Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Lucy's 3rd birthday

Oh my Lucy Lou, you are 3! And what a spunky little girl you are! You are short in stature and there is a good 9 inches between you and your sister so people often mistake you for younger than you are, but then you open your mouth and set everyone in their place. 

You have much to say about our world and life. And much of the time you are in your own little world - singing songs you've made up, talking to your imaginary friends, etc. Who knows how much of your imagination was influenced by Caroline, but it is all your own now and it is a massive world. You have had many babies in your tummy during the last 9 months. I love that you are just as creative as Caroline with your names. Kynnsianna is one of your names. Conversations with you are just precious gems that I want to gather and put a jar to save forever. 

You've had a big year. You are completely independent in the bathroom, you climb into the car and your carseat, you memorized the books of the Bible and some Bible verses, you had a great year in preschool. Your preschool teachers told me that you ruled the roost and told everyone what to play with and how. I loved hearing that you were in charge at preschool. Most of the time Caroline is in charge at home, but apparently she has taught you well. I love that you assert yourself and don't play second fiddle. Your teachers also told me they were certain your verbal skills had been very helpful to other children in your class. 

One of my favorite things about you is how you connect with other children. Within the first 2 weeks of preschool, you knew every child's name in your preschool class. The week we moved to Kentucky, we went to Vacation Bible School at the church we have been visiting. That night you told me the names of all the children in your class. I just love that you hear children's names and remember them. When we leave church on Sundays, you always tell me who was and who wasn't in your class that day. 

You are such an affectionate cuddle bug. You love to give us hugs and kisses. You love to cuddle after nap or first thing in the morning. You missed your Daddy deeply when he was in Kentucky and required a lot of extra loving during that time. You love taking care of your baby dolls. You are going to be such a great big sister. 

You absolute love to help me in the kitchen. You help me with dinner almost every night. 

I'm so excited about the year you and I are going to have together. I've told you that instead of preschool this year, you are going to have homeschool. Henry will be along for the ride, but you and I are going to learn together and do some fun activities. I can't wait!

We had such a great time celebrating you this year. We started out by making a birthday chain in June. You requested we make one. Then we worked on your birthday party theme - Minnie Mouse. 

You helped me make your cake.

We were so blessed to have Nana, Papa, Grandma, Aunt Alice, Crystal and Aunt Angela drive up all the way from South Carolina to celebrate with us. Your cousins came from Breckenridge county about 2 hours away and then we invited a few friends we have met here in Kentucky. It was a big party after all.

Nana brought this adorable party dress for you to wear.

You insisted that people had to have party hats at your party. We found these at Party City and you were satisfied.

Aunt Debbie and Uncle Dale got you this adorable chair and you carried it around with you. You also carried your bug catcher with you that Jessica got you.

We had such fun celebrating you. As the name "Lucy" means, you definitely are a "light" in our family and we are so thankful for you!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 4th

We had such a great weekend. We felt so loved by family members who drove up to see us this past weekend to celebrate Lucy's 3rd birthday with us. Adam's parents and grandmother got here on Thursday night so we were able to celebrate the 4th of July with them too.

We first took them to the Kentucky Capitol building where Adam's office is. 

We then took them downtown where the old Capitol building is along with a cute little bookstore and coffee shop.

Then we went to a parade in Lexington. It was most definitely the longest parade I've ever seen or maybe it's just my 9 month pregnant bladder. 

After a dip in the pool and some pizza, we headed to a fireworks show at a park in Frankfort.

Just a perfect picture of their little personalities =)

Lightening bugs were everywhere. Lucy especially loved catching them and she was pretty good at it when she didn't crush them. She spent the next 30 minutes scouting them out.

The fireworks show was also great. The girls really enjoyed it - no scared girls here =)