Sunday, September 28, 2014

Henry 2 months

At 2 months old, Henry doesn't seem to be the super easy 3rd child everyone talks about. Maybe he takes on more firstborn male qualities. I guess time will tell ;)

Henry's pterodactyl cry has turned into all out screams. The boy can cry loud. He knows what he wants and when he wants it, but his demands are simple and easily fixed - feed him, change his diaper or burp him and he will be happy again.

Henry has had some tummy issues and started developing some eczema a couple of weeks ago. I'm making some diet changes to see if we can fix it. 

He really is a happy guy who loves to smile. We are getting some laughs now too. Is there anything sweeter than baby laughs?

Henry is pretty chill when it comes to the girls. They are really good with him, but they are still just 3 and 5. And I have often found them bouncing him too hard in the bouncy seat or pushing a pacifier in his mouth a little too hard or holding him in a crooked position. Henry doesn't seem to mind. 

Lucy talks to Henry with her teeth clenched. Go ahead -  clench your teeth together tightly and say "Henry, you are so precious!" That's how she talks to him all the time - too funny! 

Both girls have a "Henry" voice that they use when speaking for him. And they speak for him all the time. They ask him questions and then answer. He is their living baby doll.

Henry doesn't like to be left alone in a room - and he knows. If Adam or I can't go get Henry right at that moment, we will often send one of the girls to just go talk to him or read him a book. This satisfies him. He also prefers to watch the girls play from his quilt on the floor over looking at the toys on the playmat. He is a people person =)

Henry's tummy issues have not affected his growth. Here were his stats at his 2 month well visit:

Weight: 13 pounds 10 ounces
Length: I'm going with 24 inches since I'm the mom. The tech only measured 23.5 even though he was clearly 24. She was a newbie.
Head circumference: 41.5 cm

He is one big dude. He is mostly wearing 0-3 month clothes, size 1 shoes and size 2 diaper!

The first time he slept through the night (7 hours) was on his 2 month birthday. Before that the longest he had slept was 5 hours and he had only done that 3 times. Usually he slept 3.5 hours. I'm hoping sleeping through the night becomes a pattern.

I joked to the doctor that it's like he has a growth spurt every 3-4 days. And it is! At least once a week, he'll have a day where he eats every 1.5-2 hours. 

Some of Henry's firsts this month include:
Laughing (8 weeks old)
First long car ride (5 weeks old)
Sleeping through the night (2 months old)
First time in church nursery (6 weeks old)

He still isn't on much of a schedule yet, though I'd really like to get him on one. That may be our goal for next month. 

Here are some pictures from Henry's second month:

I love his little cheek pressed up against the carseat.

Meeting some new people - Aunt Kayte

Aunt Ashley

Aunt Amber

Sorry Aunt Amber - I know you are blurry but his smile is sooo huge I can't resist the photo. He was 5 weeks old in this picture and this was his biggest smile yet!

Last time in this outfit for sure!

Meeting Uncle Adam. Successfully peed on him!

This boy is going places!

No matter how tightly I have him in the Bjorn, he manages to lean out on my Left side. He is desperate to see the outside world. Here he is finally passed out.
I know it is supposed to be more fun dressing girls, but I'm having just as much fun dressing my little boy. One day I have him in a turtle romper and the next in his polo and khakis =)

I love this outfit (squeal)

Happy boy smiles in nothing but his cloth diaper.

Leaning out again

Holding Henry while standing. She is so proud of herself. We have let Lucy do this too, but my hands are about 2 inches underneath just in case ;)

Reading to Henry

I just had to get a pic of him in this outfit. He's screaming but the outfit is soooo cute.

After many, many outfit changes, I just let him go in his diaper.

We had a big implementation at work over Labor Day Weekend. The week after there were a few hiccups and I worked a good bit more than usual. We had a couple of hours like this where Henry slept in my lap while I worked.

Another outfit picture. Isn't he just the coolest kid on the block?

My precious baby boy, we are so thankful for you!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Evan's Apple Orchard

We spent my birthday weekend at festivals. On Saturday, we went to the Apple Festival at Evan's Orchard and on Sunday we went to an Art Festival. 

I have a TON of pictures from the apple festival. Can I help it if I have adorable children? 

Do you see the 2 heads poking through the two outside holes?

This girl just amazed me. She wanted to try everything. There was no timidity.

Jumping on a "giant pillow" against the skyline.

Oh the many faces of Lucy

This was the "pony rides" but these were not ponies.

After spending a couple of hours doing everything else, we finally actually went to pick some apples.

Every apple we picked was amazing! Store bought apples will just never measure up. We picked Ruby Reds, Jonagolds, and Mutsus. 

The girls and I did a lot of baking the next week. We baked: Apple Breakfast Bars, Apple Pumpkin Muffins, Apple Pie, Apple Crisp, and Apple Dumplings. Woah!

The breakfast bars were supposed to be healthy and they were a bust. After we tried them, Lucy said "we should have added the sugar!" I agreed.