Friday, March 27, 2015


Just some fun notes off my phone about the girls. Some of these date back to Thanksgiving time frame.

Caroline has stopped calling Henry "My man!" And now repeats "hehhhry" over and over.

Lucy keeps telling me a story about Miriam and her mother Jochebed "But it's not the story of Moses" she always prefaces.

I am reading Lucy her first chapter book - well first one where she is listening and is actually into it. It is a  Barbie chapter book.

Lucy made her own PB&J on the step stool.

Caroline talking to me about music class at school and learning about instrument families:
"What instrument family is the kazoo?"
And then about instruments coming in different sizes:
"Is there a triangle so big you have to sit down to play it?"

Lucy and I playing Barbies together and she said they had to carry their horses back to their home. She then put the horses in the barbies' hands  for the Barbie to carry the horse. 

Caroline talking to Henry in a soft baby voice as she feeds him lunch. "It's aaaahh, Buddy. It's Aaaaaah.
M: "Caroline, what are you saying?"
C: "I'm telling him 'it's Caroline' in his language."

C: "Does billion come after thousand?"
M: "No. After one thousand, there's ten thousand, then one hundred thousand, then millions, and then billions."
C: exasperated sigh "Well I know somewhere is dozen!!" (As though dozen is way more than billion)

An image I want to burn into my mind: My little Lucy Lou in her nightgown, winter coat, and rain boots holding Minnie Mouse blanket up as high as she can but crying because she is scared it is going to drag in the snow as she carries it to the car to drop off big sister at school. This is the only time she has dropped off Caroline in her PJs. She took a nap on Sunday afternoon and therefore didn't fall asleep until late last night. I let her sleep until the absolute last minute this morning. I'm so grateful I can do that.

Talking to Caroline about the game musical chairs. She recalls playing at Shandon in Columbia. She says they used to get gummies at the table when they got out so she says "you didn't want to be the winner".

Talking to Caroline about adoption - explaining how there are children who are adopted by families. I then tell her the Bible tells us that God adopted us. She says "that just blew my mind!"

Overheard a snack time conversation:
L: "Well I'm a Kentucky fan.'
C: "Get outta this house. This is a Braves fan house."

M: "Lucy, I can't believe you did that puzzle all by yourself!"
(Lucy looks up at me and grins bashfully)
M: "I'm going to call you Smarty Pants!"
L: "How about Potato Pants instead?"

C: "Is there a sickness called Candace?"
M: "Not that I'm aware of."
C: "I know that there's a Can-cer...."

Playing Barbies with Lucy:
L:"We each get a horse." (hands me a horse) "You can name it whatever you want."
M: "Percy"
(Lucy takes a long pause)
L: "'s a girl horse." 
(she clearly disapproves of my name choice)
M: "Ok. Missy then."
L: "Of course you can name her Missy." (pause) "How about her name is Serita?"
M: "Sure."

Lucy and I read the "What is a princess?" early reader book. There is a page with Sleeping Beauty that says "A princess is polite". 
Lucy; "When will you let me try 'polite'?"
M: "What do you mean? You want to read the word 'polite'?"
Lucy: "No! I want to drink 'polite'!"
M: "There is no drink called 'polite'."
L: "Yes there is! you let me have it when I was sick."
M: "Oh! Pedialyte!"

Henry Lee 8 months old

Our baby boy is on the verge of crawling and I mean the very edge. He has been almost crawling for a month now. He inches his way around a room on his bottom and on his stomach. He rolls. And he switches from sitting to all fours to just inch himself to a new object or place. He gets on all fours and rocks back and forth. He will also pull himself a little with his arms. All this together = so close!

He has also mastered the pincer grasp. The recipe of pincer-grasp-mastery, almost crawling, and defective vacuum cleaner means this little boy has tasted bits of trash, dirt and even hairballs this month - major YUCK! All of this reminds this is just a taste of things to come when he does start all out crawling (pun intended). Oh yeah - and I need a new vacuum cleaner =P

Henry hasn't tried many new thing foods since last month - just peaches, yellow squash and puffs. I was surprised at how good his pincer grasp is. I decided one day to try letting him have puffs. He picked them up and put them directly in his mouth. I'm pretty sure Henry is still allergic to dairy. So far he has thrown up every time I try to eat some so I haven't introduced him to cheese or yogurts yet.

This face....y'all it kills me!

Henry had an ear infection almost the entire month. He did 2 full rounds of antibiotics to get rid of it. Needless to say, sleep was not the best this month. He was up a lot. But when he did feel good, he slept about 10 hours at night. Thankfully, we seem to be in that rhythm now (when he is feeling good and we aren't out of town).

Henry is also really starting to need that structure of a schedule. It's a hard one to figure out since I have to leave shortly after 2pm to go pick up Caroline from school and we often have activities in the evenings (dance, piano, etc). Also, I like for Lucy to have activities in the mornings and we go to the library once a week. Shew - it's tough being the little brother of 2 active sisters. But I'm trying to carve out some time for Henry to have a predictable nap. I have figured out that if I can let Henry rest but not sleep a little before we go pick up Caroline from school, then he will take a good nap when we get home. This is better than laying him down for a nap and then having to wake him up 20 minutes later to go pick her up.

Henry is such a happy guy. His favorite things to do are bang his high chair as hard as he possibly can with open hands, jump in his doorway jumper, be tickled and eat/tear paper drawings the girls have made. He hears the girls' voices from anywhere in our apartment and perks up and torques his body in your arms to look for them. They love for him to come and play with them (i.e. hang in the doorway jumper in the doorway of their bedroom).

He's such an active guy, but also such a sweet cuddler. He loves to stroke my face when I rock him at night and the moment I start to sing his lullabies his whole face lights up. My heart skips a beat in those moments.

Henry said his first word this month and it was "Ma-ma". He says it a good bit and oh it makes me happy =) He also squeals "Aaahhh" when he is all done in the high chair.

So some firsts this month are:
Saying Mama February 19th
Actually jumping in the doorway jumper rather than just hanging in it
Swinging in a swing on the playground March 13th
Uses pincer grasp

Henry is mostly wearing 12 month clothes, but they are getting tight. Hopefully we can squeeze (another pun) a little more time out of them so I don't have to buy wintery 18 month clothes. He is in size 3 diapers and size 3 shoes. Clothes labeled "12-18 Months" fit him the best right now.

This is Henry on Saint Patrick's Day when I squeezed him into a 9M green outfit that looked like shorts.

These are some other pictures I have from this month. They just happen to be some weather extreme pictures too. 

 And some other pictures from our 8 month photo shoot =)

We are so blessed by our little Henry. He is such a sweet baby boy!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Things I've learned outside the Carolinas

Mostly about Grocery stores and Snow...

SC has a TON of grocery stores. KY only has 2: Save-a-Lot and Kroger. Occasionally a city will have another choice, but as a general rule only Save-a-Lot and Kroger.

And they are far away! People who live in a normal neighborhood in a normal city have to drive about 5 miles to get to just ONE grocery store! In SC  we had at least 6 grocery stores within a 5 mile radius of our house - SIX! And from that grocery store, I'm sure there were even more in its 5 mile radius. In fact, there is probably not a 5 mile radius (10 mile diameter) in all of SC that doesn't have a grocery store - OK maybe Jalapa - nope actually I bet they got to Newberry for their groceries.

All Kentuckians will argue that they also have Walmart as a grocery store. I'm not a Walmart snob, but in SC if I told Adam "I'm going to the grocery store" he would have never thought I was going to Walmart. If that were the case, I would have said "I"m going to Walmart." "Walmart" and "grocery store" are synonymous here.

The Krogers here are awesome. They are beautiful and have full service delis and bakeries. The organic department is huge and the staff is super helpful and kind - think Publix. Starbucks inside and I am one happy lady at Kroger =) The line always moves quickly. Even on a Sunday afternoon, when all 27,000 residents of Frankfort are at Kroger (because it is the only grocery store in town), I've never had to wait longer than 15 minutes in a line.

The manager at our Kroger is always putting bread, dairies and meats on "special" if they are going to expire in 3-4 days. Hello moms! Of course we will put away a gallon of milk in 4 days! That loaf of bread will be gone tomorrow with all the PB&Js I make these days. So I regularly buy a gallon of milk for $2.00! And get a loaf of bread for $0.89!

OK - enough about the grocery store situation!

Sometimes cold doesn't feel as cold as it did in SC. Don't get me wrong - sometimes it feels WAY colder. But sometimes 30 degrees feels more like 45 even though my weather app still says it feels like 30 degrees - my weather app didn't grow up in SC. There are plenty of 30 degree days where I simply where my winter coat - no gloves, no hat, no scarf. And I dress my children the same. I guess it's lack of humidity??

That's another thing, Kentuckians think it is humid here (chuckle, chuckle).

On all these cold winter mornings (today started in the teens, yesterday started at -10), my car windshield is not frozen over. Shocking isn't it. I can't remember a SC morning below 32 when my windshield wasn't a solid piece of ice. But that doesn't happen often here. The doors to your car may be frozen shut, but clear windshield!

People here don't go to school when it snows either. Let me explain that a little. There is a lot of snowfall here that doesn't stick - it's to dry and thin like grains of salt falling from the sky. It could be in the single digits and snow all morning and only a tiny bit will stick to the grass. In that scenario, we still go to school. But when there is a snow storm and it sticks and accumulates - school is cancelled for the duration of the storm and a couple of days later while roads are being secured. Once roads are safe, school is back in session even if a foot of snow is on the ground.

Speaking of making roads safe. The roads close to us are usually made safe within a couple of hours of the snow falling. But our county - just like most every county around here is very rural so it may take a couple of days to get the roads cleared for the folks in the more rural areas of the counties. School buses have to be able to get out there too.  But we can usually get to the grocery store/pharmacy that afternoon.

It is surprising to me how much life goes on when it snows. Schools may be closed but movie theaters, libraries, all the stores and restaurants are open. People are out and about and going to work for the most part - maybe not during the initial storm, but pretty soon after.

And who does all this plowing, salting and so on? Well DOT does the main roads, but neighborhoods, apartment complexes, shopping centers, and restaurants pay a private contractor to do it. It's part of a home owner's association fee in many neighborhoods. And who are these contractors? Often it's John Smith's Lawn Service. What's awesome about this is that most of the time it is plowed very quickly and very neatly (as neat as it can be) - unless you have a bad contractor, in which case they get fired - and that happened to our apartment complex contractor. Seriously, it is surprising how many people own a plow that they can just hook up to the front of their F-350. It's about the most red neck thing I've seen since living here (still has a long ways to catch up to the things I've seen in SC).

SC has the best BBQ in the world. Nope, I don't need to try other places. I'm convinced.

I've discovered new seasons. They are called Fall and Spring. Ok, kidding aside, SC has a Fall and Spring, but they are much shorter than Kentucky's. It's nice having an extended Fall and Spring.

We are enjoying discovering our new city/state. We will always bring a little Carolina flair with us though. I hope to continue this post as I learn more things. Adam only ever lived in SC and I only ever lived in NC/SC. Kentucky really isn't that much further away, but it's fun to learn new things and notice the differences.

February Happenings

Just a little dump of some photos and events that have happened in February. 

Creating Caroline's 100th day of school shirt. She has quite the plan. I usually have to reign her in a few times to what is realistic. It's so fun that she has a vision.

Pajama night at Awana! Girls are doing so good. Caroline completed her first Spark book. She finished super early because she already knew the names of all the books of the Bible. So she flew past several weeks of memorization. Lucy is loving Cubbies. Cubbies is not self-paced so she is doing the lessons as they come.

Lucy doing her nails with the kit that Aunt Amber got her for Christmas.

Some days everything goes haywire and I end up working with a baby napping in my lap. Wouldn't trade these days for anything.

Oh, you know, just Chocolate Chip cookies after school - just because. I've been baking a lot now that I'm home. I enjoy baking, but I love that me and my family get to enjoy the finished product!

Caroline's finally finished her pottery.

Caroline made a plan for a musical she wants us to perform. Here is her checklist for what we will all do. Lucy will play piano, I will sing, Adam and Caroline will play guitar and Henry is going to dance =)

Henry helping me work.

Caroline made a paper puppet play in her Library class at school. She has loved reenacting it at home. She and Lucy has so much fun with it so Lucy decided to make one of her own. We worked on it for a few days.

Help Henry be happy with the mirror - he is generally a happy fella, but once in a while he has a bad afternoon.

I went to a ladies night out with some ladies at church and we painted. I've always wanted to do this. I so enjoyed it!

Lucy being goofy. She could only find one slipper and she put both feet in it.

Just helping Mommy around the apartment.

Like I said, I've been baking. On a whim one week I made a Boston Cream Pie because Adam's yogurt was gross.

Lucy made some homemade Valentines.

She wrote everything herself - copied from what I had written ''To; Nana Happy Valentines Day From: Lucy"

Adam and I got to go on a date. We enjoyed Maggie's Pies. They are our favorite.

Caroline's school had a dance on Valentine's Day weekend. It had a Frozen theme. Caroline was one of the only girls dressed as Anna. She had a blast. I never want to forget that Lucy was skittish about dancing and Caroline didn't want to dance without her. Caroline's friends came up practically pulling Caroline away to the dance floor and she really wanted to go, but she dropped those friends like flies to stand next to Lucy. Adam and i convinced her Lucy would warm up in a little while and she should go on and eventually she did.

Also, it was blazing hot in that gym. I mean blazing hot. And all they had to serve was warm soda, warm koolaid and cookies. It was 30 degrees outside that day and when we left, none of us put on our coats - the cool air was refreshing. Thank goodness the kindergarteners didn't seem to notice and they all had a blast.

Caroline and Lucy's choir singing at church. Caroline was the loudest and was proud of herself.

We had a big snowfall at the end of February. About 10 inches fell on Monday and another 4 or so on Wednesday. The schools were closed for the whole week. The big story was the temperatures, which dropped to a record setting -21 degrees on Friday morning. We only played in the snow on the days when the temps were above 10 degrees! It was hard to be outside when it was colder than that.  

During Snow Week we had 2 movie nights. We introduced the girls to Anastasia and watched Prince of Egypt.

Henry is not a huge fan of the snow yet. Maybe next year.

Snow Cream

The snow was not very powdery so we used laundry baskets and water to make a snow man. Can you tell this picture was taken from inside the apartment. It was 15 degrees out there. And you can't exactly run outside real fast in 15 degree weather. You really need to put on some gear. So there's no going out really fast.

Eating snow cream.

Lucy drying off after taking a huge plunge in the snow. On Thursday, it was like -17 below or something crazy like that and I had to take Henry to the doctor. Adam was working and Caroline was still out of school due to the crazy temperatures so I had to take all 3 kids. We came up with a plan to get from the door to the car as fast as possible. Plan; As soon as I open the door, Caroline and Lucy run to the car, Caroline open Lucy's door, Lucy climb in, Caroline walk back around to her side and by then hopefully I have Henry strapped into the middle so she can climb in. Well, the plan was good, but I forgot that the plow had pushed the snow up to sidewalk edges and it made a mound of snow by the sidewalk about 14-15 inches high and about 18-20 inches wide - much too big for Lucy's little legs to stretch over. Lucy sunk into the mound and fell face first to her knees. Snow was all down her snow boots and all up her skirt. Luckily, it was -17 degrees (Yes that is a negative sign!!) and the snow was super dry so it brushed right off. I felt her legs and feet when we got to the doctor's office and all was completely dry because I was able to brush off all of the snow.

We stayed cooped up inside for several days and Adam worked a lot so on the day when the temps climbed up to 15 degrees, I decided we would go out and "explore". The snow was as hard as ice by that point so we couldn't really play in it, but we walked around and pretended to hunt and look for things for about 30 minutes. But 30 minutes was about all Henry could stand. It was very cold.

Caroline is standing in front of one of the many many mounds of snow the plow pushed up in our complex. This is 5 days after the initial snow fall and the mound is taller than her. Of course, not a bit of the snow had melted at this point with the temps being so ridiculous.

Exploring snow outfit underneath the big snow gear =)

Most of my other pictures are completely random;

The girls decided to spend some of their money. Of course they bought more "stuffies" (what they call baby dolls or stuffed animals).

 Lucy is always asleep in the strangest positions. She is cutting back on her nap a lot. On days when she naps, she isn't tired at bedtime. She gets out of bed some and reads. I'm pretty sure this is one of those nights and she just didn't make it all the way back in =)

Speaking of Lucy's naps, I often work with a baby napping on me, but not usually this baby =)

Lucy painted her own nails.

I caught this picture in car pool line. I looked up to see Caroline walking to my car with a paper crown on her head.

She was so excited the last week of February because finally on Sunday, March 1st she would be allowed to start planning her birthday. I don't let her plan her birthday until March. She usually starts talking about it on May 14th! All week long, she was telling me how excited she was that it was almost Sunday and almost time for her to start planning. At school that week she made 3 birthday crowns for people who will be coming to the birthday party. This lady walking her to the car sweetly told me Caroline had told her all about her birthday plans and I smiled back at her and told her "it's not till May!" I guess next year, my new rule will be she can't even get excited about planning her birthday until March =)

Caroline and I had fun trying new hair styles. Her hair got really long and she asked me to cut it so I did in March.

Love this sight. The girls digging into the library books we had gotten that day.

Staying up late on a Friday night to watch Daddy on Comment (a Kentucky PBS political show)

And someone fell asleep =)