesus Loves Me


Caroline goes to chapel at school every other week. This past week her class got to give a little song presentation to the other children. I just love watching Caroline light up on the stage when she is singing with her friends.

The class sang 2 songs. For the first song, the children were neatly lined up on the stairs at the front of the sanctuary. For the second, the children spread out on the flat platform for some hooping, hollering and jumping. How fun!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Ski Tripping

Adam and I have talked about skiing out west since we first got married. It's sort of been an item on our bucket list - even though we don't have a formal list.

We decided it would be a great thing to do for our 30th birthdays. Nothing like falling flying down a mountain to make you feel young, right?

We settled on Salt Lake City, Utah - mostly because it was cheaper than the resorts in Colorado, but we could not be happier with our choice. Salt Lake City had no fewer than 10 resorts within 30 minutes and all the advantages of staying in a big city too. It was amazing to feel like you were in the middle of nowhere - literally on top of a mountain, but in 30 minutes you could be having dinner at one of the city's hot spots.

If you know Adam, then you know we were waiting at the door to the ski slopes when they opened at 9 AM and we were the last ones down the mountain when they closed at 4 PM. On our first day in SLC, we rented a Jeep Wrangler (All Wheel Drive was necessary to make it up the snowy mountains) and headed up to Alta. We decided against buying 3-day pass at Alta because a massive snow storm was coming and we weren't sure if the roads to Alta would be closed the next day. 

We spent about an hour on the Greens just getting comfortable and then we headed up for some Blues. It definitely came back faster for Adam, but there should be no surprise there. I'm just thankful I was able to hang with him. By the afternoon, Adam would take several of the Black detours and we would meet up half way through. Apparently at one point that day, I went down a Black Diamond and didn't know it. I'm still not sure this is true, but Adam says it happened.

We enjoyed a nice dinner at PF Chang's that night. We had planned to go somewhere more local, but it was closed so we just walked across the street to PF Chang's instead. After PF Chang's we went to Walmart to get stuff to make breakfast and PBJ sandwiches. We couldn't believe that our cheeseburger lunch at Alta cost more than our dinner at PF Chang's! And the cheeseburgers weren't even good. 

After settling in to the hotel that night, Adam made a horrifying discovery. Apparently the bibs he had bought for himself were WOMEN'S bibs. No wonder those Larges looked like high waters on him. Of course, I told him there was no way anyone noticed. I mean how can you tell snow bibs are Men's or Women's? They are black and baggy with no shape. Really, shouldn't bibs be non-gender specific anyway? Adam, however, was not convinced. We made a deal though. I had forgotten to pack my hair straightener for the trip. So the deal was, I wouldn't buy a new hair straightener if he wouldn't buy new bibs.

The next day we went to Solitude. Several locals had told us they loved how uncrowded Solitude was. And they were right. When every 6 person ski chair was loaded full at Alta, every 5th ski chair was loaded with 2 or 3 people at Solitude. And the runs, whew, they were MUCH harder. A Blue at Solitude was like a Black at Alta. It didn't take me long to decide I would stick to the Greens. Luckily, many of the runs ran together so Adam and I could still ski together for the most part - he would just take the more difficult detours. The Women's Bibs didn't hold Adam back, he even did some runs with moguls. 

On our final full day in Utah, I decided to relax while Adam took to the slopes. So we went to Park City. It was perfect because you can ski right into downtown and there is a lift to take you right back up. In the morning, I got a massage. Then Adam skied into town and we had lunch together at a cute pizza place owned by Robert Redford. Then Adam got back on the lift and I went shopping. The town reminded me of Charleston. It had a great Main Street with all kinds of shops and while shopping, I could look up at the mountain and see people skiing on the slopes. 

We talked a lot about how we want to bring the girls out there some day. We would definitely start in Park City if they are still relatively young when we go. Park City had such an incredible Ski School and it just had the best of both worlds. When they are older and have better ski skills, we can venture to Alta and Solitude.

Our flights were not without incident, including 15 minutes to make our connection in DC. I've never run that fast in my life! But we made it. Here is a picture of our plane in SLC. It is covered in ice. It took them about an hour to De-Ice it. 

So are there any ladies planning to go skiing soon? We have a pair of bibs you can have - size Large ;)

**PS - Adam approved this post.
**PPS - The post is called "Ski Tripping" because that is what Caroline kept telling everybody we were doing.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Lucy 19 months

Oh no - 19 months - means we are past the half way mark and on our way to 2. I'm just not ready for that, but Lucy thinks she is. She is bursting with independence and I'm pretty sure every picture I have in this post shows exactly that.

Her vocabulary is off the charts. And Dr. G just went on and on about it to her resident. Lucy's gotten quite comfortable at the doctor's office this last month with all of our visits. She is easily saying and creating 5-8 word sentences. Some examples from this month:

"I don't like the piggy." (The souvenir I got her from our ski trip. She liked it just fine until she saw what Caroline got.)
"I want to play Ride a Horsey."
"I don't want to go night night."

Independence and opinions - Oh my!! Of course her sentences don't sound perfect. The words are mostly slurred together, but people seem to understand her.

She loves to help pick out her clothes - pajamas or outfit. She likes it when the clothing has a character or animal on it. Her favorites are her 2 Minnie Mouse shirts ("Mi-eee Mouse") and her Monkey pajamas ("Mon-eee Jamas"). Although, she could wear her Monkey pajamas 24x7.

Lucy in her "Pup Dog" outfit.

She pretty much decided that she wanted to carry a backpack everywhere so that is now her diaper bag. I didn't switch Caroline to a backpack till she was 2, but I guess if I don't have to carry her bag anymore then I'm agreeable.

Lucy LOVES coats. We have picked her up from Sunday School several times and she has worn her coat the entire time she was there. "Leave it on!" she says whenever someone offers to take it off.

Speaking of Sundays - Lucy had a couple of Sunday School teachers she bossed around. She told them she would not ride in the Bye-Bye Buggy. For several Sundays, they complied and let her walk along side while the other children rode in the buggy. Thankfully, the director told them to not let Lucy win and she is now riding with the other children.

Lucy is an excellent colorer. It doesn't last very long, but she is good at it. Reading still doesn't last very long. At this point, we were reading Golden Books and other long books to Caroline, but most of the time Lucy won't sit through an entire board book. She sits through ones she is familiar with. Her favorite night time stories right now are: Llama Llama Nighty Night, Peek-a-Who, and Where is Baby's Belly Button?. But for the most part, Lucy seems to have more important things to do than read.

Playing Hide-n-seek in the doctor's office. Where's Lucy?

And one of those important things is keeping up with her big sister. These girls adore each other more and more everyday. And Lucy tries to do everything Caroline does. One of those things is even going potty. That's right, Lucy has been sitting on the pot for fun for a few months now, but this month, she's actually decided to go - twice! We'll continue to let it be fun until it is more frequent.

I just love hearing Lucy call for Caroline - "Dare-line!"

Curls =)


Caroline loves to play big sister and teach Lucy things. This month she has taught Lucy how to say the blessing. She leads Lucy in a blessing almost everyday. She has also taught Lucy how to climb up in her booster seat at the table. It is precious watching these interactions where Caroline teaches Lucy something.

Lucy has given up the high chair - another sad day. She much prefers to sit up at the table in the booster seat and can now climb into it all by herself.

Lucy was sick a lot this month. After getting over the Norovirus, she had an ear infection - the two illnesses overlapped =( A week on the antibiotic and things weren't getting better, so we went back to the doctor and one ear infection had become a double ear infection. So we got promoted to a new antibiotic. Another week on that one and we were back to one ear infection and fluid in the lungs. On to antibiotic #3, which finally kicked her sickness to the curb. Thank goodness! With all the sickness there were LOTS of snuggles, which were enjoyed immensely.

We feel so blessed to have this little fireball in our lives. She reminds me everyday how different children are - in the same environment and with the same nurturing - they are so different!