Sunday, October 26, 2014

True story

Today we dressed up all 3 kids in their Halloween costumes to go to a Trunk or Treat event at a church in Versailles. (We have other plans on Halloween night so we won't be trick-or-treating that night.) 

We took pictures in our sort-of-front-yard and piled in the car. When I looked up directions to the church I discovered it was in Versailles OHIO!!! (Womp womp)

A peek at this week

I'm behind on posts, but I plan to catch up soon. We bought a new computer and it's taking me a while to get everything set up for my personal stuff. In the mean time I'm going to attempt more mobile posting and see if I can stay more current.

We've been incredibly busy lately. Adam is working like a dog. Elections are only 11 days away and he should get some rest. 

And our fall schedule is in full swing with school, dance, piano, Awana, church choir, etc. Our weekends seem to be packed too. 

Las weekend we went to Breckinridge for a little cousin's 2 year old bday party. Grandma Dot was there and Henry enjoyed her loving.

Lucy wrote out her first card to someone. I was so proud of her. She really worked hard.

My car hit the 175K mile marker on the trip there. We are so thankful for how reliable the car has been.

I love everything about this picture below. A tired, hardworking daddy holding his baby boy who is wrapped up in his big sister's favorite blanket because she said he needed it.

I took this picture of Henry on Wednesday morning when I looked at him and thought he had grown overnight!

Lucy wore a sweet little dress that used to be mine this week. She looks so timeless in it. 

A big week for Lucy. She also drew her first stick person. I drew the hair but she drew everything else. 

And today, I got to chaperone Caroline's first field trip in kindergarten. We went to Evan's Apple Orchard and had a blast. Here are a couple of my favorite pictures.

Tonight I took a selfie during our bedtime story. We have had quite a few of these bedtime pile-ups with daddy working late. I can't help but sing the SNL short "Makin' it happen" when I look at this picture. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Kindergarten volunteering

I finally got to volunteer this morning at Caroline's school. The background check and training took a ridiculously long time but I finally got in.

I planned to go in the morning and stay through lunch. Caroline begged to buy lunch today instead of bringing her lunch. I always make her lunch. 

She reminded at least 10 times this weekend not to pack her lunch Sunday night. We sat together at the lunch table. She got strawberry milk and nachos. I got water, hotdog and fries. She was so excited about it.

Memories made. I'm so thankful for her.

Monday, October 13, 2014

September home-preschool

Verse of the Month
"Do to others as you want them to do to you." Luke 6:31

I may have said this verse a few times in certain situations. I thought we could reinforce it a little more ;)

C, G, H, I, J

Five weeks that start in September so we worked on a letter each week. Each week we also reviewed last week's letter and one letter from last month. We only worked on identifying and writing the capital form of the letter. We worked on the main sound the letter makes (hard C and hard G sounds not their soft sounds). Writing the letters C and G was particularly tough. We are still reviewing those.

3, 4, 5

Days of the week

Fall begins on the 21st of September (or is it the 22nd?) so we talked a lot about the fall season and everything that happens in these months. And we are still working on the days of the week.


Letter Y
Yoo-Hoo Lady Bug by Mem Fox 

Letter M
Mouse by Mouse a Counting Adventure by Julia Noonan 
Are you my Mother? by PD Eastman

Letter E
Elephant in the Bathtub by Kristina Andres

Letter G
The Three Billy Goats Gruff by Paul Galdone
Giving by Shirley Hughes
Good Night Gorilla by Peggy Rathmann

Letter H
The Happy Hedgehog Band by Martin Waddell
Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss

Letter I
Immi's Gift by Karin Littlewood
Inch by Inch by Leo Lionni

Letter J
Joey and Jet in Space by James Yang
Jump! by Scott M Fischer

Fall Leaves Fall! by Zoe Hall

Days of the Week
Seven Blind Mice by Ed Young

Fancy Nancy: Tea for Two by Jane O'Connor
Fancy Nancy: Puppy Party by Jane O'Connor
Little Star by Sarah Wilson
Fancy Nancy and the Fabulous Fashion Boutique by Jane O'Connor
Birds of a Feather by Cynthia Stierle

As you can see I did not do any better about picking out fewer books from the library. We still got way too many books every week. 

Here are some photos I took from this month

Eating green eggs and ham while Daddy reads the book

There was a big kick off meeting for MOPS and they had a gymnastics class for the kids.

I'm so proud of how well Lucy is doing with her writing. She is working hard!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Things a 3rd time mom does NOT take on a trip with a baby

I write this post after I took a week long trip with all 3 kiddos by myself.

First of all, this is not one of those "I know more and I'm more experienced" blog posts. I don't bring these things because I have 2 other kids' things I'm bringing and a small car. So sorry Charlie (or Henry in my case) - Mama doesn't have room for your extras.

Bouncy seat - just lay a blanket on the floor and entertain with random colorful objects found wherever you are or prop up the baby with pillows or use the car seat
Bath tub - bathroom or kitchen sink will do
Contour changing pad and diaper genie ( Yes- I really did bring those when I traveled with Caroline and the rooms we stayed in always smelled fresh.)
Toys - just use random objects around the room for baby to look at

Thursday, October 2, 2014

My birthday

I had such a great birthday. The whole day I was reminded of how blessed I am and just wonderfully surrounded by precious, adorable little people. 

Lucy got me an arm band to put my phone in while I'm running. Adam said the only way he could convince her to get it for me was to tell her it was a bracelet because she had wanted to get me jewelry. She loves when I wear it when I go running and she always asks me about my bracelet.

Caroline insisted on getting me a "coffee card" so she got me a Starbucks gift card. She knows her Mommy =)

I love Caroline holding Henry in this picture...

Art Festival

We were planning on laying low on my birthday on Sunday but some friends invited us to come check out an Art Festival right in town at the Josephine Sculpture Park. The park has several weird modern outdoor sculptures you walk on trails to see. 

The day of the festival they had several art projects for people to contribute to, a shirt tie-dye station, face painting, a bubble car (a car that blows bubbles), a stage where local groups performed and all kinds of other stuff.

The girls loved it especially Caroline. She complained all the way there because we were changing her plans, but she ended up having a great time working on different art projects. Several of the things the girls made will be a part of a larger sculpture displayed in town later this year - so that is neat. 

The girls have never had their faces painted. Caroline has never wanted to do it. Lucy has shown interest in it the last couple of times we have seen a face-painting station so this time we decided to let her try it out. She picked the Minnie Mouse face. She and I waited in line for about 45 minutes - she was really dedicated to doing this.

I actually think she fell asleep while the lady was painting her face - it was right at nap time. We had to call her name twice to tell her it was over =)

One more look at the Minnie Face. She cried when we washed it off.