Friday, June 21, 2013

Father's Day

We had a fun Father's Day weekend. It was pretty low key. We went to the upstate on Saturday and got to see both our dads. And then on Sunday, we celebrated Adam. 

Caroline had made Adam a painting at preschool and brought it home over a month ago. She was excited to give that to him.

And Lucy helped Adam open up the gift from all of us - the official Spring Training Atlanta Braves hat and a collage picture of Adam playing baseball with the girls over the last few years.

Caroline had also spent about 2 hours coloring a picture for Adam - a picture of Snow White. She was so proud.

We played in the backyard a lot in the evening. I wish I had pictures of that. This is all I took =(

Strawberry Picking

A couple of weeks ago we went strawberry picking with some friends. I have never been strawberry picking so late in the season and I have never picked strawberries so quickly! We filled up a bucket in less than 30 minutes going down just half of one aisle (are they called aisles?). I think I'll wait till June to go strawberry picking every year.

I usually run out of ideas of what to do with our strawberries. Well - run out of inspiration. But this year, I could have used a whole other bucket. I had so much fun creating things with our strawberries!

My tickle bug (video)

My fishy fish - video

Not the best video, but this is of Caroline swimming. This is only about 15 feet.

Must Haves

I just thought it would be fun to make a list of things we must have in our fridge/pantry right now for the kids. You know, the things that require a midweek grocery store trip if you run out of them. 

  • Milk
  • String cheese
  • Shredded cheese
  • Laughing cow cheese
  • Slice cheese
  • (lots of cheese!!)
  • Raisins
  • Peanuts
  • Bananas
  • Rasin Bran Crunch (my girls love this stuff)
  • Cereal/Granola bars
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly
  • Oatmeal
  • Bread for the PB&J

These are pretty much our staples right now. What's missing? Vegetables. Veggies are overrated, right?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

23 months

In just a couple of weeks, my little baby is going to be 2! She is so excited about it. She knows that her birthday is in "Duly!" and she asks me to help her make the number 2 on her hand. 

Little Lucy has had a very fun 23rd month. She has played hard and I think you can see that from the pictures I took this month.


For the first time she has struggled with some stuttering. Some days she will wake up and stutter the whole day and other days her speech is perfect. I think maybe her speech is a little ahead of itself and she is adjusting to that. She mostly speaks in full sentences. I expect her to say "May I please..." with her requests instead of just "please" (tough Mommy!). She is also asking questions like crazy right now! I hear "Why?" hundreds of times a day. I'm not totally sure she understands what she is asking, but I answer and once again I reminded at how much I DO NOT know. 

L: Where is Daddy?
Me: You know where he is. Where is Daddy?
L: At work. (pause) Why?
Me: To make money.
L: Why?
Me: So we can eat food and have a house.
L: Why?
Me: Because our bodies need food to live.
L: Why?
And now I feel super dumb because I don't know why.

Repeat this scenario about 10 times a day.

Lucy is loving having Caroline around so much this summer, but she also enjoys her alone time. I'm thankful that both of my girls play well by themselves and pretty well together. I often find her singing to a babydoll ("Happy Birthday" the other day) or talking on a plastic phone. Her imagination is coming into it's own. She also loves to help Caroline put on a show. 

She hasn't been a huge fan of the water yet this year. Hopefully that will change. Right now, she likes to be poolside or just play in the sand.

Lucy is starting to recognize some letters and numbers. I guess it's time for us to start working on that stuff. She has also memorized her first Bible Verse - Genesis 1:1 and she recites it before bed time every night. Lucy is also big on saying prayers. Her prayers are so precious. I'll try to upload a video real soon. She prays at meal times and bed time. We discuss things that need praying for and she prays for them. She always either prays for people to "feel better" or thanks God for them. To her those 2 things are interchangeable. One night, she'll list everybody and pray for them to "feel better". Another night, we will talk about how someone is sick and she will pray "Thank you Dod for _____".

Lucy is such a picky eater. The girl loves her milk and loves cheese, but anything else is hit or miss. Adam wants to submit her to science as a child whose body sustains itself on virtually nothing. She is very strong willed when it comes to food and what she will not eat.

Lucy is just now getting into 24 M and 2T clothes really good. She is wearing a size 5 shoe and still fits in a size 3 diaper! I'm anxious to see her stats at her 2 year well visit, but I already know she's petite.

I just love the age that Lucy is at right now. She can do so many things and she is so excitable about everything. We have sweet conversations and other than the word "No!" she's not sassy. I'm cherishing the different stages of my children and this really is a precious one. I'm holding her way too much. After about 5pm, she is my hip buddy and to be honest - I really love it. 

We love our spunky little girl! Here are some more pictures from this month.

She loves to wave the American flag. She chants "America Daddy!" No one knows why she chants "Daddy" in there.

Trying out Sissy's new booster.

Busted lip or teething? - could be either one this month.

Learned to climb in the car and climb into carseat this month - woohoo!

One of her least favorite places to be.

Conked out!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My little fish

Caroline is my little fish. She absolutely loves the water. Last summer she took swim lessons for 2 weeks and by the end of it she could swim just a couple of feet on her own. I couldn't believe my barely 3 year old was so good in the water and she only got better throughout that summer. No swimmies for her.

Well, this year we decided to let her condition with a swim team to see if she could compete on the team. She met the birthday deadline by 2 weeks. So everyday for 2.5 weeks we went to the pool and practiced and practiced. 

In the end, she wasn't ready to compete, but it was more of a maturity thing than a swim thing. Caroline loved showing the coaches her "back stroke" (fall in the water backwards and wait for the coach to come get you) and her "underwater ballerina spins" (jump in and twirl underwater). These skills showed us she wasn't quite ready to focus on competing - probably next year though.

I'm going to try and get a video of her skills up. Her swimming has even improved since we stopped going to swim practice. She can swim about 25 feet. She can get herself to the wall and stairs and pull herself to safety. I'm so proud of my little fish!

Taking a breather with cousin Crystal

A little diving practice

We had to wash this girl's hair every night. She now loves hair towels =)

Eight years of marriage

Adam and I celebrated eight years of marriage on May 28th. As we celebrated I remembered that so many things were also eight years old this year - my car, our couches, our recliner, a ton of our furniture, and our jobs. Adam and I bought all of that together. We started our jobs together....We started our marriage at the same time we were starting our lives. And I just think that is so special.

We got to go on a date for our anniversary. We went to Cola's - a fancy restaurant downtown. It was a very lovely date. Happy anniversary to my Love! While our marriage is still young, our car is getting old!