Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lucy's little/big Dora party

Last Saturday we threw a little family party for Lucy, but since Adam and I both have big families - any party is still a big party. We went out to Pine Island again and actually had a huge shelter. I wish I had been able to get that one for Caroline's party. It was so roomy and it was beside the water and the playground. 

Caroline was awesome through Lucy's birthday festivities. She never showed jealousy. She was so excited for Lucy. Just like a first born she searched out for her role in whatever we were doing. "I'll help her open presents if she has trouble", "I'll help her blow out the candles". On Friday, we had been to Chickfila for Cow Appreciation Day (more on that later). There was a balloon artist there who made balloons for the girls. So on Saturday morning, Caroline came into my bedroom and announced "I'll be the balloon girl for Lucy's party!" Her idea only lasted for about 20 minutes and she decided to just help her. I thought it was so sweet that she was trying to figure out how to help.

Lucy wore her birthday tutu. The same one Caroline wore for her 1st and 2nd birthdays and the same one Lucy wore for her 1st birthday. I think we've gotten our money's worth. Although, she would only wear it for about 20 minutes at a time and then she would come to find me "It's too tight!"

I usually only buy dessert plates with the theme we are using and I coordinate colors for all other paper products, but I just did not like the Dora dessert plates that I found. They didn't have a lot of color. So instead I found a party pack of Dora streamers to hang from a ceiling. I also bought multicolor polka dot dessert plates and then I used all the random leftover paper products of all different colors that we already had. It turned out really cute.

I also put Hawaiian Leis all over the table. These would also serve as party favors for all the cousins. I don't have any good pictures of the buffet table. We had to keep everything covered even while we ate. The flies were insane! But we had hot dogs, chips, watermelon, Star cookies, Cake and various colorful Reese Piecs.

I also decorated the table with Backpack. This is actually Caroline's that she got for Christmas a couple of years ago. I filled him with ribbons and with crazy straws - which the children got to use in their juice boxes and then got to take home. 

We also brought the balloons that the balloon artist had made for Caroline and Lucy on Friday at Chickfila to help decorate the table. They fit the party theme perfectly - 2 colorful flowers.

This party had 2 big fiascos. The first was all the flies. Adam and his dad went to go get fly strips which got caught in everyone's hair and didn't catch a whole lot of flies. I seriously thought I might have to cut my hair at one point when trying to get the stuff out (that was much later, after the party was over). Fiasco number 2 was that I forgot the charcoal. Of all the things to not forgot - charcoal is a big one. Pine Island isn't exactly close to Walmart or a grocery store. So that was another errand. 

Luckily everyone was entertained for a long time at the playground and in the lake. Because lunch was a good bit later than we had intended.

Lucy with Aunt Alice

Lucy is a fish like Caroline

Caroline with Aunt Amber pretending she is in Carnival booth. We threw pretend softballs at Aunt Amber's hand and Caroline would fall in.

Opening Miss Sarah's present

This girl is in Heaven

And she got a tricycle. There are better pictures of her on the tricycle - I'll have to get those from my dad.

Here is the cake. I was sad that I couldn't be displayed for very long because of the flies, but Lucy loved it.

And I didn't take a picture of the Star cookies while we were at the party, but here is a picture of them after I finished making them. The eyes are just candy so these were easy.

Lucy's face while we were all singing to her.

Even with the 2 fiascos, we had a great time. We enjoyed having our families here and hosting them at Pine Island. I always wish I had a group picture from each girl's party. I loved what we did for Lucy's 1st birthday where we made masks and took pictures. The masks forced me to remember to get those pictures.

I can't believe my baby is 2!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lucy's Birthday

Adam and I both took off work on Lucy's birthday so we could celebrate with her. We have been talking about birthdays for a long time in our house. I'm pretty sure Caroline at 2 years old had no idea what a birthday was, but Lucy totally knew because she has been told almost everyday since March (the beginning of our planning for Caroline's birthday) that her birthday is on July 10th. And all through Caroline's birthday we told her "on your birthday you will get (presents, to blow out the candles, etc)". 

I had Lucy's stash of presents sitting out in the family room waiting on her. This year for her birthday she got: a backpack for when she starts preschool in the Fall, a box of legos, a ball, and the book Llama Llama Home with Mama. She's a big Llama Llama fan. Also, Caroline bought her a Sophia the First doll set that she bought for Lucy with her very own money - more on that in another post.

Adam, Caroline and I were all awake for about an hour before Lucy - that is true almost daily.

Lucy was pretty good at opening her gifts. Caroline helped some when Lucy got stuck.

After presents we ate our birthday breakfast of Chocolate Chip Pancakes.

And then we headed to Pine Island. Lucy wanted to take the ball with her.

I wish you could see Caroline's face in this picture. Whenever Adam dives under water and starts to swim her direction, she giggles with anticipation. He is coming to grab her by the lets and throw her up in the air.

We had a blast at the lake even though we were only there for about 1.5 hours. Caroline had her exercise class so I took her to that while Adam took Lucy to a park. They had some good Daddy-Daughter time.

We met up together for a  late lunch of Grilled Cheese sandwiches all around at the house. And that's when we sang Happy Birthday and let Lucy blow out her candles.

Lucy took a good nap that afternoon. Adam and Caroline played the Wii.

When Lucy woke up, we went to the Children's Garden.

Standing perfectly still on this stepping stone. I'm not sure why she thought she had to stand like this.

On the ride home

We had a great day together. Lucy got several phone calls from her relatives. She felt very loved even though she told them she was just "a little bit 2". 

And my favorite pic from the day: