Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Henry 4 months

At 4 months old, Henry is a very active member of our family. He is definitely not content to be a 4 month old . He wants to be older. He is trying hard to sit up - always leaning forward in his bouncy seat or his car seat. He also arches his back really far when he is done with the Bumbo. When I see him start to get fussy in there, I get him out immediately because I'm afraid he could arch himself right out. And it did happen this month that he arched his way out of the bouncy seat completely landing on the hardwood floor. If he is awake, he does not want to be cradled - he wants to look out. He's not exactly a hip baby yet, but he is close - definitely in a week or two. Oh my goodness Baby Boy - slow down!

The day after Henry turned 3 months old, he got his first bottle. Adam gave both of the girls their first bottle so he started the bottle, but the big sisters were dying to give it a try too. So Henry had 3 people give him his first bottle =)

He took his first and second bottles easily, but completely balked for Miss Macayla when she came to babysit on Monday morning while I was volunteering at Caroline's school. Volunteering at school was the whole reason I wanted him to take a bottle. He balked at his 4th bottle as well, but we think we discovered the secret. Henry seems to like the bottles to be pretty warm. He hasn't had any problems with bottles since then. 

These were Henry's stats at his 4 month well visit:

Weight: 16 pounds 13 ounces (84%)
Height: 26.5 inches (92%) 
Head: 44 cm (90%)

At 4 months old, he is bigger than both of his sisters were (no surprise), but he is about the same length they were at 6 months old (Caroline was 26.75 in and Lucy was 26 in). Henry mostly wears 6-9 month clothes, size 2 shoes and size 3 diapers. When Henry has a bottle, he usually has between 4-5 ounces. Some weeks he has 2-3 bottles while I volunteer at school or sing in choir. Other weeks he doesn't have any bottles. I love the freedom of not having to give him one. And I love the freedom of being able to give him one. Yay for freedom =P

He is still putting together a schedule, but he naps pretty good in his crib. I put him in a sleep sac for naps and he is swaddled at night. He usually has one good nap for about 1.5 hrs in his crib each day and the other naps are about 15-20 minute cat naps. That long nap doesn't always happen at the same time of day. Henry is usually in bed by 8 pm every night and if he doesn't have to help take Caroline to school, then he stays in bed until about 7 am. He wakes 1-2 times in between there to eat and go back to sleep - usually somewhere between 2-4 am and maybe again between 5-6 am.  

Henry is a cuddly guy loving to sit in your lap or just hang out with his head against your shoulder. He likes to play with toys, but likes for someone to sit nearby and watch him. I find that he will play longer independently if I pull his playmat, bumbo seat or whatever right up next to me so I can do dishes or laundry. 

He is quite the talker. Henry has added the "muh" sound to his set of noises. It's a fussy sound - meaning he cries when he says it. He loves to talk and laugh on his changing table. Who knew a changing table in a closet would be so exciting?

Some of his first this month include:
First bottle (10/18)
Left him with a babysitter (10/20)
Rolled tummy to back (10/23) - therefore now able to roll both ways
First Halloween (Halloween)
First snow?? (10/31) - Technically it snowed and we saw it, but we didn't play in it
Second wedding (11/1)
Forward facing in the Bjorn (11/4)
First time in Excersaucer (11/14) - the only reason I tried it was because I babysat a 6 month old that day and got the excersaucer down for that baby to play with, but Henry loved it and supported himself really well
First time playing in the snow (11/17) - ok so he didn't "play" in it

And here is a roll of photos from the month:

Covering his ears?? haha

Just a picture of how long he is.

The moment Henry fusses, Lucy brings him her Minnie Mouse blanket. It is soo sweet and precious as her blanket is her most favorite lovie.

My big burrito =)

Henry in an outfit Ms Peggy and Ms Rhonda gave him.

Caroline playing Little Piggy with Henry's toes =)

Peepeye ;)

Sleeping with Minnie Mouse blanket

How precious is this? and how cute is his wedding outfit?

And the car seat he is quickly outgrowing. According to the instructions he can stay in it for 2 more inches or for 5 more pounds, but that is hard for me to imagine.

Right before Lucy accidentally sloshed snow onto his face with her shoe. After that, Henry and I were done and went inside.

Some of these may look like repeats, but I just love each expression.

We love our boy! We are thankful for him!