Saturday, November 23, 2013


Caroline's half birthday was two weeks ago. No, we didn't do anything special, but it was a milestone all the same. She's been waiting for the day she could tell her friends she is "four and a half!" Oh the pressures of being 4. And if I had to describe her in 4.5 words they would be: Imaginative, Tender, Inquisitive and All-Girl.

The questions never stop with this one. A conversation from yesterday - out of thin air:

C: Mommy, who was trying to get Dorothy?
M: (realizing she is talking about The Wizard of Oz) The Wicked Witch of the West.
C: Why?
M: (thinking, trying to remember the whole story) I think she didn't like her dog Todo.
C: Why?
M: Maybe she is more of a cat person.
C: What's a cat person?
M: Well, you know some people like dogs and some people like cats more. Maybe she just liked cats more.
C: Why does she like cats more?
M: I have no idea.

We have also dug deep into many other fairy tales. This girl has found my loop holes in the stories. Most of the time we end up discussing how the villain just wanted to be in charge and how pride is part of our sinful nature - DEEP!

This little girl is becoming my shopping buddy. Our typical Sunday afternoon includes the two of us grocery shopping while Lucy naps. We discuss more fairy tale discrepancies and other life-altering topics. I love this time with her.

It's so special to watch Caroline be a big sister to Lucy. One minute they are equals - giggling, wrestling, playing Barbies. The next minute, Caroline is helping Lucy get a snack, giving Lucy a lift into a big chair, or holding her hand as we cross the road. Watching our children relate to each other is truly a special gift from God. It warms my heart in a way that nothing else does.

Caroline is becoming so independent. Everything about her outfits everyday is 100% picked out by her. - even her hair-do. She is pretty decent at matching so that isn't a problem, but there are still several combinations that I wouldn't choose and her favorites get worn EVERY week. She doesn't know what is "cool" or "uncool" - most of her outfits are very-uncool (don't tell her I said so). She dresses for comfort, spin-ability, and sparkles. Jeans are about the ultimate punishment for her.

And now for a short little interview with Caroline:

What is your favorite color? Pink

What is your favorite toy? my puppy Mitzie
(A stuffed dog she has named affectionately by Caroline after my parents' dog who died a few months ago.)

Who is your friend? Katie

What is your favorite thing to play with Lucy? throw our kittens up in the air and catch them when they fall

What is your favorite thing to play with Mommy? fly
(Where she flies up on my feet)

What is your favorite thing to play with Daddy? tickle each other

What is your favorite dinner? Macaroni and Cheese

What is your favorite snack? Graham Crackers with Peanut Butter in the middle

What is your favorite thing to learn at school? about Pilgrims
(appropriate since it's November)

What is your favorite book? my Rapunzel one

What is your favorite song? I Just Can't Wait to be King

What is something you want to do soon? Go camping out
(She has been begging Adam and I to let her "camp out" behind his recliner in our family room. It's her "secret" spot. My main reason for not letting her? I like to watch TV in the family room when the kids go to bed.)

What do you like to pretend? To be a princess

What do you want for Christmas? more Barbies, that cupcake puppy
(We recently gave her friend Katie a cupcake puppy for her birthday. Now Caroline is dying to have one too.)

What are you and Muntha going to do next? Slide on ice.

Bonus Question:
Where are you going to slide on ice? You'll see.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Peek at our Week

Last week we were very lucky to have both Papa and Grandpa stop by in the evening and hang out with us on two separate nights. They both had work in Columbia. The girls got bedtime stories from each and enjoyed doing puzzles and playing games. I only got a picture of Grandpa. 

This little girl turned 4.5 on Wednesday and decided she wanted to wear pigtails. I think it's been quite a while since she's worn pigtails. She's been asking about when her half birthday would come. We didn't do anything special, but we talked about it all day.

Also, on Wednesday, I did something especially stupid. I took Caroline's homework out of her backpack in the morning thinking it was something the teacher's were sending home and not realizing Caroline needed to turn it in. Caroline didn't have her homework to turn in and didn't get a treat =( I wrote a note to the teacher the next day explaining my absent-mindedness!

And this little girl has been working hard on recognizing her numbers or maybe I have been working hard at it. She usually picks up really fast that I am trying to teach her something and says "Stop it Mommy!", but she loved this activity with the foam bath numbers. Win for Mommy!

Caroline made the outer space this week at PMD. She was so proud of it. On the paper is Earth, Mars, Saturn, the sun and a rocket.

This weekend both girls got to attend a birthday party. It was Lucy's first birthday party for a little friend. I spent a lot of time with them picking out the gifts, wrapping them and making cards. It was really fun building up the anticipation and they were both so excited for their little friend. Lucy's friend's party was at Little Gym. It was so cool!

Monday, November 11, 2013

A Peek at our Week

- Caroline wants a dog soooo bad. She's been asking for one for months. Adam and I are no where near ready to give in on this one. At least 3 times in the last week I heard, "Mommy, I just can't stop thinking about getting a dog." 

- Also, when I told Caroline, "Daddy and I just aren't ready to get a pet, Baby", she responded, "The dog would not be for you and Daddy. It would be for me."

- Lucy had her first bit of homework last week - it was actually a project. She had to make a poster of her family. She worked hard on it =)

- We have enjoyed 2 fires in our fireplace so far this season - both this last week. I love waking up to a fire in the fireplace!

- I posted this picture on Instagram this week and got a lot of sweet comments. The girls love to play their guitars when Adam gets his out.

- Adam ran a half marathon this weekend - the Governor's Cup. He had a great time 1:40. The girls and I spectated and saw him in 4 locations.

- This is how Caroline likes me to do her hair these days. It's not my favorite look for her, but she loves it so there we go. Oh and she insisted on closing her eyes for this picture.

- Lucy is pretending like crazy right now. We caught her playing school with her babies and stuffed animals yesterday. She told them she had an activity for them and she would come get them if they were being a good listener. Gee, I wonder where she has heard that before. 

Friday, November 1, 2013


We had a fun Halloween night. Caroline has told me she wanted to be Aurora since the first time I asked her, but Lucy has wavered. Just a few hours before trick-or-treating Lucy declared SHE wanted to be Aurora. Uh-oh. I explained to her that Caroline told me a long time ago that she was going to be Aurora and we only had one Aurora costume and perhaps she could be Cinderella? But oh the tears! Caroline is ever the problem solver and said, "Lucy, what if you put on the green fairy costume and we pretend it is pink and you can be Aurora?!" And Lucy immediately brightened up, "OK!"

Who would have thought of a Green Fairy Aurora??

Caroline insisted on wearing her play princess shoes.

Because of her high heels Caroline ended up riding in the wagon most of the night. She definitely learned that high heels can be painful!

Cousin Crystal and Aunt Alice came with us for about half the night. Cousin Crystal donned the Beauty gown.

Beauty pageant wave from her chariot.

Daddy dressed as Chipper Jones - nothing abnormal about that - looks like his everyday attire.

The girls got their cute buckets from Nana. They love their buckets and they worked perfectly.

Pumpkins and pumpkins

On Monday, we finally got our big pumpkin at the girls' preschool. Adam's truck had a flat tire so after we dropped the truck at the shop he had to go with me to drop the girls off. That turned out to be nice because he got to carry our 20 pound pumpkin! 

Monday afternoon, I got the girls to paint their little pumpkins while I cooked dinner. I love that Caroline thought to paint the stem too.

Tuesday night was Carving Night! We had Chicken Pie and Pumpkin Muffins for dinner. The girls and I made 2 extra batches of Pumpkin Muffins to share with the classmates on Wednesday.

The girls cheered "Go Daddy Go!" while he was cutting the top off.

Both of them LOVED diving in and getting messy this year. Caroline was a big help separating out the seeds from the goop so we could roast them.

Got to get those socks off so we can get serious =)

I love these next 3 Lucy faces =)

The final product!

This little girl wanted to sleep in her silly headband. Grandma gave it to the girls while we were doing the Family fall pictures.