Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Car Rides

My girls and I spend a good bit of time in the car together each week. Our commute to preschool is roughly 30-40 minutes on an average day and our commute home is about the same.

Before Caroline could really talk well, this was my time. I could call all my peeps and catch up. I know...I shouldn't talk on the cell phone while you are driving, but this was my only time to talk to these people. You see I have this syndrome that all moms have called Mom Guilt. And mine tells me that every minute I am home with my kids needs to be spent intentionally. So this time in the car, this time of transition, this time when I couldn't really see my child was my time.

Then Caroline started really talking. It kicked into high gear when she started preschool. There were 4 hours of her day that I didn't know about so I would quiz her and quiz her to try to figure out what she had done that day. And now, this time is not my time anymore. It has become our time.

A time when we ...

reenact The Lion King.

pledge allegiance to every flag at every bank and hospital.

sing (and do motions of course) to Wheels on the Bus for the 14th time.

practice our Awana's memory verse.


play "I Spy".

scream and cry the whole way because someone dropped something and Mommy can't reach it.

finish our breakfast.

eat our snack/dinner before Wednesday night church.

hold hands.

discuss someone's behavior at preschool because they got a note home.

celebrate because someone got to pick a toy from the class treasure box.

ask questions like "Why did God make your car red?"

tell jokes.


learn letters, numbers, colors, shapes, how to spell and sound out words.

And when that door opens and my girls get out at preschool, the silence is deafening. Most of the time I sit there in the silence for my 5 minute drive to work. I ponder it. And I can't wait for my car to sound like that again.

It's nerve-racking driving major interstates in rush hour traffic with shrieking children. But I don't take a moment of it for granted. That time is precious to me.

Monday, October 28, 2013

A Peek at our Week

Two weeks in a row - yay me! - Here is a peek at our week:

--Tuesday night we jetted over to Florence after work for an exciting Gender Reveal. Adam's sister Amber is pregnant with their first. I took several pictures. These are my favorites.

And it's a BOY!

Caroline threw her face in the palm of her hands. She was on Team Pink. She told me earlier in the day that she couldn't play with a boy. Aunt Amber talked to her and explained that as the big cousin, she gets to help teach him and take care of him. She is good to go now =)

-- Lucy has started wiping off our kisses - WHAT? My 2 year old baby! She thoroughly enjoys telling you she is wiping it off =(

-- This is how Lucy sleeps these days with 6 different babies/loveys in her crib and Minnie Mouse Blanket of course.

-- Wednesday was a rough day. I lost my keys while I was at work. It's such a small thing but when you have 2 little ones, it affects everyone. My aunt had to bring my kids to me. I had to cancel a 4:00 appt for Caroline. Lots of people affected. Anyway, after I had gone through all 3 of my bags at work numerous times, my sweet husband came to the rescue and he didn't once fuss at me. I thought hard this week about how I would have acted if the tables were turned. I'm pretty sure I would have fussed. I'm thankful for a husband who doesn't wave my faults in front of me.

-- On Friday, the girls and I had a lot of errands to run. Lucy wore her pearls (fake of course) and Caroline wore a flower in her hair. Oh my - these girls!

-- Part of our errands was to pack our Operation Christmas Child boxes. We love this tradition. Caroline gets it so much this year. Lucy doesn't and that's ok. It was hard for her to put those toys she picked out in a box.

-- Caroline and I spent Lucy's nap time crafting. She was painting away and I was putting name tags on Halloween treats for all the children in both my girls' classes. I cannot believe how much she is into art these days. She loves to draw and color and paint! She worked for 1.5 hours just creating.

-- On Saturday, we went to Nivens Apple Farm to take pictures with my side of the family. There are 20 people and nine of those people are under the age of 8. But the pictures went very well. We also took some individual family pictures. After playing at the farm for a little bit we had lunch at The Beacon in Spartanburg - yummo!

This is my favorite picture of our family

-- Saturday afternoon and evening we did some much needed yard work. The girls jumped in piles of pine needles and enjoyed wheel barrow rides.

-- The pumpkin patch was a little pilfered, but the girls each came home with a little pumpkin. The decided they needed to wrap pajamas around their little pumpkins to keep them warm =)

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Dad's Night

Last Thursday was Dad's night at preschool. We were very excited the girls were both well. Caroline didn't get to go last year because she was sick. This year the theme was Duck Dynasty. We've never seen the show, but that didn't stop us from going all out!

Stroking their beards

We have very few pictures from the actual event. They were too busy having fun. They made paper beards, raced toy lawn mowers, ate Chickfila chicken nuggets, made cupcakes and more. 

Thank you to all the people who loaned us clothes. They had a blast!

Monday, October 21, 2013

A Peek at our Week

Woah - first time in almost a year that I have done one of these. That's how long it took to recover from Christmas I guess =)

So here is a few things that happened this week:

-- The kids reenacted Lion King in the car all week. This is a picture of the "Circle of Life" reenactment.

-- Dad's Night at preschool was Thursday night. The timing was perfect because I was going to a baby sprinkle that night. The theme was Duck Dynasty. Since we don't have cable, we have never seen this show, but that won't stop us from going all out!

-- Friday we left town for Savannah. Adam was honored to be a groomsmen in our high school friend's wedding. Savannah is just gorgeous. We stayed at a Westin Resort Hotel because I got a bargain on Priceline. We still felt like the rich and famous staying there. 

-- Adam may or may not have done a dance with the wedding party. I may or may not have videoed it ;)

-- The kids went to Nana and Papa's for the weekend. Of course, they started to get sick the night before - which makes a mama emotional. Caroline and I slept in the recliner Thursday night because it was the only way she could stop coughing. But I guess a stay at Nana and Papa's was just what they needed because Caroline didn't have another night like that and they are both feeling better. 

-- Our hotel in Savannah was hosting a Mary Kay convention. There were 3 pink Hybrid Escalades in the valet parking lot. Those ladies must have sold a lot of makeup. That is seriously fancy. 

-- Adam and I can talk you out of cable any day of the week. We haven't had it in 3 years and we know a lot of tricks to getting good quality TV. But put us in a hotel for a weekend and we sit mouth agape to TBS!

-- For anyone planning a wedding in the near future, I have the BEST party favor for you: Flip-flops at the reception! Put them in a fancy basket labeled "Dancing Shoes" - BRILLIANT!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The State Fair 2013

Upholding our family tradition, we went to the state fair Friday night a week ago.

First things first, we measured up. At 42.5 inches, Caroline can ride pretty much ride every kid ride there is.

And just as we feared, at 33 inches, Lucy can't ride a thing. Luckily she can ride a fair amount of stuff with an adult. I was a little nervous Lucy would notice this year.

Before we rode the rides, we did the smart thing and filled up our tummies. Corn Dogs all around =)

Then it was off to ride! The fair employee at this ride was ready to let Caroline and Lucy ride together.

But I was about to have a heart attack watching Lucy move around in her seat so easily. So Adam jumped in. Caroline rode in a swing by herself and Adam and Lucy rode together.

I got to accompany Lucy on the train.


Sweet Lucy kisses =)

And Caroline and I rode the ferris wheel together. She was so excited. She had been talking about the ferris wheel the whole day.

We got super lucky with the rides. A sweet couple approached us when we entered and said they had an extra wristband (unlimited rides). They offered it to us. There is no way we could have ridden as many rides as we did without that wristband. Especially since an adult always had to ride with Lucy.

Finally we finished the night out with dessert. Caroline had spotted a candy store from up inside the ferris wheel. So we walked to it and she requested Cotton Candy. She loved it. Adam got his deep-fried snickers and Lucy and I took care of a funnel cake.

I guess you could say we found our happy =)

Friday, October 11, 2013

a little catch up...

My girls are so terribly cute and sweet. I have to share some things they are doing.

1) Every night Caroline asks me to sing her some songs. "One, two or three?", she asks me. I almost always sing three unless it is late. Her favorite right now is "Hush little baby". I snuggle up next to her and start singing. As I sing, she makes happy and sad faces depending on the verse: 

Hush little baby don't say a word
Mama's gonna buy you a mocking bird (happy face)
If that mocking bird don't sing (sad face)
Mama's gonna buy you a diamond ring (happy face)
If that diamond ring don't shine (sad face)

I have no idea what made her think to do that, but I get so tickled at her faces! I cherish this time with her. It is my favorite time of the day. She often reaches up and strokes my cheek while I'm singing. What a tenderhearted girl I have!

2) Lucy is loving preschool! She gets so excited to go and she loves her teachers. The third week of school, I was sitting with her while Caroline was in her PMD class. I was trying to entertain her with games on my phone. I found her class Facebook page and started showing her pictures of her school friends. To my utter amazement she knew every kid's name!! All 14 of them. I could not believe it. Less than 9 three-hour days and she knew names like "Aniston" and "Ivy Grace". I think this girl may end up being pretty social =)

3) Lucy is now dressing herself. Long pants are a struggle, but she gets upset if you try to take over. Sometimes things end up on backward, but she is so proud of herself! She still has no interest in PT.

4) Caroline seems to be done with naps. Not done with quiet time, but done with sleeping. She and I have enjoyed practicing reading and spelling together while Lucy naps. This growing out a of nap process has been long and frustrating. Mostly because I'm a planner and I don't know how to plan if she sporadically naps. But I reminded myself that it took a couple of months to go from 2 naps down to 1 so it makes sense that going from 1 to none would take even longer. The whole process has taken a little over a year. Shortly after turning 3, Caroline started napping every other day.

5) I finally put all of my children's music into a playlist on my iPod. Why did this take me 4 years? So we (the girls and I) have rediscovered some of our music including my Disney Classic album. It includes great songs like "A Whole New World", "Circle of Life", "Hakuna Matata", "You Can Fly", "The Work Song" (Cinderella) and "Minnie's Yoohoo". The girls haven't seen most of these movies, but they know the stories from books that we have in our house. Caroline loves asking me what is happening during every moment of the song. I've told her so many times that now she can tell it herself. "Mommy, do you hear that flute? This is when the wise monkey is painting Simba's forehead." It makes me excited for the day when she sees these movies. She is going to love it!

6) And Lucy's favorite song on the album is "Minnie's Yoohoo" which is a song from 1930. It is a really cute song. One day last week, I found the song on YouTube and played it for her. I thought she would enjoy seeing Minnie and Mickey while listening to the song. The version I found is slightly different. It is very slow and Mickey's voice sounds like an old man who is a heavy smoker. It was actually kind of scary. She still seems to like the song though.