Thursday, January 29, 2015

Henry 6 months

I'm quite positive I've just completed the fastest 6 months of my life. Our sweet boy is six months old or "half" as the girls call it and while it feels like he was born yesterday, it's hard to remember life with only 2 children.

Our Henry has had another busy month celebrating his first Christmas. We did a lot of traveling and he had a hard time on the long trips. On the way to SC for Christmas, he cried for close to 2.5 hours. I think the problem was it got dark so early, but he was still awake so he couldn't see anyone. We tried driving with the car globe light on and that helped for a little while. And so begins the hard traveling age.

Henry has really started moving around on the floor. No new movements - still only rolling and scooting, but he is definitely going further and getting there faster. I now assess a safe radius when I put him on the floor somewhere. "Alright, are there any unsafe objects in a 10 ft radius?

Our baby boy becomes more active and expressive everyday. His high pitched squeals make our day. At this age, his voice is higher pitched than Lucy's has ever been. And when you take his onesie off at night, he squeals and cackles - it is so fun.

Henry got his first taste of solid food on Saturday (the 17th) - some brown rice cereal. He has been ready for a couple of weeks. I've been holding out on him (my baby!) We brought the high chair up to Kentucky after Christmas and he had been sitting in it during our meal and snack times. He would watch us eat with that look of longing on his face :) Poor guy. 

Henry's sleep has been rough. He's been teething/growth spurting/having a cold so  most nights he has woken up 2-3 times which is rough. He nurses and then goes right back to sleep, but this mama would love a night of unbroken rest. On the upside, he is really putting his naps together. When we don't have a morning activity, he takes a great morning nap and a decent afternoon one though it is almost always interrupted when we have to leave to pick up Caroline.

Henry sticks out his little tongue when he smiles. And you know how last month he seemed to take a pacifier great - well he has refused one ever since I said that. He sucks on his lower lip to soothe himself to sleep.

And 6 month stats:
Length: 28 inches (92%)
Weight: 17 pounds 15.2 oz (74%)
forgot to write down head circumference :(

Here are a couple of pictures from this month. I hope to get a Christmas post up soon. A majority of pictures of Henry this month will be in there.

Henry in between crying fits on the car ride to SC for Christmas. As soon as we would get him out of the car seat - he would immediately stop crying.

Pushing that pacifier out and trying to find his fingers.

I see this face all day long. He looks up at me with this almost smile that seems to have a bit of hope and expectation in it. I love it!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Lucy 3.5

Lucy lu,

What a joy it is to have you in our family for 3.5 years! To this day, your laugh is unmatched by any I've ever heard (so is your volume for that matter). And at any given moment, there is no denying how you feel because every bit of it is shown on your face.

I hardly run an errand or have an outing where someone doesn't comment about your beautiful hair and/or eyes, but what they don't see is your beautiful heart. You are such a great big sister to our Henry. The moment he starts to cry, you run and grab his lovey. Before I can even think to ask for it or look for it, you run into the room bringing it to Henry. On our long car rides, I often look back and see that you have draped some of your beloved Minnie Mouse blanket onto Henry's lap to help him feel better. What a loving and kind sister you are!

You are always thinking about Caroline too. You sure do miss her while she is at school and you often make her a craft during Sunday School at church. You are such a sweet friend.

In the last 6 months, you have changed a lot. You have always been independent learning to do many things all on your own, but you have also always been my hip-baby. Now that Henry is here, you are rarely on my hip. I am amazed as I watch you buckle yourself in the car, get your own snacks, make your bed and get yourself dressed. Most all of the time your shoes are on backward and half of your sock dangling inside the toe of your shoe, but by-golly you did it yourself! I am so thankful for your independent spirit.

We started doing a little school together back in August and we had a couple of ugly run-ins. Yes, I am embarrassed to say that I lost my temper homeschooling a preschooler. God, bless teachers! But we have really hit a groove now. We understand each other. I know that when you start being silly, it is a clue that I am going over your head and I need to break down the information. But holy cow, you can write all letters in capital form beautifully. We are breezing right through the lower case form and writing your numbers right now. It's so fun to help you make a birthday card or holiday card for someone and you get so excited that you wrote the words yourself.

I am so loving our days together. This time with you - before you start school is precious to me. You are my little helper. You love to help me cook. If I'm in the kitchen, you are right by my side and if I'm changing Henry's diaper, you are right there to entertain him. If I'm rocking Henry to sleep, you are pushing the rocking chair for me.

You are really finding your way to play by yourself. You have an enormous imagination with lots of little imaginary friends. I love hearing you talk to them while playing Barbies or Strawberry Shortcake.

Strawberry Shortcake is definitely your show and favorite thing to play right now. You like to be Lemon and you like to do people's hair in the hairstyle "Pahlay". You can't sleep at night without Minnie Mouse blanket. I am starting to see a change in your afternoon nap - I think it is on its way out the door. Some days you aren't tired at all and you are pleasant the whole afternoon. Other days you would nap for 3.5 hours. I've started a new routine where you have quiet play for about 1 hour and then nap for 1 hour so we don't have this roller coaster of nap versus no nap.

Before I go to sleep at night, I like to duck my head in yours and Caroline's room and you are always fast asleep in the strangest positions - sometimes you are halfway off the bed with your feet on the floor and just your head on the bed. Other times, you are at the end of the bed, curled in a ball with your face against the bed. I imagine that you were probably up playing when you shouldn't have been and fell asleep there.

Your daddy, brother, sister and I are so so thankful for you! We love you more than you can  know!