Sunday, February 23, 2014

Little Bit

Just an update on our Little Bit #3. The picture below is the bump at 17 weeks. I got to wear a BellyBand with ski pants because that was the week it snowed so much. Now how many SC moms have done that? Maybe they sell maternity ski pants in Kentucky =) 

I am now 19 weeks and feeling really great. The Lord knew I needed an easy pregnancy and once I was past the dreaded first trimester - it has been easy. I get about 8 hours of sleep at night and that is plenty for me to be energized for the day. At this stage with Lucy I was still sleeping about 10-11 hours a day and slapping my face to prevent falling asleep behind the wheel while driving. I'm thankful that this Little Bit is not draining all the energy I have.

I'm currently eating a plate of cheese chips (Tostito chips covered in melted cheese). This seems to be my most frequent craving. With Lucy it was all things gummy - gummy bears, gushers, etc. With Caroline it was salad - yeah, I know, typical show-off first born child ;)

Do I have inklings about a boy or girl? Nope. This pregnancy has been right down the middle of my other two (which were complete opposites) so I guess I would guess a girl, but I'm not really an intuition kind of person.

Caroline and Lucy talk about the baby all day everyday. They pray for the baby every night. It is so precious the love they already have for their sibling. Caroline loves to rub my belly. She has no qualms about rubbing it in grocery stores, church, while we are talking to the realtor, etc. To be honest, it does make me feel uncomfortable when she does that in public or in front of people, but I definitely don't want to discourage her affection and interest in her sibling.

Caroline and Lucy also talk about the babies in their own bellies. Caroline's declaration is a little more detailed. She is due December 1st and only drank water for about 2.5 weeks saying it was the only thing that was good for the baby. A few days ago, she changed everything up and said she was having 3 babies and...wait a of them was just born! Tada! Isn't that amazing? She's always telling me how her "ultrasounds" went. It's so funny what she is picking up on.

This baby is a mover and a shaker. Adam got to feel the baby move for the first time at 17 weeks - yup just 17 weeks. After I put the girls to bed, the baby celebrates and gets very active while I chill on the couch.

My back still aches on a busy day and I've got to carry Lucy less. She's always been my hip baby and I love her sweet snuggles. But she's 2.5 years old and 30 pounds and puts my back in a kink.

Monday, February 17, 2014


My husband leaves in 2 weeks. The girls and I will stay behind to try to sell our house. This really makes the most sense because I have a job here - and we need both of our incomes to support our mortgage AND apartment rent for Adam. So for the foreseeable future, I will be taking care of two little girls all alone. Oh and I'm pregnant. I'm anxious about this time of transition for my family. I could easily let this fear overcome me and stifle me. Instead I'm making some choices.

I'm choosing to bond with my girls even more. We will have special activities and outings. I'm brainstorming some ideas right now. I'm thinking Chickfila dates, movie nights, ice cream outings, the zoo. This isn't for them. This is for us. We WILL look back on this time as having been precious and not wasted. I will enjoy my relationship with them and not throw a pity party about being alone and how hard it is.

I'm choosing to pray for my husband. This is scary for him too and lonely. I want him to find people who will offer to feed him homemade meals and invite him over on a Friday night. I also want him to take advantage of his free time and dive into his new job head first. He's already purchased a few books about KY. This is the best time for him to read those books and explore the capital and get to know the senators and representatives.

I'm choosing to step back from some of my responsibilities and commitments. I know I'm not super woman - not even close. My priorities over the next little bit are going to change. I'm going to need some grace for myself. I'm terrible about giving myself grace.

I'm choosing to stick with some responsibilities and commitments. Some of my commitments are "me-time" - as much as I HATE that phrase - adult choir at church and ladies' Bible Study are enriching, relaxing times for me. I WILL find childcare arrangements so I can do these things. I'm also still going on Women's Retreat with my church - thanks to my wonderful aunt.

I'm choosing to go to bed at 9 pm. Ok - that will be my goal. Typically when Adam is out of town or working late, I stay up even later than usual. That's definitely going to cause issues so I'm setting myself a bedtime. (I'm a rule follower so it works better if it's a rule.) I'm going to need the extra rest.

I'm choosing to trust God. He loves me more than my husband and parents. He loves my children and husband more than I do. I can't even fathom what those sentences mean, but I know His plans for us are good.

Wow - I sound like a saint, don't I? No this post is also a reminder for me - a reminder when I start throwing my pity parties. God is good and He has a plan - even for this transitional time.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Lucy sings Old Testament

Lucy sings the Old Testament books of the Bible. We are working on the New Testament now.

My favorites are Forgeticus and Roof (Leviticus and Ruth) =)

Little kids are amazing! Stuff their minds with things of God!

More Snow

We got some more snow this week. It was really a lot of ice. The girls couldn't wait to go out in it. Adam had to head into work so I was on my own, but I decided I was going to enjoy it.

The ice was falling from the sky like crazy and the girls probably ate/drank a 1/2 gallon of it just sticking their tongues out the whole time we were outside.

Caroline making a snow angel - still sticking her tongue out.

We walked to the playground with a rubbermaid lid for sledding. I wasn't sure Lucy was going to last long. She was begging to go back inside when we were still at the house. I hoped a change in scenery would help her last long. I traded in her mittens for 2 pairs of socks. The socks worked much better. She just couldn't keep the mittens on.

The sledding worked pretty good. My pictures aren't great because I didn't have another adult to help me.

And then the girls enjoyed the snow-filled playground.

When Lucy absolutely couldn't take anymore, we headed back to the house. Caroline dragged the rubbermaid lid behind her and scooped up ice to eat it. She was about 20-30 feet behind me the whole way because she did this over and over.

My snuggle bunny =) I know she will enjoy it more next year.

When Adam got home from work, I asked him to go get some groceries. He walked to our Bilo. I'm so thankful for this guy.

Then, he took Caroline back out to play! She is sure thankful for this guy too.

Miss Rosy Cheeks. She didn't care for the snow 2 years ago (didn't have any last year), but now she can't get enough =)

For a snow day activity, we made headbands.

That pretty much sums up our snow days. Playing outside and crafts! And we didn't lose power!

Kentucky bound!

Adam got a new job as the Statehouse reporter in Frankfort, KY for the Associated Press. We are excited about our new adventure. He starts in 2 weeks and we have lots to do! 

We have a couple of house projects that have to be completed before we put the house on the market. We had some water damage in our kitchen right at Christmas. Thankfully, insurance and a contractor have finally figured it out just in time. It should be fixed next week! We also have some damage to our exterior trim on our house. That should also be fixed next week. I'm thankful that those things were almost settled before we got the job offer. Now they just have to get fixed. 

We are also trying to do a little of improvement on our own. Instead of replacing carpet in our hallway, we learned there are hardwoods under there so we ripped up the carpet ourselves. It's looking pretty good.

We are also touching up on paint in some places and doing some yard work. Here we go!

A little Random February

Just some random February pictures

Lots of dress up

Caroline's artwork. This is her Zig-Zag Buddha Machine. Yes-you read that right. We don't know where "Buddha" came from - haha!

More dress up

Swim practice - Caroline swims with a team for 45 minutes 2 nights a week. She swims continuous laps. For a majority of the time she is on a kick board exercising her legs. The pool is about 7 feet deep. Yup - she's the real deal at 4 years old! She swims better than I can right now - ha! Her age group doesn't do meets, but she will this summer!

Just a normal car ride.

Some selfies!

Adam reading the New Baby book to the girls. I loved reading this book to Caroline when I was pregnant with Lucy

Love my girls - love their relationship =)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Innocence of a 4-year old meets my first trimester blues

When I was about 11 weeks pregnant - feeling super awesome (sarcasm) - the whole family went grocery shopping. We did it that way because I wasn't feeling too great and Adam could help. At the checkout line, Caroline all of the sudden noticed my belly. My 11-week pregnant, bloated, miserable belly. She sweetly exclaimed (while also caressing my belly), "Mommy, is that the baby in your belly?"

Whew. I wanted to cry. I don't think there is an 11-week pregnant woman on the planet who feels remotely beautiful. I wanted to grit my teeth and tell her "No! The baby is the size of a finger nail! Mommy's just fat right now!!" I wanted to whack her hand away.

But as she grows older, I am more and more sensitive to her self image. And a huge part of that is her seeing me have a good self image. Over the last year, I have tried hard not to try on several outfits in the morning - or at least not to let her see me try on several outfits. If she sees me in the morning in one outfit, not matter how bad I feel in it, I stay in that outfit. That may be extreme. But I want to hold on to her innocence as long as I can. I don't want her to think that clothes define her. And that starts by her seeing that clothes don't define me. 

So to Adam's amazement, I smiled at Caroline and just said "Yes sweetheart. That's the baby." Adam knew that if he had said that, it would not have been a pretty picture. 

I'm not just nurturing her self-image. I'm also nurturing a relationship between her and her new sibling. I don't want her to be scared to touch, see and love on her new sibling. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

When the days are long and the hours are longer...

When the days are long and the hours are longer, I try to remind myself
  • Their bodies are doubling, tripling, even quadrupling in size. If mine were doing that I would CRY all afternoon too.
  • Sharp, rigid, blocks are forming inside their gums and then tearing into their mouths. There's no way I could SLEEP through that.
  • They have no idea why I am in a hurry. They did not make these plans. In fact, they had other plans that I interrupted. If someone did that to me, I would throw a whole bunch of TANTRUMS.
  • Time completely alludes them. How long is an hour? How long is 30 minutes? So even if they do know the events we have planned for the day, they still don't grasp how far apart those events are and how long each one will take. And because of that, they can't conveniently plan to eat a big breakfast because lunch time is going to be a little later today or go to the bathroom now because there's not a clean restroom at the store we are going to. They are completely vulnerable to my plans and for the most part, it is out of their control. This control freak would go BONKERS if I didn't have control.
  • My expectations are so confusing. On the one hand, I teach them not to talk to strangers. But then I expect them to be cute as a button and entertaining for people I know. I would be SHY and EMBARRASSED too.
So take a deep breath, ask the Lord for patience, and I
  • Hold them a little longer
  • Rock them and sing to them
  • Wipe their tears and wash their faces with a soft, warm wash cloth
  • and give them some grace. Lord knows I've been given so much grace. I have plenty to give.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Very Brady Mom's Night

The girls' preschool has a fun tradition of doing a Mom's Date Night and Dad's Date Night during the year. This week was Mom's Night and the theme this year was The Brady Bunch. Of course the girls have never seen the show. I showed them pictures and explained some of it. 

We went as Jan, Cindy and Alice. Lucy was Jan, Caroline was Cindy and I was Alice. Really, both girls were Cindy, but that wouldn't have gone over well. Lucy said she wanted to be Jan so there we were. They insisted on being called Cindy and Jan all night long. However, I made them call me Mommy - fuddy-duddy, I know. They also insisted on bringing several imaginary friends to make up the rest of the Brady family. 

We took some selfies before we left the house since Adam was not home from work yet.

Here is a pic from the camera person took at the event.

Such a fun night with my girls. We rotated through several stations. 

The girls had the most fun at the "skating rink". Everyone got 2 paper plates to slide on the carpet with to the sounds of disco music. The room was dark with a disco ball going. The idea was great and worked perfectly.

The school brought in a Chickfila dinner and we got to make cupcakes at one of the stations. Caroline was a cupcake maker and Lucy was a cupcake eater.

It snowed!

A snow day in Columbia, is worthy of its own blog post. We got between 2-3 inches of snow. The fun lasted about a day and a half. At 2 and 4, snow is incredibly fun! 

It was Lucy's first time seeing snow. She liked it but had her limits. She didn't like it when her mittens got wet. I'm pretty sure she lasted as long as she did outside because she was trying to keep up with Caroline. I think Caroline could have stayed out there all day if I let her. 

We walked down to our neighborhood park and took cardboard boxes for sledding. There are some pretty good hills at the park.

At the park, we saw a group of high school boys making this sign. Isn't that just the sweetest?

Adam went in to work late so that he could play with us. News doesn't stop for snow days. He and Lucy left the park early so he could get ready for work. And while he was getting ready, he made us all some Belgian waffles.

Caroline cleaning off the playground equipment =)

The girls and I went back out in the afternoon. I have less pictures because we were having lots of fun. Caroline and I made several snow angels - Lucy didn't want to lay down in the snow. We then built a snowman family.

Left to Right: Mommy, Lucy, Baby Beam, Caroline, Daddy

Of course we had to have hot chocolate too.

I had so much fun on our snow day. It brought back so many memories of snow days when I was growing up - sledding, hot chocolate, stripping a layer in the garage and throwing it in the dryer.

My mom was not a snow person. In fact, I have zero memories of her ever going outside when it snowed. She was always inside to greet us with homemade hot cocoa and giant marshmallows. She kept our outer layer and accessories clean and warm, but she didn't go outside to play with us in the snow. I have to say that I am a lot like my mom. When it gets cold outside, before it even snows, I feel like it's almost painful to go out. I'd rather just hide inside and take care of the inside stuff. Seriously, I would be so happy if it was summer year round and it never snowed again - ever. BUT, I remember as a child wanting my mom to come outside and watch me sled or make a snowman with me. So I always want to make it a point to do that with my children. You'll almost never hear me utter a bad word about my mother. It's just not possible to do. But I'm going to make memories with my kids and I'm going to enjoy it because I want them to have those.