Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Henry 7 months old

We have crossed the halfway mark - eeep! Our baby boy grows more expressive by the day. He has a squeal that we hear more and more. It's how he laughs and you can get a squeal with a game of Peekaboo, tickles, silly voices or just songs. 

Henry is sitting independently really well now. I often leave him sitting up with no pillows behind him. And he does so well on your hip - he is very strong and seems to support some of his own weight. 

No crawling yet, but he is making progress to that end. He easily gets from a sitting position to his belly towards an object he wants to reach. And he often scoots around backward. 

His big thing this month is eating. He had his first taste of solid food on his 6 month "birth' day and we haven't looked back since. He became an expert eater on about day 3. Since then he has had:

brown rice, sweet potatoes, avocados, apples, oatmeal, bananas, pears, green beans, barley, peas, mangoes, butternut squash, and carrots.

He has also had some finger foods - Ritz crackers, Rice Cakes, and teething biscuits.

The only thing he hated was the avocados. He shivered in disgust when I fed those to him. It was kind of entertaining - sorry Bud =)

He is also not a fan of carrots, bananas, green beans and barley - you have to hide them in applesauce.

Since we have started food, we have also started some sign language for "all done", "more", "eat" and "change diaper". He already seems to know what "all done" and "more" are. He doesn't sign them back, but when you say and sign the one he wants, he kicks his legs and gets excited. 

I'm not very good at incorporating the solid eating slowly. We have gone to 3 meals a day pretty quickly with all three of the kids. Henry is eating 3 solid food meals a day and usually has a snack mid-morning and mid-afternoon. A snack is usually 2-3 crackers, a rice cake or applesauce. 

Henry loves to help feed himself. He does this way more than either of the girls did. He always tries to grab the spoon and help put it in his mouth. 

Little buddy also got 2 new teeth this month. They came in about 1 week apart. The first tooth (Left Central Incisor) played Peekaboo with us - it came in one morning and disappeared by the afternoon. By Sunday, January 25th it stopped disappearing =) and the second came through on Sunday, February 1st. No signs of the top 2 yet other than the never ending stream of drool!

Henry's nighttime sleep has really evened out this month. He goes to bed about 7:30 pm and wakes me up between 3-4 am to nurse. He immediately goes back to sleep until one of the girls wakes him up =) This schedule is totally doable. I have so much more energy during the day now that he is not waking up 2-3 times a night. Little boy was ready for some FOOD! 

Henry seems to know his own name and the names of each family member. For example: If I say "Where's Lucy?", he will look in her direction.

Henry has started a little babbling - mostly on the changing table. I thought he was going to be the quiet and reserved type but that may be changing. 

Here is a roll of other pictures from the month:

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Adam's Birthday

I am so thankful for this man I am married to. I think back to the young man I dated and fell in love with more than a decade ago and I realize how much he and I have changed. There are things I don't even recognize about him - from his taste in clothes to his guitar playing. There are things I am sure he doesn't recognize about me. We have both changed and grown a lot, but the things I fell in love with are all still there. His drive and ambition, his loyalty and devotion to me and our family, his discipline in reading the Bible and exercise, his passion, his desire to learn new things - I could go on - really I could make a list a mile long. Bottom line: I love this man more than ever!

Of course the girls and I made a cake =)

This year I made Cocoa Devil's Food Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting. It was up there in the list of cakes - probably second to the German Chocolate cake I made a few years ago. Definitely a good cake. 

Adam and I went on a date the night before his birthday. We went to see the movie Birdman. It snowed and the roads were pretty nasty. Thankfully, we made it safely there and back. 

And on his birthday morning, the snow was beautiful - probably about 4 inches. We made a decent sized snow man.

We had a big breakfast, played in the snow and then headed to the Louisville Slugger Museum.

We had fun with these manikins - reenacting their poses.

Henry's Atlanta Braves hat fits now and so he wears it A LOT =)

We took the tour, played in the museum and then went to the batting practice area.

Definitely a fun trip. And the kids were just old enough to enjoy/appreciate it.

When we got home, it was cake time. The girls chose to decorate with his monogram =)

I am so thankful for Adam. We had a wonderful day celebrating him. 

January Happenings

This is basically a post with all the pictures I have on my phone in the month of January and before Adam's birthday.

We drove home from SC on New Year's Day so we didn't get to have our greens that day, but we had a traditional New Years Day meal a few days later, which was fun. Growing up, my family never did the traditional New Year's Day meal, but I think it's fun so I'm trying to start a new tradition. 

No real pics of the meal, but here is a picture of Henry while we were unpacking and getting resettled. We probably should have taken that bouncy seat to store back in Columbia because he is clearly too big for it - lol!

This little guy can sleep anywhere. Even in the grocery checkout line. He sucks his bottom lip to soothe himself. The grocery store was a family event when we got back to town. Adam and I divided and conquered that grocery store that day.

Bedtime from who knows when - this is pretty typical.

Lucy loves playing Lemon's Salon and she loves doing everyone's hair. Lemon is a character on Strawberry Shortcake - the girl's favorite TV show.

Now that he is not in the infant car seat, Henry is getting out at the library a lot.

We often go to storytime one day of the week and playtime another day. At playtime they have all kinds of songs and finger play games. There is also a big parachute, tunnels, scarves and maracas.

Caroline got strep throat again after Christmas but thankfully the other two were spared!

Lucy and I making faces.

Sunday grocery trips with this girl. It's where we catch up on a one on one basis about her week. I learn so much about her on these trips and all the burdens and joys of being 5. I love it. One minute we are making plans for the family meals and the next minute she is begging to sit in one of the grocery carts with a car in the front.

Henry is in good company in our community group at church. There are several baby boys so close to his age. Here are 2 of them :)

Lucy is becoming so capable and helpful. She found a ziploc and put her own snack in there for our errand. She and Catoline have come up with a hand signal to show people she is 3.5. You hold up 3 fingers on your dominant hand and then hold your other hand across and in front of the 3 fingers. She holds it up when people ask her how old she is - as if they also know what the signal means - haha!

Everybody playing together.

We got the kids The Jungle Book movie for Christmas and now the girls love to carry baskets on their heads.

Footie pajamas for everyone!

Beautiful girls in their Sunday coats Nana got for them.

On a school holiday we got out Caroline's pottery making kit that Grandma and Grandpa got for her. It was a project that took a couple of weeks. She formed the pot and lid and then we had to let that dry for a day. Then she painted it and we had to let that dry. Then she decorated it with sequence and jewels.

We go outside whenever we can. Most of the time the temps are in the 30s and it seems to be overcast a lot. If the sun is shining then we try to be OUTside and if the temps are in the 40s or 50s then party time!

Lucy is always taking care of her babies. I didn't notice until we were mid-way through our stroll that Lucy had another baby doll tucked into the diaper bag that was slung on the back of her stroller. You can barely see it in this picture.

Caroline has been really into block letters and monograms recently. She made this one for me "Mommy Elizabeth Beam". She realized herself that it should have been "AEB" and became embarrassed, but oh how I treasure this!

I actually had some quarters and let Lucy ride this thing in front of Kmart. (Caroline was at school) I held Henry in barely for a few minutes.

Lunch with Lucy. She makes her own PB&J everyday. I often have to hold a piece of bread and the jar of jelly up in the air so she can put the knife in and scoop some jelly onto her bread. It is almost always more trouble to let her help me than if I were to just do it myself, but I am savoring these moments.

Nap time is getting iffy with Lucy. I've started letting her have some "quiet play time" for about an hour and then asking her to lay down for the second hour. Some days she doesn't sleep at all. Other days she crashes.

And that's a load off my phone =)