Saturday, March 8, 2014

A peek at our week

We survived our first week in 2 different states! And it definitely wasn't an easy one.  Adam had his first week at a new job, he got stuck in an ice storm and the radiator in his truck busted. Boom! Welcome to KY.

I had a good bit of catch up at work since I had been out the week before, it was Dr. Seuss week at preschool (which means parents have to remember a new theme everyday), both girls had a dentist appointment, and Lucy got a stomach virus Thursday night. Boom! Single parenting.

But Adam ended up having a great first week. He's situated in his apartment ("department" as Caroline calls it) and in his office at the statehouse. And he's already done some interviews for stories.

And the girls and I enjoyed some intentional togetherness when we weren't out and about. From Monday to Thursday, the TV didn't even come on once - nice!

Most everyday, I sent Adam a picture of what the girls were wearing. They were excited for him to see the outfit they had chosen. I sent him one of me too on Sunday. We can count it as the 20 week Baby Bump picture since I was 20 weeks that day.

Lucy is struggling a little more with Adam being away. She's more clingy and emotional. She has taken Minnie Mouse blanket with her in the car several times this week. 

We have enjoyed the warmer weather (except the middle of the week when it rained and was freezing). We have had picnic lunches in the backyard twice this week.

The girls have been super helpful. They are both holding grocery bags in this pic. They often talk about how we are all helping each other since Daddy is away.

We have also had 2 movie nights - Epic on Sunday night and Mulan on Friday night. We may watch Pocahontas tonight. Normally, we would not have this multiple movies in one week, but 1) there was a stomach bug, 2) this is girl time!

The girls have made sure I feel super loved. They have showered me with pictures from school and church and stickers from their bananas and oranges =)

We got to open up a package for Daddy and try on his hat before him.

We did 2 big projects on Monday night, which is pretty much our only week night without an extracurricular activity.

Caroline has been begging to plant a garden in our yard. I told her we could plant seeds in a flower pot instead. Digging up the yard of a house on the market probably isn't a good idea if you have a green thumb - it's definitely not a good idea for someone who does NOT have a green thumb!

Caroline picked out Marigolds and Lucy picked out Morning Glories. I sure hope these seeds sprout. We've been doing our part. And BTW, this is a really cheap project: 2 flower pots each $1, 2 packets of seeds each 20 cents, and a bag of soil for $2 = $4.40.

We also made a St. Patrick's Day Chex mix to have as a special snack around the house. These girls love to make a good Chex Mix. I found the recipe for this one here. It took the girls about 15 minutes to sort through the M&Ms and find only the green ones. That by itself was a good activity =)

Two random pictures from this week:

I love my little monkey who wants to do everything by herself =)

And Caroline is just so creative. She is loving making these "Worm Bugs" right now. They look so happy!

At night, I sent Adam lists of baby names and baby color schemes. Here are a few of the color schemes I played with.

One morning, Caroline declared how sad it was that our baby would never know what this house looked like. So I let her take my phone around the house while I was getting ready and take pictures of things to show the baby. The girl took 122 pictures in about 20 minutes! I find it so humorous to look at what she took pictures of. Cause you KNOW baby boy is going to wonder what the blinds looked like.

And the towel rod.

And the sink

Door knobs


Who knows? probably a blooper.

Thankfully, he will probably get to see Belle piggy bank. But Caroline said, it was important he see WHERE she went in our old house.

So glad baby boy will get to see those things =)

Miss Lucy special requested pig tail braids this week. It was her first time getting her hair braided and we re-braided for the rest of the week because I didn't have time to wash it and the crinkles didn't look right.

Wednesday was Wacky Day at preschool for the Dr. Seuss theme. Caroline only wanted to be a little Wacky. So she wore 2 different socks and 2 different shoes.

Lucy dressed in all pink that day and loved her pockets.

On Thursday we had an early morning dentist appointment. Lucy didn't do to well last time so I was nervous we would have a repeat. But she was hamming it up with the hygienists before she even got in the chair. Her speaking voice is so loud, hygienists were coming from other rooms to see who had that cute voice =)

I was so proud of both my girls that morning. I immediately gave them some St Patrick's Day Chex Mix when we got in the car. The dentist probably would not approve. 

On Thursday night, Lucy got a stomach virus. It was a pretty quick virus thankfully. She was pretty pitiful Thursday night and FaceTimed with Adam for about 30 minutes from 10pm -10:30pm. He sang to her and just laid beside her in the bed - on the phone. After we hung up, she requested I leave my phone next to her in the bed and I did. About 1:00am it became clear why she had been so extra clingy that night. Caroline and I have remained well this whole time. Praise the Lord. 

I missed out on going to Women's Retreat with my church because Lucy was sick. I was pretty bummed about it at first, but I knew I couldn't leave her. She was already missing her Daddy pretty fiercely. God has been helping me with my attitude about this whole thing so much. I settled in for a cuddly Friday and played a lot with the girls. I had so wanted to be refreshed with a weekend away, but we had been so go-go-go with finding an apartment in KY, contractors, and moving that it was actually nice to be refreshed with a weekend at home. 

Well, this turned into a really long week update, but as you can see, it was a pretty eventful week.

Baby Beam #3 Gender Reveal

My OB practice rescheduled my 20 week anatomy scan one week early so that Adam could be there. We went on Friday, February 28th eager to see Baby Beam #3. Adam and I went alone. 

Baby Beam was very active and ready to show that he is a Boy!

Baby boy is quite big. He measured 13 ounces at 19 week 5 days. For comparison, Caroline was 12 ounces at 20 weeks 2 days and Lucy was 10 ounces (average) at 20 weeks 2 days. He held his hands up to his cheeks almost the entire time. I think we are going to go through a lot of those little baby mittens to prevent him from scratching his face. Everything with the ultrasound looked great. I will get to take another peek at our little fellow at 28 weeks because I have a low lying placenta. 

I decided I wanted to do some sort of gender reveal of baby #3 some time ago. Third babies often get jipped when it comes to festivities. I love gender reveal parties so I thought it would be fun. I also thought the girls would LOVE it. It took me a while to figure out exactly how it was going to come together. 

With Adam planning to leave that night, we knew he wouldn't get to be at the gender reveal party. So we decided he should be the one to tell the girls our big news. Here is a video of Adam telling Caroline and Lucy about a baby Brother shortly after we got home from our ultrasound:

The day before our ultrasound, my plans came together. I wanted to do something with food to show the gender, but I knew that would be difficult for the girls - who would be executing the reveal. Cutting into food would be a challenge for them and it could take a while thus dragging out the climatic moment. So I opted for balloons in a box! The girls helped me go to Party City and pick them out. We had our little party at my parents house. Adam's mom, sister and grandmother came. My sister and her family came. So there were about 15 people in the house. Also in attendance via Skype/FaceTime were Aunt Alice and her family, Adam's sister Amber (who is too pregnant to travel) and Bobby, my step-brother and his family, and my step-sister and her family. So that added to the fun of the event. 

Here is the reveal in pictures:

I just love Caroline's face in the next couple of pictures!

And here is the reveal in a short video:

Caroline had helped me practice with the box several times so she was an expert. She and Lucy practiced with an imaginary box about 5 times on the drive to Simpsonville. They were so excited. Lucy got a little shy when we arrived. I was just thankful she stood by the box for the actual reveal.

Speaking to the families who FaceTime/Skyped in

After the big moment, we shared the cupcakes we had made.

Caroline had stayed up till 10pm helping me make these cupcakes. I think that's the latest she has ever stayed up. It was a good distraction for me too since Adam was leaving that day (or had planned to - but that's another story).

We had so much fun at our gender reveal party.

Baby Beam #3, you are so loved and precious to us. There are some things I will strive to do for you just like I did with my firstborn - research schools, save your hair and doctor percentage charts, and make your baby food. There are other things I promise I won't do for you that I did for my firstborn (and you will appreciate it) - stress about your milestones, hover over you on the playground, cry when I forget to put something in the diaper bag (Ok, still might do that last one - hormones).

Sunday, March 2, 2014

This past week

This past week was one of the busiest of our lives. We went to KY to find Adam an apartment, managed contractors who were doing projects on our house, put our house on the market, had our big anatomy scan for baby bit #3, and Adam moved to KY.

All those changes would make for a busy month, but they all happened in seven days.

So I want to document some pictures of our house. I love our house. We bought it 2 weeks before Caroline was born. I hope we find something this cozy in KY. So here are some pictures of how I want to remember it. I took them on Friday. Hopefully I can keep it this clean while we are on the market.

A view of the front. Four little bushes on the left that we planted a little over a year ago. They are growing really good. The bushes on the right are Azaelas that are just gorgeous in April.

I love our front porch with my IKEA bench, IKEA flower pot and hanging plants. The girls love to play on the porch when we do yard work and they love to help me water the plants (when I remember).

Our foyer. When we moved in, this room and our formal living room were a piercing yellow. I wanted to repaint those rooms so badly. I could not decide what color though. It took me forever to realize that I really did want these rooms to be yellow - I just wanted them to be a different shade of yellow. Adam couldn't believe that I repainted the yellow rooms YELLOW! But I really like this shade. I like it's boldness and warmness.

Our formal living room. Guitar and piano are played in this room on a weekly basis. Adam loves to sit and read in here.

I love this corner that I made with the cradle that we rocked both our girls in. Pictures hanging above it feature the cradle. The girls love to rock their baby dolls in the cradle.

And this new corner has the girls' table in it and their white boards. Caroline often crafts in this corner while Lucy is napping in their room. They also share snacks here sometimes.

Our formal dining room. We've had many dinners here with friends, birthday dinners here and holiday meals.

We bought this china cabinet to go in this room for this house. I've inherited two sets of china so I love displaying them.

Our family room - one of the reasons we bought this house. We love how big this room is. Most of our time as individuals and a family is spent in this room. The girls are always working on a show/dance/party in here. This is definitely one of those cozy rooms for me. Many fires have been built in that fireplace.

We also love the kitchen. If my next kitchen doesn't open up to the family room, I'll be disappointed. I love being able to watch my children play while I cook.

And the cabinets. We have sooo many cabinets. I love all my cabinet space.

When we first spoke to our realtor, he told us our hallway was hardwood underneath the carpet. We had no idea. We were replacing the carpet anyway, so we just decided to rip up the carpet in the hallway and polish the hardwoods. Man - I wish we had known it was hardwoods years ago. I think it looks so beautiful.

Kids/Guest bathroom.

Baby room. We kept our nursery the way it was for the girls even though we didn't know the gender of our third baby yet. We will keep it this way while we are on the market.

Master bedroom. We've done a lot of work to this room as well - repainted, new light fixture. I love how big our room is.

Master bath. It's small but completely functional. I'd like to have a bigger bathroom, but would actually prefer to have an electrical outlet in the bathroom than a bigger one. 

The girls' room. I love how their room turned out and they love their room. They spend a lot of time in here playing.

 And the backyard. Another reason we bought this house =) One of our very first "purchases" for the house was patio furniture. From March - November, this is where we are. We love this space. We love to use our fire pit and the girls LOVE their tree house.

Many t-ball lessons given here.

Our first home. Where brought both of our babies home. If we were to stay in Columbia, we would have probably never moved.