Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

My sweet girls made presents for me for Mother's Day. They were so excited to give them to me on Sunday morning.

I feel like the luckiest mother on earth! These 2 girls are such a blessing! Big thank you to Aunt Alice for helping their projects.

Dance Recital

Caroline had her dance recital a few weeks ago. I cannot say enough good things about her dance studio. I just love it. She took dance all Fall and Spring with the South Carolina Christian Dance Theater

Caroline had a whole row of people there to see her - both sets of grandparents, great-Grandma, Aunt Alice, Uncle Tim and Crystal. 

Entertaining Lucy before the show

Caroline came out waving to all her fans.

The first song was a frog song. Caroline was an excellent bull frog.

The next song was a bunny song. Here is our little bunny.

Then each girl got to skip across the stage solo and do a courtesy. It was Caroline's time to shine.

And she did. In addition to an extra curtsy, Caroline gave an extra twirl before she exited the stage! All completely unprompted. I had no idea she had it in her.

For their final number, they did Caroline's favorite "If I were a Butterfly"

Love this sweet face!

And at the end, Caroline got her very first trophy.

Caroline had made it clear that she was expecting flowers at the end of the show. She and I had taken cousin Crystal flowers when we saw her high school play so she just knew that she should get flowers.

Dance has been so fun for Caroline. She definitely misses it already.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Lucy 22 months

Lucy turned 22 months on May 10th. She went through so much that month including growing! Every week it felt like I looked at her and did a double take. She was visibly taller!

The month started out rough. She had an allergic reaction to an antibiotic she was taking. It was quite scary. She had hives that didn't go away for 6 days - they would flare up every 3-4 hours. We were giving her high doses of Benadryl every 4 hours, which also started to take it's toll on day 4. Poor Lucy was bouncing out of her skin and driving us all a little crazy. Benadryl made her very hyper. She didn't nap those days and only slept about 9 hours at night. Thankfully, it was over in a week and she will never take that antibiotic again.

Lucy at one of her many doctor's visits that week. 

During our week of continuous hives outbreaks, Lucy spent much of her time in the...ahem...nude. It was much more comfortable for her. While she was in the...ahem...nude, she would tell me when she needed to potty and so I got out the potty and she would go. We were very casual about it, but she was doing great. As soon as the outbreaks stopped and we went back to clothes, her interest in the potty went away. She is still pretty proactive about telling you, but she is not interested in actually going on the potty. That would require her to stop playing.

Nudist attire

Lucy has figured out her colors this month. It was so fun watching that little light bulb turn on in her brain. She new the names of all the colors but did not associate them with colors. All of the sudden it's like she figured it out and she seems to know almost all of them now. We still need to work on colors like White, Brown, Gray, but she's got primary colors and Pink and Purple down!

Another big change this month, is we switched her car seat around to face forward. This little monkey had given me one too many heart attacks as she squirmed out of her straps to turn on her side and look at me while I was driving. Since facing her forward, we have not had that problem, but it is much harder for her to fall asleep. We have already experience that on several trips.

Lucy's independence and "Do it myself" attitude grows by the day, but she has also been super clingy this month. We are now seeing signs of 2 year molars so I think that is what is going on. Here are some of her "Do it myself" moments from this month:

She is always going to get her stool to reach something. 

Lucy is all girl. She loves to perform like her big Sissy. Together they stand on their toy box almost everyday and give us a concert. Lucy often sings "Twinkle Twinkle", "Jesus loves the Little Children" or "Jesus Loves Me". Lucy is also a huge fan of dresses and shoes. She loves to dress up. Oh my! I found this Christmas dress brand new and on sale for $1.99! It's a 3T. Hopefully, she will be able to wear it this Christmas. She is in love with it and asks to wear it almost everyday.

Caroline put on this nightgown one night and it was clearly WAY too small for her. So I suggested she let Lucy try it. She was ok with that. It was so neat to take something off of Caroline and put it on Lucy. Sure it's a little big, but there's a lot of fudge room with pajamas =) Little things like that remind me of how close they are in age and how cool that is.

Here are some other pictures from this month:

She loves stickers!

Looking for Daddy at Funday Sunday with our church.

I love that she still fits in most of her rompers from last year. She looks even littler when she's wearing them and I love that! I can't believe it's time to start planning her 2nd birthday!